Chainsaws Is The Keys In The Fight Against Forest Fires

Those who know that the fight against forest fires begin in winter. A time in which the work of clearing and taking care of the fuel mass is key and in which the chainsaws become a great ally.

Due to its characteristics and climate, Spain is one of the countries that have many ballots to be hit by forest fires. A serious problem that affects numerous ecosystems, causes serious economic problems in the affected areas and can even end human lives and property. Therefore, it is key to fight fires, but not only when they occur during the summer, but previously, in the work that must be carried out during the rest of the year. Among these tasks are the clearing and trimming of vegetation, the elimination of dead trees and uncontrolled forest masses or the creation of firewalls. Some tasks in which to have the best chainsaw will always be of great help.


The importance of cleaning

one of the “manias” that the forest has is that its growth is not something that is under control, at least in a natural environment. We are not talking about an orchard or a garden, in which plants grow in their grooves, according to the distribution we have determined. The proof is that this forest is the closest thing we would have to a garden that has been left aside, in which weeds and bushes grow, while trees add and add branches, which in many cases can even break or rot, depending on the circumstances. All these elements pose a considerable risk for the arrival of the hardest time of forest fires, such as summer. The lack of humidity of this season of the year added to a large accumulation of forest mass, makes the areas where it is found in authentic wolverines. An environment that can begin to burn with any spark and become a fundamental element in increasing the presence of any fire.


Administrations take action

Unfortunately, there are many people who ignore the risks that exist in an uncontrolled forest mass and do not take the necessary precautions to eliminate these sources of problems. Therefore, the administrations themselves have taken measures in this regard. One of those who has taken this issue more seriously is the Xunta de Galicia, which has launched regulations that require all property owners to keep them clean of everything that may be a risk in terms of forest fires. A law that includes considerable fines to the owners, who for once have served so that they put the batteries as far as the cleaning of their plots is concerned.Something that, according to experts, has had a considerable influence on the sale of all types of machinery dedicated to these tasks, such as chainsaws or brush cutters, as well as high demand for repair of all types of machinery in disuse that, With the new regulations, she is being sued again. So it is clear that, when fighting the fire, good machinery is essential. The chainsaw, a very versatile tool in a forest cleaning  In this context, the chainsaw becomes a great help to remove all types of plant remains of a certain calibre efficiently. A high-quality chainsaw will allow us to cut this type of debris as well as process them properly so that they are easier to handle. This chainsaw should preferably be gasoline, which is the product that allows us to move through any terrain efficiently without having to go looking for plugs.

On the other hand, it is also convenient that the chainsaw has enough power for the type of plant elements that we are going to face. And do not forget to add to your shopping list, if you do not have them, those safety and comfort elements necessary to work, such as gloves, goggles or other items that you may need during work.

Thanks to the power of the chainsaw, for example, we will be able to cut those trees whose state or situation is not adequate, completely removing them and cutting their logs, so that, in addition to having firewood for winter, we will also reduce the presence of combustible material on the ground. Something that we can also execute on those larger branches, present in the trees of greater calibre, which in many cases we could not cut with hand saws or conventional pruning saws.

However, it is also true that these brush cutters have certain limitations so that in those cases in which the thickness of the material to be treated is higher than usual, as happens in the land that has not been cleaned for a long time, the chainsaw It can be a good alternative to proceed to the cutting of these elements or to cut large masses of the small draft, in order to access the interior of them with the brush cutter for their elimination. If we do not use the chainsaw, we may not be able to access the interior of these large bushes, thus being able to achieve optimal results when cleaning the ground.

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