Bosch Professional GWS 750 Angle Grinder [ 2021 Edition ]


It offers a high speed, for the small diameter of the disc (11,000 RPM, at 125 millimeters).

It weighs a little (about 1800 grams).

Being from a reputable company, it heats up very hard, even in hard working mode.

It is especially optimal for wood and marble.

It is sold at a price among the most convenient, for the tools from this brand.



It has no speed adjustment, therefore you have no choice but to handle the maximum value of 11,000 RPM. If you want an adjustable model, then we advise you to look at other models. Instead, the device remains efficient for tasks where such a rotation speed (wood and marble) will be required.





This angular grinder (flex) Bosch Professional GWS 750, 750w, 11000 rpm, 125mm is very efficient, especially with wood cloth, but also with diamond, suitable for grinding and cutting tiles, marble and faience. The high disk speed of 125 millimeters (11,000 rotations per minute) is the source of its efficiency. 

As it is known, the smaller a disc is at a professional angle grinder, the higher its speed will have to be.

This tool is thought and designed for mobility and fine work, and in addition to the size of the disc and the performance of the engine, the ease with which it is handled plays a role in this. At 1800 grams, it is light enough to allow effective control even in difficult positions, and this is a factor that increases its activity in the eyes of professionals.

It heats up hard. Bosch is renowned as a leading name in the field of design and renovation, and this model does not compromise on reliability and durability. You can put it to work for minutes on end, without the system overheating, and if this happens, its engine will cool down in about 2-3 minutes, the device being again ready for a new task.

Due to the size of the disc and the performance of the motor, the manufacturer recommends it especially for wood and marble or tiles, especially for small surfaces, where fineness must be a priority. 

Price should not be the number one priority for a professional craftsman who wants quality tools. But, fortunately, this angle grinder can also be bought without spending a lot of money on it. Thus, you get the best from both points of view, both in terms of performance and if you want to save.



This is one of the best small disc grinders on the market. It has its disadvantages (when it comes to speed), but overall, you can’t really blame it on anything else. Its construction is solid, resistant to a difficult working regime, but it is also affordable. All these factors put it at the forefront of the tops of angle grinders for professionals.

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