5 Best Tool Kits For Garage [ 2021 Edition ]

If you have as little craftsmanship as you want, you also need a suitable kit, in which the accessories you use are always in order and at hand.

If you choose to invest in a ready-equipped kit, the first proposal of our team is Mannesmann 29166, a set with no less than 130 pieces, useful both in the house and in the car, in the garage or in the yard. 

The accessories are made of chrome – vanadium alloy, which gives them good durability, and the component of the set is appreciated as being complete enough for the needs of an amateur craftsman, no matter how skilled,

 Their storage is also inspired: carefully compartmented box, with dimensions that make it easy to handle and with a reliable closing system.

 And if you like to choose from, we have for you a second interesting option: Toolhub Professional kit 42 pieces imbus .

Our Editor Choice's



Key Features


  • Highly durable

  • CUSHIONED interior


  • Ball-bearing slides

  • Weight capacity of 16.5 lb

  • Heavy-duty metal latches

Pegboard Organizer Wall
  • 1/4in pegboard pegs

  • Pegboard features an attractive

  • Heavy duty case

JEGS 3-Drawer Portable Toolbox

  • 1/4in pegboard pegs

  • Durable and compact tool case

  • 1/4in pegboard pegs

  • CUSHIONED interior

  • Durable and compact tool 

Mannesmann 29166

One of the most practical proposals that you can enjoy, if you want to always have at hand the necessities of a half of craftsmanship at home or in the car, is this generous tool kit, which includes no less than 130 pieces made from a other resistant chromium – vanadium.

The kit has the appearance of a small suitcase, with double closure for extra safety. In it, the pieces are in perfect order, ready to be used. You can benefit from a 1 x 6.3 mm reversible clicket with 72 teeth, a screwdriver, a T-1 x slider, a 1 x 6.3 mm bit adapter, a 3-bit wing, hex holes, M bits and the list goes on and on.

You also benefit from 13 tubular, a hook wrench, 4 50 mm long screwdriver bits, 25 mm star and flat bits, torches, bushings of different sizes, hole torches, hexagonal wrenches, bushing wrenches and more; in other words, everything you need to craft where you need it.


  • Complete kit with a large number of parts, for common needs.
  • The accessories are neatly stored in a medium-sized box with double closure.
  • Made of quality materials.
  • Practical and easy to use.


  • Some consistent users claim that screwdrivers do not excel in terms of strength.

Mannesmann Mammut M98430

If you pay attention to the components and appearance of this Mannesmanm tool kit, you will realize why it is considered one of the best choices a long-distance driver can make. 

The German quality speaks for itself, and many users have consolidated its popularity through the acquisition, which is why it is one of the most popular models available online today.
We are not talking here about a simple tool kit, but about an offer that incorporates no less than 215 parts and accessories, distributed on typologies and sizes as varied as possible. 

All are made of the best materials (mainly steel) and are fitted in a plastic suitcase with a handle, which has excellent portability.

It would be useless to list all the components included, but we can mention them by use classes: 3 reversible ratchet wrenches, 3 spark plug wrenches, 38 tubular heads of any size, 18 elongated tubular parts, 14 torx components, 12 models of combined keys and numerous extension cords and adapters. 

In order to be without any worries, when you buy, you receive both a guarantee and an invoice.


  • It is a professional car tool kit, thus providing the necessary support in any situation.
  • It includes 215 component parts, being very complex and adaptable.
  • It is easily portable, compressed in an ergonomic plastic briefcase, easy to transport.
  • All parts are high quality, durable, being made of steel, with German technology.


  • As a use, it is only suitable for the automotive field.

Toolhub Professional kit 42 pieces imbus

If you work in a mechanical workshop or in installations and you need a professional set of wrenches, do not avoid this product from Toolhub. 

The set contains 42 pieces and you will have many useful options.

The kit includes: short hexagonal jams of 30 mm; 75 mm long hexagonal bushings; stellar XZN jams short of 30 mm and long of 75 mm; 30 mm short and 75 mm long Torx jaws; mm and ½ 10mm adapters. 

The parts are made of chrome – vanadium, a quality steel, durable, resistant to abrasion, corrosion and does not oxidize.

In order to keep the pieces in order and to be able to transport them easily, the set comes packed in a plastic box, with special places for each jam. 

It closes with flaps and has a handle. The whole set weighs 1.8 kg, being easy to carry, if you have works elsewhere.

It is a professional set of jams that contains 42 pieces.
It has short and long jambs, hexagonal, stellar and Torx.
They are made of quality steel to be durable over time.
In order to be able to move easily, the set is packed in a special plastic box.

The kit contains only push keys, the other utensils you need must be purchased separately.

Stanley Maxi-Drive

For all drivers “devoted” to their car, this car tool kit is the most suitable offer. When it comes to a car owner, even as a gift, this product will be highly appreciated, as it incorporates 72 high quality parts and matched in such a way as to correspond to most emergencies that may occur along the way.

The set includes various keys and screwdrivers, made with chrome finish and cast handles to ensure the widest durability. 

Even industrial solvents will not be able to damage the components,and the storage and transport case is made of the same very resistant plastic, light and easily transportable, through the prism of the internally cut handle.

Among the included accessories and tools, we can mention the tubular keys of various shapes, several types of screwdriver tips, 5 models of torx tips, ultra-resistant fixed keys, made of chrome and enriched with vanadium. 

Overall, the buyers’ impressions are mostly positive, consolidated and very popular in sales of the model.


  • It is an offer appreciated as a ratio between the number of components, quality and price.
  • Includes 72 parts, being a complex kit for car repairs.
  • The instruments are very durable, made with vanadium and chrome.
  • The storage briefcase is light and compact, ensuring efficient transport


  • Apart from screwdrivers, the other parts are only useful as car tools.

How to use a tool kit

In order to be able to use the tools for a long time and at maximum performance, you need to know a few things about their maintenance, in order to avoid premature damage. The box in which the tools are placed helps you to transport them easily, but also to store them safely between works.

How to maintain work tools
After you have finished the work, check the condition of the utensils. Screwdrivers that have a blunt or worn tip will not help you, on the contrary if you use them like this they will destroy the head of the screw and you will not be able to unscrew it with a good tool, but they can be sharpened. You can sand those with a flat tip on both sides, and at the end you check that the edge is at a right angle. Screwdrivers with special heads are better to take to a specialist.
Utensils that have joints such as scissors or pliers must be lubricated from time to time, in order to be able to handle them easily, but also to protect them against corrosion. With scissors you must be careful not to play the joint, which you can tighten from the screw. If you cut a fine-grained paper from time to time, the scissors will sharpen.
The hammer head must be sanded periodically to keep the surface you are using for smoothing. This is also true for chisels. If the wooden tail has a small play, it can be solved by holding the handle in water, but it is a temporary solution, in case the game reappears, the tail must be changed.
Saw blades are protected with Vaseline or oil. If you use the saw to cut a metal piece, it is good to give a mark, a hollow, with a triangular file so that the canvas does not slip. Files, rough or fine, because they attract dust and dirt, must be cleaned with a wire brush. The dies are cleaned of span with a brass brush and greased well. If you have a meter with joints, they must be periodically lubricated with graphite powder. Bubble levels are cleaned of lime and other dirt by washing with a damp cloth, then applied with oil to further protect it from dust.

Precautions for battery-operated tools
For batteries that run on batteries, be sure to charge them before use. The batteries are discharged over time if they are not used and you risk not being able to get to work.

How to store work tools
After using the tools you need to repair something around the house or in the car, get used to packing them and putting them back in the box exactly as you bought them. They have well-established places, in compartments, fixed, so as not to be damaged during transport or when you store them.
Do not rush when tightening, put it carefully and do not force it to enter because maybe you got the wrong place. The box can also be damaged and then the tools will be mixed and in different positions which can affect their quality.

Popular brands:

Whether you like to work around the house, or you do a job where you need various tools, a quality tool kit will help you do your job quickly, well and safely, so we continue to present you some top brands you can rely on when you want to buy one.

It is one of the strong brands created by the Toya company, founded more than twenty years ago in Poland. The company grows annually, reaching among the top companies in Europe and Asia, with a customer-focused development policy and innovative technologies to provide quality products and in line with market requirements.
The offer is very wide and you can find various tools by category, professional or for hobby, such as: dedicated tools for car service, pneumatic tools, power tools, tools for plumbers, tools for electricians, cutting tools, polishing and drilling, tools fixing and tightening tools, construction tools, measuring instruments, garden tools, etc.
It also offers a wide range of tool kits for different categories, comprising only a few pieces, 10 – 15, up to 200 – 300 pieces, which come packed in special boxes with predetermined places, to be easy to store and transported.
You can choose: Yato 58691 – kit 216 pieces containing the full range of tubular, extension cords, cardan couplings and other elements; Yato YT0362 – set of combination wrenches containing 12 pieces; Yato YT39009 – tool kit for electricians with 62 pieces.

You can rely on German quality, and this brand, on the market since 1890, is a guarantee of a job well done. The company has expanded in several fields, but currently has maintained and developed its steel sector, being a world-renowned name.
In terms of tool production, it offers a wide range of products for both professionals and home, with several categories such as: hand tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, special tools, tinsmith tools, compressors, equipment service etc. It also offers workbenches, metal cabinets for wheeled or fixed tools, different types of bags for craftsmen.
Tool kits are also very diverse, with a varied number of parts depending on the complexity, and come packed in special boxes, easy to transport and store. You have kits for electricians, for cars, for plumbers, for constructions, for home and garden, etc.
We recommend: Mannesmann 11212 – tool set for electricians; Mannesmann 29166 – has 130 parts, with various types of screwdrivers, screws, wrenches; Mannesmann 61015 – metal file kit, various shapes, 10 pieces.

Since its inception in 1990, the company has relied on good relationships with customers and innovative products, slowly conquering the market, and now becoming known worldwide. It offers viable solutions in important areas, such as air traffic control, maritime communications, critical safety infrastructure and communication for companies.
On the Romanian market, the manufacturer is present with tools and tools for professionals or for the home, with a wide range of products that can be divided into categories, such as: construction tools, measuring and monitoring tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, hand, painter’s tools, occupational safety and hygiene items, sprayers, hydraulics, lighting fixtures, etc.
You can also find kits fully equipped with a large number of parts (over 200), but also small kits (less than 20 pieces), which come packed in special boxes with handles to be easy to carry, or pocket to carry them. he was with you when you worked.
Thus you can opt for: Topex 38D224 – tool kit with 56 pieces useful for various operations in the house; Topex 38D644 – with 108 pieces containing various hand tools and accessories; Topex 38D852 – set of tubular wrenches with 219 pieces.

How to choose a good tool kit

Buyer’s guide

Not missing from a master’s closet, necessary in the trunk of a car and indispensable in certain professions, the tool kit continues to be one of the most popular acquisitions for the DIY field. From professional carpenters to electricians and mechanics, all users will appreciate a quality product that offers them three essential features: multi-utility, ergonomics and portability.

Even when you are not involved in a profession that requires such a kit at work or when you do not own a car, you need a toolbox to use for routine home repairs. What do you do when you have to cut wires, remove rusty screws or assemble a new piece of purchased furniture, when you do not have at least the necessary tools?

So, if you want to diversify your standard kit or even need a product for the service, it is important to know where to find professional tool kits at a good price and how to distinguish them from the multitude of offers you encounter. Here are the selection criteria we recommend you follow:



You think first of all about what you need a tool kit, because you may only need basic tools (screwdriver, patent, pliers, hammer) or, on the contrary, you need all kinds of specialized accessories. (voltage tester, saw, stapler, etc.).

If you buy your kit just for home, and this in routine repairs and improvements (you have to check a faulty socket, you need to tighten a screw or drive a nail), then you do not have to make an exaggerated investment, buying a set with over 30 accessories, but you will go to a standard offer, which includes the necessary utensils.

You need at least two screwdrivers, one cross and one simple, plus phase pencil, patent, normal and elongated, hammer, pliers, cutter. You can buy some parts separately, in addition to the kit or buy them in different sizes (screwdrivers, wrenches, consumables).

If you are in the category of those who always deal with major repairs in the household, assembling and assembling anything, without the need for the services of a specialist plumber, but you manage to fix any problem, from a leaking pipe, to checking pressure radiators, we recommend you buy a semi-professional tool kit.

It will have more than the standard parts, offering you accessories of as many sizes as possible and including all kinds of tools that can appear in the kit of a professional: voltage control screwdriver (phase pencil), various screwdriver heads and adapters , hexagonal heads etc.

For specific situations you will have to buy the best professional tool kit. This costs more, but offers, in many cases, everything you need to work in various fields, as you will see in the next parameter.


You may need a car kit, one for carpentry or maybe a kit for electricians. Here are some pieces that should not be missing from each:

For a toolbox needed by a mechanic, you need to make sure that the product you are going to purchase mainly includes as many wrench and screwdriver measures as possible. We recommend checking if the chosen model offers you tubular wrenches (conventional or long), bushings, interchangeable screwdriver tips (wide, torx).

A carpenter will need completely different tools, among which we mention the most important: the carpenter’s hammer, two chisels for wood of different sizes, hand saw, sanding board (diamond), ink tank and marking spool , carpentry meter and roulette. We remind you that this is a kit with hand tools, but it does not replace the work of high power devices (electric screwdriver, electric saw, belt grinder, drilling machine, etc.) that it is important to have in a workshop or on site when working with wood.

If you are wondering which is the best tool kit for an electrician, then the kit that deserves this title will incorporate at least: 3 straight screwdrivers of different sizes, 3 different cross models, tension pencil, digital multimeter (replace the probe or control bulb), universal patent, sharp patent, tvick pliers, curved pliers, serrated and wiring pliers, stripping knife, insulating tape, pipe clamps, slippers and terminal pins, adjustable wrench, contractile tube, hammer and indispensable belt for tools.

We especially recommend special screwdrivers with magnetic head or a magnetizer, which allows the correct recovery and positioning of the screws when the workspace is very narrow or difficult to access. All parts must be tested at high voltages (1000V).

Dimensions: as you already know, there are mini-kits, conventional models and bulky kits, loaded with 70-90 parts and accessories. For people who need only the bare necessities or for those who are looking for a cheap and good car tool kit, we suggest choosing a variant as small as possible, whose portability is the main feature.

If you use the kit at work, it will be one with a medium volume, small enough to take with you, but properly equipped with all the essential tools and shaped in the form of a briefcase or a box with a solid handle for transport.

You buy a large kit, a trunk or even a storage cabinet when you keep all the tools in the garage or in a workshop. In this case, in order to be able to carry only the minimum necessary, you will also need a portable briefcase as an additional accessory.

Materials: it is advisable to analyze both the materials from which the tools are made and those that are part of the storage box.

The components must be made of steel and have handles insulated with anti-slip materials, providing both protection from electricity and avoiding leakage; Many opinions about the best tool kits state that the handles of the correctly made tools are ergonomic and do not even leave corns after a day of work.

The actual case of the kit can be made of solid plastic, aluminum, steel or even wood.

The wooden one is suitable for carpenter’s tools, effectively protecting the chisels and blades from being hit by a metal coating, which could damage them. Plastic is a good choice for hobby kits, while aluminum and steel offer the greatest durability. The most robust must be the truck kits, where a solid structure and resistant to impact and vibration is required.

After establishing these landmarks, we can show you where most other craftsmen find tool kits at good prices; according to the testimonies of many buyers, the lowest costs are on the internet, so if you want to get a quality product for a minimum investment, it is inspired to order it online.

As a starting point, you also have the following top that presents the best tool kits on the sites in Romania.

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