Cut The Floor With A Miter Saw

A miter saw makes it possible to cut wood at exactly the right angle. Not only specialist companies work with the machine, but also craftsmen and house builders. The saw is particularly practical when it comes to cutting floors and ceilings.


Work with the miter saw

With the help of these saws, different materials can be cut precisely at an angle. No matter whether made of wood or plastic, a wide variety of things can be processed, because from the plastic pipe to the wood, many craftsmen appreciate the exact cutting. The trade offers two different saws:


Electric miter saw & mechanical miter saw

With electrical models, the angle can be easily adjusted at the push of a button, so that everything is sawn at exactly the right angle. Precise cutting is particularly important, for example when laying the floor.


Cut the floor with the miter saw

Anyone who has already laid a floor knows exactly how difficult it is to cut the individual boards. Because no matter whether it is a small area or a large room – if the individual elements are not tailored to fit, the finished floor looks anything but beautiful. Of course, when working with the  best miter saw for crown molding, measuring is the top priority. The angle on the machine can then be set at the push of a button or manually, and the floor can be sawn to fit.

Of course, the saw can not only cut solid wood, but also plastic and vinyl flooring to the millimeter. If you want to lay your floor in a certain pattern, all you have to do is adjust the angle and cut everything. This not only saves time, but also a lot of energy. In addition, the matching skirting boards and panels can be machined with the miter saw. The individual steps are just as easy when cutting vinyl flooring as with another material:

  • 1. Measure the individual boards
  • 2. Set the marking with a pencil
  • 3. Adjust the miter saw accordingly
  • 4. Fit the board and cut it – done

Since vinyl flooring has a hard-wearing surface, the cut surface is always clean when working with the miter saw. In comparison to a conventional saw, there are no small tears and the floorboards fit together perfectly. This is especially important if the floor needs to be sealed later. More information about this floor is available from the expert .


Buy miter saw

From the manual miter saw to the large machine, there are different models. If you use the saw a lot and often, you should choose an electric miter saw. If the saw is only used once or for a small project, a simple manual saw is often sufficient. In a very simple version, these models are available for less than 50.00 euros. Large and electric miter saws have different functions and can not only differ in price.

Many models come with a matching table, others have special extensions. Accessories usually include:

  • Material

clamps • Collection bag for the chips

  • Saw blade
  • Tool to change the blade

Some models also have a cable winder. Anyone who chooses a miter saw can be happy, because there are already good devices in the low three-digit range.

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