Garden Branch Shredders

These tools allow you to crush stiff shoots of perennials, twigs and even branches. Shredded residue can be used as bedding for discounts and paths or compost.

Power supply and power . Electric motor shredders are the most popular for private use. They have a power of 1.2 to 2.8 kW and are recommended for smaller or medium gardens. Using them is a bit limited by access to the electrical outlet and the length of the cable, but it is not very bothersome, because the branches can be moved to the right place in portions. Combustion devices (professional) have from 1.2 HP to 6 HP and are recommended for medium and large gardens – mainly due to greater power and efficiency, as well as ease of movement – without a cable.

Cutting element. In cheaper shredders, the cutting element is rotating knives. Such devices are recommended for cutting small twigs and stalks of perennials. Devices with a worm drive handle harder and thicker branches. For gardens with a lot of thick branches it is best to buy a device with a shredder in the form of a gear cylinder or a turbine with several massive knives. 

With or without drive?   In power-driven devices, the retracted branches are pulled in themselves, all you have to do is control their pulling and only sometimes push – when they wedge. Branches must be pushed in without shredders. It is also worth checking whether the device allows you to change the direction of rotation (reverse gear) and eject jammed branches.

Container or bag. Falling chips must be collected: into a bag (sometimes included in the kit) or into a plastic container that is part of the device.

Weight . The shredders are heavy. The most popular devices weigh from about 10 kg to 30 kg, professional – combustion ones are even heavier. The shredders have wheels and a frame or legs to stabilize positioning for ease of movement. So that the legs do not stick into the lawn, it is better to place them on hardened ground. 

The noise emitted by the devices is slightly quieter or comparable to the mower’s operation.

Security . To prevent hand contact with the cutting element, the devices are equipped with a long channel – a sleeve or a cover with a hole through which branches are introduced. Fuses usually protect against overloading the electric motor. Electrical devices may have a light indicating that they are connected to the power supply, as well as an automatic emergency stop switch to protect against automatic switching on after a power outage.


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