Where Is The Difference Between Hammer, Impact Drill And Electric Drill?

Electric hammers, impact drills, and electric drills (flat drills) are three different things. The hammer and the impact drill, which adds a high-frequency impact effect while the drill is rotating, can be understood as a hammer that continuously hits the rotating drill with a small hammer and can be played in stone or concrete more efficiently. The flat drill, because it merely relies on the high-speed training, the efficiency is much lower. However, this impact has side effects; that is, it is incorrectly positioned on the wood plastic, the tile glass will break, and the hole is too large and beautiful. Besides, hammers and impact drills are not suitable for metal materials. 

The hammer can be seen as an ultimately improved version of the impact drill. With a single impact that is much stronger than the impact drill, the holes can be drilled more efficiently in the concrete marble, and the impact drill is in the brick wall. It is also worth using, the top rock (Granite Marble God horse) or the reinforced concrete is gone, making people want to die. Today, electric hammers and impact drills in the market they can generally manually disconnect their impact function through a particular switch, so that the product can be rotated and not hit like a flat drill, expanding the scope of the product application and being compatible with Wood and metal plastics.

 Shen Ma, even when the electric screwdriver in a screw mount furniture, death can also be connected to the wheel (dangerous use, at your own risk). Of course, electric hammers and impact drills are generally much more massive than flat drills and are much more substantial. If they are outstanding, it depends on their use. There are even hammers that can turn into blows without turning. The sharpness of the bathroom tiles. PS: The hammer drill bit is dedicated (even the massive engineering hammer drill and the small domestic hammer are different). If you want to use helical drill bits designed for ordinary impact drills, individual converters are required.

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