Technical Characteristics And Peculiarities Of The Electric Tunnels

technical Characteristics And Peculiarities Of The Electric Tunnels

Everything you need to know about this particular type of power tool, from features to applications, and how to choose the right model for your needs.

Unlike the classic fretwork bow, which is an extremely simple manual tool, the oscillating fretwork is a real bench-top stationary machine of compact dimensions, powered by an electric motor and designed for cutting different materials.

The Processing Of Clay And The Use Of The Lathe

Use Of The Lathe

Small guide for curious, enthusiasts and beginners on the materials, tools and costs to be incurred to devote themselves to the processing of clay and clay.

The art of working clay dates back to the dawn of civilization, when men began to hone their craft skills and create tools that could help them in their daily struggle for survival and the improvement of home comfort.

What is the lathe used for?

What is the lathe used for

At some point in human history, shortly after the appearance of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, our ancestors began to instinctively use stones, wood and vegetable fibers to manufacture the first rudimentary tools to be used to obtain food, to build huts and to work the land. The first real technological revolution, however, occurred when man discovered the wheel, from which a series of more or less complex tools were derived, including the lathe.