15 Essential Tools For Any Amateur Craftsman

In order to be prepared for any damage that still occurs around the house and to be able to solve them like a perfect householder, you should not miss some tools at hand in your kit or in your closet, because when it arises the opportunity to have almost everything you need for repairs. Here is what would be useful for any set of tools. 


When you are wondering which tools are best for you or which you should invest in when you want not to be caught on the wrong foot by a broken light bulb, a socket, a socket or a broken pipe, we tell you that you will think first. as useful are a wrench, a screwdriver, a hammer and pliers. There are thousands of options in trade, with more or less defined roles, with universal or specific use, which you can add to your collection, in case, maybe, they will be useful to you someday. At the same time, it is not advisable to gather all kinds of tools that you will never get your hands on, you have to be a little pragmatic and think about which tools are most useful to you. 

Here are some pieces that any amateur landlord should have, “for dark days.” 



A well-defined kit, with a set of bits of distinct sizes and with specific tips will help you screw and unscrew any device or even the piece of furniture you want, being indispensable in a house. Screwdrivers are useful for anything from removing the ventilation to reassembling a remote control or mobile phone, for example. The tool is used without difficulty by anyone and is not dangerous, normally. A well-defined set is universal help for all family members. 


Adjustable wrench

It is also known as the French key, having a special importance, especially when it comes to modifications and repairs to the plumbing system. It can contribute to the screwing, loosening or fixing of some elements for the user to stop a flood, to change a pipe or a hose or even a faucet. 


Fixed keys

At least one medium-sized one will help with problems under the sink, but a whole set becomes even more useful when it comes to tightly sized nuts. And it does not cost much some options on the market, which are available directly in beautiful boxes, to better store and protect from moisture. 



It begs for whatever is needed, connects or fixes one element to another and becomes a reliable help exactly when you least expected it. But it is important to choose a quality product, whose glue resists well on multiple types of surfaces. 


Insulating tape

Unlike the classic version, it is used especially for electrical works, where it contributes to the insulation of the wires that are joined, so that they do not become a danger to the user. 



The most important tool of destruction is not missing from the Romanians’ houses, it being useful in almost any repair or modification activity carried out. Nails or removes nails, if it is carpentry, with a special end, straightens surfaces or is used in the kitchen. 


The set of clasts

It is not very expensive and you have at hand a series of tips to use to extract, cut, bend or strip yarns and other materials. The pliers are easy to use and even help to hold and hold in place parts that are difficult to control by hand, in a classic way, for example. 



It is helpful in absolutely any house, being a small tool that allows measuring distances and sizes, so that any project is accompanied by accurate data. 

Variants that can be fixed in length are even easier to use. It doesn’t cost much and it shows its usefulness again and again in carpentry, installation or DIY projects or when you want new decorative products or pieces of furniture. 


hammer drill

With the help of such a device you can drill all kinds of materials, from wood to brick. That’s why in many people’s homes you can find such examples, from the best Bosch drilling machine to a simple tool and screwing or repairing furniture. But next to it is recommended to have at least one set of drills for concrete, wood and metal. 



Collections of several pieces of different sizes are preferred, in order to be suitable for various projects, the jam being that small hexagonal key used especially for screwing and loosening some types of screws. 


Soldering gun

For small artistic projects, one with silicone rods is enough, while for electronic works, for example, the fludor version will be preferable. 



It is a tool for universal use, being able, in turn, to cut or bend wires and cables, or to extract elements. When you buy it just to work with it on electrical installations, you would do well to choose a model with insulated handles, so that you don’t get current. 



Especially for people living at home, this tool has a need worth considering. As it is about cracking wood, cleaning trees or cutting shrubs, it shows its usefulness when it comes to home activities. 



A classic product or a front one, which is put on the head, flashlights are necessary especially when the power is taken and it is dark, and the defect can come from the personal electrical circuit. You can intervene with a tension pencil to make sure, inserting the head with the screwdriver in the socket and holding with your finger on the other end, where there is a small light bulb (it lights up if there is a phase on the conductor, ie you have current on the circuit), but it is necessary to see it and to know where it is going, so that there are no problems. A flashlight helps you in this case. 


Tension pencil

Even if you are not the most skilled engineer, such a small tester can help you when you are out of power, or when you want to change a socket or a socket, making it easier to check if they are connected to the network or not. 

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