Car Air Compressor Maintenance

Car air compressors allow us to inject an amount of compressed air for some jobs where it is required to inflate a tire, a mattress or feed a compressed paint gun. However, to enjoy its optimal operation, you will need to provide them with proper maintenance when required.


We are all aware that the tasks we do at home can become a bit exhausting and annoying since they ask us to deliver a lot of effort in a sustained way for a long period of time. On those occasions, even if we put all our effort, we will end up completely exhausted and with an unsatisfactory result, since to perform some tasks, it will be essential to have a system that allows us to manipulate compressed air at our whim.

An air compressor is a tool that is designed and developed to subtract the air that is in the environment, then store it and compress it inside the boiler which is an internal tank of the compressor. With that compressed air, you can start different pneumatic tools, as well as perform simpler tasks, such as inflating the tires of the vehicles, in addition to being able to spray paint to clean or change the color of the walls of your house.

However, to use one of these tools and acquire the best air compressor of the moment, it is advisable to know how these devices work, in addition to that you will have to perform maintenance on this tool so that it can provide greater durability and have a better performance when function.


How do air compressors work?

The principle of air compressors is to remove air from the environment, compress it in a boiler and make it available for use when we need it, giving us the possibility of releasing it by a flexible tube and regulating the pressure through the use of a practical pressure switch. To know how an air compressor works, it is very necessary to know what are the parts that make up an air compressor and its operation. 

In general, air compressors are manufactured with three large parts. First, of course, the most important part of this system is the compressor itself. It is a cylinder with a piston that is driven by a small electric motor, which allows it to take the ambient air to then compress it.

The tank of the tank is another of the fundamental parts in the operation of a compressor. The tank or boiler is a kind of reservoir or container where the flow of compressed air is stored, allowing it to be within reach for the time it is needed.


Last but not least, there is the control and supply equipment, which is the part of the system that is responsible for receiving the compressed air by the compressor piston that has previously been stored in the tank and, thanks to a pressure switch, controls the level of pressure with which the compressed air will flow through the hose.

By knowing how air compressors work, it is very possible to know how to give them the best use in any of the different DIY activities that you are going to do in your home, whether it is to inflate a couple of tires, clean the garden of the dry leaves of Fall or even paint the walls of your house, using an air gun. Also, you can regulate the air outlet pressure, according to the object that requires the airflow.


How to use a compressor?

Since we know how an air compressor works, as well as the different parts that compose it, we recommend you learn to use this tool so that you can avoid any damage that we can do to us and our work team.

First, if your air compressor model has wheels, you must assemble them before using the device. Next, proceed to install the air intake filter. Then, it will be necessary to remove and replace the transport plug that is installed in the lid, which does have a hole. It is important to check the oil level in the crankcase, especially if it is the first time you use it. Through the hole that has a load, it must be filled with oil until it reaches the indicated level. Before plugging in, check that the switch is off. Finally, proceed to turn on the air compressor and turn it off when you finish using it.


The maintenance of an air compressor

Actually, doing the proper maintenance of an air compressor is a simple task, especially nowadays, since these tools are being designed in a much simpler way, so they are very simple devices.

The maintenance of this tool is carried out in three basic processes of periodic care so that we can allow these machines to continue providing optimal service for a longer period of time. These procedures are maintenance or change of air filter, oil change and extraction of compressed air remaining inside the boiler.

Actually, air filter maintenance is a very simple process. You will only need to unscrew the filter that is attached in the area above the compressor. Proceed to open the filter container, remove it and shake it so that you can remove all the dirt that may have accumulated.

For the change of oil, it is advised that every 150 hours of work, a change of oil is made to a compressor so that it can retain the lubricating characteristics that give it the possibility of operating at a suitable power.

In the last step, to extract the remaining air in the boiler, it will be necessary to find the location of the plug that is located somewhere in the lower area of the tank. When you get it, you will have to unscrew it, allowing the remaining air that is in the boiler to leave free, being announced its exit by a whistle that leaves the opening of the tank.

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