Electric And Diesel Shredders

Shredders are devices thanks to which we can cut thin and thick branches into small parts, branches of trees and shrubs, as well as shoots of perennials and many other elements. The remnants that we obtain can be used as one of the valuable components of our composter or as mulch, which allows us to save even on the purchase of bark.

They are invaluable, especially when it comes time to organize the garden or home space and during many regular care works. Very often, shredders are also used to obtain small decorative elements in the yard and the backyard. The devices available on the market can be divided primarily into electric and combustion. How are they different?


Electric shredders

Electrical devices are slightly less advanced, which is why they are the best solution for gardens with a small and medium-size. Their power ranges from 1.2 kW to 2.8 kW. The most significant disadvantage of electric shredders seems to be the power cable, which often significantly limits the use of this type of device. For this reason, it is not recommended to use it on plots away from the city, where we do not have access to an electrical outlet. In favor of electrical devices, however, speaks for a quiet system of work, which can be further improved by using materials resistant to vibration and acoustically damped knife blade. Although electric shredders are less advanced, by deciding on the best models, we can cut various branches, large amounts of leaves, without any problems, flowers or even vegetables, and a four-leaf clover hole will help us. Lower purchase costs are also in favor of electrical devices.


Diesel shredders

Combustion shredders are more efficient devices and therefore are used in relatively large gardens, where it is necessary to obtain small elements from branches with a substantial diameter. They have much more power than electric shredders – it ranges from 1.2 kW to 6 kW. The combustion power supply means that we can use them virtually anywhere, without having to plug them into an electrical outlet. The lack of power in the form of a cable also means that we can move this type of device much more manageable. Combustion shredders are much louder during operation, but they favor power, durability, stability, greater mobility, and efficiency. All this makes such equipment is recommended mainly to professionals.

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