How To Use A Wood Cutter

The wood cutter is a rather complex device and can be dangerous if you do not use it correctly. You need to be very careful about how you mount the knives and make the adjustments, test the device before going to work, learn how to operate it properly and use the right accessories for diversity … Read more

Wood Cutting: All You Need To Know

Wood Cutting All You Need To Know

With wood you can really build everything: furniture, toys and even models. Although lately 3D printers are revolutionizing the world of handicraft production, recently we have seen a renewed interest in carpentry works. The global economic situation not always favorable for families has pushed many people to learn the basics of DIY in order to save money.

How To Properly Cut Tall Trees?

How To Properly Cut Tall Trees

Sometimes, for a better look of the garden or just for the safety of people passing by nearby, we have to make this radical decision and remove the tree. This is a fairly respected task and it is worth preparing yourself for it, so that the whole process runs without surprises and that nothing happens to anyone. Where do we start?