Top 5 Brands That Produce Good Circular Saws

Do you want to buy a circular saw and look for some quality brands to use as landmarks? Find out how they started their activity, what experience they have and what five of the best manufacturers of power tools of this type offer you.

The circular saw is among the tools that anyone who knows and makes repairs in the house or renovations, or various furniture design projects, has in their household or workshop. For those who do not yet own such a product, but feel the need to buy, we present briefly, in this article, some of the most popular brands under which you can find quality products in this category.



DeWalt is the brand name under which you will find power tools and hand tools produced by the American company Black & Decker. The brand is based on the name of the one who founded the company in 1923, Raymond E. DeWalt, who also invented the first manual radial saw.

The product portfolio includes automated devices (compressors, rotary hammers, nailers and staplers, grinders and cutters, etc.) and hand tools (knives, pliers, hammers, saws, etc.).

The range of electric saws includes a variety of wired or wireless models, from 12 to 60V. Circular versions are available in options from 18 to 60V, with a cutting disc diameter from 4-1 / 2inch to 8-1 / 4inch. Among the best products of this year, in this category, we mention DeWalt DWE575SB, with 7-1 / 4inch blade, with 18 teeth, working speed of 5100rpm and 15amp motor, and DeWalt DCS391B, 0 wireless version of 20V, with 6-1 / 2inch disc.



For those who appreciate Japanese quality, we have included in the list of brands that put good circular saws and the name Makita. Founded in 1915 by Mosaburo Makita, the company is currently headquartered in Anjo and has factories in Brazil, Mexico, England, Germany, Thailand, Dubai, China, Japan and Romania, in Branesti.

The company’s activity began with the repair of equipment, motors and lighting installations, reaching now to develop under its own name a wide range of manual and automated tools. The saws are part of the range of power tools along with other tools for wood and metal, finishing machines, pneumatic devices, etc., and the offer includes circular models, concrete variants, mechanical versions, miter and reciprocal options.

Under the Makita brand you can find wired and wireless circulars, with power supply, electric motor up to 15amp and the diameter of the cutting disc between 7 and 12inch. Among the most popular models on the market this year are Makita XSR01PT with brushless motor, battery-powered operation, high mobility, and Makita SP6000JI 6-1 / 2, with magnesium components that reduce the weight of the product, motor 12amp and portable support for precision cutting.



The history of the Milwakee name begins in 1918 with AH Peterson and an order from Henry Ford’s company that led to the production of the lightest automatic drill ever built. Until 1930, the company went through a fire that severely affected the activities and a few years in which it dealt only with repairs.

Between 1930 and 1950 its production standards were influenced by the high demands of collaborations with the US military, so that in 1951 to revolutionize the industry by launching the first reciprocating saw, Sawzall, a product followed by a complete line of blades for a variety of materials.

Its portfolio includes wired and wireless power tools for drilling and breaking, cutting and cutting, fixing, grinding, polishing and polishing, testing and measuring, protective equipment, lighting systems, storage products and hand tools.

Circular saws are available with belt, chain, pendulum and sword models, the offer including wood and plastic versions and metal options. In this year’s charts you will find the Milwakee 2731-20 variants, with 7.5inch disc, battery that provides up to 300 cuts per load and Milwakee 6390-21 with adaptable handle, which allows changing the cutting angle for better accuracy.



Unlike Milwakee, whose orientation is heavy-duty, aimed more at industry and experienced users, Skil is a brand that focuses on the DYI area, aiming to provide the tools needed for personal projects.

If in many cases the saw is one of the many products of the company under whose name it is sold, when it comes to Skil, this tool defines the very beginnings of the company. The first Skil product, launched in 1923, was designed to replace the machete used by sugar cane and materialized in the first electric hand saw, a circular model whose sales reached in 1926 to 2000 pieces.

The company’s portfolio currently includes power tools for drilling and screwdriving, grinders, mechanical saws, angle grinders, hot air guns, planers, cutters, polishing machines, cordless scissors and garden tools (lawn mowers, electric mowers, chainsaws). electric, blowers, submersible pumps, etc.).

The saws are available in pendular, hand and sword type variants, the product line also including rails for guidance.



The Worx brand is a Chinese one, owned by Positec Tool Corporation, known for its production and marketing, especially on the US market, but also in Europe, of garden and lawn tools and power tools. The most popular Worx products are trimmers, lawn mowers and electric saws.

The circulars are included in the category of power products, along with reciprocating and mechanical saws, drilling machines and hammers, grinders, grinders and accessories for these tools.

It is one of the few brands that offers you compact models, with a diameter of 85mm, the best circular saws for situations where you need increased mobility. You can choose between wired versions and battery versions, depending on the location where you will use them. Among the best options that have been noted this year under the name Worx is the WX429L, compact and light, designed for boards up to 5cm thick.

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