Dewalt DCG412B 20V MAX Lithium Ion Grinder

Its power of 350 watts added to the design without cable will allow you to meet an adequate level of efficiency and mobility with all the grinding and polishing work that you have proposed to perform on different types of materials.

Main Advantage:

One of the main qualities to highlight of this Dewalt DCG412B 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Grinder model is the fact that it has been designed with a gear made of steel which helps to increase the level of productivity of the device and, in addition, allows you to make a better handling of it because it decreases the vibrations that are generated while active.

Main Disadvantage:

Compared to other similar devices, this model does not have the capacity to perform a high number of revolutions. In spite of this, the 5,000 that it carries out are sufficient to be able to carry out the various remodeling and DIY work that you have proposed to carry out.

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Main Features


There are several DIY jobs that you can do when using this equipment and to guarantee the possibility of doing them all in the appropriate way with the best finishes, the model has a gear made of steel, a resistant material that contributes to its proper functioning and certifies its durability

According to the specifications made by the manufacturer brand, the gearing of this product helps to reduce the number of vibrations that the device performs while it is active, which will help you handle it more comfortably and without feeling much discomfort and therefore it will have a positive effect on productivity, managing to increase.

Above, it was explained that the piece to which reference is made of a resistant material that contributes to extend its useful life, that is to say, that you will have the possibility of using the equipment for a considerable time.


The performance of these types of devices is usually related to the power of your engine. In the case of the DCG422M2-QW model manufactured by DeWalt it is possible to have a team that has sufficient strength to fulfill the different grinding work that you propose to perform in your home.

This is due to the fact that the device has the capacity to work while maintaining the power of 350w, which allows it to execute different grinding tasks in the correct way that do not require a high level of demand from the equipment. The result will be that the materials where you have worked will have a good finish.

Also, in order to ensure good performance, these cordless grinders can perform 5000 revolutions per minute to achieve polishing various types of surfaces and free them from any type of imperfections, and everyone will be comfortable with your work. 


Having the freedom to move from one place to another while you work is possible, thanks to the design that these grinders have since they are not only of a compact size and a considerably lightweight but also lack cables, that is to say, there will be nothing that prevents you from moving to the areas where you should work.

As we said, this model is compact, measures 46.6 x 30.4 x 16.8 cm, and has a weight of 2.2 Kg; It is for this reason that you should not make much effort while you are holding it. In addition to this, to provide you with more comfort the equipment has an ergonomic handle that you can handle with some ease when grinding or polishing.

It should be noted that it has been equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which guarantee you the possibility of using the equipment for a considerable time before recharging.

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