Circular Saw: Mandatory Safety Regulations

Did you bring an electric table saw to the workshop and are you preparing to test it? Don’t forget that you work with a powerful device that easily cuts wood and metal. Familiarize yourself first with some safety rules that are good to keep in mind before plugging it in.

The circular saw with table is a technical variant that makes life easier for beginners, allowing easier cutting. As the name suggests, the cutting disc is integrated in the work surface on which you place the material, and also in the table structure is the electrical system that provides power. Because it is a powerful machine, it is good to take a few safety precautions before you start working.



Unlike a circular hand saw, table models need more space for placement. So choose an area in the workshop that allows you to move freely around the machine when you work.

Most models of this type include several elements and accessories that you need to assemble before you start working. Carefully read the technical manual to make sure that each component is in place, fixed correctly and stably.

Because it usually uses significant power, we recommend that you always connect the product only to a grounded outlet and choose the extension cord carefully, if you need one.


Protectors, clothing and protective equipment

To prevent injuries, these products are equipped with several guards, which can be used together or alternately, depending on the operation performed. Usually, when cleaning the work surface, these accessories come off to facilitate the removal of residues. It is important to never start work without installing them in place.

On the list of protective equipment, the most important element are the glasses. During the sectioning of materials, whether we are talking about plastic, wood or metal, the disk can project small particles (chips, span) to your face that can reach the eyes. In addition to the unpleasant sensation produced, these hard foreign objects can affect the integrity of the eye and vision, which is why we recommend that you always wear goggles and do not replace them with sight.

Depending on the noise produced by the model you purchased, you may also need a pair of headphones. Specialists recommend using them for any machine that generates over 80dB and is used for long periods of time.

Because in time, the dust that inevitably rises during cutting, can be deposited in the lungs, causing serious diseases, it is good to work using a protective mask.

Equally useful is the protective footwear that protects you from injuries that can be caused by the accidental fall of the materials you work with. It is a measure that is not directly related to the use of the saw, but to the work in such a workshop in general, but just as important.

Also, avoid wearing rings, watches, bracelets, ties, scarves, scarves or loose clothing when working, because they can get caught in the cutting disc. If you have long hair, it is important to catch it every time and it is just as inspired to roll up your sleeves.


Work environment

To avoid accidents, it is important to keep the saw as clean as possible and the area around it. It is very important not to expose yourself to the risk of slipping on the floor around the machine. So keep the surface always clean and dry, without material residues or liquids spilled on the floor. It is best to mount some non-slip strips, especially if the surface is very smooth.

A good light is essential both to be able to work safely and to get a good quality of cut, so make sure you use a light bulb strong enough and that the placement of the table does not involve blocking the light with your own body. .

Always clean the work table. You don’t have to keep tools on it or still have cutting chips, small pieces of material left, etc. They can accidentally reach the area of the cutting disc, endangering both the project and your safety, if they are thrown at you.


Working position

The correct working position is a stable, balanced one, in which there is no risk of falling over the table. Avoid lying on top of the workspace when the disk is working and never stands in front of it.

The hands must not reach the area of the cutting blade when it is working. You have a pusher to move the material, so do not do this directly by hand and avoid trying to remove objects or clean the work surface while the disc is running.


The material used

Sometimes the danger can even come from the material you are working with. First of all, the table surface is designed to allow efficient cutting of materials of certain sizes. If you use it for larger variants, you must ensure additional fixing so that they do not change their position.

Secondly, the metal or plastic must be straight, without bends, and the wood must not include nails, stumps protruding from the horizontal surface or any other type of foreign element.


Attention and concentration

Any circular table saw is a powerful enough tool to easily cut a finger or hand. For this reason, in addition to all the safety measures you take, it is also important to be in the best physical and mental condition and very attentive to what you do. Don’t start cutting yourself if: you drank alcohol, took drugs that cause drowsiness, are tired, dizzy, have a headache or stability problems.

It is also good to interrupt any conversation with colleagues or visitors when operating the saw, because discussions can distract you.

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