[ 2021 Edition ] 8 Best Workbenches For Garage

If you intend to equip your small Workshop because maybe you are a fan of “do it yourself,” one of the first purchases you should worry about is the best workbench for the garage, not only because it constitutes a vital support plan for everything you need to fix or build but also because in this way you have your tools are hand and eye. However, it must be said that the workbenches can be of several types, and the choice must also be made, taking into account specific needs.

 The carpenter will need a completely different model from what a mechanic needs. In short, “workbench” is a generic term, then there are specific cases, but don’t worry, during our guide, we will give all the information you need. Meanwhile, how about a taste of the selected stalls? We propose these two: theBosch PWB 600, which is foldable and ensures excellent tightening while the Küpper 70412-7 is large and with a worktop that has convinced all customers.

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The 8 Best workbenches for garage-Reviews in 2020

We offer you the classic of what we believe are the most exciting workbenches. For each article, you will find a review and a link that suggests where to buy the material at low prices. Our opinions are questionable; in short, our word is not law or claims to be absolute truth. Consider us as one of the possible sources to draw from, and if we satisfy you, come back to us. Meanwhile, compare the prices.

Rank #1: UltraHD Lighted Workcenter

It is a light but also resistant folding workbench, easy to transport considering its 12 kg and simple to put aside in the corner of your Workshop. We got the first good impressions from the work surface, which is made of bamboo: it is very resistant and also water-repellent; therefore, it does not absorb any liquids that you accidentally spill on it.

The cranks to bring the workbench into position can be adjusted independently of each other. In essence, this solution makes it a versatile tool that allows it to adapt to a wide range of applications and dimensions. The tightening is excellent.

For very bulky or circular section pieces, you will find four clamping jaws to be inserted in the appropriate recesses. Although it is a stable bench, there is a lot of plastic, see hinges, joints, and threaded ringlets, which not everyone liked. The other negative is the price.


  • Tightening: One of the fundamental characteristics of such a bench is the tightening: in this case, we consider it very good.
  • Stable: The bench must also be praised for its stability: once the workpiece is tightened, you can work in comfort.
  • Light: Although it is reliable and stable, it can also be light, since it weighs just 12 kg, so you won’t have any difficulty in carrying it.


  • Price: The cost of this table is considered excessive, probably, in addition to the object, you also pay the prestige of the brand.
  • Plastic parts: Even considering that this is not an inexpensive table, it has caused some discontent to see several plastic parts.

Rank #2: Goplus Adjustable Workbench

This workbench with drawers is suitable for those looking for something not demanding from an economic point of view. Of course, the structure is not one of the solid ones, and the stability has also caused some complaints, but for small jobs, we believe it can be a good fallback.

It is complete, and it also includes the perforated wall for hanging tools and keeping them in plain sight, but above all, at hand. Twelve hooks are also included, but others can be added. The quality of the materials is low, but we repeat it; it is an economical bench.

However, we would have preferred a work surface if not more often at least water repellent: careful not to spill liquids because it could be ruined. The cheapness of the article is also reflected in the close attention to detail; see incorrect holes.


  • Price: The article is aimed at those with a limited budget who need a desk to carry out small jobs and hobby activities.
  • Spacious: The drawer is enormous; there is also a perforated wall; in short, you will be able to organize your tools better.


  • Little care: The worktop is too thin and made with very questionable quality materials; moreover, it is not water repellent.
  • Structure: In general, the bench has a little robust and flaky structure: it becomes complicated to carry out work where maximum stability is required.

Rank #3: WEN WB4723 48-Inch Workbench

It is probably not suitable for a professional workshop, we think of a person who earns a living as a mechanic, but for hobby use, it is an excellent entry-level, even if the price could make you think for a moment.

The worktop has impressed everyone: it is made of solid wood, and we believe it is the real strength of this new workbench, which is among the best sellers in its category. To complete the picture of this Workshop workbench, there is a hanging wardrobe and two perforated walls. The plastic shelves were criticized as they were considered weak.

The structure is quite light but not weak. The assembly has been described by customers as very difficult. It requires almost two days of work, which is quite worrying if you think that people who have a specific manual ability are buying this article.


  • Worktop: Among the strengths of this article, customers have focused firmly on the worktop, made of solid wood, abundant, and excellent.
  • Versatile: There is plenty of space to work but also to arrange all the tools available between drawers, wall cabinet, and two perforated walls.


  • Editing: The most common term among user reviews is “laborious,” referred to assembly. One person needs about two days to put it all together.
  • Cost: Despite being an entry-level counter, its price is considerable: many will have to think long and hard before deciding whether to buy it.

Rank #4:Borroughs Adjustable Height Hardwood Top Workbench

It is a workbench for children so they can imitate dad when he repairs something. It is full of accessories with which the little one can keep busy; to be exact, they are 91. From an aesthetic point of view, we are talking about an adorable and well-made toy: the little one will seem to be handling real tools.

Of course, first, dad will wait for a lot of work as the assembly may not be complicated but certainly lengthy, considering the amount of small pieces to put together. Furthermore, someone reports that the instructions are not very helpful.

The quality of the plastics was a source of complaints, also in virtue of the price paid, which was considered excessive by many considering what they had in their hands. In short, a little more quality for the materials would not have spoiled.


  • Accessories: The incredible amount of accessories is surprising: the child will remain busy for a long time, and fun is guaranteed.
  • Design: We liked the aesthetics of the workbench, admittedly the little one will seem like a real.


  • Materials: It was reasonable to expect a bench built with much more solid materials: plastic is not excellent, and this has disappointed many people.
  • Assembly: It is not so much a problem of difficulty as the time required to complete the construction: there are too many small pieces to assemble.

Rank #5: Smile Back Adjustable Workbench

The Smile Back Adjustable Workbench is professional and is appreciated for its high solidity. The maximum bearable load is 1,200 kg. The worktop is in painted sheet metal and has a perimeter edge. The entire structure is made of steel, and to support the whole; there are six legs.

It features two high lockable drawers. The bench is available in three colors: orange, red, and black. Assembly is straightforward, but it is preferable to do it in two people. From a qualitative point of view, there is nothing to complain about, but as you can imagine, a counter of such an excellent artistry and above all, professional does not come cheap.

In short, take a moment more to understand if this model is really what you need or if maybe it is better to choose something cheaper, perhaps that bears a lower but more equipped load.


  • Robust: The bench has a very resistant structure that does not fear heavy loads or at least all those less than 1,200 kg.
  • Drawers: There are two beautiful drawers supplied, spacious and resistant: they can be sliding both when opening and closing and can also be locked with the key.
  • Materials: The quality is excellent, given that the bench is all in steel. It is an object that could last for the rest of life.


  • Cost: You will have to be willing to pay a good deal if you intend to buy the Beta workbench.


Rank #6: KPS Commercial Stainless Steel Work Table

The TecTake wooden workbench is aimed at those who do small DIY jobs or as a support surface. So if you have to tighten screws, glue in a drawer, or nail something, it’s okay. We exclude all other jobs that require strength and stability from a workbench.

The materials are not excellent, but given the cost, we believe we can be understanding. The four wooden blocks were useful for hanging the tools during the work, and the two vices would have been helpful if they had had a proper tightening; unfortunately, this is not the case, and they will hardly come in handy.

We find an intermediate shelf that is always comfortable and a drawer large enough to hold tools such as pliers, keys, and screwdrivers. The assembly is made less immediate by the instructions, which are not very clear; one piece of advice we can give you is to go to a hardware store to replace all the screws with others of better quality.


  • Economical: The price is not excessive; we do not say that it is a bargain but still honest compared to the quality of the counter.
  • Tools ordered: Some blocks allow you to keep your devices in order, and according to a correct organization.


  • Not very robust: The structure of this bench is not the best in solidity, and it has some stability problems that lead us not to recommend it for work with heavy objects or that require the use of a saw.
  • Materials: The quality is low; we are not only talking about wood but also about the vines that have been stripped on several occasions.

Rank #7: SKPS Commercial Stainless Steel Work Table

The SKPS Commercial Stainless Steel Work Table will amaze you with its solidity. It is so robust that it can withstand a 1,000 kg load; in short, it can make a good impression in any workshop or workplace. Let us dwell on the surface made of a 3 mm thick steel sheet: you can lean on it and hammer with all the enthusiasm you are capable of.

For fans of our products, know that the workbench we are presenting is made in Italy. In addition to the worktop, there is a shelf, but if you want, you can add others since there is a predisposition.

It is a bit poor as a counter; we must say it, and making it more functional requires a more significant expense: for example, it has no drawers, there is not even one, and if you want a chest of drawers, you have to buy it separately. The worktop, then, is devoid of the rubber cover, and also, in this case, it must be purchased individually and believe it, it does not cost little.


  • A rock: The structure of the Sogi bench is one of those very resistant since it can withstand a load of 1,000 kg.
  • Reliable: it is made with a 3 mm thick sheet that will not bend under the hammers.


  • Not equipped: buy the structure only, and there are no drawers and not even the rubber cover for the top; it must be purchased separately.
  • Expensive: The counter is already valuable as it is, indeed we are not talking about a prohibitive figure, but if you want to add some accessories, the price goes up a lot.

Rank #8: Seville Classics UltraHD Height Adjustable Heavy-Duty Wood Top Workbench

Excellent Usage workbench, as per the manufacturer’s tradition. The structure is solid, as shown by the statistical load capacity of 1,000 kg. It is equipped with a 2.5 mm thick galvanized steel plate top and 37 mm fall protection edges. It is complete with a lower shelf and is designed for fixing to the floor.

There is no attachment for the vice, but with a little ingenuity, it is possible to put one. There is no type of accessory, not even a drawer, so either provide by buying the necessary separately or you will not be able to keep your tools in order.

Just the lack of accessories could slow down the purchase because, although the counter is “naked,” it costs enough. According to some, then, it is too low, but here, the matter could also be subjective as much could depend on the height of the user.


  • Rugged: Usage is one of those workbenches that are bought mainly for their robustness. You can work on it even with heavy objects without fear.
  • Materials: Those used for the construction of the bench are excellent: it is an object built to last a long time.


  • No accessories: The equipment for this counter is zero, you don’t even find a simple drawer, so you will have to buy everything separately.
  • Low: Some users report that this workbench is too little; however, we point out that the problem may be subjective.

Buying Guide – How to choose the best workbenches for the garage?

We made a comparison between the offers available on the market by comparing the workbench of the best brand with those of little-known manufacturers who are capable of making respectable items. However, we don’t want to limit ourselves to suggesting which workbench to buy. No, we want to help you understand how to choose a proper workbench, and for this reason, we have enriched our guide with a series of useful information for this purpose. That’s why we invite you to read until the last minute what we wrote, and we are sure that you will benefit.

Dimensions and maximum load

You cannot go to a shop and simply say to the shop assistant, “I want the best workbenches for garage,” and you cannot even look for it in this way among those sold online. Do you know why? Because as much as quality is fundamental and however high your budget may be, the first characteristics to be taken into account are the dimensions of the bench (and its work surface) and the maximum load it can bear.

Size question: if there is not enough space in your Workshop or garage, a bench that is too large could cause movement difficulties and other nuisances. However, a too-small worktop would be useless, uncomfortable if you build or repair large objects. Still, is it your intention to equip the bench with a vice? How big? And what weight will the bench have to bear? You don’t want to see it bend before your eyes?

A workbench for every use

As you can imagine, not all jobs are the same or to put it another way, carrying out work with wood requires needs distinct from those necessary to complete a task with mechanical parts. If for carpentry work, you can opt for a wooden bench, in the second case, a bench with a metal structure with an MDF or plywood top is preferable. Always evaluate the flow rate, which is very important.

A workbench cannot be considered complete if without drawers. These are very important because they allow you to keep everything in order, starting with the tools. In all cases, before purchasing, carefully observe the work plan. This must be such as to withstand impacts because it will happen that you will be not very delicate when, for example, you will hammer. The plan must not deform or, if you prefer, make use of it and resist over time.

 For the top, there are more solutions that we indicate from the cheapest to the most expensive: the counters with MDF top do not cost much, it is a material that does not deform but is not very resistant to impact. More resistant to impact than plywood. Of other figures, we speak in the case of a glued laminated solid wood top. Be careful, though, because due to its characteristics, this wood, losing a percentage of humidity, tends to shrink and deform. So if you want this type of material, make sure that the wood is optimally seasoned first.

Mobile, foldable, with vice

There may be the need to change the position of the workbench often; for this purpose, there are mobile ones with wheels. They are widely used, especially in mechanical workshops, but still useful in many contexts. If you have limited space available, you can opt for a folding bench. They are light but does not mean they are fragile, for example, the best workbenches for the garage of 2020 of this type can hold up to 250 kg. Also, in the category of folding benches, there are those with a vice. A bench like this, also available with tilting function, allows you to clamp the pieces between two planes or jaws.

Frequent questions

How much load can a workbench withstand?

It depends; of course, the steel ones are more robust than the wooden ones, but also, in this case, some factors determine a greater robustness such as, for example, the thickness of the sheet and the tubular. Let’s say that a good steel workshop bench can hold well over 1,000 kg, but we are still talking about a professional bench.

Do all workbenches have drawers?

No, it depends on the models. Very often, it happens that the bench has only the structure, that is, the work surface and the support surface in addition to the legs that support the two elements mentioned above. Drawers or chests of drawers are sold as accessories but, we repeat, it depends on the cases.

How much does a workbench cost?

Very cheap models, but also rather rickety, cost around 70 euros while the sturdier ones, in steel with drawers and hanging furniture, can even exceed a thousand euros. There are for all budgets and needs.

Can the bench be fixed to the floor?

Many models, especially those in steel and for professional use, have the predisposition to be secured to the floor.

Can I attach a vise to the workbench?

The vice can be fixed. The doubt arises because the bench does not always have an obvious predisposition, but this must not be seen as a limit: just create a thickness with two pieces of wood to put one in the lower part of the worktop and the other on the upper one and then fix the vice.

How to use a workbench

Let’s face it, and there was a need for a nice workbench in your garage or small Workshop: it had become impossible to work on that ramshackle table you used before. But do you prefer the table to buy it or build it?

How to build a workbench

The first phase is that of the design: take pen and paper and sketch the design of the bench of your dreams, pay close attention to the measurements, the type of material to be used, and the maximum weight that the bench will have to hold. The most practical choice seems to be iron because you can buy tubular already cut to size by the dealer.

This choice requires having a welding machine in the first place but also tools such as an iron brush, a file, clamps, grinder, and square. Take the first two pieces to be welded and clamp them with clamps to maintain the correct angles between the segments to be welded.

For convenience, using absorbent paper soaked with thinner remove the lubricant from the tubular. With a flexible measuring tape, take the measurements and with a chalk mark the connection points between the elements. Draw the lines with a cantilever bracket and block it with the clamps to maintain the exact angle during the welding phase. Once the spot welding operation has been completed, check that the angle has remained at 90 ° then complete the welding. Remove the slag on the welds with the hammer first and the iron brush then and finish with the angle grinder.

Fasten it to the wall or floor

If you know in advance that there will be no need to move the table, it is better to fix it to the wall or floor. This, especially in the case of a light and unstable bench, will prevent it from wobbling by causing screws, bolts, and tools to fall to the ground, as well as facilitating the task if, for example, you have to say something.

Keep the table tidy

The order for a worktable is significant: on the top, there must be only what you need for the job, the other tools must be in the drawer if present and on the perforated wall that we highly recommend. In particular, keep the keys in order: from the smallest to the largest or vice versa. An orderly arrangement of your tools will save you time. Remember to put everything back in place after you’re done.

Illuminate the work area

The work area must always be well lit in order to work with the right light conditions and not to tire the eyes more than necessary, especially if you are working with small pieces.


Having a multiple socket in the immediate vicinity of your workbench, this way, you won’t have to resort to annoying extension cords to use your power tools. Make sure there are enough outlets not to force you to unplug one tool to power another.

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