5 Best Variable Speed Angle Grinders [ 2021 Edition ]

Whether to cut, to sand or to cut, the uses of the best variable speed angle grinder are multiple as long as we make a good purchase. 

For that, it is necessary to look for products with a broad power with which to be able to do all kinds of jobs and an interchangeable disc system with which to always choose what we need for each post.

The favorite model of the consumers of the moment is the Bosch GWS 7-125 Professional model that has a power of 720 watts at 11000 revolutions per minute and a secure disk change system with which you can perform any job comfortably and without hard effort. 

Also attractive is the Black & Decker model KG701-QS, which has 710 watts of power, and an 11.5-centimeter disc is a product of just 2 kilos and a handle system that helps you be more efficient and precise in your work.

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Key Features


Toolman Variable Speed Angle
  • Grinding speed: 11500 RPM

  • 5/8"-11 spindle thread

  • Grinding speed: 11500 RPM

Toolman 4.5'' 5.6A 11500BPM
  • High performance motor

  • 6 variable speed

  • 5.6A Angle Grinder

MANUSAGE 7-Amp Angle
  • POWERFUL - 7Amp motor

  • POWERFUL - 7Amp motor


DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool

  • 8,000 rpm motor

  • Rear handle design

 Bosch GWS13-50VSP 5 In
  • Paddle switch 

  • CUSHIONED interior

  • Variable-speed setting - 2,800 rpm to 11,500 rpm 

The 5 Best Variable Speed Angle Grinders –Reviews In 2020

For those of us who love doing all kinds of home repairs with our own hands, an angle grinder is a perfect tool when cutting, polishing, and roughing wood, metal, and all sorts of robust materials with precision.

 If you are looking for an angle grinder, pay attention to this small selection that we have made very carefully so that you can buy the best variable speed angle grinder in its value for money.

Rank #1: Toolman Variable Speed Angle

Thanks to its functionality, this is one of the best price-quality grinders, as it meets the characteristics that users need, and its acquisition does not represent an excessive expense.

Main Features Explained


It is a model that has an aluminum housing, which guarantees durability over time, in addition to ensuring that its coating will not suffer significantly from bumps or scratches that could be made when handling it or taking it somewhere.

It has ventilation inlets with a unique design that gives you the possibility that your engine has proper cooling. That is to say, there will be no overheating due to its use, but the product itself is well manufactured to withstand the temperatures it reaches.


The Bosch GWS 7-125 Professional model has a nominal power of 720 watts and a vacuum speed of 11000 revolutions per minute, and this means that its ability to work on any surface will be satisfactory and efficient. Even to work on metal surfaces, this angle grinder can fulfill a job with expected results.

It has a 125mm disc, coupled with a lightweight 115mm diameter rubber plate that allows you to perform quality work on the available surfaces. Now the work of DIY or improvement of surfaces at home will be a satisfactory and straightforward task, very consistent with our primary needs.


The Bosch GWS 7-125 Professional angle grinder has coals that are used for self-disconnection, to stop the engine correctly once the trigger is released. This implies that we are not going to cut ourselves, nor will the surface we work on to be damaged, in addition to making its usability more intuitive and straightforward.

Besides, it has a select button, appropriate to unlock the blade in just one step, without the need to incorporate more tools for it, which will make more accessible the work that is being developed. It has a torsion safety cover, giving the user more protection to handle it.

Toolman Variable Speed Angle


  • It is a model of angle grinders that complies with proper operation, this as the opinion in which their buyers most agree.
  •  It is a lightweight device, which has a start-up according to the requirements of its buyers, in addition to its lightweight and secure handling.


  • Its clients emphasize that this model overheats after a certain period of operation, which could slow down the domestic tasks that are carried out at home. 
  • In such a way that it is imperative to stop the work and wait until it returns to take a suitable temperature to use it again.

Rank #2: Toolman 4.5'' 5.6A 11500BPM

 When we talk about this brand, we know the quality of household appliances and tools that it makes for the home. For this reason, the Black & Decker KG701-QS angle grinder is among the best in today’s market.

It has a 710W motor that offers the ideal balance between power, weight, and size, and this is a portable and small grinder but capable of performing the most challenging jobs thanks to its 115 mm disc, suitable for work in small spaces.

It has a two-position auxiliary handle that offers greater control and safety to the user. It also has a shaft lock button that makes the accessory change quick and easy.

The angle grinder Black & Decker KG701-QS has dimensions of 34.4 x 14.8 x 11.8 cm that allows it to be stored in any corner of the house when you do not need it. If that were not enough, its security guard is adjustable. No essential tools for more comfortable use.

The strength of a brand is always an attraction that allows us to make a wise decision in most cases. Therefore, we consider that the best brand of angle grinders is Black & Decker, and we will show you the advantages of your product below.

Toolman 4.5'' 5.6A 11500BPM


Power: Provides a maximum power of 710 W, considered ideal for performance on many surfaces and materials.

Weight: It is one of the heaviest on the list, but it does not mean that it is uncomfortable to use or carry since it only weighs 2.1 kg.

Handle: It is lateral and can be adjusted in two positions for the user’s comfort, either right or left-handed or if it hinders him from performing the task he needs.

Safety button: Brings a safety button that locks the shaft to facilitate the change of the piece, as well as an adjustable security guard without tools.


Buttons: Some users think that the quality of the pins of the device is deficient, and they do not seem to be typical of a brand with such importance.

Rank #3: MANUSAGE 7-Amp Angle

We could consider this other product as one of the best variable speed angle grinders of 2020. It is the Hitachi G13SR3, which has 730 W of power and a speed of 10,000 rpm.

It has a disc of 12.5 cm in diameter, retaining spindle with M14 thread and gear with a head so that you can work in great detail the corners or narrow spaces of the material. Its slide switch located on the side of the tool allows it to be locked for more excellent user safety.

The Hitachi G13SR3 weighs only 1.4 kg and has a total length of 25.4 cm, which makes it one of the most compact and lightweight grinders that also offers a modern design. It has a high-performance motor that has carbon brushes to prolong its life.

As if that were not enough, this angle grinder offers accessories including a side auxiliary handle, which is interchangeable in two positions with 15 degrees of inclination, and a tool to change the disc.

Excellence is a feature that attracts anyone, and this product has been listed as the best variable speed angle grinder of the moment, due to the characteristics that we will discuss next, and the opinion of the customers.


  • Power: Its motor offers a mighty maximum power of 950 W, enough to obtain a more than remarkable performance on almost all surfaces, including metal.
  • Handle: It comes with a side handle to facilitate its handling, as well as a unique key to make the necessary adjustments when a change of parts is required.
  • Weight: One of the most commented features of this grinder is its weight of only 1.4 kg, which is great for comfortable use and without generating too much fatigue in those who use it.
  • Head: The head is of flat design to facilitate the works in corners and narrow spaces without needing to attach accessories to do it.
  • Warranty: The brand offers an extensible warranty of up to 3 years, just by registering the product after having purchased it on its website.
MANUSAGE 7-Amp Angle

Rank #4: DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool

Although this figure is not first among the best variable speed angle grinders of 2020. The Einhell TE-AG 115 angle grinder is considered by many users as a high-quality tool that meets the expectations of repair experts such as cutting, sanding, and roughing, not only in homes but in professional workshops.

It has a disk protector that can be adapted very quickly to any task because it has a quick adjustment mechanism that does not need tools, while the spindle lock allows you to change tools quickly.

The Einhell TE-AG 115 angle grinder is designed to provide a low level of vibration thanks to its gear head made of flat metal that guarantees optimum force transmission during operation.

It is also one of the most comfortable thanks to its thin housing that makes it light. It also offers a non-slip grip, both on the main handle and on the auxiliary handle.

When the doubt continues to assail you, and you do not know which angle grinder to buy, we invite you to review the advantages and disadvantages that this model offers to see if it fits your needs and budget.


Power: It offers 720 W power that will be treated to work with almost all surfaces and materials on which to use this grinder.

Disc guard: This mechanism can be adjusted with just one button and without tools so that it will make maintenance a straightforward task.

Head: It incorporates a gear head of the flat type to ensure better transmission of the motor force, as well as reduce its vibration.

Characteristics: Unlike the other competitors, it brings with it its cutting disc, a pin wrench that is stored inside the auxiliary handle, the latter with the possibility of adjusting in three different positions.


Case: Several users claim that the lack of a factory case to store it in its most significant disadvantage.

DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool

Rank #5: Bosch GWS13-50VSP Grinder

We could not fail to mention a great tool in mini size, which is among the best cheap mills in the current market. We refer to the M 1216-EWS model of the German brand Brüder Mannesmann.

This mini angle grinder is designed for occasional work with not very hard materials. It has a 500 W power motor and a 115 mm diameter disc that is suitable for polishing and polishing metals, as well as sharpening cutting tools or cutting ceramics.

It is capable of cutting up to 11.5 mm thick. It is necessary to clarify that it is not a grinder to use in workshops for hours, it has a low power motor, so it is advisable to use it intermittently in short periods of time; otherwise, it can be reheated thus reducing its useful life.

The Brüder Mannesmann M 1216-EWS has an additional handle that can be screwed to the right or left of the tool according to the user’s taste and need. It also has an adjustable disk protector that protects against the usual sparks. It also has a safety slide switch and adequate shaft lock for accessory changes.

If you are looking for an option that is extremely accessible and with excellent performance, Brüder’s tool stands out among the cheapest. Know its features below to see if you decide on it.


Power: It has a maximum power of 500 W, which ensures excellent performance in a variety of materials.

Protector: The blade protector is adjustable in several positions, to prevent chips from jumping violently directly to the user.

Handle: It has a handle on one side that allows the user more comfortable and safe handling of the tool, and that can be removed if desired.

Price: Users praise that price is one of the principal attractions of this product, being extremely accessible for a tool of its kind.


Overheating: Customers claim that during the use of the machine, it overheats at some times, making it uncomfortable to use.

 Bosch GWS13-50VSP 5 In

Rank #6: Seesii Brushless Angle Grinder

 This is considered by many users as the best variable speed angle grinder of 2020, not only for its brand, which already speaks of the quality of the product, but offers everything that only other more expensive grinders can offer.

The Bosch GWS 7-125 is a professional angle grinder with a nominal power of 720 W, and an empty speed of 11000 rpm, so it has an excellent performance on any material.

The diameter of the disc is 125 mm, and it has a lightweight rubber plate 115 mm in diameter. Also, it weighs less than 2 kilograms, so it is quite portable, and you can work with it for prolonged periods without getting too tired.

Its housing is made of aluminum, very resistant to impacts and scratches, which guarantees the long service life of this product. It also has self-disconnecting coals and specially designed ventilation inlets that allow optimum cooling that ultimately protects the engine.

The Bosch GWS 7-125 Professional grinder provides a high degree of user protection. It has a protective cover with torsion insurance.

When you are looking for a good relationship between price and performance, we would like to recommend the best variable speed angle grinder for 50 euros in the market. Read the advantages offered below.


Power: Offers a nominal power of 720 W, enough to work with metals without any problem. Also, it has a vacuum speed of 11,000 rpm.

Safety: It incorporates coals with self-disconnection that will stop the engine immediately after releasing the trigger for more excellent protection.

Easy change: It has a select button that allows you to unlock the blade in one step, without tools, and that will be much more comfortable.

Durability: It is manufactured with a high-durability aluminum housing to withstand the corresponding use, as well as offering lightness.

Weight: With only 1.9 kg of weight, it is one of the lightest grinders on the market, and it allows fantastic maneuverability.

 Seesii Brushless Angle Grinder

How To Use An Angle Grinder

Which accessories can you use

The versatility that characterizes the angle grinders is because you can adapt a good number of accessories that allow you to perform various tasks with the same tool by merely exchanging the discs according to your needs.

The discs that you can put are the cutting ones that you can use to section sheets, beams, and any other similar material. With diamond wheel discs, you can refine materials such as concrete and stone. Abrasive and sandpaper disks will help you remove debris from the surfaces. With the sheet ones, you can do a similar job since they sand and smooth surfaces quickly, and with the polishing discs, you can polish them. There is a disk for each specific task you are going to perform.

Cut or grind

To perform cutting or grinding work, you must start using the appropriate disc for this in the angle grinder. In this case, it would be the cutting disc. Next, you must ensure that the material you are going to section is stable, that it does not move.

For this type of work, the idea is that you use a workbench to help you firmly hold what you are going to cut. Turn on the grinder making sure you keep it securely. Approach it to what you are going to cut. Brush the surface with the disc and press gently while cutting.

Sharpen the blades

When the blades you use in your home lose their edge, their practicality goes away with them. With an angle grinder, you can quickly return the side. To do this, put the blade in a press or in a clamping system that keeps it very safe. Put the disc to sharpen and turn on the machine. Then, carefully pass the drive-by, gently brushing the blade edge at an angle between 25 and 35 degrees.   

Use it safely

An angle grinder is a power machine whose motor rotates at high revolutions per second, which is capable of causing damage, especially when you have some kind of disk mounted. That is why you must use it following all the appropriate security measures.

In principle, preferably, when you are using it, there should be no one closer unless you require the help of another person. In that case, both should be careful when the grinder is on. You should also use some safety implements such as lenses to prevent metal residues from entering your eyes, mask, gloves, and safety boots. The clothes you work with should not be loose. When you are not using the grinder, disconnect it from the electrical outlet and put the protector on the discs.

The Most Popular Brands

When you are in the world of construction or work in some type of industrial area, it is essential to have an angle grinder at hand, since they serve so that the delivery of each project has an unmatched finish. Few companies make this type of durable and quality instruments so that users have certified three companies that meet the requirements they have demanded, and are described below.

Its operations have been active for more than 50 years in more than 40 countries, providing solutions for merchants and artisans to work in all types of environments: either at home or work. Many tasks have been executed thanks to this brand, with stationary machines and power tools with high power.

Its headquarters are in Germany, specifically in Landau, a der Isar. Today it brings together a total of 1320 workers worldwide, and its earnings are close to 486 million euros annually. All users are impressed with the collections of products that innovate every time and have an excellent value for money, giving popularity to its motto “Einhell well done.”

His vision in the elaboration of products is based on the gift of transforming faster and with more flexibility and innovation than the competition, satisfying the needs of each consumer through specialized stores, recognized worldwide. Thus, the user can contact a technician to help him find the item he needs, request repair of an instrument that has suffered mishaps, or activates the warranty in case of factory defects, because Einhell provides exclusive customer service, paying attention to claims in a personalized way.

It was founded in 1915 as a company that was only responsible for repairing and selling electric motors. It is currently a trendy brand in more than 40 countries, with ten plants operating in 8 countries, working in the manufacturing area with the best raw material in its class.

Its manufacture has been controlled by several international standards, its quality, durability, and the development of each process being investigated, being evaluated as a trusted brand for professional or inexperienced people. The instruments they manufacture are compact, reduced vibration, and more manageable in the hands of their drivers.

Its central office is in California, in the United States, from where extensive chains of operations are managed throughout the American territory. In Buford, Georgia, there are ten assembly and manufacturing plants, the source of Makita items that make up its extensive global network. Each team is made up of professionals and workers, ranging from engineers to contractors who guarantee the most advanced technologies and applications on demand.

The first Workshop of Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering was inaugurated by Robert Bosch in 1886. What began as a simple tool repair business has become one of the oldest multinationals in history, but also one of the bigger.

Its primary goal is to provide a service to those who need it by improving their quality of life, focusing on the manufacture of industrial and automotive technical equipment. Each patent is built with the protection of the environment in mind and making a responsible and respectful use of all raw materials provided by nature. In this way, they offer appliances with a high level of energy efficiency and more financial savings for each customer.

Its progress has been so significant that it is currently linked to other brands that encompass areas other than industrial sectors to help people in their daily work. In the case of grinders, these are characterized by having a high power level, resistant manufacturing materials, and ease of handling, managing to offer a competitive product for its manufacturing quality.

Buying Guide OF The Best Variable Speed Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is a versatile tool, which makes all types of cutting, sanding, or devastating work of any kind of materials more accessible. For you to equip yourself properly, follow the advice of our guide to buying the best variable speed angle grinder, with which you will find quality models that give that touch that you are looking for in all your DIY work.


Operating power

When choosing an angle grinder, the operating power is one of the elements that we must take into account to avoid falling short when performing any work. A skill that, as we will see when talking about the disc, it is necessary to adapt to the tasks that we are going to perform, so that the product has the sufficient capacity to deliver them efficiently.

If we take a look at any comparison of angle grinders on the market, we can see how the powers are usually around 700 watts, within the general models with 115 mm disc. This power is sufficient to generate a rotation level of about 11,000 revolutions per minute, with which to move the drive and obtain adequate performance when working properly. Anyway, as with the power, this speed has small variations in the maximum idle rotation that can be achieved with the product.

Conveniently, this speed can be adjusted easily since not all materials or tasks require the same power. If we talk about more fragile materials or more precise works, the speed must be adjusted downwards, to avoid their deterioration during work. That is why it is worth assessing the speed control system, which should have as much versatility as possible.

Disk features

If the operating power of the product is essential, so is the disc that moves through the engine. Depending on the type of work you are going to do, you must use another drive, also have different sizes and thicknesses, which also fit these jobs. You should know that, if the grinder mounts a large disk, you can mount smaller discs, but not vice versa.

Specifically, the most common grinders are usually 115mm in diameter, being practical and lightweight for small jobs. Discs that are effective cutting and roughing material, although its cutting capacity is about 20 to 30 mm, which means that it loses efficiency with thick materials. In this case, we can bet on models with 230mm discs. These discs allow us to work with thicker materials and be more efficient when working on large materials.

In addition to the above, it is also necessary to assess how discs are changed. A task that must be simple, so that it is not required to pull many tools or spend too much time in the process of change. A fundamental issue to avoid inconveniences during the process and also maintain proper safety in the work process, which should even be above how much the grinder costs.

Comfort and safety

To finalize our advice to find an excellent and economical angle grinder, we will review both the convenience of use of the product and the security it offers us when working. Two fundamental elements in any power tool, but even more when it comes to cutting and sanding tools like the ones we are commenting on.

On the comfort side, you should take a look at the handles or fasteners of the product. In general, these models have a main holding handle next to a secondary stem, which allows them to maintain the position of the cutting area and helps to control the process better. If, besides, the product has improvements such as a vibration reduction system or similar, everything is easier to use.

As for the safety of the product, the product must include a protective shield that prevents the possible remains of sanding or cutting from jumping on our faces. In this security, there must also be a mechanism that automatically stops the operation of the disk in case of problems, to avoid risk when working for the service of the drive without complications.

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