6 Brands That Produce Quality Picamers

 DeWalt, Makita, Hikoki and other brands recognized for the technical performance of the tools produced, offer you a variety of picameri from which you can choose, if you are interested in such a product. Find out from this article what other brands you can target.


Although the choice of a quality picamer, whether it is an electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or petrol model, takes into account first of all clear technical characteristics – power, impact rate, weight, etc. – the manufacturer’s brand remains an important indication of performance and durability. That’s why, for those who want to buy such a device, for home, semi-professional or professional use, we have selected in this article some useful information about some of the most popular manufacturers of picameras, which you can find at us in stores.



Created in 1932 by Raymond E. DeWalt, the inventor of the radial hand saw, the DeWalt brand is today one of the most important manufacturers of hand and power tools, developed for the field of construction and woodworking.

DeWalt’s offer includes power tools (compressors and pneumatic tools, saws, drills, lasers, demolition and rotary hammers, etc.), hand tools (hammers, screwdrivers, hand saws, cutters, etc.), outdoor equipment (blowers, trimmers, lawn mowers), generators, accessories, etc.

The category of picameras mainly includes models with electric motor, with cable supply and a weight between 3 and 18.4kg, which generates a power generally in the range of 400 – 1600W, with a cadence of up to 4000bpm. You can buy the products of this brand at prices starting from 2500 and up to 7000 lei.



For those who prefer Japanese quality, we have included in the list of brands that offer good and high-performance picamars and the name Makita. 

It is a company with a history of over 100 years that currently develops, produces and distributes a wide range of cordless power tools (drills, rotary hammers, saws, etc.), power tools for construction and industry (cutting machines, picamere, sanding devices, etc.) and for gardens (lawn mowers, blowers), but also measuring systems. The offer also includes gasoline-powered products and batteries for cordless electrical equipment.

In the list of Makita pickers you will find models available at prices from 700 lei to 8500 lei, with power up to 2000W, with power supply, cable, anti-vibration technology that protects your wrists and muscles from fatigue and wear, designed for brick , concrete and asphalt.



Oriented towards innovation and technological performance since 1886, the Bosch brand today covers a wide range of products and services, including hand or power tools, for professionals or for household projects. Picamers are offered in both categories of experience, so you can easily choose a model depending on the type of project for which you need such a device.

You can buy a Bosch picamer at prices starting from 1300 lei and up to 9000 lei, depending on the power provided, which generally reaches up to 2000W. Many of the models include a vibration reduction system, designed to allow comfortable use for longer periods of time. The most expensive, strongest and heaviest are the versions in the professional category, recommended especially for companies.



With a rich history, beginning in 1941, the Hilti corporation is a Liechtenstein-based multinational, originally opened as a craft workshop. Currently, it develops and produces automatic tools and devices for construction, building maintenance, energy industry and for production industries. It is good to know that under this brand you will find mainly professional equipment.

The offer available in Romania under this brand includes wired and accumulator power tools, dust cleaning devices, fasteners, consumables, construction chemicals, fire protection systems.

The picameras are part of the category of power tools with power cable and are available at prices between 4000 and 14000lei, with a hitting frequency from 860 to 3500 bpm, and impact energy from 8.5 to 68J. To work efficiently, especially in large projects, the offer is supplemented with vacuum cleaners and compatible accessories.



Hitachi is a brand associated with a multinational based in Japan and representatives worldwide, involved in the development and production of technology for a variety of fields, including the aerospace and automotive industries, consumer goods, electronic systems and equipment, financial services, telecommunications systems, power devices and industrial systems.

The Hitachi brand was the subject of a rebranding process in 2018, which later became Hikoki, a name under which you will currently find the company’s products. Koki means industrial machines, and Hi symbolizes the orientation towards development and continuous improvement.

In the range of power tools available in the company’s offer you will find electric options with battery and cable for a variety of operations such as cutting, grinding, drilling, polishing, demolition, etc. Although they also produce pneumatic tools, you will find models of demolition hammer type picamer only in the offer of electrical options.

From the price point of view, these versions are available starting from 1800 lei and up to 8000 lei, from which you can choose depending on the projects you will use it for and the power you need. Hikoki products stand out with a system for absorbing mechanical shocks and vibrations, which will help you work easier and safer.

By weight, they can reach up to 30 – 32kg, and the hitting rate is generally between 1000 and 3000 bpm, offering a power of up to 2000W.


Wacker Neuson

A recognized manufacturer of machinery and tools for construction and garden maintenance, Wacker Neuson offers, in the first category: concrete vibrators, electric and thermal demolition demolitions, wheeled and crawler excavators, compactors, etc. However, the prices are quite high, slightly exceeding 9000 lei, due to the orientation towards the needs of professional projects, which means efficiency and high power.


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