5 Best Tools Cage For The Money [ 2021 Edition ]

Even if you are a professional, even if you perform certain occasional hobby works, you need quality tools and we recommend the Yato brand. With a wide range of products for all pockets, you will easily find the right tools for you. Yato YT0761  is a omet ” torque wrench, made of chrome vanadium, which gives it resistance over time. For efficient tightening, you have placed on the handle a scale of values that is selected by rotation and mechanical locking that produces a noise when it has reached the desired left. If you want a high-performance kit, you can choose Yato YT-38941 .


The Best Tools Cage For The Money – Reviews In 2020

We still offer you some options so that you can easily find the products you need, whether you opt for a Yato torque wrench, for a set of tools or a Yato tool kit, cheap and good.


Rank # 1: HulkFit 1000-Pound Capacity Multi

 In case you need a Yato torque wrench you can go with confidence on this product and you will not be disappointed. It is a model from the professional range and ensures an efficient and accurate tightening of the screws.

Made of quality materials, chrome vanadium, will be durable for a long time. In order to be able to tighten accurately, the key has a mechanical lock, which after reaching the desired tightening level, produces a warning sound.

The scale of the tightening moments is placed on the handle, which is easily adjusted by a simple rotation. It is a ½ “key, with a length of 535 mm and a torque between 40 – 210 nm. It fits in the Yato range of tools, at a good price, and is a good purchase for you.


Rank # 2: Yato YT-38941

 If you want the best Yato tools, to perform various jobs you can choose this model with various parts, some of which can not be purchased separately.

It is a Yato 225 piece tool kit from the professional range, which are placed in special places, by categories, in a bag. It will be easy to transport, the kit being equipped with a cut handle and locks, to be safe while traveling. The compartment is well organized, so you can easily find what you need.

In the kit you have: tubular key ¼ ”, tubular in inches of several sizes starting from ½” x 7/16 ”to ¼” x ⅜ ”; tubular E; bit adapters in toles; screwdriver bit adapters: torX, straight, cross, hexagonal; embedded keys of different sizes.


Rank # 3: Yato YT – 3884

 The professional tool kit Yato XXL 216 pieces YT-3884 specially designed for the passionate ones, presents various parts you need, being a product well known among craftsmen.

Developed especially for those working in the automotive or mechanical field, this Yato 216 piece tool kit contains different types of wrenches, adapters, extension cords, cardan intermediate, ratchet trainer, screwdriver trainer, sliding trainer, different types of bits, jammed heads, etc.

As used materials we mention vanadium chromium, a material resistant to the action exerted on the parts and durable over time. The effective kit is made of hard plastic, with a slightly hexagonal shape that makes it easily noticeable, with the company logo inscribed on the front, with compartments by categories and sizes, with a cut handle to be able to carry it and locks. It weighs a total of 11.4 kg.


Rank # 4: Yato YT – 14501

 If you need Yato tools, cheap and good, you can go to this product that offers you different parts needed for a workshop. For a good resistance in time, the keys and actuating sockets are made of a hard material, chrome vanadium.

It is a Yato tool kit that contains 56 pieces of different sizes to help you perform several operations. In the set there are: tubular wrenches, TORX, ratchet trainer, flexible extension, sliding trainer, screwdriver type trainer, bits (with piping, straight, bushing), cardan joint.

The parts are arranged in a specially dedicated suitcase, which has a good compartmentalization to find the desired tool as soon as possible and not to overturn during transport. The kit is made of hard plastic and opens completely, for a better administration of the parts.


Rank # 5: Yato YT-38791 / YT-83152

 This product is a Yato car tool kit specially dedicated for those who work in a car service. The tools are durable, being made of hard steel, both keys and bits.

You have all the necessary parts for tightening or loosening different types of threaded dimensions, with tubular keys of different sizes and shapes; ratchet, screwdriver, extension cord, adapter for bits and bits, etc., all packed in a plastic case, with handle and lock.

In addition, you have a set of cables needed to charge the car battery, which are made of copper, well insulated, with high flexibility even at low temperatures, which have a length of 2.5 m. They are also packaged in a plastic bag, easy to transport and store.


Rank # 6: Yato YT-38791

 If you work in the automotive field or in a mechanical workshop and you need a Yato key kit from the professional range, which you can rely on while working, then you can go for this product.

It contains 108 pieces, which are made of chrome vanadium for the best resistance, and have a satin finish, being pleasant during use. The keys are tubular, with ratchet, tubular with bits, having various dimensions necessary to tighten or weaken certain threaded connections that have nominal dimensions.

The box in which they are packed is of the suitcase type, made of plastic, with specific compartments for each piece. It is equipped with plastic locks and has a cut handle so that it can be easily transported. The kit weighs 7.5 kg.


Rank # 7: Yato YT-0365

 A set of Yato combination wrenches can be helpful when working in a workshop or even at home, if you are interested in doing various household activities. The keys are durable and give you the power to tighten on different types of threads, being made of chrome vanadium steel.

Having a satin finish, they allow a good grip and also have a pleasant appearance. In order to be able to handle the keys in good condition, the work surface must be tilted at an angle of 15 degrees. The keys are fixed, perfectly calibrated and have several sizes from small 6 mm to large maximum 32 mm.

The set contains 25 keys and for a better organization of them during work, they are packed in a special kit, made of soft plastic, matte on the back and transparent on the front, with special places for each key depending on the size. .


Rank # 8: Yato YT-55280

 For those who have a personal business such as a car service, a repair and maintenance workshop, etc., a Yato tool cabinet is very suitable and you can go for this model. Besides having a space dedicated to storing tools, it also gives you a professional and orderly air to the workshop.

Este un banc scule Yato ce are trei sertare diferite pentru scule, pe care le poti ordona dupa anumite criterii, o suprafata libera in partea de jos unde poti sa asezi si alte obiecte de care ai nevoie, precum si o suprafata superioara de lucru din bambus lacuit. Vine echipat cu 162 de piese foarte utile pentru un atelier.

Ca si dimensiuni ocupa are o lungime de 68 cm, o latime de 45,5 cm si o inaltime de 90,5 cm. Pentru a fi usor de manipulat, este dotat cu maner in partea de sus si cu roti.


Rank # 9: Yato YT-55210

 In caz ca atelierul unde lucrezi este de mari dimensiuni si trebuie sa te muti cu lucrul in diferite zone, atunci un carucior scule Yato va fi foarte potrivit. Acest model este de culoare rosie si iti ofera trei rafturi deschise, pentru a putea pune cu usurinta sculele de care ai nevoie.

It is durable, being with a steel metal structure, and has a maximum load capacity of up to 130 kg. For easy handling it has a handle at the top and four wheels, two fixed and two mobile with braking system, to be easy to handle.

It has an ergonomic shape and is of medium size with a length of 79 cm, a width of 37 cm and a height of 79.5 cm. The shelves have slightly raised edges, so as not to lose the tools or the transported parts.


Frequent questions

What are the most popular Yato hand tools?

Being a prestigious company among professionals and not only, Yato tools are quite famous and sought after in Romania. Among the most popular are the tools dedicated to the automotive sector, either as a piece as a key Yato wheels, battery charging cables, or in the form of kits with a large number of parts; for installations, having sets of fixed keys or separately on certain dimensions; kits for repair and maintenance workshops, etc.




How much does a Yato wheel wrench cost and where do I buy it?

You can buy a wheel wrench at prices between 35 – 50 lei, both online at virtual specialty stores, and in certain stores that sell tools and implements in the automotive sector.


Does Yato also produce pneumatic tools? What typologies?

The company also produces pneumatic tools, with a wide range of such products as: pneumatic guns; painting equipment; rivet presses, nail staplers and staples, etc.




Top 6 measuring instruments produced by Yato and their usefulness


If you already have a Yato car tool kit, Yato tubular wrenches, etc. and you are a fan of this brand, you must know that it also provides you with measuring instruments in order to be able to carry out your activity with precision and quality, regardless of the field in which you work. You can find many Yato tools at a good price, and, we present below, the offer for measuring instruments:




Measuring instruments for electricians:

You can find a wide range of products, from the common voltage pencil to digital testers, including those specially dedicated to car circuits. It measures the voltage on different electrical circuits, so that it can easily detect where there is a fault.



You can opt for universal digital models with which you can measure both direct and alternating voltage, resistance, capacitor capacity, control diodes, current frequency, etc. These can be simple or clamp style. Laser models allow you to measure distance accurately and quickly, and allow you to make various calculations to find volumes, surfaces, etc.



Simple but well-equipped models with which you can easily measure distances, made of durable materials to be used even on construction sites, with hand-held or hanging system, with magnetic head, of different lengths.


Carpentry measuring instruments:

You have at your disposal a meter, a square, rulers, a protractor, which will help you to draw exactly certain contours, to measure and to place at an angle the products made.





P stockings short distances where you need high accuracy in measurements, callipers is what you need, and offer to YATO is very generous. There are universal models, but also specialized ones, such as those for brake discs.



They are useful in many areas, including construction where you need to frequently check the flatness of a surface and you can find simple models with two or three bubbles for better accuracy, magnetic or electronic laser models.


Buying guide

Yato is a Polish company with over 25 years of experience, which has won the trust of consumers by offering quality and very diverse products. On the Romanian market you can easily find Yato tools at good prices both from the professional range and for general use. In order to be able to choose what you need, read this guide and see which are the most suitable options for you, to choose the best Yato tool.

What use do they have ?:

The offer on the Romanian market is very diverse and you can find tools on different categories, a division being by types of trades, according to several opinions about the best Yato tools of professional users:

Dedicated tools for car service : you can choose tools for car engine repairs (for alternator, spark plugs, for distribution, for injectors, for valves and segments, pliers, check sets, etc.); for the braking system (brake disc separator, brake shoe replacement kits, brake cylinder devices, brake spring mounting devices, etc.); for the suspension system (spring presses, shock absorber tools, levers, etc.); different types of jacks (crocodile, hydraulic); windshield tools ; batteries etc.

Tools for electricians :

you can opt for crimping pliers; tension pencils; multimeters; cable knives and pliers and other accessories.

Tools for installers :

sets of dies for pipes; pipe wrenches (articulated ring wrenches, adjustable or fixed wrenches, etc.); pliers and cutters dedicated to installers; sets for pipe sleeves, etc.

Construction tools :

here you will also find a wide range such as carpentry tools; tools for plastering and painting; crates, straighteners, extension cords; knives and pencils for carpentry, hammers, vices, etc.

Garden tools :

different types of scissors (for grooming trees, for vines, for hedges, etc.); rakes, spades, shovels, hoes, miniscule for gardening, etc.

What are the types ?:

Depending on the mode of operation, Yato tools can also be divided into:

Hand tools:

are the ones you use by hand to facilitate different operations, there is a very wide range, from hammers and levers, to wrenches and screwdrivers of different types and sizes.

Pneumatic tools:

which are operated with the help of compressed air, being powerful, efficient and practical models, very helpful for craftsmen. You can choose pneumatic guns, painting equipment, rivet presses, nail staplers and staples, etc.

Power tools:

which work on the basis of power supply or batteries and offer you good productivity. There are multifunctional power tools, soldering guns, drilling machines, hammer, etc.

What materials are they made of ?:

In order to have a good resistance in time, the company uses quality materials, such as: different types of steel or chrome validium for tools that must be resistant to the force applied on them, with satin finishes that prevent slipping hands while working; the handles are made of rubber or hard plastic to be ergonomic and strong; the sheet used for strollers or cabinets is thick and durable over time.

How can I buy them ?:

Depending on what you need, you can opt for:

Tools purchased by the piece, thus having the possibility to choose exactly the models you use. Even if the investment is higher, you have the advantage that you do not have to buy all your tools at once, being able to take what you use in turn. If you rarely use tools at various jobs around the house, this method is more advantageous for you.

Tool kits, even if they have a higher purchase price, have different parts and per piece the price is lower than the purchase piece by piece. The kits are on categories, such as cars, installations, constructions, etc., but also combined, which you can use in various fields. They can have a smaller number of pieces: 10 – 15 pieces or large, over 150 pieces; in the same way, as sets of fixed keys of different sizes or combined. They are usually placed in boxes or suitcases, well compartmentalized by categories and dimensions, with predetermined places for each piece, with locks and handles.

Tool cabinets :

for professionals there are specialized cabinets: either only for storage and transport such as trolleys of different sizes, equipped with wheels and handle for easy handling; be equipped with various tools placed in drawers, which also have wheels and handles for transport. Some models also have a workbench on top.

At what prices can I find them ?: The offer is very varied and you can find products for all pockets, from tool kits with a smaller number of pieces at 100 – 150 lei, to cabinets with 150 – 20 pieces or more at prices of over 1500 lei. Car kits have prices between 300 – 400 lei or more depending on the complexity. You can find a combined key for 6-8 lei, and you can buy a set at prices between 100 and 400 lei or more, depending on the number of pieces.


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