5 Best Straight Grinder Reviews [ 2021 Edition ]

In this article, you will find more information about the best straight grinder reviews of 2020.

The grinder, popularly known as radials and as an angle grinder, is a portable electric machine handy for DIY lovers. At first exclusively professionals, but now, used it, and thanks to its benefits and comfortable prices, it can be used for household chores or in artisan workshops.

It is a tool capable of cutting, sanding, and polishing, primarily work related to metal and masonry. Its operation is based on a disc that rotates at very high revolutions and depending on the drive used; you can perform different DIY tasks: removal of material, cutting, sanding, polishing and polishing work on various kinds of surfaces, such as brick, stone, ceramic, metal or wood.

User protection and safety is critical when it comes to handling a grinder. This machine is a great risk since part of the disc is exposed and must be used by experts. We recommend the use of a protector that protects you from sparks, chips, and projected particles.

Besides, you must have the most appropriate safety equipment: goggles, gloves, and non-slip footwear. The discs you use, make sure they are of high quality. And don’t forget, every time you change a drive or put on an accessory, unplug the grinder from the power outlet.

Our Editor Choice's



Key Features


Toolman Variable Speed Angle
  • Grinding speed: 11500 RPM

  • 5/8"-11 spindle thread

  • Grinding speed: 11500 RPM

Toolman 4.5'' 5.6A 11500BPM
  • High performance motor

  • 6 variable speed

  • 5.6A Angle Grinder

MANUSAGE 7-Amp Angle
  • POWERFUL - 7Amp motor

  • POWERFUL - 7Amp motor


DEWALT Angle Grinder Tool

  • 8,000 rpm motor

  • Rear handle design

 Bosch GWS13-50VSP 5 In
  • Paddle switch 

  • CUSHIONED interior

  • Variable-speed setting - 2,800 rpm to 11,500 rpm 

The Best Straight Grinders-Reviews In 2020

Before making a purchase decision and choosing a grinder, you must keep in mind some relevant aspects. The power, this determines the ability that a blender can provide to adapt to various materials, the higher the watts, the more power. As for the size of this tool, it is determined by the size of the disk.

Depending on the material with which you work, it will be the type and size of the disc to use. The kind of start is essential if you want to avoid voltage spikes; a soft start increases the durability of this tool.

A grinder must have an anti-vibration system, which increases comfort and reduces the effort when using it. This system allows you to carry out continuous work without causing excess fatigue. Another aspect to take into account in the grinder you choose is that it has a mechanism to regulate the speed, depending on the material with which you are working. Besides, its handle is ergonomic and swivel.

If you are making your comparison to make a purchase decision, pay attention to the following models of straight grinders, any of them could be an excellent purchase option.

Makita GD0600

This magnificent tool is useful for roughing (material removal), cutting, sanding, polishing, and polishing work in various materials such as wood and light metal. The Makita GD0600 grinder has a motor protected with a zig-zag varnish and a fully covered stator and a handy reinforced ventilation system. This motor generates a power of 400W, and 25,000 RPM in a vacuum, which allows you to perform the work efficiently.

It has a switch on the lever that gives you greater control of the tool, with the option of leaving it fixed for continuous work. It has a cone-shaped clamp nut, which avoids inconvenient scratches on the workpiece, better than the hexagonal nut.

This grinder is designed with a head made of aluminum, fully protected. It has excellent resistance to heat and jobs that represent long hours. It is an easy tool to handle, thanks to its weight of 1.7 kilograms and measures 35.8 x 8.2 x 8.2 cm. Easy to store on any shelf once the work is finished. The length of its cable reaches up to 2.5 meters. To allow more excellent maneuverability.

Bosch 0601221100

When we mention the Bosch brand, we already know that it is a high-quality product, and this grinder is no exception. This great tool has a powerful 650W motor, and revolutions per minute range from 10,000 to 28,000 in a vacuum.

Which allows you to move quickly in your work. It has an overload protection mechanism: Direct cooling, which disconnects the machine when it senses an overheating.

The grinder 0601221100 from Bosch is a portable tool and easy to move to your workplace, weighing just 1.6 kilograms and dimensions of 49.8 x 15.6 x 10.6 cm., It Is a machine that You can manipulate without feeling extreme fatigue or tiredness. It is equipped with a spindle grinder with a narrow and long design, ideal for reaching places of difficult access.

It has a KickBack Stop system, associated with the electronic clutch. It works by disconnecting the machine immediately upon detecting a blockage. This gives you greater security and protection when working. Although every tool of this type needs periodic maintenance and is thoroughly cleaned of material waste, this model requires little maintenance, thanks to its brushes enhanced with Bosch technology.

Silverline 598446

Silverline has launched this large straight grinder handy for artisans and DIY lovers. The portable machine 598446 of Silverline, is a very light and easy to handle tool, weighs 780 grams. You can move comfortably to where you need to perform specific tasks.

This magnificent tool is ideal for cutting thin metal sheets. You can perform work in your own home with the security of having a tool that gives you protection.

Thanks to the integrated system of immediate disconnection in case of a blockage. It includes a hex key and a standard key, which allows you to save on extra expenses for maintenance.

Its engine provides you with an unloaded speed of up to 20,000 RPM, to ensure efficient work and rapid progress in your work. This straight grinder model is compatible with metal cutting discs (accredited by OSA 260057). It has an air consumption of 170 l / min (6 cm), which facilitates its effective operation.

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