10 Best Table Saw For Small Shop [ 2021 Edition ]

One of the essential tools in the world of woodworking are table saws.

 There are a wide variety of models, so choosing one can be a difficult task.

To help you make the best choice, we have prepared this buying guide where you will find all the keys to making the best purchase.

A table saw is a tool designed to make precise cuts longitudinally or transversely to different types of materials.

 They are ideal for any carpentry job.

They consist of a powerful electric motor that turns a circular blade or cutting saw at high speed.

They differ from traditional hand saws in that they have a support surface to comfortably carry out work.


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Key Features


  • Delivers 4,800 RPM

  • Powerful 15.0 AMP motor

  • Adjustable dual side guards 

  • Bosch 4100 09 10 inch table saw

  •  1 year warranty

  • efficient power with 3,650 no load RPM motor

  • Blade Height Adjustment and Various Material Cutting Capacity

  • Solid steel unibody frame 

  • 795 Motor Driving

  • Heavy Duty 13 Amp Motor 

  • 5,000 rpm motor

  • Perfect for heavy duty jobs

  • Rapid blade

  • Magnetic switch

  • Soft start feature reduces motor noise and vibration 

Best Table Saw For Small Shop-Reviews 2021

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Rank # 1: Bosch Power Tools Jobsite Table Saw

The Bosch Professional GTS 10XC circular table saw is undoubtedly one of the most complete models that we can find available on the market.

Its main characteristics include the fact that this circular table saw with brake contains a motor with a power of 2100W , as well as a push bar, a magazine for the blade and a 254 x 30 mm saw blade with a parallel stop and an angle stop.

It is a fairly powerful tool that has a motor brake, starting current limitation and electronic overload protection , adjusting to the needs of the most demanding.

It really has a large number of functions and adjustments that make it a versatile tool, standing out for offering an integrated sliding carriage and a table extension or extension.

Its cutting height of up to 79 mm, its cutting capacity of up to 635 mm on the right and 250 mm on the left, makes the work that can be done using this tool much easier.

Advantages :

  • The cut is clean and the machine works really well
  • It is made with durable materials of excellent quality
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Its handling is very simple and effective

Disadvantages :

  • Using the parallel guide could be better, but still offers a good experience
Bosch Power Tools Jobsite Table Saw

Rank # 2: DEWALT Table Saw

The Tacklife MTS01A table saw is one of the most outstanding in the sector thanks to everything it offers, starting with the fact that it has a motor with 2000W of power that reaches up to 4800 revolutions per minute .

 In this way you can achieve a powerful, fast cut that can be adjusted to the needs of a large number of jobs.

It has a 64.3cm x 72cm cast aluminum table that extends to 64.3 x 93cm to accommodate longer workpieces.

 Also, this board has excellent resistance to oxidation and has excellent sliding properties, which makes working with the part simply effective.

It has an angle stop that allows a miter cut between +/- 45 ° degrees , so it can really satisfy a lot of needs when working with this one. 

In addition, its adjustable parallel stop-guide also provides a much more precise cut, being able to provide up to 80 cm of cutting capacity.

Advantages :

  • A really remarkable value for money
  • It is made with robust and durable materials
  • The motor offers good power and precise cuts

Disadvantages :

  • The assembly instructions are not entirely clear and can lead to confusion
  • It is not the best option to work with pieces that are very large
DEWALT  Table Saw

Rank # 3: Makita 2705 Table Saw

The third model of table saw stands out for its good price-quality ratio.

 Consumers express that it is one of the cheapest on the market and at its low cost you can take a versatile but effective tool to work with.

Einhell TC-TS 2025 U is widely chosen by those who work with wood cuts, boards and other solid materials.

 Since the speed of the table saw allows precise, fluid and uniform cuts.

 The way you work on it is comfortable because of the adjustments you can make to the axis with respect to height and tilt.

Einhell’s safety system is very precise, it is built with the individual who will be operating the saw in mind. 

You can make the necessary adjustments and you will handle this saw with complete confidence, in addition the table support is stable and safe to work for long hours.

  • Motor power 1800 W.
  • Weight 26 Kg.
  • Tilt angle 45 °.
  • Disc speed 5000 rpm
  • Cutting Height 85 mm.
  • 65mm 45 ° Depth of Cut.
  • 85mm 90 ° Depth of Cut.
  • Miter cuts up to 60 ° ±.
  • Table dimension is 640mm x 487mm.
Makita 2705 Table Saw

Rank # 4: SKILSAW Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

The Proxxon 2227006 table saw is a specific model.

 This does not stand out for having high power or for cutting large materials, but it is a model that consumers buy because it is perfect for small jobs such as carpentry or marquetry.

The speed of rotation allows to work in materials of low thickness and small parts. 

The cutting of the blade is very precise since it has 80 teeth that allow to cut the 8 mm thick wood and, for those small cuts, you can use the miter guide or the adjustable angular regular stop, these two functions will do highly polished cuts where needed.

In addition to these incredible features, you can use the saw easily and lightly, the weight is bearable to handle with one hand and the table to which it is incorporated is made of resistant aluminum.

  • The power is 85 W.
  • It is a model of a fret saw.
  • Idle disc speed 5000 rpm
  • The total weight 1.8 kg.
  • Its dimensions of 240 x 180 x 80 mm.
  • Table dimensions 160 x 160 mm.
  • Wood cuts of capacity up to 8 mm.
  • Cuts in non-ferrous metals up to 1.5 mm.
  • Plastic cut up to 3 mm.
SKILSAW Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

Rank # 5: Hitachi Jobsite Table Saw

The Einhell TC-TS 1200 table saw has a motor that offers a power of 900W with which it can provide precise processing on wood.

 It’s perfect for DIYers or some basic professional uses.

It has a saw blade with carbide saw teeth , plus it is height adjustable.

 In this way it is easier to adjust the tool to our needs and thus be able to improve the work experience.

Among other features, we also find a parallel angle hinge and the possibility of making clean cuts.

 The angle of the saw blades can be adjusted to make miter cuts .

It has plastic feet on the metal casing , which offers a secure, non-slip stand, preventing the tool from moving while you are working with it.

Advantages :

  • Very good and attractive price-quality ratio
  • It is excellent for use around the house by DIY lovers
  • Make clean and precise cuts

Disadvantages :

  • The blade may not meet the needs of all saw users
 Hitachi  Jobsite Table Saw

What is a table saw?

The name of a table saw refers to a structure manufactured to make cuts in different materials. 

And the saw consists of a circular-shaped disk attached to a piece that is in the center of a table , these two pieces fit perfectly to provide security when using the tool.

The particularity of this tool is that it is always stable, since it is assembled to the table allowing you to work comfortably with large or heavy materials.

Table saw designs are varied, as well as table powers and lengths.

 Each design has special characteristics that allow better handling of the tool and so that good working results can be obtained.

One of the most used are circular table saws, these are in the hands of carpenters and with them they make pieces, they shape them, they make grooves, they butt them or they miter them.

 Carpenters count on these tools to get their jobs done quickly and, as described in previous models, they all go toward the same goal to deliver accurate and precise cuts.

Today there are many brands that make table saws of good quality and with the latest technologies to make them more efficient and comfortable to use. 

That is why here you will be able to know the models and brands with the highest number of sales, but to buy you must know all the details that you must look for in the saw to be sure that it is of excellent quality and the correct one for the work you will do.


Types of Table Saws

It can be classified into two types according to the manufacturer’s model.

  • Semi-portable.
  • Stable

Both are ideal for work in professional workshops, but everything will depend on the need of the saw.

 In general, the table saw has a circular toothed cutting disc that will punch holes, with power and high speed in the cutting turn for rough materials.

We can highlight that a table saw is an element that has a disc that cuts in various materials and among the family of saws are:

  • The table saw.
  • The band saw.
  • The jigsaw.
  • The saber saw.

All of them perform the function of cutting materials with precision, but they are used for different activities since each of these types of saws has specific cutting quartets.

Tips and Precautions before Buying a Table Saw

  • Use protection such as goggles, masks and gloves.
  • Goggles and masks prevent loose particles from damaging your eyes or anywhere else on your face.
  • You must be in good condition to work the machine, it is heavy and requires a lot of concentration and strength to manipulate it.
  • Regarding the pieces, you must make sure that they are properly adjusted, one of them is the cutting disc and to avoid unfortunate accidents, adjust the pieces very well and check that when the machine is turned over the disc does not come off its axis.
  • The blade must be well aligned.
  • The material to be cut must be in its best position, that the table has the correct support and that there are no protrusions that prevent or hinder cutting.
  • If it is a material with depth, it eliminates any object or obstacle that could prevent the cut and these elements can be screws, nails, etc.
  • Cables are important, they should not get in the way.
  • The power cables should be far from your work area, so it is recommended to use a long extended cable if the saw does not have the wiring in this way.
  • It is recommended that the saw cable is over the shoulder and not on the floor, this prevents you from tripping it or someone from getting caught in it.
  • Unplug the cord when the saw is no longer in use and remove the blade disc.

Some advices:

  • Never underestimate the power of a tool even if you have been using it for years, so you should not rely on the use of it.
  • Stay alert to all safety measures and adjust all the pieces well since your life and that of others depends on it if you are using it in a workshop.

Advantages of buying a Table Saw at the Best Price

  • You will have a quality product.
  • Satisfaction in the purchase.
  • Good investment in the right tool.
  • Durable product.
  • You will work comfortably.
  • You won’t regret paying a high cost if you get the best table saw.
  • You will have a tool that will make your work more efficient.
  • If you have a specific budget, when buying a saw model at a good price, you will feel satisfied with the investment.

What do you say? Now that you are able to make a purchase of the best table saw you just need to obtain it, to take advantage of this incredible and useful tool.


Why buy a table saw?

When doing any type of carpentry work, the table saw is the ideal tool to make clean and precise cuts quickly and easily, as well as safely.

And it is that these tools are capable of sawing not only wood, but also other types of materials such as plastic or metal, among others.

 And they do it obtaining very good cutting results.

Circular table saws can be used by both amateurs and professionals.

 They work with great powers and have different safety devices to guarantee that there are no great risks when making cuts.

In addition, there are semi-portable wood table saws with ideal proportions to make moving from one place to another easy and comfortable.

 A foldable and transportable homemade table saw can easily be installed anywhere, saving you time and money by doing your own cutting jobs efficiently.


How to choose a table saw?

In order to choose a quality table saw, it is necessary that you know a set of factors that make these machines much more efficient than others.

 Therefore, below are the most important characteristics that you should pay attention to in order to choose a saw that best suits your needs.


Power is an essential factor to consider before choosing any electrical device.

 The power of a table saw is measured in watts (W) and it is decisive to know the capacity of a tool of this type.

Generally, the power defines the speed of rotation of the saw, therefore, the higher the power, the higher the revolutions per minute (rpm) of the circular saw.

 In some machines the power or speed can be adjusted to adapt to the type of material with which you are working.

The powers of a table saw can be found in ranges that go from the simplest 500 watts, up to 3800 watts or more, especially those for professional use, useful for large-scale jobs.

 Machines with powers ranging between 700 and 1,400 watts are more than enough to handle a large number of materials.


In the market there is a large number of models with variable dimensions that adapt to different needs.

 It is advisable to always keep in mind the available space available to locate the table saw and to be able to work comfortably and efficiently without its size representing a problem.

There are compact size saws that can be easily moved.

 Others, on the contrary, are designed to remain fixed and therefore weigh more and also take up more space.

 Therefore, the choice between one or the other will depend on your needs.

Cutting system

You should know that there are two models of table saws according to their cutting system: band and circular.

 The former work by means of a chain that is moved by means of gears that rotate the system in order to make the cuts.

 It is recommended for cutting large size plates, as these models are resistant and have very good cutting capacity.

The second ones, the circular ones, have a blade or circular saw that can be changed and replaced by another that adjusts to the type of material with which you are working at all times. 

The cuts are made based on the size of the sheet you select.

The choice of one model or another will depend on the type of work you want to do, although it is important to note that the belt model, in general, has a slightly lower mobility than the circular type models.

Guide system

Another important factor to consider is the guide system that the table saw has. 

Ideally, make sure that it includes some support systems or additional supports to be able to work with materials of a considerable size in a comfortable and efficient way.

Surfaces that have a support that can be expanded to accommodate and support planks are an advantage over saws with little support.

 It is essential to have systems that allow you to easily guide the material to make precise cuts both longitudinal and transversal. 

You can also find miter turning systems in which the material can be positioned at different angles to cut evenly. 

As you can see, there are a great variety of options and possibilities.


These tools work with blades or discs that rotate at high speed, so without the proper protection systems working with this type of machine could be dangerous for the operator.

The ideal is to make sure that the table saw you are going to buy has some basic and essential safety systems such as a cutting blade guard, insert for the cutting blade to reduce chip or chip formation and a rod or push block with which the material can be moved without pushing directly with the hands.


Also, you should consider the number of accessories that add functionality to table saws, making them a much more complete and precise tool.

Among these accessories you can find a suction nozzle that, as you cut, removes dust particles and wood chips.

You can also find laser light guides that serve as a trace for more precise cuts. 

Another useful accessory can be the legs with wheels to support the machines and place them at an ideal working height and also be able to easily move them to a convenient place.

Best selling table saw

If you want to buy a table saw at the best price, check this selection with the best sales of the moment in the following table.


How much does a table saw cost?

The cost of a table saw will depend on the model, power, size, brand and type of accessories that are included with the tool.

 You can find table saws on Amazon at prices ranging from 130 euros for the cheapest to more than 900 euros for professional or industrial use.

For example, a Bosch PTS 10 table saw with table extension and parallel stops and a power of 1400 W can be achieved at around 350 euros.

 On the other hand, a professional table saw like the DeWalt brand table saw, has a powerful 1700 watt motor and blade speeds reaching 3800 rpm can cost more than 900 euros.

Other machines that have an excellent value for money are the Einhell table saws with prices of around 130 euros, this being one of the cheapest.

 A quality option, although a bit more expensive, is the Makita-brand table saw that can be found on Amazon at prices that exceed 500 euros.

Table saws are very useful machines for carpentry jobs.

 If you want to choose the best model, look at its power, cutting system and guide.

 Compare models to select the one that best suits your needs.


How to use a table saw?

To use a table saw, it is necessary to carry out a suitable assembly and take into account a set of specific safety measures, as well as the appropriate calibration for the type of material and the cut you want to make.

Each machine has a set of components that it is necessary to know in order to handle them properly and use them correctly.

 It is important before starting to work with a table saw to use basic protective equipment such as gloves, masks and goggles.

As a first step, you must select the appropriate saw in good condition adapted to the material you are working on, be it plastic, metal or wood.

 You must consider the hardness of the material and the type of cut to be executed.

The materials must be well supported on the table and the pieces must be held in the stops and guides provided.

 You should also use the push tools to make the cuts accurately, avoiding placing your hands near the saw.

 It is advisable to pay attention to the instructions for use provided by the manufacturer according to the model of table saw you have chosen.


How to maintain a table saw?

To maintain a table saw, you should make sure you keep the cutting blade sharp and clean and maintain it about two or three times a year, depending on how often you use it.

After each use, you must remove the dust particles that have been lodged by the mechanisms of the saw.

 For this, it is recommended to use a brush, brush or brush with which you can easily clean both the blade and the mechanical parts.

There are ideal cleaning products for this type of machine that keep all the saw elements lubricated and free from corrosion.

 It is recommended that you inform yourself about what the manufacturer indicates regarding maintenance to avoid damage that compromises its useful life.


Table saw or jigsaw?

Choosing between these two tools will be a matter of preference.

 However, each has its advantages.

 On the one hand, the jigsaw is more handy and portable.

 On the other hand, the tabletop gives you more stability, comfort and precision.

Shopping guide

Define what you need for this you must ask yourself two questions:

  • Will the tool be used occasionally or will it be exposed to long hours of work?
  • Will I need to move it or will it be in one place?

Now, you must determine two aspects that will lead you to make the best purchase of the table saw:

First: the price

When you want to buy any product, it is very common to have a budget and, in this case, it is also necessary to set an accessible price for the saw that suits your budget and thus you will determine which is the most expensive model and which model you can aspire to.

 When you are analyzing the options, you will notice how a range of varieties opens up in terms of table saw prices.

The prices that are currently managed are models of 50 and 60 euros, others between 300 and 350 and the most expensive reach up to 600 euros.

 Now determine what price range you can buy and the models of saws available at that price, without neglecting quality in the whole search.

Taking a look at the price of some models we have the Einhell TC-TS 2025 U, it is one of the most purchased on the web and is low cost. 

When a user reads the features and functionalities, they are enchanted by them and even more so when they notice the cheap price of it.

 The model is in the category of good value for money and quality.

The average price saw between 500 euros is the Eberth 1000061 TC3-EH600 and also the Virutex Tm33W 3300400, both have good characteristics and resistance so they are chosen for the affordable price for those who work in carpentry and DIY.

Another model is the Bosch PTS 10 this is one of the most expensive, even so it turns out to be a good investment for many thanks to the characteristics, quality and manufacture since it is made to withstand the heaviest jobs.

 In general, the table saw model is chosen to be used in workshops that have frequent work and high demands.

Second: Features

  • The disc: This metal piece has the edge of very sharp stainless steel teeth and the diameters are the different measures that give depth of cut to the material. So, apart from the price, you should read the cutting disc measurements if they are what you need.
  • The motor: These are mostly electric and the power of the motor depends on the model and brand. The more powerful a motor, the greater capacity and efficiency the tool will have.
  • The Structure: Choosing a suitable structure allows management and work efficiency to stand out. You can look for the most secure structure models within the price range you want.

Best Table Saws – Buying Guide

Table saws are the tools most used by various professionals in carpentry, blacksmithing and others.

 That is why buying the best of these saws can be a good experience, and more so if you know the best models offered today.

And, if you are about to set up a workshop and you require a tool as useful as the table saw, you need this guide to know what this implement comprises, the types and the advantages so that you can buy one of excellent quality.


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