DIY Ideas For Wooden Objects

In this article I present you some ideas to make your own decorations for exterior and interior, without too much expense, reusing wooden objects that you have around the house. This way you will be able to personalize your decor and you will get an enviable style.

Although you have many ideas for decorating your home or yard, sometimes you stop because of the high costs of the materials you want to use. Therefore, I continue to show you how you can reuse different things you have at hand, to make objects that customize your style, useful and beautiful.


Wooden boxes:

If you have a few wooden crates left in the shed, you can reuse them, painting them in different vivid colors and placing them on a wall, either in the garden or on the balcony. This way you will have some spaces where you can place flower pots or other decorative objects.

You can use them with a bottom or just as frames. After painting them, leave them to dry for about 24 hours, depending on the time recommended by the manufacturer, then with a few nails and a hammer you can fix them in different positions.
A lacquered box can be easily positioned in a rustic kitchen or a gazebo to store various necessary items.


Portions of old furniture

Often you have to give up cabinets or tables, etc., made of wood or chipboard because they have been damaged or are no longer suitable with the rest of the furniture. Do not throw them away, break them into pieces and reuse them to make shelves or shelves. They are welcome in any part of the house, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, hallway, living room, etc. You can position them alone or overlapping. You need fasteners such as nails, screw dowels, special brackets, etc., paint or varnish to refresh them, and string or chain to hold them.


An old staircase

If the wooden staircase is no longer safe to climb, you can easily turn it into a set of shelves. You fix it to the wall and with the help of thicker shelves fixed on the stairs you can get a library, space for glasses and bottles in the kitchen, pot holder on the balcony, etc. You can apply it with varnish for a more pleasant look.


Pieces of round wood

In case you did some landscaping work in the house or yard and you needed support poles, you can reuse the remaining pieces. With an electric planer ( here is the list of products compared by us ) you can finish it nicely and straighten, apply a coat of varnish or paint and have your garden or balcony chairs. To be more comfortable you can put decorative pillows on them.


Wooden suitcase

You found your grandfather’s suitcase with which he left for the army in the bridge, don’t throw it away. You can paint it in a pleasant color and fixing it on a chair without backrest you will get a beautiful bedside table on which you can keep your lamp, your favorite books, a vase with flowers, etc.
You can also turn it into a bed for your pet, cat or small puppy, lining it inside with pillows and a blanket for extra comfort.


Old chairs

And here, depending on your imagination, you can find a series of new uses for them. Backless chairs can be easily transformed into flower pots, or stands for various things: umbrella stand, artificial flower ornaments, etc. You can use the older backrests from the chairs attached to a stump to get a garden bench. Also from a backrest you can make different supports for towels in the bathroom or kitchen.


small boards

Whether from wooden crates, or from a bed, or from drawers, you can find several planks that you can finish with approximately the same size, with the help of a circular saw, apply varnish for the outside, then you can make various alleys. through the garden to reach the flowers.



If you have collected over time several pallets from various items delivered, or you have a place where you can buy at a reduced price, then you can make many furniture items yourself, both for the garden and for the home.

To manage easily, you need some power and manual tools, screwdrivers for grip, imagination and work ethic. The first step is to clean the europallets with a strong jet of water, then leave them to dry. It is advisable to apply the paint or varnish when they are open so that it can be more easily reached in all corners, in the end applying only small retouches.
Objects such as benches, sofas, chairs can be upholstered or decorated with decorative pillows to be more comfortable.



If the painting no longer matches the rest of the decor, but you don’t want to throw it away, you can repaint it completely, and you will use it as a tray. An old frame from a painting can be reused to put various photos or important tickets, if you put a cork surface in the middle.



And they can be very tender. All you need is an electric saw to be able to cut them to the desired size and possibly varnish to withstand better over time. Thin cuts can be used to redecorate a surface in the balcony or gazebo, a house wall or just a certain portion.

From pieces of 10 – 15 cm, placed in a wooden frame you can make fences or different shapes to separate certain sections of the garden. With the help of nails you can easily hang flower pots or other small traditional objects.

You can cut on the inside a few stumps in which to put electrical installations creating a wonderful decoration for the garden.
A thicker stump, with a diameter of 35-55 cm, well finished on both sides, can be transformed into a beautiful table complete with a round or oval cut glass top.

Cut in the middle, the stumps of different sizes can be used to organize in a harmonious and ingenious way the layers of flowers, with islands of different colors, on levels, tidy or not, in order to maintain a beautiful kindergarten in all seasons.

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