How The Chop Saw Works

The construction and operation of a chop saw are fundamentally as simple as they are ingenious. In the following article, I specifically deal with the structure and function of the cross-cut saw (and pull cross-cut saw) and explain the relationships.   Structure of the chop saw A basic distinction is made between 2 different types … Read more

How Does The Chop Saw Work?

A chop saw is used when cutting or shortening wood.In contrast to under-table cross-cut saws, which are used in industry and minimize the workpieces from below with a circular knife blade, craftsmen and hobbyists particularly use cross-cut saws with a knife blade that can be lowered from above.These combination devices (pull, crosscut and miter saws) … Read more

The Right Saw Blade For The Respective Material

Success or failure depends not only on the machine, but also on the right saw blade. Which saw blade can cut which materials? Universal saw blades This saw blade is made of hard metal and separates almost everything. The blade can be used to cut plastics, aluminum, brass, hard and soft wood, flat and angle iron, wood with screws, … Read more

Where Is The Chop Saw Used?

Due to their practical application, there are very diverse areas of application for cross-cut saws.A chop saw rounds off the range of tools in every workshop for a professional or hobbyist . Cross-cut and miter saws are an indispensable partner when it comes to making clean and precise angular cuts . Perfect for different uses … Read more