5 Best Welding Machines [ 2021 Edition ]


Welding machines are not easy to choose and you need intense documentation, if you do not have much knowledge in the field. If you have gathered enough information to know what suits you, but you do not have the time to read the whole guide and see all the products recommended by us, we want to talk to you from the beginning about the one who is in the first place in our top:  Velt MMA 140. This is a model suitable even for professional welders, being an MMA type article, with inverter, which means that it uses direct current, it is very efficient and consumes little. With it you can work on several types of materials, such as alloy and non-alloy steel, stainless steel, copper or cast iron and can weld with all types of electrodes. The purchase price could be perceived as quite high for a person at the beginning of the road in this field. If you want to see a similar model, we recommend  Proweld MMA 160 PI .





How to choose a good welding machine


Buyer’s guide

Many enthusiasts of crafts and repairs consider it somewhat necessary to know at least the basic utility for the best welding machines currently used. Devices in this category can help you make changes in the household, turn welding into a profession or develop your creativity when practicing sculpture by welding.

However, you simply cannot buy the first device that comes your way, when you have something to weld and that is why we suggest you to inform yourself thoroughly about the standardized work kit specific to this job. Only after you have built yourself in terms of the technical capabilities of a type of product, you can try to determine where professional users can find welding machines at a good price. Here’s what interests you most:




Typology: can use multiple working methods, as we can list: electrode welding (MMA), wire welding, inert gas medium (TIG) welding, oxyacetylene flame welding. There are also newly patented methods, such as plasma, photon beam or electron beam, less commonly used conventionally. If you want a professional method, choose the MMA option, ie electric arc welding.

In this process, a consumable electrode is heated and melted by closing an electrical circuit so that the two metal parts are glued together. As subcategories, you can choose between traditional and inverter devices, with the difference that the first version consumes more energy and offers lower efficiency, while the second is newer, slightly more expensive, but also more efficient.

For very fine welding we recommend devices that melt a metal wire, and not an electrode. If you are preparing to practice welding that will only require some basic knowledge for work, it is good to practice with an oxyacetylene flame, also used for cutting or drilling metals. Here you need a tank for the substance, which limits the mobility of the device.

The most durable and versatile method is the one with gas protection, in which case the electrode does not melt, because it is not made of filler material, but of tungsten. In addition to conventional metals, this method has the ability to weld materials that show affinity for gases (titanium, zirconium), argon being most often used to protect against contact with air.


Welding material: can be steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, titanium, etc. When you work more on steel or stainless steel, almost any type of device will cope with the challenge. Aluminum is one of the most difficult materials to weld, having high conductivity and easily deforming in the presence of high temperatures, as a result, a TIG device or any other version that works on alternating current will be used, avoiding electrode devices. consumable.

You will use them only when the aluminum layer is thick. As already mentioned, for titanium, copper and other less commonly used metals, a non-additive electrode model is essential. It is considered that the latest generation products, with plasma, are suitable for welding any type of metal, but the acquisition cost will be considered relatively high.




Supported electrode material: can be additional or permanent. The most common versions of addition electrodes are: rutile, basic or cellulosic. For a very fine weld, which can be done in any direction, even vertically, you will choose devices that use rutile electrodes. Their advantage is that it handles well at direct and alternating current, and the electric arc obtained has high stability.

However, the quality of the joints will be lower and more vulnerable in terms of resistance to mechanical shock. For conventional welding, most basic electrodes are used, even if a lot of additive material is consumed, but the joint will have increased resistance. The less advantageous aspect is the fact that only the devices that operate in direct current parameters will use them, and the stability of the electric arc will be a precarious one.

If you plan to weld pipes, make sure that the model you want to buy can use cellulosic electrodes, these being the most suitable in that situation.


Efficiency level: is described based on the ratio between the energy consumed, the quality of the weld and the purchase price of the device. If you are more interested in the quality of the device and the performance indicators, choose one with an inverter, even if you will make a bigger investment. Welding inverters not only offer the advantage of using direct current and implicitly advanced electrical control possibilities, but also guarantee the opportunity to work with any type of electrode, generate high melting power and have a very low energy consumption.

When you are not ready to invest more funds, you will choose a traditional version of MMA device, ie one that uses only rutile electrodes and offers the method of operation only in alternating current, these examples being large energy consumers. Gradually, those versions will be almost completely replaced by inverters.




Manufacturer: can be a good clue, when you try to find out where professional welders can find welding machines at good prices. Here are some important names that offer products on the Romanian market: Telwin, Einhell, Proweld, ASN or Ergus. The most popular are from Telwin, because they are available in multiple variants, and the purchase cost is moderate. Ergus produces high-performance devices, which are a bit more expensive, but mainly from the latest generation range. If you want a cheap and good welding machine, you can choose one belonging to the Einhell brand, because in the case of this supplier the prices can be lower.

By going through all these features on your waiting list and after viewing several opinions about the best welding machines, you will be able to personally select the device suitable for your needs. Whether you are only interested in a cheap model or, on the contrary, a professional product, you will find almost any option to order online. We suggest you buy something from the internet for two main reasons: the price may be lower than in stores, for the same model, and the policy of the supplier sites allows you to return the offer, if it does not meet your expectations. Following is a short list of the most popular current products.



Recommended models in 2020



Velt MMA 140


 For a professional, we recommend a product from the professional range: Velt MMA 140 is a robust, compact, inverter type device with MMA coated electrode, specially designed for direct current welding.

Among the advantages of the product, we mention the fact that it allows you to weld, with any type of electrodes, an extremely varied range of materials. The part benefits from continuous welding current regulation and thermal protection with thermostat, incorporating modern IGBT technology, which allows the reduction of the size, without affecting the work performance.

Among the appreciated functions, we mention: Arc Force, which optimizes the transfer between the electrode and the part and prevents the arc extinction; Hot Start, which optimizes spring priming; and Anti-Stick, which facilitates the rapid detachment of the electrode from the welded part. The modular structure guarantees durability and easy maintenance, while the thermal protection with thermostat increases its reliability. Considering that it can be powered by the current generator, we consider it a piece that deserves your attention.



MMA inverter welding machine, for direct current welding.

Modular structure, for easy maintenance and durability.

You can use any type of electrode to weld any material suitable for this work technique.

It can be supplied to the current generator, due to the source designed to withstand voltage variations.



Being a professional device, the cost is a bit higher than a person who would only use it occasionally would like to pay for it.




Proweld MMA 160 PI



If you set out to find the best inverter welding machine from Proweld that you can buy relatively without great financial effort, the model given as an example here will fit quite well on that requirement. The cost will be small, if you keep in mind that you can easily use it through household chores, and energy consumption will be significantly lower than a piece for MMA welding from the traditional range.

The product can be powered at 230V and will generate an electric current with a maximum current of 160A. Of course, the electric arc is very stable, guaranteeing optimal work, even in meticulous work. It works for 8 minutes continuously until it needs a cooling break, and this will only take 2 minutes, which means fast execution, regardless of welding.

In addition, like all inverters, it is able to use several types of electrodes, provided that they have a thickness of 1.6 – 4mm. To operate reliably, it includes forced cooling with fan and protection. If you buy it, you get everything you need to connect it, along with the indispensable protective mask. The piece weighs a little, 6.3Kg and measures only 390 x 125 x 240 mm, being provided with a special belt for transport. You also receive a 12 month warranty on order.



It has a working time of 8 minutes until overheating and only 2 minutes of cooling.

It is delivered with a protective mask and the cables necessary for use.

Use any type of electrode, with limited dimensions between 1.6 and 4mm.

It allows economical operation, being an inverter device.

It is small and light (390 x 125 x 240 millimeters and 6.3 kilograms), being ideal as portability.



It is recommended for occasional use in DIY, and not for professional use.




Stromo SW 250


 The device from Stromo is an MMA model, of inverter type, appreciated by the users who have to carry out semi-professional works. It copes well with materials such as: aluminum, copper, stainless steel, cast iron or alloy / non-alloy steel. This device uses both rutile and basic electrodes and cellulose, which is why it can be used for fine and conventional welding, respectively for trays.

Depending on the work you have to do, the current can be adjusted in intensity, from 20 to 240 A. This model has a good efficiency, because it consumes quite a bit of electricity, welds at a very high quality and has a price correct.

It is a portable device, but it depends on a power source to operate. The transport is easy, because it weighs only 3 kg and has a special handle. The package also includes: a protective mask, a brush and a cable with pliers.



You can weld with this device several types of materials: aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel.

It works with all types of electrodes, so you can use it for fine welding, but also for conventional or pipe welding.

It is easy to transport from one place to another, with a handle and weighing only 3 kg.

It offers a good efficiency, observed by the low consumption of electricity and quality welding.



From a financial point of view, it is not very affordable, even if the price is as fair as possible.




ESAB Caddy Arc 151i


 If professionals recommend one brand or another in particular, it is certain that among the most mentioned suggestions will be an ESAB welding machine. In this case, we have as an example an inverter type that will work with a direct current source, efficiently performing various works: metal fabrications, pipe repairs, maintenance and assembly.

It is used with equal success in MMA type welding, accepting electrodes up to 3.25mm, but also for the TIG / WIG process, when it is associated with a welding gun and a gas valve with a cylinder. It is rated with a safety factor of IP23, which confirms that it can be used in outdoor space, implicitly in the presence of rainfall.

The maximum welding current varies between 90 and 150A, indicated for hobby and semi-professional works. It is delivered with power cable, electrode and table pliers, and the dimensions allow it to be easily transported on site. It weighs only 7.9Kg, so you don’t have to worry about maneuverability. Belonging to a well-known brand and proving extended reliability (PFC overvoltage protection), this model is quite expensive to sell.



Inverter type model, ultra portable (7.9Kg).

It has safety functions, such as overvoltage protection.

It has an optimal degree of protection – IP23, suitable for welding in a humid external environment.

Works with MMA or TIG / WIG – multifunctional.



It is a model considered expensive.




Steinhaus PRO-EW160P


 People looking for a welding machine suitable for household chores or maintenance work, now have at their disposal the Steinhaus PRO-EW160P model, which belongs to the class of semi-professional products. It stands out due to the fact that it is easy to transport, thanks to the 18.5 kg mass and the wheels provided.

It welds in alternating current, accepting only coiled, rutile electrodes, with a diameter in the range of 2 – 4 mm, so it successfully copes with light tasks: joining flat iron, pipes, angle and all materials of this type.

It is presented to those interested with a fan that has the role of cooling the appliance, thus avoiding its failure by overheating. In addition, it allows the regulation of the current, between 20 and 160 A, to use it according to your needs and preferences, in moderate operation. It is powered by a voltage of 230 V and is sold with a mask, a brush with a slag hammer, a cable with electrode support and one with table tongs.



Includes a fan that ensures good operation for a long time.

You can adjust the welding current so that you get the desired results.

It is a portable model, weighing quite a bit and being equipped with transport wheels.

It comes with a 24-month warranty and some extremely useful accessories.



It is not a multifunctional device, it can only weld MMA with rutile electrodes.




Little Farmer LV 200S


 If you are looking for an electrode welding machine (MMA), this may be a good choice. It is a model with inverter, reason for which it consumes little electric current and is efficient, being able to use a maximum current of 200 A and being supplied with a voltage of 220V.

This model acts on steel, cast iron and stainless steel, but it is not recommended for aluminum, because the material could deform, given the very high conductivity. The device can be used for any type of welding, whether we are talking about fine or conventional welding, because it works with all types of electrodes.

The item in question has short circuit protection, to be as safe as possible to use. It weighs quite a lot (5.1 kg), but it is easy to move from one place to another, thanks to the built-in handle. The purchase price is not the lowest on the market, but it is a fair one.



It consumes little electricity, being profitable from this point of view.

You can weld with the help of steel, cast iron or stainless steel.

It can be useful both when you want to weld finer, and when we talk about more common activities.

It is safe to use, with short circuit protection.



Not recommended for use when welding aluminum.




Proweld MINI200Pi


 The Proweld MINI200Pi welding machine is part of the latest generation of items, based on IGBT technology, which means that the machine has a very good efficiency, but the dimensions are smaller than normal – 22 x 12 x 18 cm. He is able to work continuously for 6 minutes, after which he will need a 4-minute break to cool down.

It is an MMA type model, belonging to the category of those with inverter, so it consumes little electricity and is able to weld a lot of types of materials, including aluminum, which is more sensitive. You will use all types of coated electrodes to enjoy it in both the most meticulous and the classic works.

It can reach a maximum welding current of 200 A and is supplied with a voltage of 230V. It is a portable product, easy to transport with a handle. It is not very cheap, but it has a fair price.



You can weld with this model several types of materials, including aluminum, being of the MMA type, with inverter.

In its manufacture a technology was used that allows a good yield, with smaller dimensions (22 x 12 x 18 cm).

You can weld both finely and conventionally, due to the fact that it uses all types of electrodes.

It is a portable device, easy to transport, even with a handle.



The purchase price is significant and not everyone can afford it.




Proweld MIG-180N


 This inverter recommended for MIG and MAG welding (with inert gas / argon as a protective medium) is one of the most laudable price offers in its category. We say this not only because, being an inverter, it is cheaper than many commercial transformers, devices that will consume more, but also because it will guarantee the performance of high quality sutures and an efficient control of the molten metal bath, because is used for a professional welding method.

In order not to get hot and to have an extended service life, it includes a forced ventilation system and thermostat protection, which automatically disconnects it in case of overload. It is used especially on site, in welding alloy steels, including a specific gun and a set of nozzles of various sizes (accepts 0.6 – 0.8mm wire).

The welding current used is the continuous one and is regulated in the range 30 – 180A, specific values for semi-professional parts. The offer involves delivery with a transport box and a protective mask, along with the connecting cables. In total, the device weighs 16 kg, enough for an inverter. For the excellent efficiency in the approached welding method, the diversity of the accessory kit and the minimum costs, it will be declared as a MIG welding machine at a good price.



Allows MIG / MAG welding, being equipped with a gun and wire nozzles

It offers moderate adjustment possibilities and will work with steel in the reamer, being useful sometimes on site

Demonstrates reliability, through the function of thermostat and forced ventilation

Ensures low energy consumption, being part of the range of semi-professional inverters



It weighs more than other semi-professional inverters on the market, 16Kg





How to use a welding machine


You don’t have to be a craftsman to keep a welding machine next to your house. Sometimes it happens that you need one and the neighbor next door can’t be found to lend it to you. But, using such a device is not the easiest task, you have to be careful and follow a few simple rules.




Inform yourself well before you buy it

The market is overwhelmed by models of welding machines that use old or very new technologies. You need to make sure that you choose a technology that fits well with the materials you are going to work on. If you want to be able to weld a variety of metals, even aluminum, only the latest technology, the plasma one, will help you, but it will empty your pockets.

A professional method, good for various welds, which will not have such high costs is the one with electrode. In this category, you will find traditional appliances with inverter. The ones with inverter are more efficient and consume less electricity, even if they will cost you a little more.


Ask a friend for help

Even if you got your hands on a good device, this does not mean that you will perform perfect welds from the first attempt. In general, you will need a period of accommodation and a few lessons to be able to properly glue two metal parts. Thus, it is recommended to ask a friend who has some experience with using this technology or maybe even an expert.

It will be harder at first, but you will learn easier with the help of someone, even an online tutorial, and you will avoid many of the mistakes of beginners. Since you still don’t know how the materials will behave, it is advisable to start with a lower intensity of the current arc, increasing, gradually.


Use protective equipment

Of course, welding is a complicated job and working with equipment in this sector can endanger your life if you do not protect yourself properly. You need a non-flammable suit and apron, specially made for this, a pair of gloves of the same kind and a protective helmet to cover your whole face and possibly your neck.

If you can afford it, you can also buy a pair of slippers, specifically for this activity, which you will be able to use at other times when you have crafts around the house. It is preferable to weld outdoors due to the toxic substances emitted. In addition, always be careful not to touch the metal during welding and do not look at the welding flame without a mask or goggles, as this can affect your eyes. 




Provide proper maintenance

A welding machine can take you many years, if you take care of it properly. First of all, closely follow the specifications recommended by the user manual and do not overload the device. If one of its cables or accessories has failed, then call an authorized service center and do not perform the repair yourself at home. Make sure the electrodes are dry before use, make sure there are no flammable substances around. Also, check that the power, ground or electrode wire is well insulated before each use.




Popular brands:


The best welding machine will prove to be very useful, whenever you want to glue two objects made of metal / thermoplastic materials or make more complex parts for your household, especially if you do not have enough money to pay a qualified welder or if you like to do things on your own. Either way, you need to know what type of device is suitable for the task you are proposing, so to get the best performance for your project, we recommend one of the manufacturers listed below.



Offering innovative and technologically advanced solutions, aiming to improve productivity and minimize operating costs, Telwin has been manufacturing welding machines, cutting systems and battery chargers for over 50 years.

Due to the wide range of products it sells, adapted to several fields of activity (automotive industry, construction sector for shipyards, professional divisions for DIY), the company enjoys the expansion on the markets of 5 continents, thus reaching the homes of several users. and thus becoming one of the world’s leaders in this field.

With over 250 employees, Telwin is a symbol of efficiency and professionalism, and this statement is based on the company’s strategy, which is based on innovation, advanced research and visible improvement of the products it sells, so that more and more customers benefit not only from their high performance, but also from a qualified assistance in case of problems.

In other words, Telwin welding machines, whether with spring, mig mag, etc., are intended for professional use and usually work with all types of electrodes: rutile, basic, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, etc. .

 It appeared in 1997 and is a brand belonging to the company ProENERG SA, one of the most famous companies for selling professional power tools in Bucharest. TUV Austria certified for Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System, the company imports under the name of Proweld welding equipment and accessories MMA, TIG / WIG, MIG / MAG, plasma cutting, rectifiers and starter robots.

Under the slogan “Tools and equipment for life”, Proweld devices are based on a new inverter technology, called IGBT (Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor), so we are talking about some light construction equipment, which offers increased efficiency, being intended for both domestic and small business use.

In addition, a major advantage of welding machines under this brand is that it works with all types of coated electrodes (rutile, basic, etc.), being able to optimally weld different metal materials (alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, etc.). .

Because ProENERG SA concludes collaboration contracts with distributors from various areas of the country, the number of customers increases, so that the distribution of tools and equipment dedicated to industry and professional users is done through its own network of partners at national level.


Oscar Kjellberg developed the world’s first coated welding electrode in 1904, giving birth to Esab, a world leader in advanced welding products and cutting systems.

It is more accurate to say that Esab is the result of the merger, in 1989, of several companies in the industrial field, namely: Alloy Rods Corporation, L-TEC Welding & Cutting Systems, All-State Welding Products, ESAB Automation and ESAB Welding Products which , thanks to over 300 years of experience in the production of welding equipment, have achieved formidable results: stainless steel electrode and electrodes with hydrogen content, including TIG and MIG welding.

The Esab Group is organized by regions: Europe, North America, South America, Asia / Pacific and India, currently there are 26 factories on 4 continents. In other words, animated by the desire to satisfy the needs and requirements of customers everywhere, the company serves several industries: transport and mobile cars, repairs and maintenance, pipe mills, pipelines, automotive industry, etc.

In addition, in providing effective solutions, Esab places great emphasis on sustainability, so it pursues its own policy on the environment, health and safety, reducing energy and water consumption and eliminating toxic substances.




Other recommended products currently unavailable:




 Those who want a traditional device for occasional use, hobby level, are advised to seek to purchase this Tehnoweld offer in no time. The device is an ultra-portable, AC transformer designed to perform the MMA process.

In this way, it will use rutile-type coated electrodes to obtain a molten metal bath, useful in the light construction sector and in the case of various maintenance works. It absorbs 5kW and is forcibly ventilated, so as not to get hot after a few minutes of work.

The maximum welding current will be 130A, and the accepted diameter for electrodes will be 1.6 – 3.2mm, adequate dimensions for welding pipes and metals in a thin and moderate layer. It weighs 14.2 kg and has a handle with which the user can transport it as easily as possible. The kit also offers you the connection cables, electrode holder, hammer brush and glass welding mask for this.

Given the low costs, the complete kit of accessories and the performance suitable for home use, we will say that this device is clearly a cheap and good welding machine.



It is a transformer type device, these being known for their long-lasting durability and low price.

Uses the MMA process, accepting electrodes of moderate size, optimal for household work or for simple site applications

Includes forced ventilation, thus being reliable

It comes with everything you need for proper use and protection



Use only rutile electrodes



Einhell BT-EW 160



This welding transformer from Einhell will meet the expectations and needs of many craftsmen, as it combines moderate work performance with a very good purchase price. The device will work with rutile electrodes with diameters between 2 and 4 mm, allowing a maximum of 160 amps and ensuring direct current that can be adjusted during operation.

The result is a good stability for the electric arc and optimal possibilities of conventional use for use, mostly in the household. The part will be powered at 230-400V and is definitely equipped with a built-in cooling system. More precisely, the integrated fan ensures a good period of operation, until it requires cooling in a standardized system, as do all welding devices.

Therefore, you have between 5 and 10 minutes of effective welding until the next cooling break. The package includes several related parts, designed as accessories: earthing terminal, cable equipped with electrode support, welding current adjustment wheel and lamp specific to the control role for overheating. The piece is provided with both a handle and wheels for transport. The total weight of the device is 21.5Kg, and the warranty is valid for 2 years.



It offers quality and can be bought relatively cheaply.

It works in direct current mode, ensuring an electric arc characterized by stability.

It works reliably, being provided with the earthing terminal and the control lamp for overheating.

Allows optimal work sessions, with fan included.



It is quite heavy for a portable transformer, weighing almost 22Kg.



Matrix Mig Mag 140



Here is an argon welding machine, which will use 0.6-0.8mm thick copper wire, recommended by some users when modifying, cutting or gluing pipes. A very fine sealing is obtained, with a maximum amperage of 120 amps. The device is powered by 230V and can be used in DIY by the household or as a portable part.

The model is equipped with a fan system to prevent early heating of the circuit. Also, a light function with overheating warning will allow you to know exactly how long you can keep it running until you pause, the working time until reaching too high temperatures not exceeding 10 minutes.

You can adjust the copper wire feed speed in 9 distinct steps, just as you will be able to set the heating degree in two stages. The device is equipped with all the indispensable parts: power, cable and wheels useful for moving. Even if the model is a portable one, it has a notable weight of 27Kg, but it is also equipped with a handle useful in transport. If you decide to purchase it, you will also benefit from a warranty compliance period, mentioned for 24 months.



Allows the metal to be glued for fine work, using copper wire as a filler.

It is ensured to operate for as long as possible, as it includes a cooling fan.

It is reliable, warning by option with light signal when too high a temperature has been reached.

Manifests versatility, being part of the category of devices that weld with gas protection – Argon.



It is mobile, has portability, but weighs 27Kg.



ADS 200A



People who prefer to spend little money to buy a device recommended for conventional household use will be inspired to consider what this model offered by ADS is capable of doing. The device allows adjusting the current intensity between the values of 65-200A and is powered in the range of 230 – 400V.

It will work with rutile electrodes with a diameter of 2 – 4mm, allowing the gluing of different metal parts. Cooling will be done with the help of a special built-in fan, which allows you welding sessions of up to 25 minutes, without having to pause for cooling during that period.

The model is a portable one, weighing approximately 19Kg and measuring 450 x 260 x 330mm. It can be easily transported, as it is equipped with wheels and handle, both characteristics for transport. The standard package also provides you with the necessary connection cables, as well as the clamps for obtaining the electric arc. As a bonus, you also receive a very useful protective mask, especially when you no longer have a welding device. You also get a guarantee of conformity to this order, for a standard period of 2 years, for individuals.



It is sold at a very good price.

It is indicated for household use, with good portability.

Allows extended welding sessions, reaching the overheating temperature in 25 minutes.

It is accessorized with cables and a protective mask.



It consumes quite a lot of energy, being part of the range of traditional MMA machines.



Telwin Technique TIG 190 DC-LOFT VRD



One of the most popular welding devices for the TIG method is this version proposed on the Romanian market by Telwin. For those who want to practice this profession at a semi-professional level, the device will be extremely useful, as it can work with and without electrodes for addition. For the MMA method you will use an additional kit and direct current, generating a stable arc of electricity.

You will be able to choose any type of electrodes: basic, rutile, stainless steel or even cast iron. The product will allow you to glue all kinds of materials, from titanium and copper, to nickel, stainless steel and all kinds of alloys of these metals. To guarantee safe use, the device includes a set of safety functions with overvoltage and overload protections.

The amperage can vary in the range 10-170A, the current being adjustable in intensity, so characterized by versatility in applications. Electrodes with a standardized thickness of 1.6-4 mm will be used, and the supply voltage is the conventionally used one, 230V. As accessories, you receive a TIG welding gun, a specific cable for earthing, a gas regulator and an indispensable bag useful in transport. The included warranty is of conformity and valid for 2 years.



It is a versatile device as a method, as it welds not only TIG, but also MMA.

It can use any type of electrode to fill the welding slot.

It is used for gluing a wide range of metallic materials.

It works with high reliability, having multiple overload protection functions.



The acquisition cost closely reflects the sum of qualities and capabilities.



Telwin Force 165



If you need a professional Telwin welding machine at a good price, this inverter will prove to you that it meets all these conditions. First of all, we can mention a lower acquisition cost than many traditional devices, given that we are talking about new technology that uses direct current.

Therefore, the current arc can be adjusted, and the electrodes used can be of any type. The device handles well both rutile, basic or acid electrodes (stainless steel and cast iron), which will have diameters in the range of 1.6 – 4.0mm. The product will allow the amperage adjustment in the range 10 – 150A, determining the versatile use and conventional power supply needs, at 230V.

The reliability of the model is demonstrated by multiple safety functions: undervoltage and overvoltage protection system, option with stabilization at voltage variations, forced ventilation cooling and automatic short-circuit shutdown. The offer not only includes the device itself, which weighs only 5.5Kg and thus has excellent portability, but also a very useful set of accessories. Among the composite parts of the package are: the necessary cables, equipped with special pliers, a protective mask and a special brush that will help you remove the slag.



It allows energy saving, being a device in the range of welding inverters.

It is ultra-portable, weighing less than 6Kg.

It offers a remarkable ratio, between quality and cost.

Weld using any type of electrode: rutile, basic, cellulosic.

Guarantees safe work, with multiple reliable systems.



It will be used more in the household and DIY, than at the industrial level.



DecaweldMastro 314 HD


 For those who want to commercially identify an argonfinvent welding machine at a good price, we can briefly present this Decaweld device. As a typology, it is an inverter, meaning that it has a much lower consumption than conventional transformers, and the electric arc obtained has a superior stability.

The main welding method approached is the one with electrode, ie MMA, but it is also specified the possibility to work in TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) mode, where it will produce finer sutures, controlled in gaseous environment. It works in direct current and accepts several types of electrodes: basic, cast iron, stainless steel and even rutile.

The Hot Start system ensures quick and easy priming of the electrode, and the Anti Sticking function does not allow it to be glued. It is optimally protected in case of overvoltage, which is why it can work with a power generator, when not in use near an outlet. With an adjustment range of 10 – 150A for TIG and 20 – 140A for MMA, the piece is suitable both for hobby applications and for some semi-professional site works. For this purpose, it can be transported without problems, both based on the integrated handle and due to the weight of only 10.80Kg.

Because it comes with all the necessary cables and even a mask and protective case, this device is a real bargain for those who want a more efficient tool than most hobby welding parts.



It is an inverter, consuming little and being very light (10.80Kg)

It allows MMA and TIG welding, providing diversified methods in this regard.

The costs are comparable to those of a transformer, so it’s cheap

It accepts multiple types of electrodes, depending on the material to be welded, being semi-professional



For professional work, the adjustment ranges are limited, so it is not recommended



Telwin LINEAR300 / S



We cannot exclude from this classification the devices used in industrial welding, of extended capacity, which are recommended to be used at an advanced professional level. Therefore, we have as an example this piece from Telwin, which uses direct current. It works in three phases and will perform the soldering of metals by the MMA method, ie the one with melting of coated electrodes, by closing an electric arc.

Several fillers will be used, among which it is worth mentioning: aluminum, cast iron, rutile electrodes, basic and stainless steel. It consumes 10.5 kW at 100% operating capacity and will be used mainly in construction and shipyard applications. The maximum diameter supported on the electrode will reach 5mm, while the recommended supply voltage is 400V.

This product could not lack the function of forced cooling, by built-in fan, so useful in overheating protection. The model is a large one, as it measures 950 x 490 x 680mm and weighs around 70Kg. For moderate distances, it also includes transport wheels, along with a very useful handle for this purpose. The device is properly protected and insulated to guarantee use in standard conditions of reliability. A period of 12 months corresponds to the warranty offered for this part.



Ideal for shipbuilding and construction sites, as it is a professional welding machine.

It has reliability, being properly insulated and protected and equipped with a cooling fan.

Provides adjustment to intensity and direct current, so good stability of the electric arc and uniform welding.

It glues many types of material: stainless steel, steel, cast iron, aluminum, etc.

Works with any type of filling electrode, including the most demanding, made of aluminum.



Being part of the range of professional devices, it has considerable dimensions and weight.




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