Top 5 Best Tool Cart For The Money- Reviews In 2020


Find out which are the models that deserve special attention for, two above all: Homcom E2-0004 is characterized by five compartments that allow you to store all the tools you need. The drawers in particular are very sliding and can be locked with a key. Numerous users have also appreciated the Stanley 1-79-206 which stands out for its modular structure that allows you to dismantle the various compartments. The specific department for small parts is very useful.



The 5 Best tool cart for the moneys – 2020 Ranking


In order to best perform a job, it is essential to always have the right tools at hand. A solution in this sense can be represented by a tool trolley which, thanks to its shelves and drawers, allows you to arrange all the tools you need. In this page we have selected what, in our opinion, are the five best tool trolleys of 2020.



  1. HomCom Cart Toolbox for Workshop


 Among the tool trolleys that we have compared, the models that are equipped with drawers are often the most comfortable to use since they allow you to have a large number of shelves on which to place your work tools.

Homcom’s product stands out because it has five drawers, all with the same load capacity of 20 kilograms each. In this way you can order your tools according to the type so as not to waste time looking for them since, for example, in one drawer there will be all the hammers, in another the screwdrivers and so on.

The metal structure transmits a good feeling of solidity, the drawer guides slide smoothly and, to further safety of your tools, you can also lock the opening with a key. The ease of transport in the various points of the workshop is guaranteed by the four wheels, which ensure good stability, and by the presence of a handle at the top.

As you have seen, the benefits that this model offers are different and now we briefly summarize them. In addition, by clicking on the link below, you can access a shop where you can buy the Homcom trolley at a very advantageous price.



Five compartments: The presence of five compartments allows you to keep all your tools perfectly in order according to the type: it will be possible, for example, to keep the screwdrivers in the first, the hammers in the second and so on.

Drawers: There are several advantages offered by drawers: firstly, they have a considerable load capacity which allows you to store numerous objects; secondly, they are very fluid thanks to the valid guides and, finally, they can be closed for safety by means of a key.

Transportability: It is an easily transportable model thanks to the four sliding wheels and the practical handle located at the top.

Solidity: The opinions of most users agree that the metal structure of the Homcom trolley is solid and resistant: what it takes to work inside a workshop.



Wheel mounting: Some small problems have been recorded in the mounting of the wheels because of the holes that are not perfectly aligned.




  1. Stanley 1-79-206 Tool Trolley, 3 in 1


 Particular philosophy behind the realization of this Stanley product, in our opinion one of the best tool trolleys among those sold online.

It is in fact a product that makes versatility its distinctive feature as it is modular and can be separated or united, composing its three elements: upper box, central element with double drawer and base with single compartment with tilting opening.

The trolley is made of plastic and steel, the assembly looks nice and the whole returns a convincing feeling of solidity, both when the three elements are connected together and when considered individually.

In particular, steel is used, with ball bearings, for the guides on which the drawers slide. The versatility of use and the aggressive selling price make this product one of our most interesting buying tips.

The new Stanley tool trolley is therefore characterized by the originality of the solutions adopted. Here is a brief summary of this model.



Modular: The modular structure is the requirement that, more than the others, distinguishes the Stanley trolley. The ability to dismantle the compartments or to keep them together is an ingenious and versatile solution because, thanks to the handle present, the elements can be transported individually.

Drawers: The three drawers are not similar to each other so, depending on the greater or lesser capacity, it is possible to insert tools of different sizes to retrieve them more quickly.

Small parts: In particular, the central drawer proves to be very practical since it does not have a single space but is in turn divided into three specific compartments for small parts.

Quality / price: Stanley is a brand that hobbyists and professionals know well for the quality and reliability of its products. His cart is no different and at the price it is offered it is a real bargain.



Solidity: The strength of the propylene with which the trolley is made cannot be compared to that of metal.




  1. Einhell 4510150 BT-Tw 150 Trolley for tools and tools


 If you are thinking of how to choose a good tool trolley complete with drawers of various sizes and wheels that facilitate its movement, we recommend that you consider this model of Einhell.

It is a product that allows you to keep your workshop or garage in order by virtue of seven removable drawers thanks to the telescopic guides on ball bearings. In this way you will always have at hand all the tools necessary to perform the processes you need.

The trolley, for safety reasons, is designed to allow the opening of one drawer at a time while that of several drawers at the same time is not allowed, an aspect that may not meet your favors.

Made with a steel frame, it guarantees strength but above all a maximum capacity of up to 150 kilograms. Thanks to the four large wheels, two of which can be swiveled and equipped with brakes, one of the special features offered is also that of ensuring excellent portability.

It will not be the cheapest model in our ranking, but the Einhell tool trolley remains a high quality product. Here are its main features.



Sturdiness: If it is above all the strength and solidity you are looking for, Einhell does not disappoint expectations because it has created a steel product which, according to most consumers, boasts the greatest resistance among the most obvious advantages.

150 kg: The maximum capacity is 150 kg, enough to contain most of the small tools most commonly used.

Wheels: The advantage of the wheels lies in the fact that they are not fixed but directional and two are equipped with a stop to lock the trolley safely, ideal if you are on a sloping surface.



One drawer at a time: Multiple drawers cannot be opened simultaneously.




  1. Meister 8986100 Tool Trolley


 The selling price is always an important discriminating factor in favoring the purchase of one product rather than another.

Among the low-cost tool trolleys, this Meister model stands out, with compact dimensions and a robust workmanship thanks to the use of a sheet steel.

Equipped with four wheels, perhaps a little too small in size but two of which are equipped with parking brakes, it is also characterized by the presence of four drawers in which to place the smallest tools (up to a maximum weight of 8 kilograms) and of a much larger compartment, with door and pan handle, which allows you to accommodate the most bulky instruments.

The trolley does not offer the possibility to close the opening of the drawers with a key, therefore you will not be able to protect access to the tools stored inside it. Considering price, size and general quality, it is a product particularly suitable for hobbyists, less for professionals.

In our guide to choose the best tool trolley, you will therefore find a product designed especially for hobbyists. Practical and economic, it has the following characteristics.



Steel: The presence of the steel sheet gives strength and solidity to the model which can therefore withstand impacts without problems.

Drawer distribution : The distribution of the drawers appears to be optimal because in the wider one on the bottom it is possible to place the bulky tools and in the other four the smaller ones.

Quality / price: It is a model that has satisfied most hobbyists because it is solid, practical, the drawers are spacious and the price is really competitive.



Security: The drawers cannot be closed with the key.

Capacity: Probably the capacity of only 8 kg of the smaller drawers may not be sufficient for everyone’s needs.




  1. TecTake 3-level tool trolley


 When you are faced with the need to decide which tool trolley to buy, one of the discriminating factors could be the type of product itself, typically available in a drawer version or with a series of shelves.

The product proposed by TecTake belongs to this second category and is made up of three spacious painted steel shelves capable of withstanding a total weight of up to 100 kilograms. Transportability is ensured by the four wheels at the base, two of which can be swiveled to ensure good maneuverability.

Many of those who have had the opportunity to try it have appreciated the simplicity of the assembly (although it is better to be in two …) and the robustness, even if it maintains a general lightness. It is not a product to meet the needs of professionals but, in a small workshop or garage dedicated to DIY, it does its job, while also maintaining a truly competitive price.

So here is a cart for those who want to spend as little as possible. Simple but functional, it is worth a look.



Low prices: Difficult to find a cart at a lower price. If you don’t have big needs but your goal is above all to save money, TecTake could be for you.

Transport: Thanks to the practical side handle and the four wheels, two of which can be swiveled, you will have no problem maneuvering and transporting it.



Capacity: If you have many tools to store, you may find the TecTake capacity insufficient.

Editing: Some hobbyists found editing rather problematic.


 Homcom – Workshop trolley with 5 drawers, with wheels, red



The Homcom tool trolley is equipped with five drawers where you can store all the tools neatly divided by type. The drawers are very spacious, sliding thanks to the quality guides, and can be closed with the key for greater safety.

Some users stressed the presence of holes that are not perfectly aligned which make the assembly of the wheels more complicated than expected.

It is a very solid trolley, with an additional shelf at the top and easy to carry because it has wheels and a practical handle at the top.





STANLEY 1-79-206 Tool Trolley, 3 in 1



It is a very ingenious model due to its modular structure: all the compartments can be used and transported simultaneously as a single block or dismantled in three parts and used individually. A versatile solution for all needs.

It is a trolley made of polypropylene. However resistant it may be, it is certainly not comparable to steel.

The trolley is sold at an absolutely competitive price, it is transported like a trolley, it is practical because it has the central drawer divided in turn into compartments for small parts.





Einhell 4510150 BT-Tw 150 Trolley for Tools and Tools, Blue


The Einhell trolley is made of steel and is therefore incredibly resistant, also suitable for professional use. Also noteworthy is the maximum load reaching 150 kg.

For safety reasons, only one drawer can be opened at a time, certainly not the maximum of convenience.

Extremely robust trolley, also striking for the ease of transport ensured by the four large wheels, two of which can be directed.



How to use a tool trolley


In the workshops the classic tool trolley cannot be missing, equipped with wheels and drawers to hold all the work tools, always available and at hand.

Depending on the use you make of it, you can opt for ultra-equipped or extremely simple trolleys, therefore equipped with a pair of exposed shelves.




Order the work environment

The purchase of a tool trolley not only allows you to position all your tools necessary for the job in a simple and orderly way, but also to protect them from wear and dust which, especially in the case of tools with electrical contacts, could ruin them.


Building materials

Particular attention must be paid to the construction materials since the trolley will be moved often, therefore keep an eye on the wheels. Make sure they have an adequate locking system and that they are solid and well welded to the product which should preferably be made of sheet steel, painted with epoxy powders to ensure greater durability and resistance to rust.


Non-slip surface

The upper part of the trolley must be in non-slip rubber, so you can rest any tool, even steel ones, that easily slide off, without any fear of falls that could ruin them.

Depending on your needs, you can prefer models with a variable quantity of drawers, usually from a minimum of three to over seven drawers.


Affix labels to the drawers

For a simple identification of the instruments, we advise you to apply labels that can immediately remind you what is inside each drawer. That way, you don’t have to open them all at work to find what you need. However, not even a cleverly positioned label can save you from your carelessness, so remember to put the tool back in its drawer after use.




Rubber wheels

Rubber wheels are preferred by users as they guarantee strength and safety, however, it is necessary to position the locking system adequately, to prevent the cassette from slipping away if you work on inclined surfaces, hitting cars or other valuables.

The wheel locking systems vary according to the model purchased, it is good practice to read the instruction booklet carefully to immediately identify the one for your product and learn how to use it in the shortest time possible.



Also pay attention to maintenance. Some tool trolleys may require special precautions, especially if not used for long periods of time. If they are made of plastic, you should avoid exposing them to intense sunlight or excessive heat sources to avoid deformation of the construction material.

If, on the other hand, they are made of metallic materials, free of anti-rust paints, it would be advisable to keep them away from sources of water and rain, perhaps personally providing a coat of anti-rust paint.

To avoid the accumulation of dust, consider the possibility of covering the trolley with a plastic sheet.



Buying Guide – How to choose the best tool trolley?


In a workshop worthy of the name, a trolley in which to place all the tools you need to carry out your work comfortably and practically cannot be missing.

On the market there are many different types of products of this type and, comparing prices and features, unraveling among the numerous offers is certainly not easy. For this reason, we have created a purchase guide that can help you choose a model that best suits your working needs.




The right dimensions

At the top of the list of aspects to be taken into consideration is the size of the trolley. The main function of this object, in fact, is to be equipped with wheels so that it can be easily moved inside the workshop so as to always have nearby all the tools that you may need during the processing you are carrying out.

Therefore, carefully evaluate the dimensions of the trolley so that it is not oversized compared to the space you have. A model with the right dimensions, in fact, can be easily carried from one point to another in the room, without excessively limiting your movements and without being able to crash into the walls or against other machinery with the risk of ruining and ruining them .

From this point of view the offer of the best brands in the sector is so varied that you will have no difficulty finding both a compact model and a more bulky but obviously more capacious and with a higher price.


Type of trolley

Typically on the market it is possible to find simpler trolleys, consisting for example of two or three shelves on which to place the tools, and more complete models, real tool drawer units, equipped with a variable number of drawers in which to place pliers, hammers, screwdrivers and anything else you need to do your job.

The chests of drawers develop mainly in height and have a double advantage since they allow for a more accurate division of the tools, for example by placing all the screwdrivers in one drawer, the hammers in another and so on. They also allow greater protection of the tools which, once the drawer is closed, remain protected from dust or contact with substances that could ruin them.

The reasoned organization of the spaces inside the trolley guarantees to be able to recover a tool quickly and immediately, without wasting precious time in its search.




The importance of materials

Reading the reviews of the tool trolleys sold on the market it will often emerge how important it is that they are made with quality materials, since they are objects easily subject to accidental impacts because it is not difficult for a tool to slip out of your hand and crash into it. You could opt, for example, for a model made of sheet steel and painted with epoxy powders, destined to last over time and which will not be affected by humidity or rust.

The upper surface, which will surely be frequently used to place tools and objects of various types on it during processing, must necessarily be non-slip and also made to withstand impacts without deforming.

Finally, it is important that the four wheels that facilitate the movement of the trolley inside the workplace are equipped with a brake lock in order to guarantee stability to the trolley when you decide to position it at a certain point and not move it for the time necessary upon completion of the operation.


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