5 Best Rotary Hammer [ 2021 Edition ]

For craftsmen working in construction and landscaping, the advantages of a rotary hammer are known: it breaks, drills, demolishes and even sculpts, in the hands of a skilled person. But the quality of the tool also matters, and for this year, we have selected two recommendations that may be the best options: the first is Bosch GBH 2-24 / 240 DRE , a professional model of 790 watts, which can generate 930 of rotations and 4200 percussions per minute, heating up hard in any situation and having an affordable price. If you don’t like this model and you want a slightly more affordable, high-quality one, we recommend Makita HR2470 , which copes with any material, from steel to concrete and wood, through the 780 Watts of its motor.


Opinions about the best rotary hammers

Or, better than opinions, we can say reviews based on opinions, but also based on the analysis of the performance of each model. Here are the most reliable hammers of this type, from this year’s offer:


Rank # 1: Bosch GBH 2-24 / 240 DRE

 We present here a Bosch rotary hammer that belongs to the category of professional tools. It is fed to the network and intended for heavy-duty works in wood, concrete, masonry and plastic. The chuck he uses is of the SDS + type. In terms of its engine specifications, it has a power of 790 watts, activating the drill with speeds of up to 930 rotations per minute.

The maximum number of percussions generated, in 60 seconds, is 4200. As special advantages, we can praise its ability to run efficiently without too frequent breaks for engine cooling. In addition, its drilling power was praised, in some cases the percussion mode was not necessary to drill holes in the bricks!

As disadvantages, the buyers said that they did not like the quality of the special transport box, with which this rotary hammer is delivered. In terms of price, this is a mid-range model, still accessible to most pockets.


Rank # 2: Bosch GBH 2-28 DFV Professional

 We include in our list another Bosch GBH 2-28 DFV Professional rotary hammer which is included in the professional tools category. It is fed to the network by wire, and the manufacturer specifies as preferred material concrete, masonry, wood and steel. The type of chuck used is SDS +. As features of its engine, it has a power of 880 watts, with a maximum speed of up to 900 revolutions per minute.

In percussion mode, it can generate 4000 movements per minute. Its manufacturer also specifies the maximum drilling holes: for concrete, 28 millimeters, for wood 30 millimeters, and for steel, at most 13 millimeters. In reviews, it has been praised for its efficiency and the fact that it heats up quite hard.

As disadvantages, we can say that it is one of the most expensive rock hammers on the market, from cable models. Overall, we can recommend it to demanding professionals, who care about quality products that are difficult to break even in intense conditions of use.


Rank # 3: Makita HR2470

 For those who want a Makita rotary hammer, made in Romania, we have included this model, from the semi-professional machinery section for arrangements and constructions.

It is powered at 220 volts, by wire, and designed for drilling holes in wood, metal and concrete. Its chuck is an SDS + model, and the specifications of the motor with which the hammer is equipped are as follows: it generates a power of 780 Watts, which guarantees speeds of up to 1100 rotations per minute, a very high value for these devices, while the breaking movement offers 4500 percussions.

To mention other special advantages, we can say that the Makita HR2470 is very easy to grip and handle, and its heating tendency is medium. As disadvantages, many buyers said that it does not cope too well with intense work, for professionals and that it is not delivered with accessories, except for a box. As a price, this is a relatively affordable mid-range device.


Rank # 4: Stern RH26G +

 We have also selected from the list a Stern rotary hammer that is addressed to buyers looking for hobby tools. It uses wired power supply, and as materials, it is well equipped for almost anything (wood, metal, masonry, stone, concrete), provided that the operating regime is not intense, but only occasional works.

Use an SDS + chuck. The engine with which it is equipped generates a power of 800 Watts, and its drill can reach 1100 rotations and 5100 percussions, both in one minute. Overall, we can say that this rotary hammer is not weak at all, for a hobby tool!

As disadvantages, it heats up easily, therefore it does not address heavy, long loads, and the noise level generated is quite high, 104 decibels. Includes a set of 5 drills in the package.


Rank # 5: Einhell TH-RH 800

 We present here an Einhell rotary hammer, which is part of the category of semi-professional and hobby tools. It is designed especially for concrete, supporting holes up to 26 millimeters in this material.

Its chuck is of the SDS + type and in terms of the engine, it generates 800 watts of power, which results in a drill movement of up to 1000 revolutions per minute and 5180 percussions per minute. It also includes four different ways of use: rotary hammer, pickhammer, pickhammer with free rotation and drilling, without percussion.

It has a pretty good efficiency, being even suitable for professionals, and as a disadvantage, it is a bit heavy, compared to other models (it weighs 3.3 kilograms), which means that you will get tired relatively quickly, using it. But, as a price, it is quite advantageous, especially given its resistance to overheating.


Rank # 6: Steinhaus PRO-RH1500

 Some of you may be looking for a cheap and good rotary hammer, and we recommend this model from Steinhaus. As a fastening system, it has an SDS + chuck, and as a working mode, it fits the hobby needs, in wood, metal, masonry and concrete.

Its engine is notable for its high power of 1500 watts, almost double that of other models, and the drill can rotate with up to 860 rotations and 4250 percussion in one minute. To discuss its disadvantages, the weight is a big minus, the 5.6 kilograms being quite difficult to handle.

Its price, however, is advantageous for a 1500W rotary hammer, and the chances of overheating are quite low, for a hobby device. Overall, it is a powerful device, but you will also need strength to handle it efficiently.


Rank # 7: DeWalt DCH273P2T-QW

 A cordless hammer with battery, like this one, is the right option for those looking for maximum mobility in the workspace, without being confused by any wire. With the battery fully charged, the device provides about 80-100 holes, between 4 and 26 millimeters in diameter.

In terms of power, its engine has 400 watts, being among the weakest in the range, and the recommended materials are wood, concrete and metal. The chuck used is of SDS + type, the maximum speed is 1100 rotations per minute, with 4600 percussions per 60 seconds. In the package, you will also receive a special suitcase, wall hanger and two lithium-ion batteries.

The weight of the tool is average, 3.1 kilograms, and the voltage at which it works is 18 Volts. Overall, we can say that it is a rather weak DeWalt rotary hammer, due to the battery power supply, and its price is high, therefore only a small niche of buyers will be interested in its purchase, given the performance of cable models.


Rank # 8: Steinhaus PRO-RH1600

 We also include in the product presentation this Steinhaus rotary hammer with a quite powerful motor, of 1600 Watts, which ensures 560 rotations per minute with 3530 percussions, at the same time interval.

This means that this semi-professional device will give holes without problems in concrete, stone and masonry, but you will also need a lot of strength to handle it, it weighs 7.5 kilograms, almost three times more than most models. It is also a cheap SDS max rotary hammer, and this means that it can drill holes up to 40 millimeters in concrete, more than smaller models.

In short, it is one of the most powerful tools for heavy loads, but it will need cooling times if you use it intensely, due to the 1.6 kiloWatt motor, which heats up quite quickly.


Frequent questions

Is a second-hand hammer more profitable or is it better to buy a new one?

As in other cases, here we can say that everything depends on some risks or, rather, on the observance of some safety measures . Any used appliance may not perform as well as a new one, or it may work well and break down at once. If these risks are acceptable to you, then we cannot tell you that it is not worth resorting to the second-hand market!




Does it make sense to make repairs to the rotary hammer or do I take another one?

It depends on the model. In our opinion, if, for example, you have a cheap Makita rotary hammer and it has broken down badly, then you better buy a new one. Instead, on other more expensive models, such as, say, a Bosch GBH 2-28 rotary hammer, it may be worth investing in a repair, even if it will reach 2-300 RON good.

Now, it also depends on how badly your device has broken down. In some cases, their engine may burn out, and its change may be equivalent to the price you paid for the brand new hammer. It is best to go to a skilled craftsman, but it is worth contacting the representative office where you bought the tool.

For example, for the Steinhaus rotary hammer, go to www.steinhaus.com and send a contact form to find out if it delivers that part. However, if you do not know an international language, it is best to go to the store where you bought the hammer.


Can I find spare parts for the Einhell rotary hammer?

Of course. We recommend that you enter their official website, einhell.ro, where you have a phone number for customer support. There you will find out how you can order the parts and products you need.




Brief instructions for removing the SDS chuck from the rotary hammer


Each hammer model has a certain type of chuck. For example, this Makita HR2470 rotary hammer has the SDS + mandrel, while the Einhell TE-RH 38 E has the SDS Max mandrel, and the heavy-duty demolition models, such as the Makita MT M8600, have the HEX mandrel.

This element dictates what kind of drills are supported by the device, more precisely when it comes to the diameter of their gripping element (rod). However, the principle of operation is the same: on the chuck, regardless of its type, you will see a plastic part, which covers the metal fastening element.




To operate it, pull the plastic part back with your hand, exposing the steel piece underneath it. Take the desired drill with your other hand and insert it in the front hole, then release the plastic piece, which will slide with the spring to the initial place, blocking the drill, which will be allowed to move forward and backward.

We also want to specify some information about the most common types of chuck: SDS (Special Drilling System) comes both in the simple version and in SDS + and SDS Max. In the same order, the diameter of the drills will also increase the capacity of the device to break thicker walls and harder materials.

For softer materials (plastic, wood, plaster) you may also find chuck adapters. They will allow the installation of smaller drills, on a healthier chuck, but the opposite is not the case, as the clamping system is proportional to the capacity of the burst motor, and an SDS Max drill with SDS adapter will be inefficient if it has no part. of a tailor-made engine.


Buying guide

Let’s explain, in short, the main factors of choice for the selection of models of rotary hammers, at good prices, from the market offer. We will present each one, with the most important ones at the beginning.

However, once you find out what the steps are , you will be more confident about your ability to opt for the most efficient and suitable hammer, according to your needs.


Product category :

according to some opinions about the best rotary hammers, we can divide the devices into the categories of professional , hobby and semi-professional tools. As you probably know, the former are created for intense, everyday use, while the latter models are made for light, occasional work.

Many hammers in the middle, as performance, can be considered semi-professional. We will exemplify the power ranges, speeds and other capacities below, but in the product description, we also specify the category to which each tool belongs, according to the mentions offered by the manufacturer brand.




Power :

for professional models, but also for semi-professional or hobby models, we can often find between 600 and 1000 Watts. In fact, here the value of power itself does not distinguish between the three categories, but how resistant the device is in constant use, even models of rotary hammers, at a good price, for hobby tasks, being easy to heat.

So, you will find powerful motors in all products, as they will have to drill holes in solid materials, but the difference is in how much efficiency and strength their engine offers in performing those tasks.


Speed :

this is expressed in revolutions per minute and, together with the number of percussions per minute, determines the efficiency of a device. The best rotary hammer should, in theory, offer high values for these specifications, and in trade you can find models that offer from about 500 to over 1100 rotations per minute, maximum values that can be selected from the control panel. unit.

However, this does not mean that a slower model is worse, as the material you want to put to work must also be taken into account, as we explain below:


Recommended materials:

each manufacturer has designed its tools with certain applications in mind . For example, you can find certain models that may be the best wood hammers, but they give a less than satisfactory yield in concrete and stone.

Professional performance models will handle almost any surface, from wood, concrete, masonry, brick and even metal, while weaker equipment will not be recommended on very hard surfaces (thick concrete or steel ). We do not recommend forcing any rotary hammer on materials for which it was not recommended, as you may damage it or shorten its life, thus damaging it prematurely.


Nr. percussion per minute:

this specification refers to how often the drill moves back and forth, a movement that increases its advancement in the material in which it makes the hole. High-performance models can generate over 5,000 percussions in a minute, while a well-priced, hobby-type rotary hammer will generate up to 3,700 percussions in the same 60-second interval. Of course, like the speed, the number of percussions depends on the power of the electric motor of the tool in question.


Chuck :

type chuck is an important element, specifying how it will change the parts that give holes (drill).

We can find, at the hammers on the market, the SDS system, but also SDS Max or SDS +, each with its own clamping diameter, which differs from the hole diameter of the drill. In other words, you can mount a lot of drills of different diameters on a rotary hammer, but all of them will have to have the same mandrel diameter.


Compatible drill diameters :

in the description of some of the tool models that we will include, you will find the drill diameters that you can use, depending on the material you are working on.

For example, in the Steinhaus PRO-RH1500, the following are specified: for concrete holes, the largest drill will be 32 millimeters, while in wood, the size can be up to 42 millimeters.

In the case of steel, the manufacturer specifies holes up to 13 millimeters, due to the high hardness of this metal.


Brand :

for many craftsmen, a famous brand is synonymous with quality, and this factor can determine the choice of a model, to the detriment of others with similar specifications. We can only offer you, here, a list of the most famous companies that produce hammers, such as Bosch, Makita, Steinhaus, Einhell or DeWalt.




Wire or battery :

most rotary hammers, cheap and good, will be powered from the 220 Volt network of sockets, through a cable with plug. There are, however, battery models that can be used wirelessly. The DeWalt DCH273P2T-QW is an example, and its price is quite high, as it requires a high-performance battery to provide the necessary power, in addition to portability.

That’s it, we can say that we went through enough selection criteria to instruct you quite well about these devices. We also want to wish you more luck in shopping, and if you happen to want more information, we also recommend the sections below:


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