Top 10 Best Torque Wrenches [ 2021 Edition ]

To achieve a perfect fit in your work, the best torque wrenches are the ideal solution. A tool that allows you to adjust the torque to what you need to avoid passing the screws or tightening the nuts. So that your investment is adequate, do not forget to check that the dimensions of the key adapt to what you need, also having all the glasses and elements that you need to have the quality that guarantees you suitable and flexible work.

The preferred model of current consumers is the Mighty 880275, which has a six-point kit and a high-quality wrench to perform all your tightening accurately. A product that allows tightening from 2 to 24 Nm, for all types of work you need. Something similar happens with the BBB Torqueset set, which has a range of 2 to 14 Nm, with a screw protection system that releases the head when the desired pressure has been achieved and a complete set of cups for almost any job.

The Best Torque Wrench –Reviews In 2020

If you want to loosen and tighten screws quickly and efficiently, torque wrenches may be your best option. Whether you are a professional mechanic or a bicycle enthusiast, it is always good to have a torque wrench because it makes your job easier and also allows you to choose at what pressure or force you want to tighten the screw in question.

This key type is widely used by competitive cyclists. But we know that the options are so many that we can get lost between models and never decide which one to buy, especially since some expensive ones do not meet the needs of the user. That is why we have created this list with the best torque wrenches in the market. Our goal is that you can choose a good and cheap one.


When it comes to tightening and releasing threaded parts such as screws and nuts, there is nothing better than using a torque wrench. That is why we have prepared this guide to buy the best torque wrench in the market, with the aim of reviewing its operation and the most important characteristics to consider when we are making a comparison of torque wrenches to choose a good and economical one.

Rank #1:TEKTON 1/4 Inch Drive Click Torque

This is a tool considered as one of the most recommended among the torque wrenches, for its versatility of use, resistance in its manufacturing materials and for excellent value for money, so it is very attractive and tops the list of our recommendations.

Main Features Explained


The use of torque wrenches is quite wide. They can serve you to repair your car, motorcycle, and even bicycle. This specific model is recommended for the latter method of transport, both for athletes, mechanics or lovers of two wheels.

This tool ¼ ” account is considered one of the most accurate in the market. It has a set of Allen keys of different sizes such as 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and also, a T25, T30 and a millimeter adapter, so you can use it as you wish.

The tightening torque for a perfect fit of the different pieces to work applies a force that goes from 2 to 24 NM. When the selected pressure has been reached, the key will warn you not to overdo it; This will be done with a small jump and ‘click’, which you will notice without the greatest effort so that you are sure that you achieved your goal.    


It has a total length of 20 centimeters so it is practically ideal for use without discomfort. The key is not very heavy and according to its buyers, that is why manipulating it will not be a problem and you can carry out continuous work if you get tired because it is only 998 grams in weight.

It is versatile because you can not only use it to adjust your pieces, but you can also undo it as you need, and this is thanks to its change of direction system which is easily activated through a ratchet or lever.  

For convenience the manufacturers of this torque wrench designed a modern and comfortable case so you can take your tool with you wherever you want since it is not very large or very heavy, you can take it in your car or in your hand, as you choose.

In addition, you can keep your tool safe from dust, bumps and you will not run the risk of missing the different pieces that come with your purchase, which is good if you are one of the people who like to take care of their work items.


  • This tool will allow you to make precise adjustments to the different parts that you require and this is thanks to its multiple accessories that you will have with your purchase, among which the Allen keys stand out in more than 6 measures. In addition, you can apply a force that goes from 2 Nm to 24, so it will adjust to the various tasks you need to perform.  


  • Not being able to extract the ¼ ” tips of the glasses to make a replacement of them when they are worn, is one of the disadvantages of use that their buyers see, but they have stated that buying the complete piece works without any type of problems so it will not be impediment of use. 

Rank #2: TEKTON 1/2 Inch Drive Click

The Dutch brand BBB Cycling is one of the largest distributors of bicycle products worldwide. Competition cyclists Chris Koppert and Frank Moons created this brand that has remained in the market since 1997 and is currently a company with distribution in 18 countries.

The BBB Torqueset could be the second-best torque wrench on the market today, not only for the brand, but it is a complete set: an adjustable torsion tool with 1/4 ”transmission, it also has the useful click mechanism that Indicates when the torque has been reached, so we do not pass force when tightening a screw.

It has a range of 2-14 Nm, adjustable gradually. It has been individually calibrated by computer and yet there is a possibility to recalibrate the tool.

The BBB Torqueset set has six hexagonal wrenches of 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 mm and includes a T25, T30 torx screwdriver, which means that it covers all the needs to repair a bicycle.

For those who seek the support of a good manufacturer, we can say that according to users, the best brand of torque wrenches is BBB. If you want to know more about your product, read on later.


  • Kit: The key comes in a case that facilitates its storage and transfer. It brings a series of tips that will help in its use effectively and safely.
  • Tips: Bring 6 hexagonal tips that cover diameters from 3mm to 10mm. It also brings a T25-T30 torx screwdriver.
  • Scope: According to the manufacturer, it has a range of 2-14 Nm that has been calibrated by computer. However, the user can calibrate it, too, without any problem and according to their needs.
  • Anti insulation: The tool makes a characteristic click when it has reached the torque limit to avoid forcing the screw and isolating or breaking it.
  • Size: It has dimensions that make it comfortable to store and carry, as well as a lightweight so as not to hinder or affect physical performance if you load it during your bike trips.


Rank #3: LEXIVON 1/2-Inch Drive

This model manufactured by the renowned Goodyear brand will allow you to adjust all the parts in the right way, due to the level of torque offered by its torque. Thanks to this, the nuts of the different types of vehicles you repair will not be excessively tight or loose.

You will never know when you should make any repairs, therefore, it is best to have on hand all the tools that help you solve any problem. This key can easily be taken to all the places where you go, because, in addition to being compact, it is offered with a box that will serve to store and protect it.

This storage box is very stable, therefore, the key will remain properly guarded and you will not run the risk of deterioration.

In addition, it has been made of stainless steel, a material that guarantees its adequate resistance and helps extend its useful life.

It is considered one of the most effective torque wrenches in the current market, therefore, it is good to know the following points.


  • Tightening torque: It is designed with the ability to maintain a tightening range that varies between 42 and 210 Nm.
  • Grip: You can hold it properly and it will not slip while you are holding it, because the bottom of the key has been coated with a non-slip material.
  • Viewfinder: The key has a small viewfinder where it shows the range of tightening it performs when holding the different pieces that you are accommodating, so you can make sure that this is the right one.


  • Accessories: Although this model is offered with an extension and inserts measuring 1.7 cm and 1.9 cm, it does not have as many additional pieces as other models, so if you want to have more glasses to use them, you will have to purchase them separately.
  • Certificate: There are buyers who say it does not come with a calibration certificate, which some people may not like.

Rank #4:EPAuto 1/2-inch Drive Click

Although, it is not in the first place, that we have put it on this selective list can give you an idea that you are facing one of the best torque wrenches in the current market.

Some users who have tested their calibration have discovered a low margin of error of 5 Nm, that is, about 4% error, that if we compare it with the 3% error given by other much more expensive keys, the Unitec 20807 Auto It is completely worth it. In this sense, it is recommended for tightening torques starting at 60 Nm where the margin of error is very subtle.

The Unitec 20807 Auto torque wrench is the typical chrome tool that fixes the tightening torque by an axial thread at the end of the handle, ideal for motorcycle butts and other amateur work. The size of the dice used in this torque wrench is 1/2 ″ but they are not included.

There are options in the market that offer you quality at a fairly low price. That is why we would like you to take into account this model that stands out as the best torque wrench for 25 euros, according to buyers. Read its features below.


  • The margin of error: This key is one of the most precise in its price-quality range, offering a margin of error of only 5 Nm. That is, 1% more than the keys of high ranges.
  • Anti insulation: It incorporates the mechanism that clicks once the torsion limit has been reached in the screw so as not to force it further.
  • Price: A feature well praised by customers is that its price is quite lower, while its performance is quite good.
  • Durability: The tool is chrome plated to ensure good corrosion and wear resistance.


  • Torque accuracy: Some users say it is not recommended to use it in low pairs because, due to its margin of error, it may not tighten properly.

Rank #5:AmazonBasics 1/2-Inch Drive

With this key you will have the possibility to adjust all the screws in the correct way, regardless of the side to which they must be tightened since it has been made with a reversible shaft, that is, you can use it in both directions, right and left, without any problem.

In addition, you will be able to read the values of the tightening torque to which you are performing the torsion and in this way make sure that you are carrying out the adjustment process very accurately, this is possible because it has a sleeve in which this data is indicated.

The Draper Tools brand ensures that it is a wrench designed to be strong and durable, therefore, it is likely that you can use it for a long time to repair your car or motorcycle and adjust each of its parts in the way correct.

It is one of the best torque wrenches of the moment, therefore, you should check its main features, which we present below.


  • Tightening range: You can adjust a considerable amount of parts since its tightening range varies between a minimum level of 10 Nm and a maximum of 80 Nm.
  • Measurement: This key is 3/8 ”, which facilitates the use for various tasks in which you need a torque wrench, as it is the most generic measure.
  • Storage: It is offered with a storage box where you can store it for easier transport and prevent it from deteriorating.


  • Manual: Some buyers say it does not come with an instruction manual, which would help them better understand its operation, especially for beginners.
  • Accessories: Unlike other models, it does not come with additional parts that you can use to work.

Rank #6:BULLTOOLS 1/4-inch Drive

This is considered by many cycling fans as one of the best torque wrenches of 2019.

The Mighty 880275 is a kit to check your bike, a high quality key, with exact scale tips of 2 -24 Nm. It also has 1/4 ”reversible ratchet with changing direction for comfort.

It has hexagonal tips 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 mm Allen wrench and a Torx T 25 screwdriver with 5 mm adapter and T25 + T30, so you can check any type of bike and cover all the parts you need tighten or loosen.

The best of all is that the Mighty 880275 allows you to take care of the screws and nuts of the bicycle because with some other tools of doubtful quality you could overstep and insulate the screws.

It is a very complete and durable key that also has a very attractive price if we compare it with other keys that offer the same or that are even less versatile and robust.

If you are a person who is looking for the highest quality, we want to show you a key presented by customers the best torque wrench of the moment. Know below its advantages.


  • Kit : The key comes with a case where you can find a series of hexagonal tips of different dimensions, reversible ratchet and more.
  • Tips and complements : Among the hexagonal tips you can find different sizes, from 3mm to 10mm. It also has an Allen wrench and a special screwdriver with adapter for several heads.
  • Reversible direction : It has a 1/4 ”reversible ratchet with changing direction to facilitate any screwed or unscrewed work.
  • Versatile : Not only is it an ideal tool for repairing bicycles, but it can also be used for household chores, light and medium vehicle mechanics and several more.
  • Size : It is a fairly compact tool that you can comfortably carry in a backpack, car trunk, motorcycle compartment or store it in any physical space, without problems.


How To Use A Torque Wrench

To make repairs or adjustments on motorcycles or any other mechanism in which it is required to screw, it is very important to have the necessary tools for this. When it comes to screwing properly and without compromising the components of the machine are the torque wrenches and in this article, we will tell you how to use them. 

How to know the correct tightening

Components such as nuts and bolts have printed on some part of their surface or on the labels what is the tightening torque that is necessary to achieve the proper adjustment of the pieces so that they work properly and do not loosen when the mechanism is in operation or suffer deformations because the force of the adjustment recommended by the manufacturer was exceeded.

While you can read the specifications given by the manufacturer to properly fasten the screws or nuts, if you don’t use a torque wrench it is difficult to get it right when you reached the correct torque. Instead with the key you just have to turn it until you hear and feel the clack on the tool that indicates that you have reached the correct torque.

Make the adjustment torque

This is a simple task to do if you use your torque wrench. Start by taking the screw or nut and adjusting it with your hands until you feel resistance, that is, until you can no longer turn it manually. If necessary, place the measuring cup corresponding to the size of the component you are adjusting on the machine on the head of the key.

Then, attach the vessel to the component and begin to turn the key with some force when required until you hear the clack of the key that indicates that you have reached the torque of the component. When you hear the clack stop, otherwise you will exceed the torque.

How to calibrate it

Torque wrenches are factory calibrated in most cases but can be recalibrated due to a strong blow. However, you can recalibrate them yourself. To do this, put a mark in the center of the back of the key head; Follow this indication in a straight way to where you put your hand to take it by the handle. In that limit put another mark. Take the measure between both brands.

Insert only the head of the key in a press and put the rest of your body in a horizontal position. Next, align the torque value of the tool according to the measurement you have previously taken after multiplying it by 0.97.

At the point marked on the handle of the key tie a weight or object weighing 9.07 kg; Push as you move the handle towards the head of the key until you stop listening to the clicks it does.

Care you should have

The torque wrench is a calibrated tool, so it is very important that you do not suffer strong shocks that may affect your calibration level. Nor should you expose it to moisture and heat.

It was created in 1978 and the ISO 9001 certificate that it possesses guarantees that all personnel builds each product seriously, using equipment and materials of high duration and excellent quality. There are approximately 5000 items made and exported by the brand in continents such as Asia and Europe and in countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States. It is important to note that each Silverline Tools corporate headquarters works hard so that the impact on the environment is reduced as much as possible in all its operations. They have a special supply team that works closely with this operational chain to carry out projects and plans that reduce the environmental costs related to the process of obtaining their items.

They also have a group, which is responsible for the supervision of each product, made up of more than 50 people, ensuring that they meet the minimum standards for what they were built, as well as meeting the requirements of each client.

Unitec is a company that manufactures hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic tools for industry and construction. His team develops innovative torque wrenches, which will have the smallest margin of error so that you can fully join the machinery you want to tighten, repair or maintain.

The company started in 1991 when it created its first saw, which was built with pneumatic belts and with such a compact size that it was very easy to transport. During the coming years, the company dedicated itself to increasing the list of accessories and utensils according to the technological updates of the industries, managing to balance the quality with the price of each product.

Its products include a very diverse number of instruments that can be used in many areas, such as diamond bits, sanders, polishers, torque wrenches, torque meters, drills, annular cutters, drilling machines of various types, portable magnetic drills, saws for tubes, corner drills, metal finishing tools and many other items.


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The Most Popular Brands

For almost all heavy or delicate manual work tools of all kinds will always be necessary; Among these are the torque wrenches: there are all sizes and with a design for various screws, helping you in a variety of household or professional tasks. Below we show you three brands that manufacture this type of accessories to a high degree of quality.

Since 1998 BBB Cycling manufactured high-quality cycling products at a good price. They originally design and create the products with their own developers in a modest amount of items such as torque wrenches and brake shoes. This has made it today one of the world leaders in the market with more than 1500 products distributed in 40 ranges of various accessories that have been sold in 48 countries.

These manufacturers make every effort to work every day on new cycling accessories that are innovative and of high quality for professional and beginner cyclists, being the favorite brand of professional runners for world competitions and classic races.

This brand has won almost 100 different awards in international and national magazines distributed by different product categories. They are best known for their helmets, goggles, pumps, brake shoes, tools, clothing and all kinds of smart solutions on bicycles, evolving with their offers for motorcycles and other kinds of means of travel.

They work with teams they sponsor as Pro Continental and FDJ, Wanty-Groupe Gobert and Team Roompot Oranje Peloton and are linked to the associations of CST Superior Brentjens MTB Racing and Radon Factory Racing.

Shopping Guide Of Best Torque Wrenches

What is a torque wrench and how does it work?

Many of us have “insulated” a screw or nut or whatever it is, we have damaged the thread. This happens because we put too much force when squeezing. Each piece has its own “tightening torque”, which is no more than the limit of force it needs to be properly tightened, but without damaging the thread.

As the name implies, it is a pair of forces, the tightening we apply on the resistance of the screw or nut. The tightening torque is expressed in units of force by the distance of the turn, that is, in Newton per meter (NM) or in Kilograms force per meter (Kgf-m). Torque wrenches are the tools capable of measuring the tightening torque, so we do not damage nuts and bolts.


These tools can be of many types, however, the most used are those of the ratchet type, which allow regulating the tightening torque and the key emits a “clack” sound when the correct tightening has been reached. They usually have the adjustment system in the handle itself, but others, which are also very accurate, have a scale on the tool head. As you tighten the part, the tool marks the tightening, when the necessary tightening torque is achieved, you just have to stop tightening and you’re done.

Of course, all types of models abound and prices vary a lot, but before asking how much it costs, let’s look at other more relevant specifications.

Scope or range of tightening

This is expressed in Nm and is the ability to recognize the different tightening torques. For example, a torque wrench can have a range of 2 to 14 Nm, 2-24 Nm, 10-80 Nm, etc. For example, if we wanted to tighten a metric screw 8, a key with a range of 5-25 Nm would serve us perfectly.

If it is a motorcycle or any other vehicle, the most advisable thing about tightening is to read the manufacturer’s instructions, since there appears what is the tightening of each bolt and nut. Although it may seem a lie, properly tightened screws and nuts can make our vehicles last longer in good condition.

Square Measurement

The head of the glass can be half, three-eighths or a quarter of an inch. These measures influence the tightening range, for example, the 1/4 ” wrenches will not reach a tightening of 210 Nm but will cover the smaller tightening range.


These are the ones that are attached to the key to tighten. The glass must have the metric of the nut or screw that we need to tighten. However, we can always use different vessels with the same torque wrench using adapters.

Click mechanism

This is very important because it is the way you find out that the nut is already tight. It is a very simple system, but not all keys have it. The best thing is that you make sure yours will have this characteristic sound.


The best torque wrenches have been calibrated by a computer, but over time they can lose calibration, so it is good that the key supports a new one. This means that it can last much longer. As for the calibration, some skill and knowledge are necessary, so we recommend going to do it with a professional or in any case, buy a key that comes correctly calibrated from the factory.

Finally, we recommend you not to get carried away by the offers of more accessories. It is very good to have several glasses to choose from, however, the most important thing is the quality of the key, the calibration and the accuracy it offers.

Remember to think carefully about your own needs. Many people who need a simple wrench to adjust the chain of the motorcycle end up buying a large, complex and expensive key that, however, is impractical for the use they want to use. The safer you are than you need, the more you will get out of your new torque wrench.



However, some of these keys are also suitable for professionals who want to rely on exact power metering in construction or industry . Especially with components that are very important for safety, you should make sure that the screw nuts are not overtightened and are still tight.

 Depending on the nature of the connecting screws, you must not overtighten them. The problem here is that the material must not be damaged . So that everything is actually securely fastened when fitting the tires or doing other repairs, you should carefully consider how high the torque must be. Here often to help manufacturer’s instructions and the instructions of the torque wrench often includes a list of matching values. On this basis, the screws can be tightened moderately, so that everything finally sits firmly, without a screw overtightening or a thread weakening.



What is a torque wrench?

A torque wrench is a screwing tool that is used to transmit a predetermined torque to the corresponding connector . Typically, these connecting parts are screws or screw nuts. The force effect is measured in Newton meters , which are listed under the abbreviation Nm. This unit refers to the torque, which is a vectorialquantity . From a physical point of view, a Newton meter is the force that generates a Newton at the pivot point with a meter of lever arm.

 The torque wrenches from Test 2020 are therefore manually operated screwing tools that can be used to produce an exact clamping force. The components that are to be connected to one another can thus be securely fixed without the operating force becoming too high. According to standard regulations, a distinction can be made between the indicating torque wrenches , which are also known as measuring keys, and the triggering torque wrenches, which are known as crack or kink wrenches .

 The torque wrenches are available in different designs and sizes. The torque range can often be recognized by the size. This is due to the fact that the torque depends on the lever length . In addition, the maximum tightening force that can be achieved depends on the individual physical strength of the user.

In some areas, the torque wrenches from the test comparison are also called ratchets or ratchets . The tightening torque can be set on the extended lever, thus ensuring that the required clamping force is ensured. Typical areas of application for the torque wrench are repairs to motor vehicles and bicycles. In particular, the wheels of the vehicles can be optimally tightened.

How is a torque wrench constructed?

Visually, torque wrenches are reminiscent of a longer version of a ratchet or ratchet . They have a ratchet head for holding various sockets. We also find a switching disc on the head for clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation. A long, sturdy bar made of chrome vanadium steel is responsible for the strength build-up by the user. At the end there is a scale drum, which is responsible for the exact setting of the torque.

For our torque test , we did not deal with the large models, but only the conventional torque wrenches with a torque of up to around 200 to 250 Nm . This power is more than sufficient for most work on a car, motorcycle or bicycle .


How does a torque wrench work?

The classic triggering torque wrenches work with a scale or a testing device. These elements help to preset the defined target torque. When this preset torque is reached on the key’s force axis, a click or click can be heard . Depending on the version of the torque wrench, an indicator can also indicate that the target torque has been reached.

In general, the common torque wrenches from the test comparison consist of chrome-plated tubular steel that covers a certain area. In the lever is triggering mechanism integrated, also here the adjustment is with the scale. It is often a tool holder, i.e. a ratchet, which can be switched and repositioned if necessary .

A square pin is responsible for the drive. This has precise dimensions based on the customs system. So the torque wrench can be supplemented with various socket wrench inserts, whether it is a 3/8 or 1 inch socket. Some models also have a rectangular holder or a guide for interchangeable tool elements that have different profiles. Here, for example, hexagon or open-ended spanners also fit.

 The function of the torque wrench is based on the exact combination of ratchet head for the attachments, power axis, scale drum and switching disc. The latter allows the change from right to left running , while the scale drum is responsible for setting the required torque. However, this change does not mean that the key is suitable for right-hand and left-hand threads. For this you have to take a closer look at the product description. The soft click or cracking of the torque wrench test winner indicates that the setting has been reached: Now the tool is ready for use.

Depending on the size and the material, the torque wrenches can reach a maximum of 1500 Nm . This limit is based on the length of the lever and the strength of the user. The scales of up to 200 Nm are sufficient for the usual work on motor vehicles, motorcycles or bicycles .

 The best example is the manual tightening of wheel nuts . For this purpose, torque wrenches have a receptacle for common sockets at the front of the head, which we choose according to our wheel nuts. Now we just have to find out how many Newton meters the nuts of our vehicle can be tightened with. The values vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

While 80 Nm is sufficient for a small car, 200 Nm can be enough for a heavy SUV. A look at the vehicle manufacturer’s manual will help here . The manufacturer’s ABE can also help with alloy wheels. When the right torque is reached, we often hear this from a crackling sound.

Advantages & application areas

 Strong screw connections are essential for vehicles. It is all the more important that these connections are restored when a component is repaired or replaced. This is where the torque wrench l helps , which can do a lot more than the simple wrench. If you look at the classic combination wrenches and socketsyou cannot be sure how tight the screw is. Depending on the type of connection, the torque can be too high or too low. The screw may loosen after a while. However, the risk of accidents should be minimized for machines and vehicles, which is why it is important to fix the screws and nuts with the right force. Among other things, they help with handicrafts on the car and ensure that the innovative lightweight construction systems are not overused .

The special keys with adjustable torque are also suitable for bicycle repairs. For components made of aluminum and carbon, special care must be taken to ensure that the pressure does not become too high. This applies not only to the assembly of the various components, but also to the disassembly.

 The various screws can be easily loosened and tightened with a well-made, stable torque wrench that has clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation. Compared to the torque wrenches for cars, the tools for the bicycle are usually much smaller and have a smaller torque range. Keys with up to 24 Nm are usually sufficient for the bicycle. A stronger torque wrench is only required for work on the pedals or on the bottom bracket.

Some particularly filigree models are also suitable for screwing circuit boards that are used in the context of microelectronics. These are fine torque wrenches that can also be found in the medical technology sector.

As a rule, it must be prevented that screw connections can be overstretched or overtightened. Two methods are currently available:

  • the rotation angle controlled tightening method, in which a screw is tightened with a previously defined rotation angle and
  • the torque-controlled tightening process, in which the torque is measured during tightening and triggers a click when the setpoint is reached.

In the first case, the defined angle of rotation is controlled by a mechanical or electronic sensor. In the second case, it is a traditional torque wrench.

The advantages of a torque wrench

For our torque test 2020,  we would also like to go into the advantages:

  • Screws and nuts can be tightened with a precisely specified torque,
  • an extremely secure screw connection is established,
  • Torque wrenches are robust and reliable tool wrenches.

The disadvantages of a torque wrench

Of course, the possible disadvantages should not go unmentioned here:

  • high quality branded products have a high price,
  • Torque wrenches need to be calibrated
  • the operation requires some practice and skill.

What types of torque wrenches are there?

The torque wrenches from the test can initially be distinguished by their size and torque. The smaller versions with a torque range of up to 30 Nm are suitable for two-wheelers , while the larger keys cover a correspondingly higher range and range, for example, from 40 to 160 or up to 200 Nm . These stronger torque wrenches are required for repairs on cars or commercial vehicles . However, with the smallest possible value, these larger models cannot be used for work on bicycles.

 Basically, almost all torque wrenches have an attachment mechanism. This makes it possible to use it like a ratchet and insert a socket wrench . Regardless of whether it is the torque wrench test winner or simple devices, you can switch the direction of rotation for any tool. However, this does not mean that you can also machine a left-hand thread with these keys. This option is only available with the torque wrenches that allow the square socket to be inserted.

The classic is the indicating torque wrench, which is equipped with a mechanical scale or a comparable indicator. Here you can read the torque that was set on the output part of the key. On the drive side there is typically a solid lever arm with a torsion bar.

The electronic torque wrench

 The electronic torque wrenches have a digital display. Here the measurement is carried out using a strain gauge attached to the torsion bar. With the measurement signal and a measurement amplifier, the conversion into the corresponding force unit takes place (usually Nm, but lbf x ft and other units are also possible). The torque can be easily read on the display. With such a digital torque wrench, several data and limit values can be programmed. So that you can keep an eye on the data at all times, it is constantly displayed when screwing. It is also possible to save the measurements performed internally. An interface is available for this, or the data can be printed out directly.

The electronic torque wrenches are mainly used in industry. Among other things, they support quality assurance and documentation in industrial production.

The special form – the electronic torque wrench

 With the electronic angle torque wrench , a certain angle can also be measured. An angle sensor is used here. This special angle measurement makes it possible to determine existing screw connections and to determine the corresponding threshold values . The integrated measured value memory supports statistical analyzes and is also suitable for the determination of curve profiles. There is specific software for this with a force-displacement diagram. Such a special tool is used, among other things, for the determination of breakaway torque, final torque and other detailed data on the screwing process.

In the first step, a specific target torque is set on a scale using a triggering torque wrench . When the key reaches the preset torque on its drive part, we hear this with a click or click. In some models, this is visually indicated to us by the pop-out of a colored indicator.

The mechatronic torque wrench

 The function of the mechatronic torque wrenches is similar to that of the triggering model, but here there is a digital measurement of the torque , which is similar to the electronic key. The elements of mechanical and electronic measurement are therefore combined in the mechatronic torque wrenches. The transmission and, if necessary, the documentation of the determined measurement data takes place via radio data transmission.

The most famous representatives are made of chrome-plated tubular steel. Inside is the release mechanism, which can be adjusted for the correct torque using a scale located at the end of the handle . The drive is formed as a reversible or reversible ratchet , which is provided via a square pin for receiving sockets in sizes 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1 or 1 1/2 inches . There are also other tool carriers here, such as completely interchangeable heads for ring, open-end and hexagon wrenches.

The advantages of a torque wrench:

  • Exact tightening of screws with the ideal torque,
  • Damage to threaded parts is excluded.
  • secure attachment is supported,
  • good power transmission.
  • The disadvantages of the torque wrench:
  • Several torque wrenches are required for different areas of application,
  • Adjusting the torque requires some tact.


So we tested the torque wrench

To select the appropriate torque wrench test winner , you should not only deal with the handling, but also pay attention to the quality differences. The size of the display can play a role, but other features are more important.

Stability is essential, especially with a higher force. At the same time, one must not lose sight of the main purpose of the torque wrench . The following criteria are intended to serve the customer as the basis for the purchase decision.

The setting of the scale

 The scale of the torque wrench from the 2020 test must be clearly visible so that there are no difficulties in setting the target torque. In the case of inferior devices, a simple division of the lines makes it necessary to look closely and count the individual notches. In comparison, a display makes work much easier.

A fixation on the scale ensures that the torque does not change due to carelessness. It should be noted here that some torque wrenches are set directly on the handle. Turning the lever handle can make it a bit cumbersome to make and check this setting. This does not play a major role when the tool is only used occasionally, but if you use the torque wrench frequently, the disadvantage will soon become apparent.

The material

 The test winners of the torque wrenches mostly consist of chrome vanadium steel . This is a rustproof, extremely robust material. A cheaper tool is often made of chrome-molybdenum steel, which is considered to be corrosion-resistant, but does not have the same stability as chrome-vanadium steel.

In addition to the more or less hard-wearing steel, it is also worth taking a look at the texture of the handle. Plastic handles in an ergonomic shape are easier to use than simple steel handles. The torque wrench can be held better by slightly rubberized handles, which can be very important, especially for frequent repair work.


The precision

 The quality of the torque wrenches from the 2020 test is particularly evident in the accuracy. Certain inaccuracies can occur with inferior tools. With minimal deviations of up to 4% , there should still be no problems. The torque wrench test winners work particularly precisely and thus offer users optimal security.

This accuracy is a very important criterion, especially for the smaller torque wrenches that are used for delicate work on bicycles or motorbikes and come into contact with sensitive materials.

The build quality

 Almost all of the torque wrenches we tested are made from a material mix of chrome-vanadium steel, rubber and plastic . The drive head and extension are made of chrome vanadium steel for maximum stability. The handle is usually provided with a non-slip rubber coating. The scale and other display instruments, however, are mostly made of plastic . Overall, the comparison test winners were able to convince with a good build quality . There were only differences between some manufacturers.

The drive

We have paid particular attention to driving a torque wrench. Similar to a ratchet head, here we find a square pin for holding socket wrench nuts. The most popular sizes include 1/4 and 1/2 inch sizes. A switch on the drive head can be used to set left and right rotation on most models.

The torque

For a representative torque wrench test , we should also take a look at the adjustable torque range. As previously mentioned, the force is given in Newton meters (Nm) . While around 80 Nm are sufficient for small cars, it is up to 200 Nm for larger vehicles. If you have aluminum rims , lower tightening forces are required.

100 to 120 Nm are completely sufficient here. The torque is set at the top end of the handle using an adjustment wheel. A display shows the selected level. After reaching or exceeding the range, there is an acoustic or optical signal.

The handling

For a test, we also looked at the handling of a torque wrench . While the actual operation is the same for every model after fitting a corresponding socket, we have noticed differences when setting the torque . However, these are manufacturer-specific and, depending on the model, somewhat easier or more difficult to handle.

What should I look out for when buying a torque wrench?

If you want to buy a torque wrench, you should inform yourself about the various sizes and model variants. Quality is not only about the durability of the tool, but also about the precision. That’s why we recommend this guide to keep the details of the key in view and also to think, for what purposes the tool used to be.

 Which torque wrench can be used in the test mainly depends on what you intend to do with it. The ratchet must be large and strong enough to change the wheel on the car: You can see this by looking at the torque range . You also have to check whether the screws can be inserted, which should not be a problem with the standard devices.

If you only need such a torque wrench for changing tires , you can opt for a relatively simple device. But if there are other handicrafts that require precise torque, you should rely on a professional model.

So there are several considerations to consider before buying a torque wrench. It is about your own knowledge and manual skills.

What repairs can you actually do yourself and how much experience do you have when it comes to small or large projects? Anyone who can answer these questions also knows how high their own demands are on the accuracy of the torque wrench.

How long should a torque wrench be?

 Torque wrenches are available in different lengths . It is important that you choose the right length for every application. For example, if you only want to fix bicycles and smaller screw connections, a length of up to 30 cm is sufficient. When working on a car, torque wrenches from 45 cm are the ideal choice.

Remember that the longer the length of a torque wrench , the easier it will be to leverage . At the same time, you can achieve a higher torque with a longer tool, even though the same effort is required.

The torque setting range

Here you would like to refer to the previous chapter. Select a torque wrench so that the torque range required for your needs can be set. As a rule, values up to around 200 Nm are completely sufficient.

The scope of delivery

 There are some differences in the scope of delivery. Some manufacturers only supply the pure torque wrench. Others also add a practical storage box here  . It always makes a better impression when a high-quality tool is available with a sturdy storage box. Furthermore, some manufacturers also include the appropriate sockets in their boxes.

However, we would also like to point out that the individually sold torque wrenches are no worse than those with a box without additional accessories.

Brief information on leading manufacturers

 The major manufacturers of torque wrenches include the Proxxon , Hazet and KS Tools brands . These are known for high-quality tools and also pay attention to details such as ergonomic handles and solid materials. These top companies can therefore also be found among the torque wrench test winners. Other leading brands are Goodyear , Gedore and BGS .

Unitec offers, for example, cheaper tools that still work reliably. The torque wrenches from this brand are only used occasionally and deliver very good results. Famex also offers inexpensive and solid torque wrenches , which have proven themselves for hobbyists and also for car owners who want to change their tires themselves.


Internet vs. Specialist trade: where is the best place to buy my torque wrench?

If you are looking for a torque wrench, you will definitely find it in the hardware store . Specialist shops for car accessories also offer tools. However, there is only a small selection in these shops. That is why many buyers prefer to order their DIY equipment online.

Here you can also learn everything about the function and also have a wide range of torque wrenches in mind.

 Based on the recommendations of previous customers, you get to know the various tools better and thus get a good insight into the quality features and operation. The torque wrenches can also be selected very specifically: Tools such as filter functions and sorting are available for this.

In the hardware store or specialty shop you have the torque wrench in your hand, but you often have to pay a higher price than online. In addition, you are more on your own in the store than on the Internet: The specialist sellers often only know the rough details, while you can learn many important things about the tool in the Internet forums and in the online tests of the torque wrench.

If you are in a hurry, you can hardly avoid buying directly in a shop. However, if you can wait until the next day, express online ordering may be worthwhile . Thanks to the fast delivery, the torque wrench arrives on the following working day: it is there in time for the wheel change.

Interesting facts & advice

 This guide to torque wrenches is intended to inform prospective buyers about the precise operation and the special features of the various models that are worth knowing. However, one should know that long existing screw connections are difficult to loosen even with leverage and torque . This may be because such a screw has rusted. Compared to a new, lubricated screw connection, you need a lot more effort with such a tight screw.

In some cases it can be helpful to grease the screws. However, some manufacturers and experts advise against this: It is therefore worthwhile to find out about the recommendations in the various areas of application.

After a while, the screwed components can settle. They adapt minimally during operation, so that the joints become a little smaller or the tension of the connection decreases slightly . It may therefore be necessary to check the components for a while after tightening them and to tighten them if necessary . Overtightening should also be avoided: after all, you have the torque wrench, which ensures that the connecting parts are not damaged.

The history of the torque wrench

 The world’s first torque wrench with self-triggering function was in 1938 , the patent pending , then it came to market. Initially, these tools were mainly used in mechanical engineering. The Saltus Max Forst plant in Solingen was responsible for this first torque wrench .

Facom was also a leader in the manufacture of torque wrenches. Other important inventions were made here. In 1945, for example, the company presented the first puller and a year later the reversible ratchet . Another of Facom’s inventions was the adjustable wrench with play compensation . Like the Facom torque wrench, it was introduced in 1948.

 Tohnichi Manufacturing was founded in Japan in 1949. Up to this point, quality control in the Japanese manufacturing industry had not been so important. That is why Tohnichi was able to develop the first torque wrench in Japan. With this device for screw tightening control, some things changed in quality monitoring, in all countries. Other companies followed with torque wrenches for the automotive and aerospace industries .

In 1968 the first pneumatic torque wrench was invented by Tohnichi, which became known worldwide under the name Unitork. With this device you could work much more effectively than before. The revolutionary torque wrench received the Tokyo Inventor Award. The special technology was responsible for this, which made handling noticeably easier.

In the following decades, the electronic torque wrench and the torque angle wrench emerged. At the same time, the tools were refined and developed into special devices. These not only found their way into industry, but were also used more often in the DIY sector.

What used to be screwed on with normal pliers or a simple wrench can now be fixed with a preset torque.

The small torque wrenches for precision engineering are characterized by device-specific properties and are probably the latest invention in the field of screw tightening control . Just like the modern torque wrenches from Test 2020, they have a clearly recognizable display and ergonomic features . This shows that the manufacturers of the torque wrenches now pay attention not only to the precise function, but also to the comfort for the user .

Numbers, data, facts about the torque wrench

The torque wrenches are a combination of measuring device and tool . In some cases, they are not only designed for right-hand threads, but also for left-hand threads. They can be used for tightening and loosening screw connections .

When using it, however, you should make sure that the locking screw has been loosened. This means that you can only change the torque value if the locking screw is not locked. Each time the torque is adjusted, it is necessary to loosen this screw again.

 A higher setting also increases the effort required by the torque wrench. This depends on the type of construction of the tool, because the mechanics require a correspondingly higher preload due to the increased values .

In the manufacturer’s information you will find detailed information on the torque values and special tips for correct use. For example, with a torque of more than 120 Nm, you should not use the key for 3/8 inch inserts, but for at least 1/2 inch drives.

In general, the torque wrenches from the test are already pre-greased by the manufacturer so that the mechanics work well . If the tool has not been used for a long time, it should be operated several times. This way the lubricant can spread again.

With the torque wrench, the force that is applied to the lever arm is responsible for the rotary movement. If the lever is longer and the force increases, the torque also increases. The following information helps to convert the internationally used units, many of which are now out of date:

  • 1 Nm = 8.8508
  • 1 = 0.113 Nm
  • 1 kgcm = 0.0981 Nm
  • = 1.3558 Nm
  • 1mkg = 9.8067 Nm

 When changing tires on a car, a torque of 110 Nm is usually set. With this default setting, the tool will crack as soon as the torque is reached. In this way, users can be sure that the tightened screws fit perfectly with the torque. When driving later, you don’t have to worry about a wheel coming loose. With the physical and technical properties, the torque wrench test winners work very precisely . In certain areas, devices can be passed on that precisely measure the torque. These measuring devices are so-called standards.

The right torque wrench

The most important distinguishing feature of a torque wrench is its length and the adjustable torque range.

If you want to know which torque wrench is ideally suited for which vehicle, we have the following list ready:

Bicycle: torque of 6 to 30 Nm and a length of 20 to 30 cm,

Motorbike: torque of 30 to 50 Nm and a length of 30 to 40 cm,

Cars: torque from 80 to 100 Nm and a length from 45 cm,

SUV: torque from 100 to 200 Nm and a length from 45 cm.

What is the main advantage of a torque wrench?

 In contrast to an open-end wrench or a ratchet, we can use a torque wrench to determine the tightening force with which a screw connection should be tightened very precisely. Help with cars and motorcycles and the operating instructions in which the required Nm data are entered so that we can adjust our torque wrench accordingly.

If we tightened the wheel attachments too tightly, we could damage them, especially with high-quality aluminum rims. A torque wrench is therefore the ideal solution when it comes to securely fastening screw connections.

Cost of

changing a tire The benefits of a torque wrench quickly become clear when we look at the average cost of changing a tire at specialist workshops in Germany. According to the well-known statistics portal Statista , the following data (extract) can be determined:

  • Hamburg: 36.90 euros,
  • Bremen: 24.70 euros,
  • Lower Saxony: 18.85 euros,
  • North Rhine-Westphalia: 18.51 euros,
  • Bavaria: 16.35 euros,
  • Saxony: 15.51 euros,
  • Berlin: 14.50 euros,
  • Brandenburg: 12.60 euros.

As we can see, the costs are much higher, especially in northern Germany than in other parts of the country. In this respect, the purchase of a torque wrench for the self-assembly of tires can be worthwhile.

Where do the Germans have their tires changed?

According to a study by Statista, the following results from 2013 are available, which show where the Germans most often had their tires changed.

  • Specialist workshop of the vehicle manufacturer: 28%,
  • free workshop: 23%,
  • independently: 18%,
  • in tire shops: 17%,
  • by friends and acquaintances: 10%,
  • for workshop chains such as ATU or PITSTOP: 2%,
  • no information: 4%.

As we can see, 18% of car owners change their tires themselves. This also shows that the need for a torque wrench is justified.

Set and calibrate the torque wrench correctly

 We cannot use a torque wrench as easily as a conventional ratchet. This tool should be properly calibrated beforehand. Many manufacturers point out an accuracy of around 3 to 4 percent in torque wrenches with regard to the setting of the torque.

The so-called initial calibration is carried out by the brand manufacturers during the production process using calibrated measuring devices. Unfortunately, after  Dekra test equipment monitoring, most manufacturers do not perform this calibration carefully enough. For example, the aforementioned tolerance range is incorrect for 75 percent of the torque wrenches. With its mobile monitoring, Dekra has also checked the torque wrenches in workshops. Enormous deviations were also found here.

With many torque wrenches, the problem of an inaccurate measurement lies in the built-in spring knife . This spring can wear out over time, so we need to recalibrate the scale. First of all, we would like to point out that accurate calibration is only possible with expensive measuring instruments. Many service workshops offer professional calibration of torque wrenches .

However, we can also check for ourselves whether a torque wrench can still be used. For the following example, one wheel on a bicycle is sufficient:

clamp the impeller perpendicular to a vice ,

Hang a bucket of the weight to be checked on a spoke

The torque wrench is now attached to the axle nut of the wheel,

see if it triggers.

 The formula torque = force x travel should also be taken into account. Force stands for weight and the path for the distance from the shot to the center of gravity.

However, the frictional energy is not taken into account in such a test. After such a check, we can read off the scale or determine whether the set tolerances are correct by triggering. If not, only a professional calibration service from the torque manufacturer will help.

The cost of a new calibration is on average less than 50 euros. Home users should have their torque wrench recalibrated every two years, depending on how often they are used.

Use the torque wrench correctly in 5 steps

In order for the torque wrench to work properly, you have to set it precisely. How exactly this works depends on the design of the device. Different procedures may be necessary for the various torque wrenches. The description given here is based on the most frequently used tools, so that you get a good basis to operate the torque wrench.

In addition to the tool, you should also take a closer look at the screw connection. Finally, the elements that are to be screwed must fit together correctly. If there are already problems here, you won’t get any further with the torque wrench.

Step 1: the unlocking

First the twist grip of the torque wrench is unlocked. To do this, loosen the locking screw by turning it counterclockwise. This is the only way to turn the twist grip to the target torque.

Step 2: adjust the twist grip

The scale is usually on the key itself. It is the main scale that lists the basic values. The twist grip is equipped with the ring scale, which has a fine division. The intermediate values can be set precisely with this. If you turn the knob to the right, the value increases, if you turn it to the left it decreases.

To adjust the torque wrench, move the handle so that its edge is exactly on the numerical value of the main scale. This marking runs horizontally. For the fine division, use the vertical marking, which is located in the middle of the main scale.

Step 3: Consider the locking screw

The locking screw must never be locked. So you have to make sure that it remains solved when setting the torque value. If you increase the torque, you have to loosen this locking screw further. Tightening only takes place when the tightening torque is reached. In this way, you avoid that the torque wrench is misadjusted and has the wrong value.

Step 4: note the click

If you tighten a screw with the torque wrench, a click sound indicates that the set torque value has been reached. With this acoustic signal (sometimes it is also a haptic signal) you have to stop screwing immediately. If the torque is relatively low, this click signal can be relatively quiet, so you have to be careful when it sounds.

Step 5: work exactly

The torque wrench is a precision device that only fulfills its purpose if it is used properly. Due to the tripping accuracy, which is independent of the thread type, the actual torque can deviate minimally from the scale value. The manufacturers of the torque wrench test winners inform their customers about the detailed triggering accuracy to rule out an accident risk.

When working with the torque wrench , you should not use extensions or other connections such as joints. Otherwise, this can have a negative impact on the precision when tightening. It also makes sense to operate the tool only with the twist grip and to work with it as evenly as possible. This reduces the risk of something being damaged.

10 tips for care

With their resistant material, the torque wrenches from the test comparison are extremely stable, so that they can be used for years and decades. However, the accuracy may deteriorate after a while, so that readjustment is necessary or possibly a complete exchange of the tool. In order to optimize the service life and precision of the torque wrench test winners, the tool should be treated with care. Not only the professional craftsmen know that their devices have to work perfectly. Hobbyists also enjoy a tidy workshop and well-kept tools. The following ten tips are specially tailored to the torque wrench and are intended to show do-it-yourselfers and mechanics what to look out for when caring for them.

  • Tip 1

Basically, you don’t have to grease the torque wrench. If you have not used it for a while, it is usually sufficient to press the device several times. This procedure makes the lubricant smoother and distributes it in the mechanical design in such a way that there are no difficulties in setting and tightening it.

  • Tip 2
  • After using the torque wrench from test 2020, the lock should be set to the lowest level. This relieves the tool and extends its durability.
  • Tip 3
  • When resetting, the torque wrench must not be turned further than the smallest setting value.
  • Tip 4
  • It is best to use a dry cloth to clean the tool. Liquids with or without cleaning agents could leave marks on the torque wrench and put a strain on the mechanics. With normal wear and tear, it should be unnecessary to wipe off heavier soiling so that dry cleaning is sufficient.
  • Tip 5
  • With older torque wrenches , you can have a workshop or a specialist shop check whether the tool is still working properly. The experts also know how to check an old torque wrench themselves. To do this, you test the function of the key alternately with a new model to determine any deviations. If the difference is recognizable, this indicates that the old key must be retired.
  • Tip 6
  • Proper handling of the torque wrench includes careful handling. So you shouldn’t throw him on the ground or carelessly step away when you don’t need him. Every handyman knows that even the robust tools should not fly around. After all, you don’t want to have to replace the devices again soon.
  • Tip 7
  • Before tightening screws you should check the threads concerned. There may be dirt residues and signs of wear on these connecting parts . These can contaminate the torque wrench when attaching it or even lead to greater damage. This also applies to the attachments that are used for the torque wrench .
  • Tip 8
  • The torque check is indispensable: only when the set value is available should you use the key and tighten the screw until you click. This not only protects the screw connections, but also the torque wrench itself.
  • Tip 9
  • In addition to the torque wrench , the parts to be tightened should not be destroyed. Some materials such as carbon and aluminum are relatively sensitive, so the pressure must not be too high. With a correspondingly lower torque, you should be careful so that nothing is actually damaged and the key does not suffer. It is therefore important to use the appropriate torque wrench for each screw element.
  • Tip 10
  • It is worth storing the torque wrench correctly for long-lasting, faultless function . If it is kept dry, preferably in a locked tool box, it is ideally protected from dust and moisture. You can also find it quickly in a tidy workshop.

Useful accessories

Various accessories are available for the torque wrench from the test comparison . These are initially the adapters, extensions and inserts. The adapters are suitable, for example, for changing from 1/2 inch to 3/8 inch. The inserts enable a quick change of plug, so that the torque wrench fits on the respective screw connections and can be operated safely.

 Sometimes the torque wrenches arrive straight away in a set, so that you have the useful accessories at hand. If you already have a socket wrench, you can do without the additional parts. A box may be more useful here, in which you can stow the torque wrench yourself and, if necessary, the attachments.

If you have a lot of tools and would like to bring more order to your workshop anyway, you may decide to buy a tool case . This offers enough space for the numerous devices. There are often special containers for the small items, some of which can be attached to the lid of the case. This makes it easier for you to find the individual parts again.

In the area of torque technology, there are various spare parts that can be replaced when worn. Of course, you can’t do without screws and nuts. These should always be selected to match the area of application so that they have the necessary durability . The adjustment to the material to be screwed plays a certain role here, and of course one should not neglect the exactly compatible thread size.

 In addition to the socket wrenches for the torque wrench , it is often not possible to do without the simple wrenches and screwdrivers. Many cars have an extra compartment for the tool kit, so you may find the necessary equipment here. Most of the time, these subjects are rather sparsely populated.

If you want to use the torque wrench primarily for changing wheels on the vehicle, you need other things: The jack can jack up the car, and you may also need new wheels or rims. It may also be necessary to replace the wheel cover and other parts.

The tool for the bicycle also includes other utensils. There is a small patch set and the “bone” for on the go, and an air pump, wrench and various spare parts for the two-wheeler are also used.

Depending on whether you only use the torque wrench for the car or only for the bike, you already know how to adjust it. If you use it for different things, a table with the torques can be helpful. This is often on the packaging of the torque wrench or is part of the instructions. If you do a lot in your workshop, you can also hang the table on the wall.


Alternatives to the torque wrench

 The torque wrench optimizes safety when it comes to tightening screws and nuts. If you work with a simple wrench , you may tighten the connection too tight. At first, many laypeople think that it cannot be too tight, but the thread may be damaged by too much tension . If it breaks, nothing can be screwed on. Then the thread is tightened. It may also break apart completely, so that the screws can no longer be used.

The alternative of using a normal wrench or pneumatic screwdriver should be used with caution. Tighten “by feeling”, this task is currently being done by experienced hobbyists, but you can never be completely sure that the correct torque has been used. That is exactly why the torque wrench cannot be replaced by any other tool.


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