Cleaning And Care For The Chainsaw

Sooner or later, every user has to take care of the cleaning and care of their chainsaw . It does not matter whether the saw was used for private or commercial purposes. Regular maintenance can improve the performance of each saw. In order for a chainsaw to work precisely and clean for a long time, it is very important that it is regularly supplied with high-quality lubricants . The motor of a chainsaw is one of the most important parts of the device. He will workmost stressed with the chainsaw . In essence there is a good lubrication from a previous advanced cleaning of the device. All moving parts should be carefully lubricated.

The energy requirement is reduced by less friction in this process . At the same time, all parts are adequately protected by the improved heat dissipation . The cost of deployment is reduced in this case by the saving of energy and the longevity of the chain saw. Gasoline chainsaws in particular require constant lubrication in order to be used for a long time.

Another important part of the chainsaw is the sword. Thus the sword long time remains functional, regularly needs to effort be made to this care. The chain has the greatest wear and tear in normal use . Therefore, it should only be maintained with high-quality sprays .


After each use one should chainsaw expertly ger from outside settles be. If there is heavy contamination on the housing , a special cleaner should be used. Many high-quality cleaners consist of surfactants and are therefore biodegradable. After cleaning , the chainsaw looks like new again.

Every operation of a chainsaw includes annual, weekly or daily maintenance. This is the only way to ensure that the saw runs smoothly and for a long time. The frequency of the individual intervals can vary depending on the model and frequency of use . The daily maintenance of a chainsaw always takes place together with the saw cleaning. Whenever a chainsaw is used, it should also be checked for damage . This includes theChecking the safety device.

The chain catch bolt protects the underside of the housing and the rear handle from a cracked or cracked chain. This chain wraps around the catch bolt and loses some speed. If the bolts are damaged or lost , this error should be rectified immediately. The handle hand is also protected by the rear hand guard against injuries from transverse branches. In addition , it ensures that the back hand is connectedis protected from a broken or defective chain with the catch bolt .

The front hand protection should also be checked regularly. It has two important functions. On the one hand, it protects the front grip hand from injuries. In addition, he must release the brake when the saw is turned back . The chain brake is responsible for ensuring that the chain comes to a standstill in the event of a quick kickback . To check the brakes , the chain brake must be released in a stationary state . The blocking of the chaincan always be checked manually. If the chain brake is difficult or impossible to move and the chain cannot be pulled over your sword with your hand even though the brake has been activated, the chain saw must be repaired immediately by a specialist workshop . It would not be advisable to carry out your own repairs .

The throttle must not be able to be operated without the throttle lock being pressed . The accelerator lock forces you to fully grip the rear handle. Equal to z eitig characterized unintentional is accelerating for safety prevented. A broken throttle lock must also be replaced immediately.

These points are the most important safety devices that should work perfectly with a chainsaw . It is therefore not all safety devices that should be checked before each use of the device . The actual maintenance of the saw should only be started after the safety check . The engine must always be supplied with cleaned air so that optimum performance can always be called up. For this reason, it is advisable to also clean the air filter when cleaning . So that the filterMost saws can be removed by locking the filter cover . The lid is attached very differently depending on the model of the chainsaw . In some cases , screws, snap locks or clips are mounted on the housing .

In order for a filter to be cleaned, the lid must be opened and coarse dirt particles removed. This prevents the dirt from getting into the open carburetor . Dust and dirt often accumulate inside the filter. Filters usually consist of two halves. For this reason , the filter must be removed completely.

With regular cleaning , dirt adhering to the housing must be removed with a soft cloth. Fuel and oil residues in particular quickly attack the plastic surface . For this reason, it is advisable to remove the dirt immediately after each use. With extensive cleaning , damage to the housing is usually directly visible. In addition to checking the housing, the sword, the cutting set and the chain must also be checked for damage .


The sword must be completely unscrewed so that the condition of the cutting set can be checked adequately . As a rule , the nuts on the sprocket cover can be loosened with a combination wrench . The chain tensioning bolt should be relaxed beforehand so that the set can be separated from the motor unit without any problems . Dirt often collects under or directly on the sprocket cover . This dirt can be quickly and easily with a brush or aSponge to be removed. A dull chain must always be replaced directly. Even if the sword shows breakouts or cracks, an exchange is necessary.

The bottom of the groove must be cleaned from time to time so that a saw chain can be adequately lubricated . The mandrel of a depth gauge can not only be used to clean the groove, but also to check the minimum groove depth . It is usually millimeters at every point of the sword. If the groove falls below the dimension even at one point , it can happen that the drive links of the saw chain can be damaged. In this case there is a risk that the chain will come off. Many swords are with oneDeflection star equipped.


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