Top 10 Essential Tools For Woodworking

Many people are passionate about woodworking and, if you are planning to open a small workshop, you need to make a list of tools from the beginning that you need to purchase for the smooth running of the business.

In this article, we present a list of some basic tools for woodworking, in order to help you open your own carpentry workshop, either professionally or as a hobby. The list is not the order of their importance, but just a few ideas to get you started in this beautiful profession.



The chisel is a basic tool that helps you cut the excess material, make small corrections and be able to work on details. You can choose different sizes and buy them in pieces or you can opt for a set that has several models, straight or a V. In general, they have the active part made of metal to be resistant to long use and have an ergonomic handle, for don’t bother while working.


Pendulum saw

It is also called a vertical saw and is very useful for DIY activities. It is a power tool, so you will be able to work much easier than a hand saw, and it is suitable for precision work. It can be used for all kinds of cuts, even very complex wooden models. 


Circular with table

It is a device that should not be missing from the shopping list for a carpentry workshop, being the basis of many basic operations. The more massive a device is, the more robust it is, with a deep cutting blade, the more efficient it is. You can go for a simpler model in case you do not have to execute large projects, or for a specific machine that has several blades and can execute several works at the same time.


Roughing machine

This machine has the role of thinning a piece of wood, and will help you if the desired thickness does not correspond to the raw material. 



You have two options, namely: electric or manual planer . This machine has the role of straightening the raw material so that it can then be used for various projects. In case you have to perform this operation very often, it is better to go for an electric model, with a good efficiency and which saves you effort. Some models also included the roughing machine, being 2 in 1, thus thinning the wood, but also straightening it at the same time. 


Wood lathe

It is ideal to be able to make small pieces, with curved or irregular details, namely hollow, sculpted, polished and polished shapes. You can make handles for furniture, rounded railings with various curved patterns, furniture accessories, but also small wooden statuettes or chess pieces in case you are passionate about such operations.

The horizontal tip

If you go for logs as raw material, you need a device to help you cut the raw material and turn it into planks. It is recommended to place it outdoors, it is portable, with wheels, and it works on gasoline or diesel. It is an optional device, most carpenters choosing the raw material ready cut in the form of planks. 

Grinding machine

There are several models and you will choose the one that best suits your activities, namely: with tape – recommended for large, large areas, useful for preparing the material and polishing before painting or varnishing; orbital – necessary for curved surfaces, with movable disks that fold on the surface; alternative – for fine grinding, it has a logitudinal movement; with vibrations – in order to be able to execute works of great finesse, the execution time is longer but the results are surprising; multifunctional – which combines the features of the other models presented above, but also has a corresponding price. You can also choose portable or fixed models.

hammer drill

It is an extremely useful tool regardless of the type of work you do. It can have several functions such as drilling, screwing, grinding, milling, brushing and even a hammer. It changes its functions with the help of a selector and by choosing the right head, being very easy to change.

Safety equipment

Equipped with electrically operated machines, with high cutting or drilling capacity, unwanted accidents can easily happen if you do not take all precautions. Thus, before using a tool for the first time, read carefully the manual provided by the manufacturer and strictly follow the instructions provided. 

In addition to these, you also need protective equipment, namely: goggles – when working with wood there is a high risk of cutting and the resulting pieces can reach your eyes causing injuries; ear protection – most of the time woodworking machines have a very high noise level and it is useful to wear corks or helmets; mask – dust is a big problem when it comes to woodworking, so you need a breathing mask to avoid inhaling dust and other small elements resulting from work; protective gloves – your hands are also very exposed to risk so don’t forget to use protective gloves. 

Most electric woodworking equipment is divided into three basic categories: hobby type – for occasional low power works; semi-professional – for small workshops that have small wood processing works; professional – for those who deal only with such works and need high-performance equipment and high power. 

You will also feel the difference in price and choose the model carefully to fit your needs, without investing too much if not necessary, but also a low power equipment used to the maximum will need frequent repairs. Woodworking can also be done intuitively, with love and passion, with the right tools to make your work easier and to help you achieve high-performance results. 

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