Top 6 Best Sliding Miter Saw For Homeowner [ 2021 Edition ]

What should the best sliding miter saw for homeowner look like? Read our guide to find out and immediately take a look at the most valid models that we recommend: Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD has an excellent quality/price ratio, is versatile because it allows you to perform many processes and is equipped with a laser guide, as well as the DEWALT DWS780 Sliding Compound Miter Saw, decidedly more powerful, with rotating graduated scale and reclining blade also suitable for cutting aluminium.

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5 Best Sliding Miter Saw For Homeowner- Ranking In 2020

A radial miter saw is a very useful tool for DIY enthusiasts struggling with frames, baseboards and the like. Given the expense not contained and the strong difference in performance from one model to another, it is better to rely on authoritative buying advice. Take a look at ours, the result of the comparison between the most sought after models sold online.

Rank #1: Bosch PCM 7 1110 Watt Compound Mitre Saw

The Bosch PCM 7 radial miter saw is one of the best-selling models in the Hobby line, above all thanks to its reliability and excellent value for money.

Main Features

Compact and easy to carry

Bosch Hobby is a brand highly appreciated also by professionals, who occasionally use these power tools with a green shell for small jobs or to equip a small craft workshop in their own home. These power tools, from column drills to miter saws, all stand out for the reliability and quality typical of German production, although they are intended for mainly domestic and non-intensive use.

The PCM 7 Universal radial miter saw is the classic example, it is a decidedly compact piece of equipment, which can be installed in a fixed position on the workbench of a small home workshop or transported with ease, thanks to a weight of only 8, 4 kilograms, to carry out work directly on site.

Excellent level of performance

The PCM 7 radial miter saw is driven by an electric motor with a power of 1,100 watts which generates a maximum speed, empty, of no less than 4,800 rpm, and is powered by a common electrical network via the integrated connection cable, equipped with a European plug.

It uses standard circular blades of 190 mm in diameter, with a central hole of 30 mm, easily available both online and in hardware stores, and has a cutting capacity of 50 x 110 mm at 0 ° / 0 °, and 50 x 76 mm at 45 ° / 0 °; furthermore, the cutting angle can be set both on the right and on the left.

It also integrates a laser guide, which allows precision cuts, and a dust extraction system, the attachment of which is compatible with the most common vacuum cleaners, equipped with a collection bag included in the supply of accessories; the latter also includes a circular blade for wood, so you can immediately start using it, and a combined clamp, in addition of course to the instructions in Italian and the 2-year warranty, extendable to 3 if you register the product on the Bosch website Hobby.

Ideal for wood and profiles

The PCM 7 is traction-free; being designed exclusively for amateur use, in fact, it is particularly suitable for cutting skirting boards, architraves, frames and frames of wood, plastic material, and non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum profiles for example.

The buyers appreciated it above all for its ease of use and excellent workmanship; they also consider it adequately powerful and precise, with an excellent level of performance, on condition, however, that they remain within the working specifications for which it was designed.

Bosch PCM 7 1110 Watt Compound Mitre Saw


  • The main advantage of the PCM 7 Universal radial miter saw is that it is compact and extremely handy, therefore ideal for small artisan workshops; the small dimensions also allow it to be transported without problems, to work directly where it is needed.


  • Being a tool from the Bosch Hobby line, it is not suitable for intensive professional use; its power is discreet but optimized for a purely domestic use, for DIY lovers.

Rank #2: DEWALT DWS780 Sliding Compound Miter Saw

If DIY is your passion and you prefer to build yourself rather than buy, when deciding which radial miter saw to buy, do not rely on the offers, but opt for models of undoubted quality, like this one.

Equipped with great power, well 2350 watts, it has a professional quality hard metal blade that can be tilted 45 degrees both right and left and a laser guide that is of great help in making precise cuts. The blade, with the right precautions, is probably able to cut aluminum too, while it is expressly not recommended for use on natural wood branches and trunks.

Easy to use even for an amateur, this radial miter saw is a bit noisy and not very robust, but moreover we are talking about a non-professional product that can be purchased with an overall contained amount.

There is also a chip collection bag, which is perhaps the least successful element of this machine: sawdust ends everywhere except in there!

Before giving you the link where to buy the DEWALT cutting-off machine, we encourage you to continue reading; in fact, you will find below very valuable information that will orient your choice even better.

DEWALT DWS780 Sliding Compound Miter Saw



Among the products of the same category, the miter saw proposed by Einhell is certainly among the cheapest on the market, despite guaranteeing a cut and ease of use comparable to the more expensive brands.


The fact that the price is definitely accessible and competitive does not compromise in any way the performance of the miter saw which, reading the opinions of the users, seems to have a truly significant power output.


  • Noise:

If you are a lucky person who lives in your own house, you will have no difficulty putting on a pair of headphones and working with the miter saw as long as you want. But if you live in an apartment building you have to take into account the significant noise level of this device.

Rank #3: Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD

If to decide how to choose a good radial miter saw we only relied on the declared power, we would probably end up ignoring Bosch models like this one, which despite having a reduced power of 1200 watts, are instead able to do their job perfectly, with results often more willingly than those of models with theoretically greater powers. This is because the blade (190 mm in diameter with 30 mm hole) is of excellent quality and the motor is commensurate with its size.

This device performs very well both in cutting thick boards and with very thin frames, thanks also to the integrated traction which increases its versatility. By using the laser, you are always sure to respect the set cutting angle.

Very solid, it gives great feelings of stability, offered even if it is not anchored to the work table. Too bad for the rather high price, but totally justified.

Sometimes it happens that you have to intervene on a daily banality and you don’t have the right tool to be able to operate independently. If you are a person who likes to bet day after day, then a miter saw can not miss in your “toolbox”.

Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD


  • Ergonomics:

One of the positive aspects most highlighted by the users who purchased and tested it, is the fact that this miter saw seems to be the continuation of the arm, it is so ergonomic and comfortable to set up and use.

  • Accessories:

When you receive the parcel containing the miter saw at home, you will also find several very useful accessories inside: a blade, a combined clamp and two modular side extensions.


  • Precision:

This Bosch miter saw is aimed primarily at audiences of DIY amateurs and amateurs: therefore you should not expect levels of precision comparable with products designed for professional use.

Rank #4: Metabo HPT 10 Sliding Compound Miter Saw

 In fourth place of our personal top 5 on the best sliding miter saw for homeownerwe find another model that belongs to the list of best sellers of the year. The strong point of this product is its great portability, due to its rather low weight for tools of this type: 14 kg. The dimensions are also quite small: 820 x 543 x 355 mm.

The miter saw operates on a die-cast aluminum work surface and has a laser to perfectly visualize the cutting trace, as well as an integrated work light that will come in handy in an infinite number of situations.

Easy to use for all DIY enthusiasts and with acceptable noise, it allows you to saw wood, plastic materials and laminated panels.

A little more expensive than the first two models, it is a product to consider especially if you have space problems or mobility needs.

Before inviting you to click the link from where to buy the product, we suggest you read the positive and negative impressions that users have expressed once they have purchased the miter saw.

 Metabo HPT 10 Sliding Compound Miter Saw


  • Lightness and transportability:

The cutting-off machine proposed by Metabo has its lightness as its main strength. This will allow you to be able to transport it quickly and easily from one place to another quickly.

  • Accuracy:

Although not a product conceived for professional use, this new miter saw proposed by Metabo allows you to operate in a precise way for everything related to DIY and small operations of a domestic nature.


  • Spare parts availability:

When you buy a miter saw, you must also raise the problem if any spare parts, which you will have to buy sooner or later, are easy and immediate availability in the area where you live. Before buying, therefore, also evaluate this variable.

Rank #5: CRAFTSMAN V20 7-1/4-Inch Sliding Miter Saw Kit

Have you already analyzed the previous models, but have you found with disappointment how they are not specifically designed to cut logs, branches and other pieces of wood? If cutting these materials is also your requirement, don’t worry. We conclude our review with what we believe is the best radial miter saw for natural wood.

An above-average investment will be necessary, but thanks to its 2000-watt belt-driven motor and 305 mm diameter blade, this radial miter saw will allow you to cut even large pieces of wood.

There’s more: despite the power, this device is also quite silent and precise and thanks to the swivel base it allows you to cut up to 45 degrees left and right. The cutting angle can also be locked at 0, 15, 22.5, 30 and 45 degrees. There is also a convenient carrying handle.

And here we are at the last part, perhaps the most useful to allow you to formulate a mature and independent judgment on the miter saw. At the end of the pros and cons you will then find the link where to buy the product.

CRAFTSMAN V20 7-1/4-Inch Sliding Miter Saw Kit


  • Suitable for timber and the like:

Although robust, precise and valid in every other aspect, many saws do not allow you to cut wood. This miter saw, on the other hand, proves to be particularly suitable for cutting trunks, branches, shrubs, and so on.

  • Quiet:

If you are used to hearing the neighbor’s chainsaw stocking up wood for the winter, you should know that this miter saw is much quieter than many other products used for the same purpose around the world.


  • Accuracy:

A miter saw that you have to use mainly to cut firewood should not cause you trouble if it proves to be inaccurate. If, on the other hand, you claim that it is as precise as you could wish, you should carefully re-evaluate all the information you have available.

 In the first place of our ranking – as well as third, as we will see later – we find a product of the very reliable Bosch brand. In our opinion, this is the best radial miter saw of the year, appreciated by many users for its almost professional quality at a hobbyist price.

Once again, therefore, Bosch proves to be the brand that gives the greatest satisfaction to its customers. This radial miter saw allows you to make very precise cuts, even in an oblique position, thanks to the adjustable laser beam that guides us in the operation. The 1100 watt motor is not very powerful but well proportioned to the 190 mm blade.

Made with quality materials and free of “weak” parts destined to break quickly, it allows a cutting depth of 50 x 110 mm (50 x 76 mm at 45 degrees) suitable for most DIY projects. It cuts even hard pieces with precision and is very popular for frames, architraves, profiles, etc.

Now you will find pros and cons of this Bosch miter saw and the link where to buy it.

Bosch CM10GD Compact Miter Saw


Precision in cutting:

Your perhaps most pressing need is to have a product that best performs the task for which it was designed and purchased: to cut precisely. Bosch is certainly a guarantee of quality in this respect.


It is not always necessary but it is convenient to know that you have purchased a miter saw that allows you to also be able to make cuts according to particular inclinations. Once again, even in this respect, the Bosch brand is synonymous with guarantee and quality.

Quality materials:

A purchase, when made with good reason and after carefully evaluating all the possible hypotheses, is destined to last a long time, especially if you have also chosen a brand that guarantees you a manufacturing process with certified and quality materials.


  • Motor power:

Some users have reported that a small defect of this miter saw is the motor power which, in any case, manages to guarantee more than satisfactory performance for most of the operations usually required for a product like this.

How to use a radial miter saw


The radial miter saw is the best way to make oblique cuts on materials with high thickness such as wood and metal. Do-it-yourselfers know the importance of this tool and choosing a good product is essential for the success of a project. On the market it is possible to find different types of cutting-off machines, with prices that vary enormously according to the safety systems, accessories, and not least the power of the machinery itself.

Which miter saw to choose?

The choice should be related to the actual use that you will make of it, thus avoiding to waste excessive amounts of money if you intend to use it occasionally.

Among the elements to consider we have first of all the diameter of the blade. The models on the market range from 20 to 30 centimeters, depending on the thickness of the material to be cut. As regards the types of cut that can be performed, there are basically three: standard cut, with an angle of about 45 degrees; combined cutting, which allows the blade to be tilted to an angle set by the user; sliding cut, with the blade moving horizontally.

Get a workbench

After having obtained the miter saw that best suits your needs and your wallet, make sure you have a suitable workbench, well fixed to the floor and that it does not oscillate at the slightest movement.

The safety measures, despite the fact that the radial miter saws are designed to avoid accidents, are very important. Wear protective glasses and gloves, taking care to wear them correctly.

Read the instruction manual without omitting any steps. It will not only show you the operation of the machine in detail but will also guide you step by step in the first uses.

Study the machinery

Before putting it into operation, identify all the components of the machine, such as the protractor located on the saw plate, the blade guard, the locking mechanism, and so on. Understanding every aspect of the miter saw allows you to carry out the cutting activities with confidence and mastery, therefore do not underestimate the study of the device.


Some models are equipped with options such as laser aiming, these are unnecessary additions to do DIY jobs, however, they may be interesting and necessary for those who carry out professional work.

Use of the miter saw

Moving on to actual use, firmly grasp the handle located at the top of the miter saw and lift the saw. You will thus have the necessary space to insert the piece of wood or metal to be cut. Carefully place the material on the plate of the miter saw and start making the cut. Remember that if the piece to be cut is too small, it may be necessary to use clamps that hold it firmly and prevent it from being lifted or thrown by the blade.

Buying guide 


If you need to work wood or metal, you will often have felt the need to make extremely precise cuts. This is an operation facilitated by a miter saw, a device available in numerous versions and formats.

In our guide you will find a series of useful tips that will allow you to choose for the best and some concrete suggestions of models that have impressed us for the good relationship between quality and price.

The importance of cutting

A radial miter saw, compared to other versions on the market, allows you to cut elements of wood or metal with quite high thicknesses. However, it pays duty for precision works such as those with frames. Therefore, carefully consider whether this is the model that ranks first in your personal ranking, taking into account the operations you will find yourself performing more frequently.

The shape of the appliance is designed to facilitate the management of the rotation of the blade, designed to cut off the wooden axis or the metal bar. The disc is always protected with great care so that, at any time, it is not possible to come into contact with it during the rotation phase, so as to avoid the risk of accidents. However, it is good to remember that the miter saw is a potentially very dangerous device therefore it is essential to use it with the utmost attention and adopting all safety measures.

The saws of the best brands are able to accommodate blades with a variable diameter and, by reading technical data and reviews, you can easily identify how large the disks can be mounted, since the minimum and maximum supported sizes are always indicated.

Variable inclination

Another important element to evaluate a radial miter saw is its ability to rotate the axis so as to offer different inclinations since you will hardly have to make only perpendicular cuts. This ability has an important impact on the versatility of the appliance but also, by comparing prices, on the cost to be incurred for the purchase.

As for the power that a device of this type is capable of releasing (and which affects the speed of rotation of the blade) we can say that to obtain adequate performance it would be better never to drop below 1,000 watts and under 4,000 rpm .

In this way you can operate quickly on wood and metal, also having the foresight to always be in a clean environment, removing the processing waste so that it does not affect the cutting precision.

The heart of a miter saw

The quality of a radial miter saw goes hand in hand with that of the blades you choose to use, therefore their choice is fundamental and an aspect to be absolutely taken into consideration.

The discs are characterized by the presence of perfectly integrated metal teeth on a body that is made of steel. To assess that their quality is high, keep in mind that the blades must be perfectly linear and not show any type of irregularity. In this way, precision and cutting speed will benefit.

The quality of the alloys used to make a blade allows you to ensure good durability as long as you use them with the materials with which they are compatible. Some, therefore, are suitable for cutting wood only while others have no problems with steel or aluminum.

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