[ 2021 Edition ] 8 Best Tool Boxes For Mechanics

For any chore to do at home or for your hobby, a useful toolbox is essential to have all the various utensils that can be ordered and ready for use.

 A complete model of the best toolkits for mechanics that integrates 102 tools is the TECCPO THTC01H chosen by hobbyists for its very affordable price, which does not compromise the quality of the devices present.

For professional mechanics (and not only), here is the Beta Easy 2056E / ITA  tool case with 144 high-quality tools, essential for those who take care of our cars  which also becomes useful for those who want a box complete with everything they can to serve.

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Key Features


  • Highly durable

  • CUSHIONED interior


  • Ball-bearing slides

  • Weight capacity of 16.5 lb

  • Heavy-duty metal latches

Pegboard Organizer Wall
  • 1/4in pegboard pegs

  • Pegboard features an attractive

  • Heavy duty case

JEGS 3-Drawer Portable Toolbox

  • 1/4in pegboard pegs

  • Durable and compact tool case

  • 1/4in pegboard pegs

  • CUSHIONED interior

  • Durable and compact tool 


8 Best Tool Boxes For Mechanics- Reviews In 2021

A useful toolbox that is as complete as possible can solve several problems that you face every day. 

For small chores at home, but also professionals, toolkits are one of those objects that should never be missing in the home or workplace.

As many as 102 tools in a box designed for a bit of use, given the variety it offers. Ideal, therefore, to have at home for small maintenance since there is almost nothing missing of what might be needed.

The equipment includes forged tools to resist rust, and all are equipped with an ergonomic and non-slip handle that facilitates the grip and, therefore, the use of the machine. 

In the box, there are also tools a little different from the usual, such as a torch to illuminate dark areas or a meter to take the right measurements. 

In this complete toolbox, there is not even a spirit level to always be sure that what is mounted is straight and does not hang from some side.

Also handy are the cutter and the two screwdrivers (one with a star tip and one with a flat tip) that allow you to screw and unscrew screws of one of the most common sizes. 

However, there is a screwdriver with an interchangeable tip to choose from among the 48 available.

Household Tool Kit, LETTON General Home Repair


  • Variety: The equipment is vibrant, and in practice, there are almost all the tools that can be used for small home maintenance.
  • Quality: All the tools that include a metal part are chromed and forged so as not to rust over time.
  • Torch and cutter: Very appreciated by the presence of a flashlight that can get out of the way when the job you are performing is in a poorly lit or not at all areas. Not menacing is the presence of a cutter, which you never know where it is when you need it.


  • Shortcomings: To define this complete toolbox, we would also have preferred the presence of a hacksaw for iron and a file for wood and one for metal.

The Beta toolbox is designed primarily for mechanics who need to have everything they need for car maintenance on their hands.

 In fact, many of the tools present are suitable for unscrewing, screwing, components that are located under the hood of a car.

The equipment is particularly costly and consists of 144 pieces, ideally housed inside the suitcase and protected by soft dividers to prevent any damage caused by unwanted impacts. 

The latter has reinforced corners that allow you to have no problems in case it falls.

Obviously, the multitude of tools offered makes it an ultra complete toolbox even for small maintenance jobs. 

Each device is of excellent quality, and therefore, also if the final price does not make it a box for everyone, those who buy it will not be disappointed.

Beta Easy 903E/C98 bag with tools


  • Equipment: Nothing is missing in this toolbox, especially if you buy it to do maintenance on your car, or you are professional mechanics.
  • Reinforced suitcase: The suitcase-shaped box has reinforced corners, areas where there is a higher risk of it breaking in the event of a fall.
  • Quality: Each tool present is rated extremely high by users who put their wallet to purchase it.


  • Price: If you are not a professional mechanic or a do-it-yourself lover who does not mind expenses, the toolset proposed by Beta is not the cheapest on the market.

Not everyone likes to buy complete toolboxes, partly because some tools present will never be exploited, somewhat because they prefer to choose carefully the models that are used most frequently. 

That’s why to keep all the tools in order, and you need to buy an empty toolbox, where you can choose which tools and in what order to insert them.

A new and convincing product is the toolbox proposed by VonHaus , which allows you always to have screwdrivers, Allen keys, hammer, and what can be useful for your work or for do-it-yourself. The suitcase is lined with durable black ABS.

VonHaus 100 Piece Home Repair Tool Set  offers a removable tool panel inside the lid, with nine tool pockets and an elastic buttonhole on one side and ten narrow pockets and a large one on the other. 

Inside the cover panel, there are six further large tool pockets and a compartment that can also be fixed. The maximum weight that can be loaded is 15 kg.


  • Neat: The variety of pockets and compartments will not leave dissatisfied, even those who have to insert a large amount of tools of the most varied shapes and sizes.
  • Belt: A comfortable shoulder strap is also included in the equipment to facilitate the transport of the toolbox if it is not particularly heavy.
  • Locks: The box is equipped with a lock with a three-digit numerical combination and two snap locks to keep the inserted tools safe.


  • Screwdriver cases: The pockets for storing the screwdrivers are of standard size and not elastic, and therefore the smaller ones may come out of the compartment.


VonHaus 100 Piece Home Repair Tool Set

Rank #4: Crescent 170 Pc. General Purpose Tool Set

The Crescent 170 Pc. General Purpose Tool Set is mainly suitable for those looking for a large variety of socket wrenches and related attachments. In fact, it consists of 96 keys of this type and accessories with connections that go from 1/4 “to 1/2”.

Specifically, the equipment includes a ratchet with bi-material handle, sixteen hexagonal socket wrenches with sizes ranging from 10 to 32 mm, a universal joint, four long hexagonal sockets from 14-15-17-19 mm. Two devices for 16 and 21 mm candles and an extension of 250 mm. There is no shortage of Phillips, Pozidriv, Torx, hexagonal, and standard inserts that make this box complete for those who have to screw or unscrew any component.

The briefcase is well organized, and in the blink of an eye, you can find the piece you need. Each accessory and key is made of Chrome Vanadium, which ensures resistance even over time and with intense and frequent use.


  • Variety: The abundant supply of socket wrenches and accessories makes this toolbox ideal for those who have to screw or unscrew anything.
  • The most used: Among the inserts in the cassette, there are the most common ones, namely Phillips, Pozidriv, Torx, hexagonal, and clearly the standard ones.
  • Decomposable: The case can be broken down into two parts if desired and to house each insert in the drawers of the workshop trolleys when working on site.


  • Small ratchet: This accessory is not the best, since sometimes it jams inexplicably and sometimes, instead, it does not tighten with due force.
Crescent 170 Pc. General Purpose Tool Set

Rank #5: USAG 002 181 JM Toolbox with Maintenance Tool Kit

Those looking for quality rather than low prices can consider this, to say the least, complete toolbox proposed by a very famous brand in this sector: USAG. In the box with an aluminum profile structure and also equipped with a series of metal reinforcements, there are three tool panels well divided by category of tools.

There is the “clamps and inserts” panel where there are 100 of the most common and also particular ratchets. The operating wrenches panel offers wrenches for nuts from 8 to 30 mm. The one called “cutting and maintenance” offers a scissor, a hacksaw, a cutter, a pleximeter, a phase finder, and a hammer. Finally, the “pliers and screwdriver” panel puts four types of pliers plus ten screwdrivers on the plate.

The shape allows you to understand the necessary and possibly missing tool quickly.

USAG 002 181 JM Toolbox with Maintenance Tool Kit


  • Quality: A toolbox that offers USAG branded tools, used by professionals and therefore of quality like few others among the various offers that populate this particular market.
  • Shapes: Each tool has its own well-defined position on the mousse or on the panel, easily identifiable by its way.
  • Suitcase: The suitcase is made of aluminum profiles with a series of reinforcements in the most common support points. There is also a lock with a key.


  • Phase finder: The phase detector included in the scope of delivery is not marked USAG but is an economic model with a few euros. A pity in comparison to the rest of the tools of undoubted quality.

Rank #6: Apollo Tools DT7102 170 Piece Complete Household Tool Kit

Among the best-selling brands in terms of tools and utensils, there is this German brand. In this case, the complete Würth toolbox offers everything that can also be used professionally to carry out maintenance work, including rather complicated ones.

This toolbox is also suitable for plumbers as it consists of 250 mm water pump pliers. The complete set pleases due to the high value for money, given that each tool inserted is made with care and using the best materials. The box is also well organized, and the 91 pieces present are easily.

Among these, we cannot fail to mention the eleven combined keys of the ZEBRA series with sizes starting from 8 up to 22 mm. There is also a convenient universal gripper and a 400 g hammer. To find the right tip for the screw to be screwed or unscrewed, there are thirty different ones to be inserted in the adapter.

Apollo Tools DT7102 170 Piece Complete Household Tool Kit


  • Quality: Users who have found the right link to know where to buy this box are happy with the price paid in relation to the excellent quality of the pieces present.
  • Combination wrenches: One of the tools that are among the most useful is the combination wrench. In the box, there are eleven of the Zebra series offered in different sizes.
  • Hammer: How many times has it happened that a hammer was needed to do a job, and this was not at hand? Problem solved with this box that offers one of 400 grams.


  • Meter: If you really want to find a fault, a roll-up meter is missing, which can always be useful when you need to take some measures.


Rank #7: METAKOO Tool Kit

If we have highlighted the best-selling toolbox models online, we also want to give space to a toy toolbox, which offers tools very similar to those that are present in the various boxes and that allow children to feel “great” when they have to do some small manual chores.

All tools are made of hard plastic to make them last over time. There are a screwdriver, a hammer, a saw, pliers, some bolts and screws, and also a pair of glasses to protect the eyes from possible splinters. The (fake) drill is very popular, but if used for fun, it emits the typical hum that is perceived when using a real model.

The tools present are forty and twenty of these can be used really, to help mom and dad with housework. The various tools are stored in the handy box, also made of hard plastic.



  • Complete: Nothing is missing from the toolbox among the most commonly used tools, including a hammer, pliers, screwdriver, level bolts, and screws.
  • Drill: A non-real exercise is also offered to complete the equipment, but when it lights up, it emits the classic sound of real drills. It works with two AA batteries included in the delivery.
  • Real tools: Of the forty tools offered in the box, twenty of these are real, however, made of plastic but which can still be used for some small jobs.


  • Closure to be reviewed: The box is equipped with a closure to prevent tools from coming out when carrying them around. However, some parents complain that this is a little too delicate to be a toy

For all lovers of two wheels who want to do the maintenance themselves, Super B offers a new and exciting set of tools designed specifically for this purpose. The bike toolbox includes all those tools that are essential always to have your bicycle ready for use.

The set consists of 36 well-ordered tools inside a folding case. It is certainly not a product to carry around, but it is designed to be in the garage. Among the various tools, the two extractors stand out, one for Shimano type bottom bracket and one for Hollowtech II / Truvativ / FSA / Campagnolo bearings. The spoke wrench is useful, available in sizes 3.5, 3.2, 3.3, and 4.0.

There are also three tire levers with steel core and a 15 mm wrench with a built-in ratchet. Users are satisfied with the quality and variety of the tools, while not everyone agrees on the robustness of the case.

Super B 36-in-1 Tool Set


  • Bike tools: The case offers practically all the tools needed to carry out maintenance on any type of bicycle on the market.
  • Quality: All the tools are of good quality, and among these, the “tire hunters” with metalcore stand out, which makes them particularly resistant.
  • Compact: The case, despite offering 36 tools, is very compact, and you will not find it difficult to find a place in your garage where you can store it when you are not using it.


  • Amateur: Many users agree that the quality of the tools is suitable for beginner or semi-professional use. Repair professionals must turn to other types of products

Buying Guide – How to choose the best toolboxes?

Choosing which toolbox to buy isn’t always a simple decision. In fact, very often, we aim to buy the one that contains the most significant number of tools, but this method of choice is not always the best.

 In fact, it will be noticed that many of the devices present are never used, and therefore a higher amount has been spent than actually used. 

So, the best toolbox is the one that best matches your needs, that is, it offers the tools you think you can use more frequently.

Cassettes for professionals

Many of the best toolboxes for the mechanics of 2020 are specifically designed for specific categories of professionals.

 These inside have a series of tools that are suitable for the tasks that a professional must carry out in the context of his work. 

For example, there are toolboxes designed for mechanics, plumbers, electricians.

There are also other versions for those who have to assemble furniture or carry out maintenance work on household appliances and so on.

 These particular boxes are composed of tools that are hardly found in the “generalist” ones, precisely because they are mostly used in specific activities. 

This is also one of the reasons why cassettes for professionals cost more than “general” ones.

The quality of the tools

To determine the price of a toolbox is the build quality of all the devices present, in addition to their total number. 

A forged metal tool, with a particular handle, which does not allow the device to slide from the hands when they are wet or sweaty are certain qualities that should never be missing in any method.

For all those who have moving parts, such as ratchets, the robustness when going to tighten a component is fundamental so as not to have a piece, which is being serviced, that you cannot close as it should.

 Many tools also have chrome parts, which are synonymous with very long life, not having to fear rust even after many years of ownership.

For this reason, for the same number of tools, it is better to choose a branded product, perhaps spending a few euros more than a non-branded box. 

A higher expense than ever, in this case, will be repaid by more top quality and, therefore, with tools that will last over time.

The empty boxes

There are many people who prefer to buy empty toolboxes and then fill them with various tools. 

Those who prefer this type of toolkit are usually because they want to carefully choose the quality of the tools and not rely on a single brand that perhaps produces high-quality screwdrivers but, on the contrary, offers low-end wrenches.

When evaluating the empty toolbox, first of all, consider how many tools will be inserted, keep in mind that it is better to choose a version that can contain a higher number of those available to have room for any tools that will be purchased later.

Frequent questions

What’s in a toolbox?

Each toolbox has a variable number of tools, so there is no standard. A model that is defined as “generalist” must have at least 50 pieces. 

There must be a series of screwdrivers, or at least interchangeable tips, slotted and star. 

The wrenches and the Allen wrenches are also necessary, and if there were also those to tighten or unscrew the Torx screws, it would not be wrong since sooner or later, you could come across one of these.

A hammer, a cutter, a meter, and a pair of pincers of different sizes, scissors, a little insulating tape, and a hacksaw (with blades for iron and wood) should never be missing.

 Obviously, if there is room, screws, nails, bolts, and pins must also be provided.

How to build a wooden toolbox?

For those who want to save a little money and don’t have many tools, the right solution is to build a wooden toolbox yourself.

 First of all, you need to get five pine boards because this is the simplest and cheapest material to create a helpful toolkit. Also, have a pencil, tape measure, and a team.

 Finally, prepare the right amount of wood screws, perhaps of different sizes, a saw, and a drill. Also useful for wood glue and sandpaper.

First of all, you have to make a drawing of your box, trying to make it as simple as possible to build. 

In general, it is necessary to create a bottom, two side shoulders, and a carrying handle. You could also have dividers inside the box to place some tools.

There are many videos available on the web that allow you to follow the construction of a wooden toolbox step by step,

 Therefore, if you are not used to the technical drawing, this, as always, is the best solution to make it.

Where to place the toolbox?

The rule is that the toolbox is readily available when needed. It is, therefore, useless to put it in areas where a ladder is required in order to be able to take it or under a wardrobe. 

It must be in a comfortable position, in the garage or in a closet, if you have children keep it in a place that is not easily accessible by the latter.

Because as you know, inside there are also dangerous tools if they are not handled with due care.

How to use a toolbox

The quality of the box

If the variety of the tools inserted is a priority feature for knowing how to choose a useful toolkit, the box itself also deserves an eye.

 When choosing, it is better to lean towards aluminum or ABS models but which have metal reinforcements on the corners and at least the metal profiles.

This allows you to preserve the box if you have a habit of “treating it badly,” perhaps because you are always in a rush during working hours. 

The handle is also essential: check that it is well fixed to the frame of the box, perhaps with at least four screws (two per side). 

This must never give the feeling that it can break or give way because otherwise, a fall could ruin some valuable tool inside.

Also, evaluate the internal arrangement of the tools and whether they are easily removable and repositionable. 

Not least is the possibility, possibly, to be able to add others in addition to those present, perhaps in a prepared compartment. 

In fact, most toolboxes do not offer a drill, for example, but this can be an indispensable tool for various types of interventions, and the possibility of being able to insert it in the toolbox is a significant plus.

As for empty toolboxes, it is essential to check the maximum weight they can bear. 

It would be a shame if, once all your tools were inserted, the box could not take the pressure, with the real risk that it could break even shortly after having purchased and used it.

How to organize the toolbox

There is no real rule on how to classify a toolkit. 

If you buy a complete toolbox, there is not much choice: the tools are already positioned, and all you have to do is put them back in place once used.

 Even in the case of an empty box, there are already compartments and pockets designed to insert the various tools.

In this case, you can have a little more elasticity, perhaps by putting the tools you use most often in the main panel.

That is the one that shows up as soon as you open the box.

 If there is space on the bottom, a small container could be handy, where you can insert screws, bolts, nails, pins, and so on. 

This is equipped with compartments and usually has a transparent cover so you can immediately see which piece you need.

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