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When you work in construction and you do not need a tool that makes high precision cuts, preferring a device that quickly cuts almost any type of material and is useful with predilection in demolition, the device you need is a saw sword.

Very similar to a pendular one, for the way one moves the blade, but much stronger and more resistant, this type of product will manage to cut through wood, fiberglass, plastic, gypsum, plaster or even metal, when you associate the accessory right. If you are among those interested in knowing how to select and where to find sword saws at good prices, we present the following aspects:




Typology: Even if for an amateur all the models will look almost the same, there are three distinctive subcategories: the classic version, the reciprocating saw and the foxtail saw. They are recognized by the shape of the cutting accessories, there are three types of sword saw blades. Classic tools include a very thin blade that is the sharpest at the top of all, being useful in light drilling of hard material and recommended for wood and metal.

The alternative model has an almost as thin blade, but the width at the top is the same as at the base, being good for cutting wood (even branches) and gypsum. Most of the time, an alternative model also accepts classic sword blades, and if the power offered by the engine allows it, it can cut metal / aluminum just as well.

The foxtail model has the widest blade of all three examples and requires an additional guide handle for effective control with both hands; it is especially recommended in wood processing and can sometimes behave like a chainsaw with limited power. It is used to cut branches, other components made of wood and even plastic.


Power supply: All devices of this type are powered by electricity, but the “battle” is between wired models, connected directly to the network, and those with batteries, powered by the energy of a battery. We know that products with power cable are lighter, but they constantly depend on the presence of a socket, which means that they have limited maneuverability and cannot be used in areas where there is no electricity distribution network. Their great advantage is that they offer the same power constantly.

A cordless sword saw will be ultra-portable, but to its weight is added that of the battery. The fact that it has no wire allows excellent maneuverability and can be used in isolated areas and at any point on the site. However, the working power decreases with the accumulated energy level, as the battery is consumed. Professional models cost quite a lot and most are sold without battery and charger, the accessories must be purchased separately, so be very careful with the specifications of the offer.




Power: will be indicated in watts (W) for wired products and suggested by battery voltage and amperage, in case of those with battery. The larger it is, the harder the sectioned materials can be and the longer the engine life will be, because that component will withstand wear much more easily over time.

Also, this parameter gives you information about consumption, because the number of watts indicated is the amount consumed in one hour of operation. At 1000W consumed in 60 minutes, you already have one kilowatt on your electricity bill. For batteries, we recommend the Li-Ion typology and a voltage of at least 10V.


Level of professionalism: we will describe it in interdependence with the power offered, to easily explain more opinions about the best sword saws.

Hobby models are usually powered by 600 – 800W motors and are intended for domestic use, not very demanding. It is recommended to use with cooling breaks and not very frequent use. Being the cheapest products on the market, they are very successful with the public, but sometimes the quality of the component materials can be questionable. We do not advise you to ever use a hobby model for semi-professional or professional work, as you risk breaking down in 2 weeks.

Semi-professional models are often confused with professional ones, as they offer a similar power range, namely 700-1200W. If you know that you work hard in the household, a semi-professional product will be better chosen than a hobby and more sustainable. Also, the purchase price is advantageous for the buyer. Each self-respecting manufacturer indicates for which kind of work the respective tool is more suitable.

The professional range will ensure, in most cases, a power of over 1000W and is recommended for almost daily use. Since they represent the highest quality tools, they are also sold at higher prices. For a professional user, the investment of this type is the recommended one, because products from the other series will not face the complex work demands.


Working indices: are represented by the cutting depth, the length of the stroke made by the blade (go / come) and the frequency of the strokes. The first parameter will be smaller for metal objects and layers, which should not discourage you and can vary between 10 – 250mm (metal-wood) conventionally. The optimally set stroke length will be 27-28mm, but may vary depending on the model.

The higher the frequency of the oscillations, the faster it cuts the saw. A simple adjustment function allows you to optimally adjust the range from 0 to 2000 strokes per minute. The semi-professional and professional variants can offer higher values.




Functions: It is not enough to inform you where others find a sword saw at a good price, but also to identify the most useful options: vibration attenuator, adjustable stroke frequency, quick change of blades, rubberized handle (anti-slip), electric brake , lock button and work area lighting.

The most respected suppliers on our market offer these facilities, so you can easily buy a Parkside, DeWalt, Stern, Einhell, Makita, Bosch, Skil, etc.

Next, we propose some examples that can be ordered online, and this is also because the price offers are better on the Internet.



Recommended models in 2020



Bosch GSA 1100 E


 If you have decided to look for the best electric sword saw from Bosch, it is important to choose the professional range. Recognize these products through the case decorated in blue, unlike the semi-professional ones, which have a green case. In this case, we are dealing with a high power tool, which offers 1100W and is recommended for complex work of cutting wood and cutting metal pipes.

It is powered by wire and includes the Bosch SDS system (quick blade change) and electronic cutting speed control. It offers up to 230mm depth of wood cutting, 50mm depth for metal and a stroke of 28mm, all optimal values for efficient performance of tasks. When idling, it ensures a number of 0 – 2700 runs per minute, quickly completing the work.

The rubber case determines a secure grip, the hook allows hanging for parking, and the professional suitcase ensures reliable storage.



It cuts pipes and metal profiles, in addition to wood, being a professional tool.

Very good price-quality ratio

Efficient, based on the 1100W motor

It works quickly, safely and is easy to store.



It weighs 4.9Kg, so it’s pretty heavy




Bosch PSA 700 E


 As an example of a Bosch sword saw from the semi-professional range, we can give the PSA 700 E model, one of the best-selling products on this market segment. As a typology, the device is classic and is powered connected to the network, developing a constant power of 710W, specific to tools for semi-frequent use. It does its job as efficiently as possible, but it also has a low energy consumption.

It works with a 20mm stroke and ensures a cutting depth of 150mm in wood and 10mm for steel. The values are optimal for an occasionally operated device, especially since it also ensures a travel frequency of 2700 per minute. The patented Bosch SDS system allows you to quickly change the blades, and in the delivery kit you receive a wood blade S 2345 X. The soft grip handle and the weight of 3Kg allow you a safe and easy handling.

The device is recommended for garden work or renovations, although it does not include variable speed or other extra options.



Very convenient offer as an investment

Cut wood and even steel (up to 10mm layer)

It is delivered with a wood blade and offers a cutting depth of 150mm for this material

Consumes little (710W), but works fast (2700 strokes per minute)



It has no advanced settings and functions, being only semi-professional




Skil F0154900AG


 Among the best sword saws with semi-professional and hobby use is this device from Skil. It will work connected in the network and will offer a high power, of 1050W, which although it indicates a slightly higher consumption, will be useful for cutting in all kinds of materials, including steel.

He works with a good speed, with a frequency of 2700 strokes per minute, so he can quickly complete the tasks that will be assigned to him. In wood it cuts to depths of 180mm, and in steel up to 20mm. Given that the length of the stroke is optimal, 28mm, the device is suitable for construction, demolition, DIY and even for occasional use in the garden, when cutting dry branches. It is equipped with a soft grip handle, start indicator, and the blades change intuitively.

The kit includes a hexagonal key, along with a canvas for cutting wood. The model weighs 3.7Kg and has an advantageous purchase cost.



Skil hobby and semi-professional sword saw sold conveniently

Works efficiently with 1050W power (2700cpm)

Performance indicators show good wood cutting efficiency (180mm)

It can cut to depths of 20-30mm in steel and aluminum



A bit heavy, weighing 3.7 kg




Matrix MS 800


 From Matrix we recommend a hobby model, both for the moderate results in work, and for the minimum necessary acquisition costs. The product has a classic conformation, it will be powered by cable, connected in the network, and the power it can offer indicates a predisposition for hobby use, being 800W.

This results in low consumption and fairly good work performance, but only for occasional use. The frequency of the races is 2800cpm, indicating speed of sectioning. The given depth for wood is 105mm, and for metal only 5mm, which suggests not to use it in demanding works. It will cut in wood, steel or plastic (80mm), being good for DIY / demolition and for the garden.

The package includes as accessories 3 blades, the device incorporates a 2m power cable, and as a weight it is easy to handle, as it weighs only 2.4Kg. We appreciate the fact that, although it is a hobby tool, it has variable speed.



Saw sword cheap and good

Efficient with steel, wood and plastic, for hobby exploitation

Consumes little (800W) and cuts fast (2800cpm)

Includes variable speed and 3 blades as accessories



Not suitable for semi-professional or professional operation, it wears out prematurely.





Other recommended models, currently unavailable:


Makita DJR181Z


 This Makita sword saw is an alternative integrated in the professional series, which will allow the sectioning of wood and gypsum in constructions and demolitions. If you wanted a sword saw with a battery at a good price, this example can be a real help, because it meets those conditions. It can be powered by a Li-Ion battery, but this component, together with the charger, requires separate control.

Efficiency derives from a variable speed of 0-2900 strokes per minute and a stroke length of 28mm. These values denote performance similar to that of network-powered professional models. It can cut metal pipes up to 130mm, and for wood, the cutting depth is 255mm, dimensions that encourage heavy duty operation. It has LED work light, electric brake, locking option and anti-slip rubber handle, all proving reliability.

The Toothless system ensures easy attachment for sword saw blades, and the product weighs 3.7Kg without battery.



Profitable in terms of efficiency and price, being professional

Easy to handle, battery powered

Efficient, based on adjustable speed (0-2900 strokes per minute) and cutting dimensions

Cut wood, gypsum and metal profiles or pipes



Neither the battery nor the charger are accessories offered in the package, so it requires a separate order


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