Chainsaw – Ideas From The User Manual

From protective equipment and appropriate clothing to work with an electric saw to chain tensioning and lubrication, the correct use of this device is conditioned by many elements. Find out in this article which are some of the most important .

The chain saw is one of the most popular models in this category of automatic tools, present in many households, where firewood is still used or there is a small workshop for simple home repairs. Because it is a powerful enough tool to be able to cause damage to both the materials you want to cut and your body integrity, it is important to familiarize yourself with some essential information in the user manual.


Working conditions

Regardless of the type of power tool you use, so in the case of the saw, it is important that the work area is clean and free of moisture. Because the saw is used both indoors and outdoors, we refer here to the kind of elements that can affect your posture or balance. If you use it to cut logs, take care to arrange in order, both the pieces you are going to cut and the ones already sectioned, so as not to get in the way of them.
Pay special attention to the condition of the soil, if you work outside after rain. The grass can be very slippery and so can the mud. Remove chips and sawdust and make sure there are no nails on the floor.


Protective equipment

Using a chainsaw always involves the risk of projecting splinters around, including to your eyes. So protect them with glasses specially designed for this purpose and do not rely on the eyes, they can not help you too much because they have a smaller surface and do not cover the face well.
Your next concern, especially if you know you have to cut firewood for several hours, is to protect your ears from the rather loud noise generated by these devices. So use earphones whenever you work with the saw.

Footwear is just as important in this case. Because we are talking about a high power tool, which you hold with your hands, without additional support, it is important to have good grip on the ground and not to hurt any larger stone or piece of wood accidentally thrown on the ground. So wear boots or boots with a thick rubber sole.
Regardless of the type of electric saw you work with, it is essential not to wear loose clothing, accessories such as chains, bracelets, scarves, ties, scarves, essentially any element that can be accidentally hung in the teeth of the device.


Sparks and flammable solutions

Because electrical devices can sometimes cause sparks during operation, it is essential not to use them in an environment where there is a risk of flammable gases, liquids, or dusts. Outdoors you will face less of this problem, so be very careful when using the saw indoors.



The teeth of a BEST ELECTRIC chain saw are sharp and strong enough to easily cut thick wooden logs. It is therefore not the case to assume the risk of the wrong orientation of the blade towards you or another person, due to inattention.
Avoid working with this device when there are children around and it is your job to pay attention to them, or when you have visiting friends who talk to you, having the impression that they care about you and help you. Stop working and continue after you leave or explain to them that you need to pay attention to the powerful saw in your hands.


Power cord

If you have chosen a version with cable power, an option that is one of the best electric saws in terms of power, it is good to remember some security measures that directly concern this element. First of all, it is important to never twist the cord or work with it twisted. Also, avoid unplugging the device by pulling on the cord and grab the plug directly. Do not use the cable as a support element when transporting the saw and make sure it is always visible when working, so as not to step on it.
Because it can be damaged by accidents, the power cord must be kept away from fire or heat appliances. It is also not good to be exposed to oils or greases or to pass over sharp or uneven areas, which can affect its structure by friction.
Before using the saw, always check the condition of the cable and plug and do not use it if one of them is damaged. Only use extension cords suitable for the outdoor environment, if you need more freedom of movement.


Terms of use

For the best possible stability when working, it is recommended to use the dominant hand (usually the right hand) to hold the rear handle of the saw, and the non-dominant one (usually left, for the front handle).
Before deciding which projects to use it for, read the manual carefully and identify the conditions under which you can overload it, in order to avoid them. Do not use a chain saw to cut metal, plastic, stone, brick or concrete. This device is designed to work only with wood.


Device preparation

In most cases you will receive the saw with the guide rail separately and the chain removed or even not included in the delivery package. In both situations you must mount these elements correctly using the recommendations in the technical manual. Remember that before starting the device, the chain must be tensioned to be well stretched on the rail. If the environment in which you work is very hot, the chain can relax due to the temperature, so don’t forget to check it from time to time. If the chain is new, let it run idle for at least a minute before you start cutting with it.


Chain lubrication

For the saw to work well and for a long time it is important to always make sure that the oil tank is loaded. Most models have signaled the minimum level, so it will be easy for you to know if you need to complete.

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