(Reviews 2021) TOP 7 Best Scroll Saw Under $ 200

Before embarking on the purchase of a new scroll saw, we suggest you consult our purchasing guide regardless of the type in which you will find further information and insights on this particular tool. Before the guide,  you will find a review of the most popular models of the best scroll saw under 200 on the market currently . 

The various scroll saw are listed in order of importance based on their market success. In the first places, there are two specimens for hobby use that buyers have particularly appreciated. The Dremel Moto-Saw MS20-1 / 5  is above all the excellent value for money and the WEN 3921 Variable Speed Scroll Saw  was produced by a subsidiary brand of the WEN company and particularly appreciated for its modest and affordable price.

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Top 7 Best Scroll Saw Under 200- Reviews In 2020

You will find the review of the best models that are sold online. The buyers have appreciated these model that have signaled us both the strengths and the flaws.

Dremel is one of the most famous brands in the production of precision power tools. Even if the Proxxon company is considered at the top in terms of the quality and performance offered by its equipment. The Dremel is benefited by the economic convenience.

This is why the MS20-1 / 5 electric scroll saw is considered by buyers to be one of the best scroll saw under 200 in 2020 with a decidedly advantageous price, high versatility and ease of use. The package is a convenient and well-groomed case aesthetically which includes the bow , the worktop with the fixing clamp, the guide for angular cuts and five blades.

It can also be used at freehand. On the other hand,  the vibrations are produced and the shallow bow limits the movement of the pieces being processed.


  • Value for money:

The cost-effectiveness and the discrete performance have made the MS20-1 / 5 scroll saw one of the best-selling models, among all those intended for hobby use.

  • Versatile:

It can cut not only wood but also plastic and non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum alloys for example; it goes without saying that to do this you need to fit the appropriate blades.

  • Easy to use:

The Dremel scroll saw is also very easy to use, especially with regards to changing the blades, made extremely simple by the lever system.


  • Hobby only:

The Dremel scroll saw offers a good level of performance, but is in any case intended exclusively for hobby use; the most demanding will have to focus on another product.

Rank #2: WEN 3921 Variable Speed Scroll Saw

The WEN 3921 Variable Speed Scroll Saw  is manufactured by the WEN and this model is also intended primarily for amateur and hobby use. Compared to the Dremel , it costs a little more . It has the advantage of being equipped with a footswitch which allows you to keep your hands free while working.

It is also more powerful 120 Watts MOTOR and the worktop has an inclination adjustable in a 45-degree arc . iI is also equipped with a rapid blade tensioning system and an adjustable blower so as to maintain the cutting area always clean and free from the dust produced.

The package also includes an Allen wrench, two universal saw blade adapters, and six blades, two 10, two 15, and two 25 TPI blades. Unfortunately, the only flaw is the lack of a lateral guide, present instead in the Dremel scroll saw.


  • Footswitch:

The accessory kit also includes a convenient footswitch, which allows you to keep both hands free and concentrate on work. The switch can also be deactivated in the case of continuous operation.

  • Well equipped:

Apart from the footswitch, accessories include six blades divided into three pairs, each of a different size, two adapters for universal saw blades, and an Allen key.

  • Easy to manage:

The rapid blade tensioning system, both the change of the same and the management of the scroll saw are extremely easy; as you would expect from a good hobby electric tool.


  • Lateral guide:

Unfortunately there is no lateral guide that can help in linear, even angled, cuts that require greater precision.

Rank #3: Proxxon VTF1006 37088 Scroll Saw

According to the opinions of the numerous satisfied buyers, the Proxxon VTF1006 37088 Scroll Saw is also the best scroll saw under 200 among all those examined model in our guide. It is well designed and assembled with first choice solid materials , resistant and with a professional level of performance.

Unlike the scroll saw examined previously  which struggle to cut thicknesses greater than 18 millimeters, the Proxxon scroll saw can easily cut thicknesses up to 50 millimeters in wood, up to 30 millimeters in plexiglass and plastic, even when reinforced with fiberglass, rubber, cork, foam or leather, and even up to 10 millimeters in non-alloy steel and non-ferrous metals.

It has a power of 205 watts and two working speeds: 900 and 1,400 rpm , Its only limitation according to some buyer, is given by the price which in comparison with the scroll saw examined previously has more than doubled.


  • Proxxon:

We are talking about the leading brand in the production of precision power tools; it is appreciated above all by goldsmiths, dental technicians, mechanics and other specialized professionals, but it is also much loved by hobbyists.

  • Excellent performance:

The Proxxon DSH scroll saw is capable of cutting wood up to 50 millimeters, plastic up to 30 millimeters, and non-ferrous metals up to 10 millimeters; among the different models sold online you will hardly find one with similar performance.

  • Professional:

This scroll saw is particularly suitable for the manufacturers of artisan toys, for the construction of architectural models, for the carpentry and for the renovation of antique furniture.


  • Not easy:

The professional features of the Proxxon DSH scroll saw make it not easy for hobbyists to use, especially the blade change system.

Rank #4: Genesis GSS160 Variable Speed Scroll Saw

 The scroll saw for children produced by the Genesis is about to become an unobtainable collector’s piece since this historic Italian company founded in 1945 . It had to definitively close its doors in 2017.

The New Lighthouse became famous and its line of toy power tools, drills, milling machines, and many others, faithful and functional reproductions of the originals . But , it is smaller in size. The Genesis GSS160 Variable Speed Scroll Saw is sold in a blister pack of six elements which includes the bow, a ruler, the support board with its clamp, a case with blades and a plywood plank with the print of a small house in order to allow the child to start practicing immediately.

It has a very affordable cost and is suitable for 6 years of age . It is almost a collector’s item given its difficult availability.


  • Unique object:

The Genesis GSS160 Variable Speed Scroll Saws were known and appreciated all over the world since the company closed definitively in 2017  and it has been increasingly difficult to find its products.

  • Economic:

Although it can almost be considered a collector’s item, it is still available at the old sale price, decidedly inexpensive and accessible to all.

  • Complete set:

The set is complete with everything you need, including a plywood plank with the scheme of a small country house.


  • English edition:

The packaging in question is an edition for the English market, therefore the instructions for use are only in that language.

If you are looking for where to buy a manual fretwork bow at low prices, article 935 produced by the German company Excalibur is exactly what is right for you. It is in fact a fretwork set that includes a fretwork bow, a hammer, a small screwdriver, a manual awl, a clamp, a support table, and a case with five blades.

It is the classic fretwork set that almost every one of us has used at least once in a lifetime as an educational activity in middle schools, but it is also functional and suitable for hobby work and, if necessary, for light artisan use, provided that you change the blades because those supplied are of poor quality and tend to break very quickly.

Buyers mainly recommend it as a gift for children from 8 years of age, in order to offer them a leisure alternative that is constructive and different from TV and video games.


  • Economic:

With just under 16 euros you can make a great impression, giving a set that stimulates the creativity and dexterity of the child, introduces him to the world of art and crafts and, above all, keeps him away from the TV.

  • Complete:

The kit includes everything you need: the bow with a reserve of five blades, a hammer, a screwdriver, a small manual drill, the support board and the relative clamp to fix it to the table.

  • Safe:

The Pebaro set is also safe, since the German company specializes in the production of tools and accessories for the scroll saw for didactic and educational purposes, therefore it uses materials free of chromium, lead, and other harmful substances.


  • For children only:

Occasionally it could also be used in the hobby field, for small maintenance jobs, but normally it is mainly intended for children.

The DEWALT DW788 Variable-Speed Scroll Saw is produced by the DEWALT . This tool is the cheapest of all the electric scroll saw examined in our guide, and obviously it is intended exclusively for non-intensive hobby use.

It is driven by a 120 Watt motor equipped with electronic speed regulation in a range between 400 and 1,600 rpm in order to adapt it to the type of material to be cut. It is complete tool with a worktop that can be tilted from 0 to 45 degrees and has a maximum cutting height of 57 millimeters which are reduced to 27 millimeters in 45 degree angled cuts.

According to the buyers, the DEWALT oscillating scroll saw has good characteristics on paper and it is actually made of mediocre materials. The assembly leaves is desired and the performances are mediocre even for hobby use. The main advantage that is recognized is its cheapness.



The DEWALT oscillating scroll saw has been appreciated above all because it is a low-cost power tool, therefore ideal for the less demanding and for those who use it sporadically.

Adjustable speed: 

Unlike other electric scroll saw s of the cheaper range, it offers at least the advantage of adjustable speed, so you can cut both wood and plastic and soft metals.

Cutting capacity:

The maximum height allowed for cutting is 57 mm with a perpendicular blade; obviously you have to deal with the economic nature of the product and not expect miracles.


  • Performance:

The blade is unable to follow linear cuts but pulls to one side, increasing the speed the precision disappears and the motor performance is also discontinuous.

Rank 7: Proxxon 37088 Scroll Saw

The Proxxon 37088 Scroll Saw is a professional wood scroll saw at the top in all aspects  in terms of manufacturing materials and performance. It is the most expensive of all the electric scroll saws examined in our guide.

Unlike the other Proxxon scroll saw examined previously, the DS 460 is decidedly superior in terms of the size and the depth of the bow. The engine is similar to that of the DSH, in power and speed . The length of the throat is 460 millimeters compared to the 400 of the DSH, and the cutting capacity is 60 millimeters for wood, 40 millimeters for plastic and 15 millimeters for non-ferrous metals.

The high cost is advantageous only for a professional and the hooking system of the blades made to ensure universal compatibility. This tool is too complicated for a hobbyist.


  • Professional scroll saw:

The Proxxon DS 460 is expensive but it is a model of high quality and performance, its cutting capacity is even superior even to the Proxxon DSH examined previously

  • Universal compatibility:

The hooking system for the blades is special, as it is designed to be compatible with both the blades equipped with pins, and with the smooth ones, therefore it is not easy for a hobbyist to manage.

  • Versatile and comfortable:

Aside from the high versatility as regards the materials that can be cut, it is also equipped with an aspirator and provision for attachment to an external vacuum cleaner.


  • Not simple:

Although it is potentially suitable for hobbyists, it still remains expensive and not easy to manage when changing blades, therefore it is recommended only for very experienced users.


Electric fretsaw blades

Proxxon 28741 Standard Fretsaw Blades

If you are only looking for a new set of blades for your electric scroll saw, then consumers highly recommend the 28741 set produced by the well-known German brand Proxxon.

This set consists of twelve blades with coarse teeth with a density of ten teeth per inch, and it is equipped with transversal pins at the ends for fixing.

These blades are particularly suitable for cutting wood both soft and hard, plastic and other materials. They are designed for Proxxon scroll saws.  They are also compatible with most of the scroll saws produced by other companies for the pin fixing system.

Buying guide - How to choose the best scroll saw under 200?

The different choice options

What drives you to buy a scroll saw? Are you looking for one because it is required by your child’s study program, or because you want to make an original gift to a child? Which scroll saw to buy? A specific tool to use for work, or a simple model for hobby use?

As you can easily guess from these questions, to understand how to choose a good scroll saw, you must first know the primary purpose for which it will be used, as the models and types available on the market are quite varied.

First of all, it is necessary to start from the two main categories into which the different scroll saw s on the market are divided: manual and electric models. The manual fretwork, more simply known as a fretwork arch, is a variant of the saw created specifically for cutting pieces of wood a few millimeters thick.

As regards the size and shape, the fretwork arches have remained almost unchanged over time; even the blades they use are highly standardized. The electric scroll saw s, on the other hand, represent the technological evolution of the manual variant, and are real stationary machines, albeit of reasonably small dimensions.

Manual tracery

The manual frets can be divided in turn into models for children and those intended for general use. The most common children’s tracery is the kit packs, which usually contain the basic components necessary for a beginner, namely the bow, a set of spare blades, the cutting support, the clamp to fix the support to the table and a manual awl drill. Their price can vary from around 10 to a maximum of 25, depending on the brand, the quality of the materials and any additional accessories supplied, such as rulers or other.

Apart from the spare blades, the different components of the kit can also be purchased individually, therefore only the headband, the support, the clamp and so on; obviously, in this case, the prices drop further, but if you need to buy them all then it is more convenient to do it in the form of a kit.

The same is true for generic manual scroll saw s, which are intended for both hobby and craft and professional use, given the due differences regarding the number of accessories present in the various kits on the market, the quality of the manufacturing materials and the prices, which in fact they oscillate between 40 and 90 euros approximately.

The single pieces, also, in this case, are to be purchased only if you already have a kit, since taking them all individually the total expense, even if only a little, would be in any case greater.

Electric tracery

The electric models are intended exclusively for hobbyists, both beginners, and experts, of course, craftsmen and professionals. If your needs are of this type, then it is advisable to focus on a type of power tool, the cost of which can vary from around 90 to 400 euros.

The price variation is quite substantial as you can see, but unlike the simple manual bows, the electric scroll saw s are real stationary bench machines, designed with more or less different characteristics depending on the model and the intended use but with a high level of performance and power.

Some models are specific for cutting wood, while others also allow cutting plastic and metal alloys of various types, including aluminum and in some cases even soft steels. Furthermore, while some are built to have a fixed arch, others, such as the Dremel for example, have the option of being able to separate the arch from the work surface and direct it manually.

The specimens that fall within the medium-low price range, which ranges from around 90 to 150 euros, are ideal for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts; the most well-known and reliable brands in this range are Dremel, Feider, Einhell, Ferm, Scheppach, FoxFemi, and others.

For artisan and professional use, on the other hand, it is better to move towards the medium-high price range, which ranges from around 180 to around 400 euros; the brands that have a particular reputation for excellence in this range are Hegner, Proxxon, and Holzkraft, not to be confused with the Holzstar brand instead, which falls within the medium-low range.

Frequent Asked Questions

How long is the blade for the fretsaw?

The standard length of the blades for the hacksaw is 132 mm overall, i.e. including the ends to be inserted in the fixing points, therefore the toothed useful area has a length of about 105 mm.

Exceptions to this standard are only the blades for the jigsaw, whose overall length can go up to a maximum of 180 millimeters. This type of blades, however, are fixed only at one of the ends and their width is also greater than those designed for the classic manual or electric fretwork bow.

Another important characteristic to classify the different fretsaw blades is the coarseness, with this term we refer to the number of teeth per inch possessed by the blade or TPI. The smaller the number of teeth, the coarser the blade is, therefore suitable for making fast and aggressive cuts at the expense of precision; the greater the number of teeth, on the other hand, the more precise and less fast the cutting will result, but the risk of breaking the blade will also be increased.

Where to buy fretwork designs?

The patterns and projects for the scroll saw, depending on their purpose of use and their complexity, can be found at different sources. Those intended for children for educational purposes or for play, for example, can be easily purchased in toy stores and stationery stores; the designs for hobby use, however, are found both in the shops that sell tools and materials for art and crafts and in the best-stocked model and hobby ones.

Of course, they can also be purchased online, where the further advantage is given by the possibility of accessing a wider range of projects based on their purpose of use, especially with regard to highly complex designs created for professional applications as well as a hobby.

Most of the fretwork designs made for professional use, or even hobby but of a certain complexity, however, are obviously covered by copyright which is why they have a different cost than those intended for educational use or simply for fun.

In principle, therefore, prices can vary from around 2-3 euros for drawings for school or general use for children, up to 100 euros, and more for more complex and detailed projects, intended for modeling, artistic, craft, and professional.

How to use a scroll saw 

How to learn to work in the scroll saw

The fretsaw is usually one of the most accessible tools to approach. In fact, one of its most widespread applications is didactic use in middle schools. Consequently, it is very likely that you will have used this tool at least once in your life, in its manual form, and have experienced that it is actually quite simple to use, at least in principle.

One of the characteristics of the scroll saw, in fact, is that of having to make closed circular cuts on them, without damaging or touching the external parts. To perform this type of cuts, therefore, it is necessary to use the manual awl drill, drill a hole with a 2 or 3 millimeter bit, remove one end of the blade from the bow, pass it through the hole and then reassemble it on the bow so as to proceed with the cutting of the desired section.

The procedure is less complicated than it appears but requires some manual skill and attention so as not to run the risk of breaking the blade. Those who have no previous experience in the use of the scroll saw instead, not even at the educational level, can rely on the numerous video tutorials on the net, on Youtube, or on specialized sites such as hobby blogs and crafts for example.

There are also specific publications that can be purchased, online or in bookstores, such as the Rapid Scroll saw  Course, relating to the use of the manual scroll saw, and the book Works with the electric scroll saw, specifically for electric scroll saw s.

Both books, however, are introductory manuals so the theme is treated fairly concisely; the best publications on this topic, unfortunately, are very rare to find in Italian, but if you do not have problems with English you can easily access a wide documentation.

All you should know about the scroll saw

With a scroll saw, even intricate woodwork can be done reliably. To be able to create a leaderboard, our team of experts checked various tests on the Internet to insert ratings for performance, cutting thickness, saw blades, and other special features.

In this context, the following criteria are of fundamental importance:

  • quality
  • Functionality
  • Processing of the individual components
  • Manufacturer’s reputation
  • Sawing power
  • Handling, usability
  • size
  • Security conditions
  • volume
  • Price-performance

But true to the motto: “Paper is patient,” it has often been shown in the past that the product information ultimately did not fully correspond to the descriptions that are often presented excellently.

Experience has shown that many consumers also rely on customer reviews since these are mostly objective and contain real statements. However, it is often enough that even customer reviews are faked or that it is the companies themselves that write positive product reviews.

Meaningful and structured

Given these circumstances, it is indeed an advantage that our product reports are available. Many test institutes have set themselves the task of carrying out extensive tests on a wide variety of products, for example, scroll saws, in which only renowned experts are used.

Numerous test criteria are explicitly examined, analyzed, and evaluated. Following this time-consuming procedure, the product reports are designed in such a way that the consumer can easily understand them.

The aim of these product reports is to provide interested consumers with comprehensive information on the product they are considering, which will help to make the decision-making process more comfortable.

You will search in vain for complicated technical terms, cumbersome statistics, etc. Instead, our evaluations are about offering you sound support when it comes to having to decide for a particular product, for example, a new scroll saw.

How a scroll saw works

Regardless of whether it is about the fine machining of wood, metal, or plastic: A scroll saw is a very functional helper in this regard and almost a guarantee for precise work results.

A scroll saw can either be equipped with a simple jigsaw blade or with a specially designed scroll saw blade. The latter is quite similar in size to the jigsaw blade. In contrast, it is cut comparatively narrow.

Be that as it may: it doesn’t matter whether you want to use a jigsaw or scroll saw – the former can also be used without having to use a locking pin. A simple adapter is sufficient.

Would you like a little finer …?

Scroll saws are used particularly frequently for work in the wood manufacture or the furniture industry. In this regard, the incorporation of so-called classic receiving slots into specially manufactured multilayer material plays a vital role.

Last but not least, a scroll saw is also used for processing veneers, plywood panels of different thicknesses, and so on. A scroll saw is also of particular relevance when it comes to having to carry out particularly delicate work.

User-oriented and easy to use

The function of a scroll saw is comparable to that of a classic fretsaw. It is worth knowing in this regard that a saw table is usually included in the product portfolio and that quick clamping and a chip blowing device are also included. The workpiece to be machined only has to be draped on the table so that it can be manufactured using the narrow saw blade.

The chip blowing device blows away the chips generated during the sawing process so that the worker has an unobstructed view of the workpiece.

The fact that a quick-release device is also available in modern methods speaks for a particular convenience when sawing. Because when different materials have to be processed one after the other, it is advantageous to be able to replace the saw blade with just one hand and to be able to adapt it to the new material.

What types of scroll saws are there?

The word “decompression” comes from the French language (découper) and means “cut out” or “cut-up. ” In a way, the scroll saw is the “electrical relative” of the good old fretsaw. With her, however, the work, especially the decoration, is straightforward and saves a great deal of time.

Although a scroll saw is unique in terms of how it works, some relevant differences may be related to the discerning consumer.

The next scroll saw variants are known.

The jigsaw is undoubtedly a classic because, for many years, this model has been a “must-have” in the tool shop at home as well as in schools or similar facilities. However, with this device, work – regardless of what type – is relatively slow. Experience has shown that sawing is very time-consuming, it is sometimes very cumbersome, and it takes power.

So it is not surprising that more and more users are looking for alternatives. And the scroll saw is a real highlight in this context. Old fretsaw can be done much faster with the scroll saw. The consequence is that you can save time, money, and nerves.

Scroll saws with included chip blowing devices are enjoying an almost steadily growing popularity among success-oriented consumers. Because with this small additional component, it is possible to achieve even cleaner results when sawing. The device blows away the wood particles or dust, chips, and the like directly during the sawing process so that the view of the workpiece always remains clear.

Scroll saws that are equipped with quick-action clamping are also in high demand. At first glance, this small device also looks rather unspectacular. But when it comes to processing several different materials during work and thus having to change the saw blade each time, the quick clamping is a real help. This makes sawing more convenient, faster, and more comfortable, and the results can also be seen afterward.

Comfort and precision are essential when sawing. So it is not surprising that the work with the fretsaw has continued to develop in this form. And the conceptual design of the “successor model” is being pushed forward gradually by creative developers from industry. Our product reports, therefore, provide substantial support in the search for a suitable model.

Test criteria: How were the scroll saws tested?

Scroll saws are mainly used for one reason: Because they are incredibly versatile, work precisely, and are therefore predestined for even the most delicate workpieces. It is all the more critical in the context that the scroll saw quality is as high as possible so that the demands of consumers are fully met. So have renowned testers a test institute scroll saws, among others tested by the following test criteria :

  • The focus is primarily on the quality of the scroll saw. In this regard, the material properties and their processing play a vital role.
  • How is the functionality of the device? What can the scroll saw “do,” and where is there possibly a need for action? The fact is that modern scroll saws have a lot to offer in terms of functionality and Co. so that you no longer have to accept “compromise solutions.”
  • The handling of a scroll saw is also critical. For example, it depends on the dead weight, the arrangement of the controls, the length of the cable, and so on.
  • If the scroll saw’s noise level is too loud, it can put a lot of strain on your ears. Especially in small tool cellars or garages, a certain decibel level should not be exceeded.
  • What security measures are in focus? Did the manufacturer think of everything in this regard during production? For example, is an engine stop function included, or does the device have overheating protection? Which protective devices are particularly important? These questions form-critical test criteria.
  • The accessory portfolio is particularly important in the opinion of many consumers. And so the testers also take a close look at this as part of the tests. Of course, the corresponding qualitative quality is also examined.
  • Modern scroll saws certainly have a lot to offer in different ways today. But what about the company? Does the consumer benefit from adequate services? Are the warranty terms consumer-friendly?
  • The price/performance ratio is, of course, a very special test criterion and is carefully tested. Because if you are willing to spend money on a scroll saw, you can rightly expect a certain level of performance. This aspect is given particular importance in various tests.

All tests that are carried out in a test institute are characterized by a high degree of professionalism and objectivity. Additional criteria that you, as a consumer, can benefit from the full.

What functions are essential with a scroll saw?

A precise operation – this is the aspect that is at a scroll saw from an extraordinary meaning. When it comes to scrolling saws, it’s not just about “the” model. But to date, numerous variants have been established on the market that is characterized by certain advantages and functions.

Before you decide on a particular scroll saw, make sure you know which functions distinguish the device.

Scroll saws equipped with a unique speed function are of interest to quality-conscious consumers. This means that the device can be set to different or two or more tempos.

Ideally, this setting can be easily adjusted at the push of a button in order not to interrupt the sawing process unnecessarily, which in the course of this can also be at the expense of precision. An additional advantage of this speed function is that it can even process hard and softwood as well as metal and different types of plastic.

Small, but “awesome.”

Another, now almost essential function is the so-called chip blowing function. It is a small device that can cleanly remove the dust or chips generated during sawing from the workpiece during the ongoing work process. In this way, the user does not blow in between or even remove the disruptive chips by hand. All in all, this function makes it easier and more precise to work, so it is not surprising that most consumers value this small “utensil” when buying a scroll saw.

Concerning the functionality of a scroll saw, it is also worth mentioning that a quick-release device should also be available if possible. This makes it much easier to replace a saw blade with a new one if you want to go faster or if you have to process different materials one after the other. This function is worth cash, especially in the commercial sector, because the time saved and the amount of work involved can be significantly reduced even for larger projects.

Useful accessories for scroll saws

If you consider that the scroll saw itself, similar to the “good, old” fretsaw, has developed almost continuously in recent years, it is not surprising that the range of accessories has also become increasingly extensive.

Depending on the quality and condition, it is even possible with the corresponding parts to significantly increase the quality of performance and thus also the value.

Accordingly, the various types and properties of fine-cut blades and those of the so-called counter teeth can be called useful accessories. The latter is valuable support when sawing if you want to prevent the workpiece from being machined from cracking or becoming brittle in the respective cutting areas.

These accessories are already available in a wide variety of widths and thicknesses so that from rough sawing to filigree works of art, almost everything is possible, and every work step can be made even more precisely.

Precision requires additional measures.

The so-called special clamps can also be found in numerous online shops of renowned manufacturers. These are very handy and light and can be integrated into the saw in just a few simple steps. They are used to prevent the saw blade from twisting. Especially when exceptionally thin or narrow saw blades are clamped, special clamps are a handy device.

It is undoubtedly a fact that most scroll saws are designed very modernly and robust and also have numerous functions. However, some models lack one thing above all: the footswitch. This can be connected directly to the saw with a special cable and plugged into the socket at the other end, so that you can switch your scroll saw on and off quickly and conveniently with your foot.

A comparison of providers is worthwhile if you are looking for high-quality accessories that are as inexpensive as possible. In any case, pay attention to our product reports, because the relevant information about accessories can be an essential aid for the cost-conscious consumer when making decisions.

Buying scroll saw: What does a scroll saw cost?

Are you about to buy a scroll saw? Then you are indeed spoiled for choice because the fact is that the well-stocked specialist trade has a lot to offer in this context. This means that the right product can be found for every requirement, for every purpose, and for every budget. Each of the existing products on the market is characterized by a concrete price. And this is precisely where many consumers are often faced with a significant problem.

Cheap or cheap average?

It certainly makes sense to focus on particularly inexpensive products. However, cheap devices are often made from inferior quality materials. An aspect that should make you think about scroll saws. Because what if, for example, the security features were of low quality? So far, it is worth not saving at the wrong end. Because health is indeed “priceless.” Cheap products are currently available for a purchase price of around 15 to 20 euros.

When you look at some of these devices, it quickly becomes apparent that sooner or later, there will be either stability or engine performance problems. One more reason, in any case, to prefer to invest one or two additional euros. So are medium-priced scrollsaws approximately 100 to 200 euros to have. In contrast to cheap goods, you already have far more options here with a view to function, additional equipment, and Co., so it really pays to invest a little more. Because even when it comes to safety, these products usually meet high requirements.

According to the individual needs of consumers

If you want to choose a particularly high-quality device from the outset, you are welcome to invest between 300 and 700 euros. However, with the expensive scroll saws, the question sometimes arises as to how far the additional features correspond to the individual needs and requirements of the user. But the fact is that precision, reliability, and safety are always essential here. In any case, the market certainly has the right product for every taste.

The top 5 scrolls saw brands


Hegnercompany is very big when it comes to woodworking. Precision always comes first. And the cost- and quality-conscious consumer also appreciates this very much. All in all, Hegner products are very well thought out, and the services are also remarkable. It is also worth mentioning that the price-performance ratio of Hegner’s products is exceptionally exemplary.


The Varo company was founded in 1958 by Vic van Rompuy. At that time, it was primarily hardware and household wholesaler, but this has changed to this day. In the meantime, Varo is also active on an international level concerning electrical devices, tools, garden tools, and so on. The quality of the products has always spoken for itself, and the customer-friendly services are also impressive. The website is inviting and user-oriented so that you can, of course, also place orders directly online.


Proxxon has been one of the leading manufacturers of excellent electrical tools and accessories for over 30 years. Proxxon can now call itself number 1 in this regard because the manufacturer has conquered the global market to this day with over 50 different devices and tools. Of course, the unique and well-thought-out conception of high-quality developments speaks for itself.


For years, the Scheppach company has been known as a renowned provider with a view to machines, systems, robots, and tools of all kinds. Since the company was founded around the middle of the 19th century, it has grown almost continuously. And even now you are always on an expansion course. The fact is that the number of consumers who value high-quality and, at the same time, attractively priced products is increasing almost continuously. So there are many good reasons for Scheppach to “surprise” the market with innovations.


Einhell is based in the south of Germany, and from there, it is conquering the global market with ever-increasing success. Both experienced craftsmen and industrial companies, as well as hobby craftsmen and the like, benefit from the numerous product innovations that the company has already established on the market over the past few years. To date, far more than 1,400 employees work for the Einhellcompany worldwide. Consumer demand for high-performance products is also increasing. Einhell will be happy to continue to meet the increasing requirements in the future.

Internet vs. Specialized trade

When it comes to scrolling saws, most manufacturers are characterized by their innovative products, excellent service and guarantee, and a new price structure. Because of this, how should it be possible for the consumer to find a scroll saw that fully corresponds to original ideas and requirements?

In this regard, it is certainly advisable to take advantage of comprehensive advice in the retail sector to obtain initial information about one or the other product. However, as experience has shown, again and again, the variety of offers in the local shops is somewhat limited, so that product advice can only refer to isolated scroll saws. Accordingly, it is always advisable to search the world wide web for adequate details.

Apply the red pencil – it’s worth it.

If you are looking for the cheapest possible product, you may have to put up with extensive research. Because it has to be taken into account in local retail that the storage capacities are sometimes limited, and the financial expenses for rent, personnel, and so on are correspondingly high. These costs are passed on directly to the consumer. The consequence is that a scroll saw in retail stores around the corner is often significantly higher in price than what the Internet has to offer.

Demanding consumers who do not want to do without both, individual advice and an unbeatably low price, are well-advised, as experience has shown, to buy a scroll saw directly online. Because in this regard, you can calmly inform yourself in detail both by telephone and in free online chats on the websites of the providers about the most diverse products.

Friendly and competent employees are happy to assist and advise you during regular business hours. Orders can be placed directly online if desired, and even discounts are often offered. Not to mention that there are also a large number of so-called voucher portals that have bonus coupons to provide that make buying your new scroll saw even cheaper. Not to mention that you can also “buy” the tiresome search for a parking space when buying online…

So there are several good reasons to buy the scroll saw directly on the world wide web. So if you can save, you have a clear advantage.

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