Best Electric Tacker [ 2021 Edition ]


An electric tacker provides valuable services for many jobs in the house. The practical device should not be missing in any workshop, but with the large number of products it is difficult to keep an overview. Expert testing has compared the 10 best devices from many electric tacker tests in 2020.



What is an electric tacker?

If you only hang a picture on the wall occasionally or assemble a small shelf, use a hammer and nails . A hammer is simple, inexpensive and effective. But if you remove an attic , install floors or re- cover furniture , you will quickly appreciate the advantages of an electric stapler . These powerful machines drive nails or staples into wood and other materials and sink them completely. Due to the flush closure of the fastening materialwith the surface , the workpiece can be processed well.

An electric tacker saves the handyman a lot of time, strength and effort . In many cases, where in the past hammer and nail were used or glued , a tacker is the better and faster solution today . Basically, an electric tacker has two tasks . On the one hand he must enough energy to hammering provide so that the clamp or nail is precisely sure sunk and the workpiece. Furthermore, a reliable oneMechanism Transport new fastening material into the firing channel as soon as the load has been fired.

There are different types of staplers that perform this task. The electric tacker can be easily connected to the mains or is operated by a battery , which is why it is particularly popular with private users .

How does an electric tacker work?

An electric tacker of simple design uses a spring with a high  spring hardness to trigger the hammer blow . The energy for tensioning the spring is provided by an electric motor equipped with two drive axles . One axis rotates a drive plate provided with an arcuatenotch . The other axis rotates a camshaft via a gear transmission .

When the trigger is actuated, the cam presses a lever, the end of which pushes back a spring-loaded metal bolt . This metal bolt is the so-called driver – the hammer of the tacker. The spring is compressed until a pin connected to the driver is gripped by the rotating driver. As the lever swings back to its original position , the driver continues to retract and compress the spring .

When the highest spring compression is reached, the driver releases the driver. The firing pin jumps back to its starting position at high speed and drives the ammunition out of the tacker’s nose. After each shot, the loading unit of the device places a new clip or nail in the firing channel. The ammunition is lined up in a magazine that can be refilled by the user in a few simple steps .

 The effectiveness of using spring tension working Elektrotackern is limited, therefore represents in most modern Elektrotackern a solenoid , the force for driving in the fastening material ready. The solenoid lies axially to the firing channel. When the coil is energized, an electromagnetic field builds up.

In the solenoid there is a movable piston, the polarity of which is opposite to the poles of the coil in the idle state . When the trigger is actuated, the polarity of the solenoid is reversed via a switch and the piston is catapulted forward by the electromagnetic force. The extension of the piston is designed as a driver that strikes the clamp or nail into the workpiece . After the blow has been given, the polarity is changedswapped again so that the piston is pulled back into the basic position. On some models, resetting is accomplished by a spring .

Besides Elektrotackern also be Drucklufttacker and guest arable offered. With compressed air staplers it should be borne in mind that a compressed air supply must be available at the workplace. Therefore, these devices are mainly used for commercial purposes. Also guest arable and gas nailers are designed for the commercial. These devices generate high impact through the compression and combustion of liquid gas. You can drive hardened nails even in concrete and steel. Gas nailers shoot their ammunition at up to 1,500 km / htherefore they should only be used by experienced specialists .

An expensive and dangerous gas tacker is out of place on the do-it-yourself shelf . But a compressed air tacker is also impractical, because who wants to keep a noisy compressor running while working? Electrically operated compressors have a high power consumption and drive up electricity costs . In addition, a compressor often costs more than the compressed air tacker itself.

A powerful electric tacker is the best choice for private users because this type of device requires little maintenance and does not require any stationary installations . In the DIY sector and in the interior , most provide electric tacker enough power reserves ready. They are versatile power tools and make it easier to carry out numerous repairs consisting of monotonous repetitions . The handyman saves a lot of time and with an electric tacker Energy that he can put into the creative design of his project.

Each electric tacker has a safety device that only triggers if the device is pressed firmly onto a surface . This prevents accidental or intentional firing of staples and nails into the air. When choosing an electric tacker , the safety aspect should be an essential criterion for the purchase decision . The dangers posed by improper handling or lack of security mechanismsshould not be underestimated. If you choose an  electrictacker test winner 2020  , you can be sure to get a device that is as powerful as it is safe.

 Advantages & application areas

Electric staplers are handy and useful all-round tools that can be used for numerous do-it-yourself projects . They are also versatile helpers in the household , helping to attach all kinds of materials. They are indispensable for decoration work in the house. Whether moving into a couch or attaching a cabinet back wall – an electric tacker is a practical helper that can be used in a variety of ways and is always ready to hand.

For birthdays, Christmas or anniversaries, rooms can be quickly decorated with an electric tacker and provided with garlands. Old and worn furniture does not have the same land on the garbage, but can be personalized with new brake pads and covers back to front man bring. An electric tacker helps.

However, since there are so many models for a wide variety of applications , the layperson is spoiled for choice. If you use an electric tacker test , you get a good overview of the different models and when you choose the comparison test winner or one of the devices placed above, you can be sure of getting a tacker of excellent quality .

Tackers can be divided into four categories according to their type of drive :

  • Hand tacker
  • Pneumatic stapler
  • Electric tacker
  • Gas stacker

The different types of staple guns differ not only in terms of the power source, but also in the ease of use, the power and the size of the fastening material. Most home improvement and DIY enthusiasts prefer electric tackers because they are simply connected to the mains . Cordless staplers allow mobile use and are also used where no power supply is available. But a cordless tacker also falls in the hobby workshoppleasant because it is not attached to a power cable .

The advantage of an electric tacker over the hand tacker is that there is no hand fatigue even after long work periods .

The trigger of an electric tacker only requires a gentle push to drive a clamp or nail into the workpiece. This is not only an advantage for large projects, but also for occasional household chores. Some models have a look-up function that allows the staple or nail to be driven in deeper if an unwanted protrusion occurs on the first hit and the material does notsits flush in the material .

Hand tackers not only require great hand strength , they also strain the tendons and arm muscles. Hand tackers are a good alternative for smaller projects because of their manageability . Since they no power need, they can anywhere and at any time to use come. However, should a large number of staples or nails to be sunk, one gets when using Handtackers quickly aching hand and Fatigue noticeable in the arm.


What types of electric tackers are there?

When it comes to the power supply , a distinction can be made between mains tacker and battery tacker . Power staplers have been popular devices for many DIY enthusiasts for years . Since they are operated on an AC network and hardly heat up, they can provide high performance over the long term. The most powerful electric tackers are among the network tackers .

Cordless tackers are only slightly inferior to the performance of network tackers . A lithium-ion battery is usually used as the battery . Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, so charging is also possible with a partially discharged battery. The integrated circuit of the battery stops the charging process as soon as the battery is full.

The biggest advantage of cordless tackers is their independence from a wired power supply .

They are therefore also popular with campers and boat owners. A cordless tacker is also ideal for working in the gazebo . With a cordless tacker , a birdhouse ruffled by the storm can be quickly and permanently repaired. However, battery packers are heavier than comparable network packers due to the integrated battery , which can contribute to muscle fatigue when working overhead , for example . By eliminating the power cable , pitfalls are eliminated and every corner in a room can be used regardless of the proximity to the nextReach the socket .

Electric staplers have a higher impact than hand staplers and enable long-term work. They have a number of advantages :

  • easy to use
  • Good for ambitious home improvement projects
  • Integrated safety device
  • Multi-staple guns shoot staples and nails

In comparison to Handtackern have electric tacker also disadvantages:

  • you need a power connection or a full battery
  • they are more expensive than hand tackers
  • if handled improperly, they are more dangerous
  • they are louder than a hand tacker at maximum impact strength

Electric staple guns cost a little more than hand staplers, but considering the advantages and disadvantages , more and more do-it-yourselfers are opting for a practical electric stapler . In addition, the power consumption of the devices is negligible – the money saved in this way can be put into high-quality fastening material, for example. Ambitious craftsmen who want to use a tacker for occasional repair work make a good choice with an electric tacker . Which of the devices for the planned A current electric tacker test 2020 shows the most suitable application .

Some staplers have an impact control. This feature allows the impact force to be matched to the workpiece used and the fastening material . Timber have different structures and are of different density, therefore the is driving needed a staple or a nail force from the workpiece to tackernden dependent. With soft woods such as pine, spruce and fir are all electric tacker clear. To the hard types of woodinclude maple, birch, oak and beech. While most devices can still process maple and birch wood without any problems , for a number of common electric staplers, oak and beech are at the end. The strongest electric tackers on the market master even these hardwoods. All electric tackers only surrender in the case of extremely dense hardwoods such as desert ironwood , however compressed air tackers also reach their limits here. Electric tackers can not be used for materials such as tiles, stone, hard plastic coveringsand Formica can be used.


This is how the electric tacker was tested

In a test by the electric tacker , the  tackers and cordless tools were checked for the data specified by the manufacturer . The test criteria included the power consumption influencing the power consumption, the weight and the capacity of the magazine. The staple gun should make a solid impression and be well made. Also a good ergonomics is important to be able to work long and tiring.

The safety was a further aspect of a  test. A good electric tacker should be as foolproof as possible. It can only be triggered if the staple nose is pressed firmly onto a workpiece. A second fuse on the trigger must offer additional protection against tripping . The delivery of follow-shots without intermediate release of the trigger should be a test  not be possible. An exception are electric staplers that offer an automatic multi-stroke function .

 In the practical part of the electric tacker test the stapler must prove what materials they handle can. All tackers should be able to process softwood such as pine and spruce in one test without any problems . For hardwoods , the practical test shows which staplers are particularly powerful . The device should be comfortable to hold when working . All controls must be easily accessible. The impact strength must be easily adjustable. Devices with double impact functionmustbe able to hit staples and nails reliably with the subsequent blows and drive them in flush.

How quickly can shots be fired  in the test? What types of fasteners can be processed? Test subjects checked which firing order a device can reliably reach and hold out. In advantage are devices that both brackets and with nails can be loaded. It should as large a variance of shapes and sizes can be used in order to meet versatile as possible tasks.

Tackers operated on the power supply should have the longest possible power cord in order to obtain a large working radius even without an extension cord . In the case of cordless tackers , it was checked how long the charging process takes after the battery is completely empty . The charging time at half full battery capacity was also checked. Unfortunately , some inexpensive devices still use a nickel-cadmium battery for cost reasons .

This type of battery is no longer up-to-date, has little environmental impact and is particularly noticeable due to the memory effect . Cordless staplers are often used for small fastening jobs that occur in between. Annoying when a partially discharged battery cannot be easily recharged without permanently reducing the battery life . In addition, the state of charge is not recognizable with some of the supplied chargers .

When buying a battery tacker , care should be taken that the battery is based on lithium-ion technology .

What should I watch out for when buying an electric tacker?

Before buying an electric tacker, you should consider the work for which the tool is required. Who a staple gun for craft work and occasional repairs would like to use in the house, has other requirements than a home improvement, the larger projects to tackle and this effectively and quickly wants to perform. The material also plays a role. Who exclusively softwood, foils, tarpaulins or layersstapled from corrugated cardboard does not need any  particularly powerful device. The ambitious handyman, who occasionally also deals with hard types of wood , is different .

The security is an important aspect in Elektrotackern. All devices have mechanisms that prevent an unintentional firing of a tackershot . Before buying, it should be studied how this fuse works and whether the device uses a two-stage system . A well-thought-out safeguard significantly reduces the likelihood of injury . Children and other unauthorized persons should of course not have access to oneGet an electric stapler or even use it as a toy . But it is good to know that in the event of an accident, the electric tacker cannot be triggered easily. If you have children in the house and want to be safe, you should always keep the stacker’s ammunition separate from the device and empty the magazine after work .

 If you want to use staples and nails for fastening , you should choose a device that can process both types of fastening material . Another important aspect is the size and quality of the ammunition. Large brackets are not required to cover upholstered furniture ,as they disturb the overall impression and can lead to permanent damage to the furniture . In this area are small andmedium-sized brackets suitable. Especially for such work is the finest possible adjustment of impact force of advantage to delicate workpieces not too hard beats having to expose. Different nail and staple sizes should therefore be able to be used in a versatile electric tacker in order to achieve an appropriate attachment depending on the work .

The electric tacker should be ready for use with all exposed fastening materials immediately after purchase . Some electric staplers can load staples and nails , but only deliver the magazine for staples as standard . If you also want to use nails , you have to buy the nail magazine as an accessory from such tackers . This makes the purchase more expensive compared to devices that both magazines come with . A number of electric staplers are used for staplesand nails the identical magazine . The changeover to the respective material is carried out by changing or rotating the end plate.

If you want to use an electric stapler mobile, you will choose a cordless tool . It should be ensured here that the device contains a lithium-ion battery . This type of battery can be recharged at any time even after partial discharge and lasts a long time. A good handling is especially for battery-tacking important as these devices due to the batteries a higher weight have. Here, too, devices with LI batteries are lighter in weight because they are batteries weigh less .

It is not easy to choose the right electric tacker from the wide range , but an electric tacker test can be a good help . The best devices can be recognized at a glance in a test . Those who opt for an electric tacker winner can be sure of a electric tacker of high quality to get where he continued enjoyment will have.

Internet vs. Specialist trade: where is the best place to buy my electric stapler?

With the large selection of electric tackers , it is not easy to choose the right device. The various models can be examined and picked up in a hardware store . In this way, first statements can be made about the processing and handling of the tacker. However, commissioning is rarely possible. Therefore, the prospective buyer cannot judge which types of wood can be tacked, how high the setback of the device and what noise is generated when tacking. It ultimately remains the visual and tactile impression, supplemented with the technical data of the manufacturer. A consulting other hand, are today only rarely .

The customer should also not expect that a seller in a tool department is well acquainted with electric staplers when it comes to the multitude of manual and electrical tools . Unfortunately, a customer often receives little helpful tips. He is advised to buy a tacker from a well-known manufacturer or it is recommended, in case of doubt, the more powerful and expensive  Device to choose. However, it is questionable whether the customer actually needs the services made possible by a high-priced tacker .

If you only need a handy tacker for occasional repairs or assembling a bird feeder, you do n’t have to use an expensive top tacker . Other customers are annoyed because they let themselves be tempted by an offer price and only realize afterwards that the cheap tacker does not deliver the desired services .

It is better to do some research on the Internet before buying an electric tacker. Various models can be studied in peace in online shops . Mostly there are also reviews of buyers that are more meaningful than the data sheets of the manufacturers. Also a electric tacker Test 2020  can well see which models good services provide, well made and are safe. If you are still unsure, you can request advice from experienced do-it-yourselfers in numerous forums . Anyone who does this will quickly find one for their own Purposes suitable stapler.

Like so many products, electric staplers can be conveniently ordered online . Due to their compact size, the devices are ideal for shipping and usually reach the customer after a few days . After unpacking, it is important to check whether the device has arrived properly and is working properly. If, contrary to expectations, the buyer is unable to cope with the handling or if he does not like certain features on the device, all he has to do is fill out the return form and send it back . A renowned Online Store accepts a returned device with no demands back , often on a voluntary basis even beyond the statutory cancellation period also.

So there are many reasons for the purchase of the Internet to decide .

Brief information on leading manufacturers

  • Bosch

The Bosch company was founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch . The workshop for precision mechanics and electrical engineering dealt with the production of automotive parts and quickly grew into a large manufacturer. In 1901 founded Bosch a factory in Stuttgart. In the 1920s , the product range was expanded to include household appliances . In the 30s, Bosch is launching the first drill on the market. After the Second World War , Bosch expanded its tool portfolio with numerous power toolsfor trade and household. With its electric tackers , the company expanded its specialization, which is geared towards electric drives and devices, to include tools previously operated primarily by compressed air.

  • Novus
  • The Novus Dahle GmbH manufactures power tools and products for the office. A key focus of the company is the fastening technology. The manufacturer started producing office supplies in 1945 and expanded its range to include the tool sector in the following years. Novus staplers and staplers in particular were able to quickly gain a fixed market share. Compressed air staplers and electric staplers are very common in business and for do-it-yourselfers. In the 1990s, new production facilities were founded in the Czech Republic and China. The company was taken over in 2002 and became part of the emco Group in 2013.
  • Skil
  • The company Skil was established in 1924 in the United States was founded. The manufacturer landed a great success with its first product, the world’s first circular saw. In the 1950s and 1960s, the company expanded to pneumatically and electrically operated tools. With the establishment of an electric motor factory in the Netherlands, it consolidated its market position in the area of electrically operated devices. The takeover of the provider Emerson Electric in 1979 also contributed to this. In 1996 was Skil from Robert Bosch GmbHaccepted. The two product lines Skil and Skil Masters also offer electric staplers for commercial and private needs.
  • Metabo
  • The Metabo company was founded in 1923 by Albrecht Schnitzler . The first product was a hand drill, which proved to be a great sales success. In the 1950s there was great demand, which prompted the company to build a new plant. Most of the products are now produced in a plant in Shanghai . The tool specialist’s portfolio includes drilling machines, angle grinders, circular saws and electric staplers .
  • Black & Decker
  • The Black & Decker company was founded in 1910 by the two Americans Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker . In 1916 they received a patent for the first mobile drilling machine. The first cordless drill also came from Black & Decker and amazed the experts in 1961 . The company caused a sensation in the early 1970s when a moon drill developed by the American manufacturer was used to take rock samples from the moon. In addition to the do-it-yourself products offeredImpact drills, angle grinders and saws also electric racks


History of the electric tacker

The direct predecessor of the electric tacker used by craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers is the stapler found in many offices and private households . The first stapler dates from the 18th century and was developed for King Louis XIV . Each of his staplers was engraved with the regalia of the royal court. In the 19th century , the number of written documents increased sharply in the course of industrialization . In the administrations there was therefore a need for a simple and effective stapling method related documents. This is how the development of modern staplers began.

 Samuel Slocum applied for a patent on September 30, 1841, for a new paper stapler . The simple device connected papers by inserting a pin . In 1866 , George McGill of the United States filed a patent for a small, flexible brass clip that is seen as the forerunner of the modern staple . A year later, he received a patent on a stapler for this staple. An Englishman named Gould also developed oneStapler and had his invention patented in 1868 . In 1877 received Henry R. Heyl a patent for the first stapler, the one staple in a single step can drive out and secure, so he will be the real father of modern and millions standing of offices stapler seen.

The first apparatus of a magazine preformed brackets included, came out in 1878 on the market. In February 1879 , George McGill received a patent for the Single Stroke Staple Press , the first commercially successful stapler. This machine still weighed one and a half kilograms and could drive wire clips through several layers of paper . At the beginning of the 20th century , several devices were developed and patented in parallel, the papers withoutUse of metal clips umschlugen and folded. Some of these clampless machines achieved respectable sales figures, but they could not prevail over the staplers working with metal clamps in the long run. In 1941 , the stapler was further developed into today’s multifunctional device.

 A stapler can be used to staple a document on a board or cardboard . In “normal” use, you can determine whether the clamp legs are bent inwards or outwards by turning the striking plate .

In the 20th century , new devices were developed from the stapler , including the stapling pliers and the hand stapler. With the introduction of the hand stapler , the stitching technology was also used for the first time in the textile industry and in the craft sector. The hand stacker’s shortcoming remained the limited force, however, as the spring had to be pre-tensioned by the user’s hand.

An eccentric American billionaire gave rise to the development of a motor- assisted tacker . Howard Hughes commissioned the construction of the Hercules H-4, the largest aircraft in the world at the time , in the 1940s . However, war-essential materials such as metal were not allowed to be used to build the fuselage. The executive engineer Morris Pynoos was faced with the task of assembling the numerous wooden elements of the aircraft. For this purpose, he invented the first pneumatic stapler, which considerably accelerated the assembly and 50 nails perMinute . In the 1950s , pneumatic staplers became increasingly popular in businesses and factories around the world.

For Home and DIY were motor- assisted staple gun for many years is not an option. The devices were too big , too heavy and too expensive. It was only with the advent of electrically powered staplers that practical tools became interesting for private households for the first time . The first electric tackers worked with a motor-biased spring and had a limited impact. Modern electric staplers use a solenoid. Electromagnetically generated power comes to performancepneumatically working tacker. Electric stapler are home improvement, the ideal , tools to effectively work and also larger projects quickly finish.


Numbers, data, facts about the electric tacker

Electric tackers are available in a price range of around 30 to 100 euros . The prices also express the level of performance , but an inexpensive tacker does not necessarily have to stand out due to quality defects . A current electric tacker test shows which devices have a good price-performance ratio . Inexpensive devices usually have a weaker impact and can not penetrate hard woods as well as tackers in the upper one Price segment. But if you mainly process spruce strips and veneers or upholster furniture, you can also achieve good results with an entry-level stapler . Passionate DIY enthusiasts who work a lot with MDF and MPX boards should better choose a powerful and versatile device.

 Many electric staplers are offered in a set that includes a suitcase, staples, nails and magazines . It goes without saying that a compatible charger is included with cordless tools . Before buying, it is advisable to inquire about alternative manufacturers regarding the fastening material . The staples and nails from the tacker manufacturer are guaranteed to fit, but are not always the cheapest . Who tackert much when buying can compatible Tackermunition one Third-party money saving.

Tackers are purchased for a wide variety of applications, but it is not uncommon for do-it- yourselfers to repeatedly perform the same tasks. Rabbit breeders repeatedly staple or repair stables. Whose hobby is the expansion of his motorhome or caravan needs tacker and ammunition that is tailored to this purpose. In these cases it makes sense to first determine the fastening material required . The suitable stapler can then be searched for, the selected staple sizescan process. In this way, the buyer avoids a bad purchase from the outset .

The dimensions for staples are specified in the German wire gauge . The size is given in two numbers, for example 23/8 or 24/6.

The first number stands for the wire number. The larger this number , the thinner the wire used . The second number denotes the leg length in millimeters .

In the manufacturer’s data sheets, the term “ length ” is sometimes simply chosen for the leg length of the brackets . A versatile electric tacker can process as large a number of staples and nails as possible .

 FAQ about the electric tacker

  • Can every electric tacker process both staples and nails?

When choosing an electric tacker, you should pay attention to which fastening materials can be processed. Each electric stapler can shoot at least one staple size, but not all staplers can be loaded with nails . In some devices, it is enough to fold the faceplate to drive nails out of the same magazine .

  • Can I operate a mains stapler on a cable drum ?

In principle yes, but cable lengths over 10 meters should be avoided. Otherwise there will be a drop in performance, which can lead to the fastening material no longer being fully driven into the workpiece.

  • Which materials can be combined with an electric tacker?

An electric tacker is characterized by its high versatility . It is just as popular for covering furniture as for fastening strips and corner strips, for stretching films and tarpaulins or for making boxes. With a suitable device, plasterboard can be processed, laminate laid and roofing felt fixed. Repairs in the house and in the garden are also a popular area of application . An electric tacker is also the right tool for model making, handicrafts and decorative work of all kinds .

  • Can staples and nails placed in the wrong position be removed easily?

Unlike the stapler, which you find in the office who are from Tacker faded brackets not bent. Therefore, a stapled staple can be levered out or knocked out like a nail. Brackets hammered in by the tacker press two superimposed materials together. Sometimes clamps are also used to connect two workpieces lying next to each other. Nails create a selective connection and are less visually noticeable. They are used where the use of parentheses the material load would be too great or the visible metal bracket of a clip would be undesirable.

  • How do I know when the tacker ammunition is nearing its end?

Some devices have a stock display. The display helps to assess whether it is appropriate to refill the magazine before a longer work period . This prevents unexpected empty shots.

  • What protective measures must be taken when working with an electric tacker?

An electric tacker is an electric tool, so all precautionary measures that apply to the handling of electrical devices should be observed. The device should not be used in damp workplaces. Hearing protection and safety glasses must be worn while tacking .

 Useful accessories

To use an electric tacker, the handyman only needs fastening material and a power supply. Comprehensive accessories are not offered for electric staple guns , since they are already equipped as complete multi-function tools at the factory. In battery-tacking include battery and charger for delivery to. Some manufacturers offer a suitcase in which the electric tacker can be transported.

Some tools make working with an electric tacker easier. A pair of pliers or a staple remover can be used for removing bent staples and nails. A folding rule makes measuring easier when staples and nails are to be placed at exact intervals. On some models, the faceplate is twisted to switch the device from clips to nails or vice versa. The end plate is often provided with a hole to make it easier to push it out when the fit is tight. To pull out a tightly fitting faceplate , the user only needs to use a suitable tool such as aInsert an Allen key or a screwdriver into the hole and caneasily remove the plate . An electric tacker test checks how easily and quickly a tacker can be switched to staples or nails .

To clean the unit with a soft can microfibre cloth can be used. Any liquid cleaning agent should be avoided. For removal of dust from the Tackernase is a bellows -provided soft brush. After about 1000 rounds , the magazine can take a little oil . Otherwise an electric tacker is maintenance-free.


Alternatives to the electric tacker

Anyone who only occasionally deals with light handicrafts and decoration projects can also achieve good results with a hand tacker . A hand tacker can also be used for sporadic repairs in the house , provided that no hard materials have to be processed. A hand tacker does not require a power supply and is available at all times. The shortcoming of a hand tacker is the limited impact that can be provided by the spring of the device. At longer work with a tacker set fatigue , which until the pain can lead hand. Petite, older people or those who are weakened in their muscles are sometimes unable to cock a hand tacker and trigger a shot. In addition, the devices only work with brackets. An electric tacker is therefore recommended for greater convenience and particularly effective work .

 For some projects you have the choice materials to staple or glue. The bonding can be a getackerte connection also strengthen further. The advantage of an adhesive connection is that no fastening materials are visible . The adhesive is usually applied evenly so that the load is better distributed. However may adhesives to be joined materials change and damage. While stapled materialsare relatively easy to separate again, this is not the case with glued surfaces. Mostly, ugly sticky residue remains , which has to be covered. Anyone who decides to glue should therefore be clear about the durability of the connection and only use adhesive that is suitable for the material .

An electric stapler is limited in the dimensions of the staples and nails . When the pins deeper than 2 cm are to be driven, one comes to the manual wrapping of nails are not around. The trade offers a large selection of pins and nails for all types of connections . Bolted connections create an even stronger connection under tension . For operations,that require the repeated screwing in of screws , a cordless screwdriver is an effective power tool .


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