Crosscut Saw With Pull Function

What is the biggest advantage of a crosscut saw with a pull function ? The large cutting width and the associated flexibility when sawing . This is one of the reasons why train cross-cut saws are so popular.

Often a “normal” chop saw is sufficient, but if you want to work on wider workpieces with it, you will quickly reach your limits. When cutting laminate, most cross-cut saws (without pulling function) must already fit. Hence our recommendation: Always a chop saw with pull function .

Popular cross-cut saws with pull function

The following cross-cut saws are all equipped with a pull function:

Alternatively, you can also take a look at our comparison of cross-cut saws with pull function . There we compare 5 popular models with each other and also give tips on selection.

Our top 3 recommendations for cross-cut saws with pull function

If you are not yet sure which train crosscut saw will decorate your workshop in the future, here are our 3 recommendations for beginners, do-it-yourselfers and professionals:

  1. For beginners – Einhell Zug Kapp miter saw TH-SM 2131 Dual

A very popular and recommended model for beginners is the  Einhell Zug Kapp miter saw TH-SM 2131 Dual *. It impresses with the large number of functions at a fair price / performance ratio.

 The Herszstück is made up of the 1,800 watt motor (power consumption) and the 210 mm saw blade (diameter). This and the convenient pull function enable very flexible use and large cutting widths: Max. Cutting width at 90 ° / 45 °: 310 mm / 210 mm. Max.Depth of cut at 90 ° / 45 °: 62 mm / 36 mm.

Other features to be mentioned positively include: saw head tiltable 45 ° to the left and right, laser for marking the cutting lines, clamping device (material clamp), simple saw blade change due to spindle lock.

  1. For do-it-yourselfers – Metabo crosscut saw KGS 254 M


Metabo crosscut saw KGS 254 M *

 If it should be “a little bit more”, the  Metabo crosscut saw KGS 254 M * is our favorite. Here we have presented and evaluated them in detail .

The saw is also powered by a 1,800 watt motor. The diameter of the saw blade (included in delivery) is 254 mm. Thanks to the pull function, large cutting widths are also possible here (at 90 °: 305 mm and at 45 °: 205 mm). The max. Cutting depth is 92 mm at 90 ° and 47 mm at 45 °. The adjustable angles are all provided with an undercut function, which also makes the saw interesting for furniture construction.

Notable pro features here are the integrated table extensions, the LED lighting, the laser for cutting line marking and the depth stop (wonderfully suitable for producing grooves).

  1. For professionals – FESTOOL Kapex KS 120 EB cross-cut saw


FESTOOL Kapex KS 120 EB cross-cut saw *

 The FESTOOL Kapex KS 120 EB * cross -cut saw is an absolute high-end machine that really  leaves nothing to be desired . Many know the manufacturer in the field of circular or table saws , but he is also represented at the top of the cross-cut saws.

The advantages with it are clearly the precision when sawing itself and the flexibility in handling. The saw head can be tilted to the left as well as to the right by 47 ° (incl. Undercut function). The turntable can be set from -50 ° to + 60 °. These are really very good values.

Pro features include: the angle settings already mentioned, a precisely adjustable depth stop, a fine adjustment for the saw head and a soft call as well as a quick stop.


A chop saw with pull function brings flexibility. Due to their column guidance (usually double column), wide workpieces can also be machined.

Of course you have to spend a few euros more than for a “classic” chop saw (without pull function), but the flexibility that you gain outweighs this in our eyes. After all, you never know how it will come …


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