Bosch 18V Angle (4-1/2 In. GWS18V-45 )Grinder Reviews [ 2021 Edition ]

In this article, you will find more information about the Bosch 18V Angle Grinder. Because of its resistance, power, and operation, many people consider this to be one of the best grinders in today’s market.

Main Advantage:

From the moment you observe it, you will know that you are facing a good Bosch brand product, but when you have it in your hands you will be convinced of its value. It is not about any tool, it has excellent performance, robust finishes, and a practically unbeatable price.

Main Disadvantage:

Best of all, this product has not submitted major complaints regarding its operation, on the contrary, it has excellent comments from users on the Internet. However, keep in mind that this grinder does not include a carrying case.

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Main Features Explained


When we buy a device in a virtual store we always run the risk that it is not really as it looks in the photographs. But in this case, the opposite is true, the actual product looks even better than in the photographs, wherever you look at it, it projects quality.

Its gear housing made of aluminum reinforces its structure to extend its useful life regardless of the environment in which you work. The stator inside which the motor rotates has extra protection that makes it one of the most resistant grinders.

But that’s not all, to provide greater protection to the engine, the coals have automatic disconnection.


We are all interested in knowing what the power of a grinder is, but many times we think that it is the demand of Watts that the device has, however, when it comes to this type of equipment with a motor that rotates to cut materials, the Power is also the speed you can reach.

The Bosch 18V Angle has 720W of power along with a vacuum speed of 11,000 revolutions per minute with which it is capable of cutting from ceramic pieces to steel, but also wooden parts.

The diameter of the plate is 12.5 cm, suitable for cutting tiles or ceramic pieces and other materials of little thickness.

Easy to use

If we buy a new DIY tool, it is precisely to make our work easier, not to complicate it further, especially if we do not have much experience. This grinder is specially designed to be used by both professionals and the less experienced.

The Bosch 18V Angle is compact and light, with measures of 36.2 x 12.8 x 12.4 cm and a weight of only 1.9 Kg, that means that you can maneuver it even with just one hand, although for convenience you can also use a side handle that allows a more precise cut. The main handle is thin to provide greater comfort, so this tool does not tire as much as most grinders of this type.

The gear head has a flat design that allows access to difficult areas. This is a very practical grinder by its dimensions, however, it deserves all your attention because it is very powerful.

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