[ 2021 Edition ] 10 Best TIG Welder With Buying Guide

The best TIG welders allow you to perform solid and oxidation-free welding thanks to the environment of inert gases where it runs, which allows to avoid the presence of oxygen in it, improving the results on any material and circumstance. If you also bet on a model that has the necessary security to work without worries and with the power for the jobs you plan to do, surely an investment will be a success.

As a favorite model for consumers we find the Stanley 460181 model , equipped with a maximum power of up to 180 amps and with all safety measures so you can work with the peace of mind you need. Also interesting is the GYS 151LC model, which offers at an economical price a system with an adjustable power of up to 180 amps and a system that absorbs excess or voltage defects to work safely.

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Key Features


LOTOS - 1H-4HPT-NF6E   welding machine
  • 15-200AMP DC Stick/MMA Electric Current Output

  • HF start hand torch control 

  • -200A AC Square-wave inverter 

Weldpro 200 Amp Inverter Welder
  • Weldpro's flagship 200 amp MIG welder

  •   MIG / Flux Core welding machine

  • VRD high temp and overload protection

SereneLife Inverter MIG Welding Machine
  • Weldpro's flagship 200 amp MIG welder 

  • 0.063-0.157 acid electrode


LOTOS - 04-ZVGR-0O8D Welder
  • 10-50AMP Plasma Cutter Current Output

  • HF arc start hand torch control 

  • Acid or Basic Electrode

HITBOX New Arrival Mig Welder 


  • VRD high temp and overload protection

10 Best TIG Welder - Reviews 2021

RANK#1: Lincoln Electric K2278-1

Although it is not the best tig welder on the market, the French-made GYS 151LC model could well be. We are talking about an advanced inverter welder with TIG function that offers a nominal power of up to 150 amps.

As a novelty, this power is regulated by an LCD panel that prevents errors and allows to control the power at the ampere. This equipment also has a switch to alternate its use between normal welding and TIG welding, for which it includes the corresponding torch and the rest of the necessary equipment.

To protect and facilitate the task, it has a system that prevents the electrode from sticking, as well as an electrical protector that supports 15% excesses or defects on the power supply.

It has the capacity to charge electrodes from 1.6 to 4 millimeters in inverter mode with a quick heating system to start working immediately.

If what you are looking for is the optimal performance, we can suggest that the best TIG welder of the moment is this, thanks to the opinions of the users about its advantages, which you can know below.


Power: It has the capacity to generate 150 A of maximum power, which can be controlled by means of a new LCD screen, which allows a more precise selection of the desired power.

Welding mode: With the press of a button, you can choose between using MMA or TIG welding, as long as you connect the necessary and compatible implements for each one.

Security: Bring an electric protector that has a threshold, both of excess and lack of electrical power, of 15% from the supply it receives. Also, it incorporates a non-stick system for the electrode.

Quick mode: With this function, you can weld by simply turning on the machine and selecting the quick mode.

Dimensions: It is smaller than many others in the market, with only 43, 4 x 36 x 26 cm and weighing 11 kg.


Rank #2: HITBOX ARC Welder 200A Stick

Within the mixed soldier models we find the vidaXL 140259 welders. This welder can be used in a traditional way or as a TIG welder simply by changing the operating mode on the front. It has a power of up to 180 amps, which we can regulate using the corresponding wheel at up to 10 intensity levels.

The TIG function uses argon and carbon dioxide to improve the soldier’s results. Its high-level electronic system remains safe thanks to an internal fan that scrubs its components, as well as a surge system that avoids the risks associated with the power supply.

The team has all the necessary accessories (cables, torches, etc.) to perform any work accompanied by a bag for transport. It is something that also helps its lightweight, just 3 kilograms.

In the search for a good cost-benefit ratio, we can tell you that the best TIG welder for 100 euros is this model. To find out why it has been considered that way, read below its benefits and disadvantages.


Power: It has 180 A of maximum power, which can be regulated with a knob on the front panel, with up to 10 levels to choose from, to perform an efficient and adequate job to the needs presented.

Safety: It has a surge protection system, as well as an internal ventilation system to keep the temperature of the device stable.

Accessories: Comes with its respective hammer, chipping brush, MMA electrode holder, ground wire, the TIG torch with its cable and its respective carrying and storage case.

Welding Mode: You can choose on the front panel what type of welding system you want to use: if the traditional one or the TIG, just by operating the control and connecting the necessary implements.


Noisy: Some users comment that it is a bit noisy when it comes to working.



The MountainNet CT312 model is much more than just a TIG welder. Because in addition to this function you can also work as a conventional inverter welder and even as a plasma cutter, bringing together three functions in a single product. For this, it has a total power of up to 120 amps, which you can adjust using the wheel placed on the front in order to adapt the intensity to the chosen task.

On the front we also find the function switch to choose the type of soldier or the cutting function. The equipment includes the wiring for the inverter soldier, the torch for the TIG soldier and the accessories for plasma cutting, not needing to buy anything else.

It is a complete team that, due to its functionality and adjusted price, is considered the best TIG welder due to its price-quality ratio, according to users and consumers.

When in doubt of which TIG welder to buy, it is better to continue researching and reading about models in the market. To make things easier, we want you to take a look at the qualities that this model offers because, perhaps, it may be your next acquisition.


Power: Offers a maximum power of 120 A, adjustable from its front panel with a knob that has 8 positions.

Versatility: Not only is a welder with MMA and TIG capability, but it can also be used as a plasma cutter, just by adjusting the necessary parameters and the required tools.

Accessories: In addition to incorporating everything necessary for MMA and TIG welding, such as cables, hoses, hammers, and connectors, it also brings everything necessary to use it as a plasma cutter, without the need to acquire anything outside its sale price.

Safety: It incorporates a ventilation system to keep the device at a safe temperature during use. Also, it brings a system against overvoltage, which disconnects the device immediately.


Safety: It incorporates a ventilation system to keep the device at a safe temperature during use. Also, it brings a system against overvoltage, which disconnects the device immediately.


Rank #4: Goplus MIG 130 Welders

 If the previous equipment falls short, surely the Draper Expert 05579 model responds to your needs.

We are talking about a piece of professional type equipment, which extends the existing power up to 200 amps with a much higher usage time than the rest of the equipment presented.

Specifically, it allows 65% operation at a level of 165 amps, the widest range. This power, like the type of operation (TIG or inverter) is controlled from the control panel, very easy to use.

Due to its professional style, the body is especially resistant, made of shock-resistant steel, while its interior has an earth connection, resistance against overvoltages and overheating and a high-level ventilation system. The professional style is also appreciated in the accessories, with its coated hoses and its high-quality torch, which guarantees the best possible results.

For those occasions when you need a reliable and affordable tool, we cannot miss one of the cheapest TIG welders on the market. Check their qualities below, to see if they adapt to you.


Power: Offers 200 A, enough to perform, notably, in a wide variety of tasks and materials. This power can be regulated on the front panel.

Safety: It incorporates a surge protection mechanism, which disconnects the device to prevent damage to it and the user. It also brings a grounding and a ventilation system.

Welding mode: You can choose between Inverter and TIG, according to the work you need to do or the electrodes you have, without buying another machine or accessories.

Accessories: It brings with it a high-quality torch, as well as coated hoses to offer longer life and with better safety for the user.


Few accessories: A few users throw in the face that does not bring with it more accessories like other models available in the market.


Rank #5: Lotos Technology LTPDC2000D

If you wonder which is the best TIG welder currently the answer is the welder. Stanley 460181 Inverter.

A first-level product and high quality, which among its characteristics we find a power of up to 180 amps that we can regulate by means of the frontal control that allows having up to six different power levels.

A piece of high level of equipment with a surge protection system and a complete ventilation system that prevents heat from damaging the internal circuitry of the equipment.

This model includes everything necessary for a TIG welding such as the torch with a mixed tungsten and porcelain system that guarantees simple and quality welding. It also includes a mask, brush and a comfortable case to transport and store the equipment.

The support that a manufacturer offers to its products is often the biggest attraction for a customer. Therefore, users consider that the best brand of TIG welders is Stanley, and the characteristics of this model will surprise you; Know them below.


Power: It has 180 A that can be regulated with a knob on the front panel, and that are 6 different power levels, to configure the machine for the ideal conditions of each job to be performed.

Safety: It incorporates a surge protection mechanism that disconnects the device to prevent damage to its components. Also, it has a ventilation system to avoid overheating.

Accessories: It comes in a kit that brings everything you need to start working immediately: mask, brush, tongs and a pair of Tungsten electrodes. As if that were not enough, all this goes in a comfortable briefcase to transport it with peace of mind.

Welding mode: You can choose between two types of welding; the MMA that is the one that uses conventional electrodes and the TIG that uses the Tungsten electrodes incorporated in the kit.

Design: It is made of yellow-painted metal for durability and black plastic parts. Its dimensions are more or less the standard for an apparatus of its kind: 60 x 30.2 x 24.4 cm, and it weighs 12 kg.


How to use a TIG welder

When welding work is carried out, it is very important to avoid as much as possible the presence of oxygen to complete quality work by making it durable and solid.

Clean the material to be welded

In order for the weld to join the metals or the parts to be coupled correctly, it is very important that the materials are free of any type of residue that can affect the melting of the metals.

Give the appropriate treatment according to the material you are going to weld: sand or polish if it is steel; scrape if you are going to work with aluminum. And use chemicals or solvents for stainless steel.

Prepare the mouthpiece

To use the welding nozzle it is necessary that you put the tungsten electrodes required to join the metals. To do this you must unscrew the back support that holds the electrodes to the nozzle.

The next step is extremely simple: you must insert the electrode in the center of the nozzle, making sure that it is well adjusted and then screw the support back on. The electrode must have a certain distance in relation to the protective sheath.

Set polarity

The metals melt when they reach certain temperatures and for that, you use the tig welder that you can configure according to the foundry you want to make. To treat aluminum, you must adjust the polarity of the welder for alternating current. For other metals such as steel or iron, you must adjust it for direct current.

Fix the parts to be welded

When you are going to weld metals, as in the case of the bars, you must keep them together to be able to do the job. For this, you can use wire and tie them according to the way you are going to weld them. You can also use a clamp to do this, as it will help you set the angles you need.

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