[ 2021 Edition ] Top 8 Best Random Orbital Sander For Woodworking

If you intend to buy a sander and you have not yet chosen the model to buy and the amount to invest. 

Then it is appropriate to take a thorough look at our buying guide.

  You may trust our many years of experience, then you can choose directly from the 8 different sanders that we have individually examined.

The buyers’ favorites are two hobbyist models of the Best Random Orbital Sander For Woodworking that are both produced by a well-known brand Tacklife .

 The Tacklife PSFS1A have the full range of accessories, and the Tacklife PRS01A appreciated above all for its affordability.

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Key Features


Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw
  • 13, 000 orbits per minute

  • Powerful–  2.8 amp motor 

  • Low vibration

 Bosch Power Tools - GET75-6N - Electric Orbital Sander
  • no load speed: 290 to 640 RPM

  • Provides 2 sanding modes,

  • Turbo mode – has direct-drive rotation 

Bosch orbital sander
  • Powerful 2.5 AMP motor

  • A micro filter system

  • Easy Disc attachmen

BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander
  • Heavy Duty Motor 

  • Hook and loop system 

  • Dust sealed switch

TACKLIFE 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander
  • 12 Pcs Sandpaper

  • Rubberized palm grip design

  • 6 Adjustable speed dial

Top 8 Best Random Orbital Sander For Woodworking – 2021

On this page, we deal with belt sanders, orbital, random orbital for woodworking. 

We will consider different brands and models united by the considerable appreciation of users.

Just take a look.

Rank #1: TACKLIFE Belt Sander

The PSFS1A belt sander, produced by the Tacklife company, is one of the best-selling models among all those intended for hobby use, thanks to its excellent quality-price ratio.

It is a reliable, well-made, and robust power tool, even if designed for non-intensive use, with a 600W motor capable of generating six different working speeds from a minimum of 170 to 250 meters per minute.

It has a removable drawer for dust collection, but it is also designed for attachment to a suction system.

 The range of accessories includes twelve abrasive papers, six with 80 and six 180 grit, the dust collection drawer, two adapters for vacuum cleaners, two metal clamps for bench fixing of the sander and the instruction manual.

According to the buyers’ opinions, it is one of the best random orbital sander for woodworking for the wood of 2020, even if the performance is modest and the compatible paper format is not the standard one.

TACKLIFE Belt Sander


  • With its 600 Watts, it is one of the most potent models among all those we have compared. The speed adjustment on six different levels also allows you to harness its power adequately.
  • In addition to the adapters and metal clamps, the Tacklife belt sander has a set of twelve abrasive papers, six of which with 80 grain and another six with 180 grain.
It can be fixed to the bench:
  • Thanks to the two clamps supplied, it is also possible to attach it to a workbench, so that you can work comfortably and safely on small pieces.


Paper format:
  • The only flaw is given by the size of compatible abrasive papers, different from the more common and, therefore, more expensive standard.

Rank #2: Makita 9403 4" X 24" Belt Sander

No wonder we find a Tacklife product in second place in the order of popularity it is thanks to the choice to maintain low prices for its power tools that this company.

In just four years, managed to compete with the historical giants of this sector of production, such as Einhell, Bosch and others.

The PRS01A is an orbital sander with 350 watts of power with six different speed levels adjustable thanks to a potentiometer, up to a maximum of 13,000 rpm.

 Like the belt, model examined previously, it is equipped with a range of accessories that includes the dust collection drawer and twelve 125 mm diameter abrasive discs, with 80 and 180 grit.

Also, in this case, however, it is an electric tool intended mainly for non-intensive use on wood and metals, for household chores and DIY.

Makita 9403 4


  • Like the Tacklife belt sander examined previously, this orbital sander also has the advantage of having a powerful motor with six different adjustable speed levels.
Abrasive discs:
  • The same goes for the accessory equipment, which includes the dust collection drawer and twelve abrasive discs, divided by number and grain in the same way as the belt sander.
Ergonomic design:
  • One of the characteristics that distinguish the tools produced by the Tacklife company is their ergonomic design, which offers high user comfort.


  • The flaw, also common to other sanders, is that of being very noisy, but given the price and the intended use, it is also understandable.

Rank #3: SKIL 5” Random Orbital Sander

The SKIL 5” Random Orbital Sander is a bench belt sander that, by definition, is a hobby.

 But that many buyers consider almost professional, given the characteristics of versatility and power possessed. 

It combines the belt sander and the orbital sander in a single piece of equipment since it has both the slide for mounting the belts and the sanding pad for mounting the discs.

It is also stable and resistant, thanks to the cast iron body, and has an induction motor with 370 watts of power. 

Accessories include a wood-specific belt and abrasive disc, both with 80 grit, but according to buyers, it is also possible to use it for metal, using the relative belts and discs.

The downside, however, is given by the inadequate packaging of the machine, which risks being damaged during transport, and by poor customer service.

SKIL 5” Random Orbital Sander


2 in 1:
  • The Scheppach bench sander offers high versatility of use since it functions both as a belt sander and as an orbital sander.
Robust and resistant:
  • The main body is made entirely of cast iron; therefore, it is excellent and promises to be long-lasting, as the weight of the cast-iron makes it very stable during use.
Easy belt change:
  • The belt change system is one of its most appreciated features, as it is quick and straightforward to perform. The same applies to the backing pad, which has a Velcro fastening system.


  • Packaging and assistance:

According to some unfortunate buyers, the packaging is not appropriate for the weight of the machine, and it seems that the company’s customer support also leaves something to be desired.

Rank #4: DEWALT Random Orbit Sander

Among the different models sold online, the DeWalt random orbital sander ranks only in third place.

 But qualitatively speaking, it is superior to the Tacklife examined previously. 

Precisely for this reason, however, it is characterized by a price more than double that of the PRS01A, and even if the DeWalt motor has a power of 280 Watts.

 The performances offered are of a completely different level compared to the Tacklife.

Also, it is equipped with the AirLock predisposition for attachment to a suction system.

 It is much more accurate in detail, starting with the sealed dust-proof switch and the electronic speed control, which keeps it constant on any type of material.

It uses 125 mm diameter abrasive discs with Velcro attachment, to facilitate the change.

 Unfortunately, however, they are not included in the accessories, consisting only of the dust collection bag.

 DEWALT Random Orbit Sander


High quality:
  • Compared to the Tacklife examined previously, DeWalt has a far higher quality level, both in terms of work yield and materials, assembly, and durability.
  • This exclusive system, patented by DeWalt, allows you to connect it to a compatible vacuum cleaner if you have one. If not, you can always use the dust bag provided.
  • Those offered by the DeWalt random orbital sander are also suitable for professional use; in fact, many call it the Best Sanders for wood among all those we have examined.


  • The only flaw of the DeWalt sander, if it can be considered, is to have a double amount compared to the average, but also the performances are high.

Rank #5: Bosch ROS10 120 Volt Random Orbit Sander

Aside from the excellent price, the Bosch ROS10 120 Volt Random Orbit Sander stands out for its compact size and extreme maneuverability.

 In fact, it is a hand-held sander with high maneuverability characterized by a pad with a shape similar to that of an iron plate.

This particularity allows it to reach even the most difficult points easily and makes it ideal for working on small surfaces, as well as on larger ones.

 The integrated suction system also allows you to suck the dust directly into the Microfilter container, supplied with the accessories, and therefore to work cleanly.

It is suitable for both sanding and polishing, but being a product of the Bosch Hobby line, it is intended for non-intensive use only.

 Therefore, it is recommended especially for DIY enthusiasts. The biggest flaw, however, according to some, is given by the reduced efficiency of the suction system.

Bosch ROS10 120 Volt Random Orbit Sander



One of the advantages of the tools of the Bosch Hobby line is given by the fact that they have a competitive price. On the other hand, they are equipment intended exclusively for hobbyists.

Low energy consumption:

With its 80 watts just absorbed power, the Bosch sander is one of the models that consume less, surpassed only by the Black + Decker sander.


This configuration allows it to reach the most difficult points without any problem and to work comfortably and safely, even on small surfaces.


  • The integrated system is not as efficient as the specifications promise since a lot of dust comes out of the side slits of the tool.

Rank #6: Makita BO5041K 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander

If you are wondering where to buy an orbital sander with a rectangular instead of a round sanding pad,

 We suggest you take a close look at the BO3711 produced by the Japanese company Makita, known for the reliability and quality of its tools.

The Makita sander, in fact, despite being a hobby model, is characterized by excellent manufacturing materials, care and attention to detail, superior performance, and a discrete power, specifically 190 Watt, which allows it to work safely on wood, plastic, and metal, even if painted.

It is equipped with a dust collector but is designed for attachment to a suction system. Also, it has a comfortable ergonomic handle with Soft Grip coating; the only flaw, according to some, is to be somewhat cumbersome. 

However, this aspect, considered from another perspective, is a clear indication of the excellent quality of the materials used for its manufacture, and therefore of its durability.

Makita BO5041K 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander


Rectangular sanding pad:
  • Usually, the orbital sanders are designed to work with abrasive discs, the Makita sander instead has a rectangular sanding pad. Therefore it can use any type of rough paper 93 mm wide.
Stable and comfortable to use:
  • The solidity of the materials makes it heavy, but precisely for this reason, the vibrations and noise produced are at a minimum, which significantly increases the comfort of use and durability.
  • It has a power of 190 Watts, which allows it to work without problems on both wooden and plastic and metal surfaces, and maintains a constant speed even under stress.


  • The weight of about 1.6 kilograms helps to reduce noise and vibrations, but for some, it also makes it quite demanding to use, especially for long periods.

Rank #7: Black & Decker BDCRO20C 20V MAX Random Orbit Sander

The Black & Decker BDCRO20C 20V MAX Random Orbit Sander is a wall sander ideal for working mainly on plasterboard and plaster on the walls, but if necessary, also useful as a sander for shutters and shutters.

Given the type of work for which it is designed, despite being an industrial sander.

It is characterized by a power of 600 Watts and a 225 mm diameter sanding pad with a spherical knot on the head, which rests on bearings that help reduce vibrations.

 It is, therefore, ideal for sanding walls and ceilings, for removing paint, residues of wallpaper, for removing rust from shutters and for other home renovation work.

It is equipped with an extendable telescopic handle up to 165 centimeters, a folding guide handle, and its accessories include six abrasive discs with three different grain sizes: 60, 80, and 120; the only flaw is the mediocre quality of the manufacturing materials.

 Black & Decker BDCRO20C 20V MAX Random Orbit Sander


  • Considering the type of sander, the amount it possesses is nothing short of competitive. Therefore it is especially suitable for the less demanding who need it for limited and occasional use.
  • walls, ceilings, false plasterboard ceilings, shutters, and shutters; with this sander, you can pull any type of vertical surface and not only for the removal of paint, rust, wallpaper and more.
  • The range of accessories includes two 60, two 80 and two 120 disks, and is also complete with a practical case to contain everything and transport it easily.


For non-intensive use:
  • Buyers advise not to force it too much; it is therefore not suitable for intensive use, and also, the manufacturing materials are of just mediocre quality.

All You Should Know About The Sander

With eccentric grinding, the most diverse surfaces can be ground. After reviewing various tests on the Internet, our team was able to generate a sander and include ratings for performance, warranty period, transport case and other special features.

What is an orbital sander?

An eccentric sander is a type of orbital sander with an eccentrically mounted sanding disc that performs rotating and oscillating movements at the same time. In contrast to the conventional orbital sander, the grinding wheel can be round or rectangular. Equipped with a triangular sanding pad, the random orbit sander corresponds to a delta sander.

Since the abrasive grains never stay in one place, moving the grinder over the surface at the same time creates a very fine and uniform sanding pattern. The application of the random orbit sander is always parallel to the working surface. The different levels of stock removal result from free or guided rotation  using a gear. The energy supply of centreless grinding machines can with a removable battery, with external power supply or  compressed air  done.

The random orbital sander is a special electrical tool that can be used in many different ways and is guided by hand. This tool is used again and again, especially for various grinding work.

The random orbital sander is characterized in particular by the fact that it has a handle on the top with which the device can be moved over the surface to be worked. The grinding wheel is located on the underside .

There are different versions of the random orbit sanders. Depending on the surface that should be sanded, there are also different attachments with appropriate grain . Not only can rough grinding be carried out, but surfaces can also be gently sanded .

The random orbit sander works with a grinding surface that rotates itself . The grinding plate sits eccentrically on the work surface , which means that additional circular movements are carried out in the center of the grinding wheel .

This prevents scoring that could occur , for example, from an orbital sander.

By using an orbital sander, surfaces are not only ground more evenly , but also with significantly less work . Wood, metals and plastics in particular can be processed with the random orbital sander.

However, the grinding wheel must always be selected accordingly. There are also eccentric grinders that can also machine glass . With different levels, the surfaces can be ground with weak or strong grinding movements .

Most random orbit sanders have numerous levels that can be selected using the rotary or push button. The big advantage is that all work processes can be carried out with just one device . Some models also have an integrated collection bag for emerging dust , which means that the particles get directly into the bag and massive dust generation can be largely avoided.

Why does an orbital sander grind finer than an orbital sander?The circular movement of the orbital sander creates visible small squiggles in the surface if the machine is not moved enough . This is particularly annoying because the surface has to be reworked. But not only the movement itself, but also the size of the own movement has an influence on the grinding pattern.

In the random orbit sander test, this important value is evaluated as a so-called resonant circuit , the orbital sander travels a  grinding stroke . The greater the intrinsic movement, the more material is removed and the surface gets an unsightly structure.

Now the speed and vibration numbers come into play. The intensity of their movement has no effect on the grinding pattern, but the more often the grinding movement is carried out, the greater the removal . If you are about to make a purchase decision, take a closer look at the technical details of which  resonant circuits the random orbit sander has won. If you want to  achieve high stock removal on large areas  , an eccentric grinder with a high number of rotations and vibrations as well as a large amount of own movement is ideally suited for this purpose. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a machine for  fine sanding , the random orbit sander should have the smallest possible resonant circuit.

Where does the random orbit sander get its name from?

The word ” eccentric ” comes from the Latin and Greek vocabulary. It is the opposite of “concentric” and means ” without a common center “. Scholars originally used the term in astronomy to describe the  orbits  of planets.

In the mechanics, a disk is eccentric if its point of  rotation is  outside the center. Eccentric circles are those without a common center: Many rides on the fair use this movement.

The eccentric movement of the grinding plate is an  intentional imbalance , which is referred to in the technical specifications as a “resonant circuit”. The higher this imbalance, the finer the surface is smoothed. An eccentric value of “zero” therefore does not cause eccentric movement. A common resonant circuit is  2.0 mm . The disc diameter of an orbital sander is usually 12.5 cm to 15 cm.

Some diy consider whether it  makes more sense  to buy  an eccentric grinder or  another grinding device . Reason enough that we go into more detail about the special features and differences of similar tools.

Orbital sander vs. Delta grinder

The delta sander  is a conventional orbital sander that is particularly suitable for corners and angled workpieces thanks to its tapered grinding attachment. This triangular shape is an advantage over the round disc of the random orbit sander when it comes to precise finishing of corners. The delta sander is relatively  small , which is disadvantageous for grinding large areas. Since the delta sander only grinds with a swinging motion, the orbital sander achieves a more appealing end result.

Orbital sander vs. Belt sander

The belt sander  has a so-called endless grinding system, in which an annular belt is always   pulled in one direction over the grinding plate. It is used for wooden floors, parquet and other large wooden surfaces that   are to be sanded down in the direction of the fibers . With its linear movement, the endless sanding belt creates   a typical sanding pattern , which does not result in the smooth surface smoothing of an orbital sander. Even the smooth removal of used surfaces is not the real purpose of the rather  unwieldy belt sander . An eccentric sander creates a much finer surface, such as is desirable on table tops.

Orbital sander vs. Angle grinder

An angle grinder , colloquially called “Flex”, also has a round disc. An angular gear only sets the grinding wheel in  rotation  without vibration, as it characterizes the random orbit sander. The  Flex mainly does rough jobs, so it cuts stone slabs, metal pipes and grinds welds and surfaces. If the look is important, an eccentric sander does a  better job, at least when it comes to the  finish .

Orbital sander vs. Multi-sander

The multi-sander  is equipped with a wide range of accessories, as its name suggests. Round, triangular, rectangular and angled attachments are dimensioned so  small that especially  fine work can be carried out  very precisely. The handy multi-sander is designed to work out grooves, joints and profiles, but the eccentric sander has a clear advantage for larger tasks and perfect surfaces.

Orbital sander vs. Polishing machine

 At first glance, the polishing machine  and random orbital sander  are similar . Both use round grinding attachments, whereby the polishing machine works with a  felt or polishing sponge  . It makes more sense to buy an orbital sander with a polishing attachment, since this tool is used for many  more tasks  on a wide variety of materials than polishing only varnish.

Orbital sander vs. Rotary grinder

The rotary  grinder generates the grinding power by rotating movement. Its round attachment is suitable for flat, curved and uneven surfaces of different materials. As the respective random orbit sander test produced in two well-known DIY magazines from May and June 2017, the  optical quality of  the surface is much more satisfactory with the eccentrically rotating and vibrating sanding disc  than with the rotary sander. The removal rate is also more effective.

Finally, we come to the conclusion that the random orbit sander offers the best grinding result every time it is compared with similar power tools. Only the round sanding plate excludes work right into the corners.

The tasks of an orbital sander

Do-it-yourselfers and craftsmen use the random orbit sander on very  different projects  . The orbital sander is mainly used when working on hard and softwood, an eccentric sander, on the other hand, is a true   all- rounder for all kinds of construction and renovation work.

Which sandpaper does the random orbit sander need?

To process a material with the random orbit sander, you need the  right sandpaper  . Pay attention to the number of holes, the color of the leaves and the different grain size. The  color system  should make the selection easier for the customer. Some manufacturers have their own color code, but common types of sandpaper are usually  marked in the same colors by  material .

What do the colors mean for sandpaper?

The most commonly used sandpaper is wine red on the sanding side  . This grade is  intended for processing  wood and lacquered surfaces . The back is  brown  and the grain is indicated on it.

Sandpaper with a  light gray  work surface is used to sand  plastic , car paint or to smooth filler (filler). The gray variety usually has a blue back made of tear-resistant  textile material . With fine and very fine grits, particularly smooth  surfaces  can be produced in wet coating   in several courses.

Which grit for which surface?

Before we talk about the grit, let’s get to the  spread of  the abrasive. Depending on the type of sandpaper , the individual grains are  applied to the backing paper at  different distances from one another. This allows the abrasive particles to penetrate the surface flat or deeper  . If you  clamp a paper with  widely spaced abrasive grains, the material removal is very  aggressive . A variety with  densely scattered grain protects the workpiece, but more friction creates  more heat . Basically, the spread depends on the grain.

The grit of the sandpaper is  indicated by a  number on the paper side. The smaller this number, the  coarser  the grit, the higher numbers indicate  finer grits . In the trade you can get grits that range from 12 to 5000 according to DIN 69176. The letter P in front of the grain number indicates the quality standard that corresponds to DIN standard 69176. Grains between  40 and 120  are used for large stock removal, to level out scratches and to  pre-sand  a wooden surface. With a medium-fine grain size of  150 to 180  , old layers  of paint can be  sanded off wooden surfaces, including  metal surfaces can be roughened. A wooden surface with  220 to 360  grit is prepared for painting. The finest grit  5000  is used when  painting  body parts. When grinding, you always start with coarse grits and switch to the finer grade with each subsequent step.

Orbital sander helps with renovation

The random orbit sander does a good job when renovating.  Painting over several  layers of paint is not a good solution. Because you find the existing apricot orange hideous and the wall should be painted in classic white, you have to completely remove the old color. The eccentric sander is an  effective aid here .

Buy a  sufficient number of  grinding wheels, since the consumption is  correspondingly high with heavy stock removal and a few square meters of work area  . If there is no delta  sander or a corresponding  attachment for the random orbit sander at hand, the corners of the  room must  be machined manually, since the sanding disc is round.

The random orbit sander for different materials

  • With a powerful eccentric test winner, even roughly cut artificial and natural stone can be excellently sanded and polished. That would be  the case , for example, on the cladding of an open  fireplace or on the custom-made  worktop  in the kitchen.
  • Any handyman can do the sealing or processing of metal himself with an orbital sander. When reworking and smoothing beaded  weld seams  , unsightly grinding marks also disappear from the surface.
  • You can even grind and polish concrete with an orbital sander. Use a robust grinding wheel that can handle the hard material. Diamond grinding wheels are well suited for these tasks  . In the trade you can get different polishing attachments for  high-performance grinders .
  • The random orbital sander is ideal for drywall materials . If you want to  divide a room using a  plasterboard wall , the surface must be filled and sanded before painting. With an orbital sander, this  preparatory work  is done much faster than processing natural stone or concrete.
  • The random orbital sander is ideally suited for any sanding work on  wood outdoors . If you have a  carport  or a  terrace cover  made of wood, these attachments require regular  maintenance in order  to remain attractive and  safe . An eccentric sander is easier to guide than an orbital sander, especially on uneven surfaces. In the end result you get a  visibly better result. With each sanding step, a smaller grain refines the surface structure. The  wood dust can be  removed from the work area with a  vacuum cleaner attachment.
  • Wood in old apartments also  needs to be refreshed from time to time. At the top of the renovation list are  doors that need to be sanded and repainted. Old  chests of drawers  and cupboards are also grateful for a renovation. Since the random orbit sander is especially recommended for uneven surfaces,  cassette doors  and frames will soon shine in new splendor. If there are too many profiles and carvings, we recommend that you call in a  specialist to  rule out damage to historical furnishings.
  • The round sanding disc creates more stock removal  than a delta or orbital sander, the comparison showed in an eccentric sander test. The eccentric sander is therefore suitable for the  rapid processing of  large areas. Alternatively, you  can work even more effectively with a professional  belt sander if it is less important to even surfaces.

Technical details of an orbital sander

The  technical equipment of  the random orbit sander decides significantly on the performance, the quality of the surface and comfortable handling. With the right  accessories,  do-it-yourselfers can complete upcoming tasks more precisely and  in less time . In the long run, it always pays to find out about the properties of the random orbit sander, because a less good sanding pattern is still visible even through a paint job.

What optional energy supply does the random orbit sander have?

In most cases, where  frequent use  is expected, it is about buying an eccentric sander with an  electrical connection  or a  pneumatic drive . Most users opt for an eccentric grinder test winner that can be easily connected to the nearest socket. The variant operated with  compressed air must be connected to a  compressor  .

Basically, both types of energy supply are suitable for all grinding work. An electrical device offers greater  flexibility when it is taken to different construction sites because a  cable drum  is easier to transport than a compressor.

Eccentric grinders with pneumatic drives are therefore usually in the  workshop of  a handicraft company. Eccentric grinders with battery operation are  available as a third option  . The price for the greatest possible mobility and completely free handling is the  lower performance .

Are eccentric grinders with dust extraction useful?

For  intensive  commercial or private  use  , we recommend an eccentric grinder with the option of connecting to a vacuum cleaner or an  extraction system . In this way, the dust that is generated in considerable quantities during grinding is immediately picked up by the dust extraction system on the device. Not only that the work area  remains clearly  visible and clean , fine dust poses a potential  risk  . Inhaled wood dust, which is usually still  contaminated with  paint particles or wood preservatives, leads in the long term to lung diseases,  eye irritation  and allergies. Not to mention the dirt that crawls under your clothes. Also enough a single spark  that can be released when the light switch is switched on to trigger a devastating  dust explosion  .

Orbital sander with dust bag

Dust-  free air is a real treat for long-term and  large-scale sanding work . Therefore, when making a purchase decision, pay attention to appropriate accessories for the  vacuum cleaner connection . If you use the random orbit sander only occasionally, the abrasion can be  collected in a clip-on  cassette  or a smaller  dust bag . The dust is immediately sucked in through the openings in the grinding wheel.

Eccentric sander with soft start

When switched on, the engine starts up to full power a little more slowly instead of “starting” immediately. The initial  throttling  protects the transmission and allows   the grinding plate to be placed comfortably on the material.

How many watts of power do random orbit sanders have?

High-quality machines have a drive power between  300 watts and 400 watts.  The  manufacturers were also able to increase the performance of modern  cordless tools , but the capacity of the batteries is exhausted after a maximum of a quarter of an  hour .

What number of revolutions should an orbital sander achieve?

The stronger the drive of the grinder, the higher the number of revolutions per minute. The number of revolutions required depends on the  material  that you want to machine. On average, eccentric grinders have test winners between  5000 and 26,000  vibrations per minute, which can be set in power levels. When grinding  ,  the number of revolutions decreases due to the pressure of the dead weight and the frictional resistance. A   swing radius of five millimeters enables faster and more effective work than a model with a   swing radius of 1.5 mm .

A large swing radius at a low number of revolutions creates  high stock removal  and a rough grinding pattern. The finest surfaces are created at high speeds with the smallest possible  unbalance of  the plate.

What are the advantages of a geared orbital sander?

A gear eccentric sander can be set to eccentric, orbital and eccentric grinding. The  grinding movement  is similar to that of a simple eccentric grinder, but the difference here is that the activated gearbox performs the  rotation  in a positive control. This means that the plate rotates even under high pressure on the device. This mode is suitable for  rough grinding  and also for polishing, as the number of revolutions is relatively low at 1000 rpm.

Orbital sander with additional handle

A  second handle  enables  the machine to be guided precisely , especially on  curved surfaces, and strong vibrations are neutralized on uneven surfaces  . The  ergonomic handling  through two-handed operation is noticeable through a more relaxed posture, which relieves the  back . The auxiliary handle is an important feature that should not be missing with frequent use of the random orbit sander. Smooth handling creates a  more uniform  sanding pattern.

Is wet grinding possible with an eccentric sander?

With a special  attachment  for wet sandpaper, mirror-smooth surfaces can be created with the random orbit sander. This is  absolutely necessary when painting  car body parts and other fine work.

Which diameter of the sanding plate is necessary?

If you need the random orbit sander mainly for large flat surfaces, we recommend  150 mm diameter . Another common size is  125 mm , which lends itself to handy guidance for finer work. Make sure there are  matching openings  in the sandpaper so that the dust extraction works.

Uniform grinding results with interface pad

A thicker  protective fleece  made of foam significantly increases the durability of the Velcro surface of the sanding plate. The soft pad is hooked between the sanding plate and sandpaper. In this way, curves can  be machined more evenly and the Velcro surface on the sanding plate   does not wear out as quickly. With some random orbit sanders, simple sandpaper with clamps can be  clamped in as an option  .

What is the lifespan of an orbital sander?

With good care and regular maintenance, an eccentric grinder theoretically has a  service life of at least ten years before significant drive parts wear out. The  tax depreciation of  mobile random orbital grinders is possible after eight years.

How does an eccentric sander work?

There are different versions of the random orbit sanders . This also determines how they work.

The classic random orbit sander

With the help of a motor, the oscillating disc attached to the underside is rotated. The sandpaper is on top of it, which is now guided over the surfaces to be treated. In these models, the sanding plate is usually rectangular and moves with circular vibrations .

The orbital sander in the true sense

In contrast to the classic model , the random orbit sander has a grinding wheel that is set in rotating motion  . In addition , the center of this grinding wheel also performs circular movements . In most cases, the round sanding disc on the underside sits eccentrically on the surface.

When grinding, the random orbit sander is always guided parallel to the surface . A little bit of tact is required. Gentle pressure is usually sufficient for the surface to be sanded evenly.

The eccentric grinder is set in motion by the electric drive. Before grinding, it should be checked whether the correct grinding wheel is on the underside .

The tool glides over the surface with even rotations and wears away layer by layer. The oscillating movement of the random orbit sander is also determined by the rotation that starts from the sander. That is why the sanding plate on an eccentric sander is always round. Due to the so-called “disappearing” grinding, the grinding result of this hand-held tool is very fine . In addition, the vibrating plate no longer spins even when the machine is under high pressure .

The gear orbital sander

The gear orbital sander is of particular importance for this tool, because it actually works like different machines . The geared orbital sander comprises the activities of a conventional orbital sander , an orbital sander and a polishing device . The grinding movements differ depending on the application and function. In most models, the different functions can be selected using the controller or push button .

The grinding movement of this device is very similar to that of the eccentric sander, but here the rotation is still controlled by the activated gear , which means that the plate rotates even under high pressure on the device. In this setting , the removal of the surfaces is much more efficient , which is why the eccentric sander is often used for very rough surfaces .

What are the advantages of an orbital sander?

The random orbital sander is a hand-held tool that has a number of advantages. In general, this tool is relatively light and can be gently moved over the surfaces with one hand . But there are also other advantages that can be shown with this hand tool.

  • Work evenly

With the help of the random orbital sander, it is possible to sand surfaces evenly. Gentle pressure is enough and the layers are gradually removed. In addition, there are hardly any marks when grinding with the random orbit sander if the device is used evenly.

Nevertheless, it takes a lot of practice to grind with this hand tool . Therefore, the expensive furniture should not be sanded at the beginning. It is advisable to practice on surfaces that do not need to be used afterwards. This gives you a feeling of how to use this machine.

  • Numerous grinding wheels

The eccentric grinder can be used for different surfaces for Come into play. Mostly metals, woods and plastics are sanded with this device. But there are already some models with which glass can also be processed.

It should be noted here that different grinding wheels are available for each material . There are also different grits . Depending on the nature of the surface, the right grain size should be selected. Coarse surfaces require a coarse grain and vice versa.

  • Little effort

The random orbit sander is powered by electricity . Simply turn on the switch and you’re ready to go. Since most of the models already relatively little weight have, the device can with little effort be moved over the surface. In addition, the eccentric grinder rests on the surface, which also reduces the effort somewhat.

Nevertheless , care should be taken to ensure that the random orbit sander is guided in such a way that it is not supported , as this could result in uneven grinding results . A little effort is required when working with the random orbital sander, but you should also be a little sensitive .

  • The round grinding wheel

This hand-held tool is characterized by the fact that it has a round grinding plate that is set in rotation by the motor. However, the sanding plate is not attached to the center of the eccentric sander , as is the case for the orbital sander , but is located eccentrically to the drive of the device .

This construction prevents the classic grooves when grinding, as is the case with other grinding devices. Since the random orbital sander moves across the surface in even movements, the grinding process is not only time-saving but also easier .

  • Clean work

Most models already have a collection bag . Using a hose, fine particles that arise during grinding are transported directly into the bag . This has the great advantage that the dusting process does not generate too much dust.

Test criteria – how did test persons test the random orbit sander?

If you are considering the purchase of an orbital sander, there are a few things you should consider. In a test series, test subjects took a close look at some models and evaluated them according to different test criteria.

Packaging and delivery

One of the first things that catches the eye when buying an orbital sander is the packaging. The testers checked whether the different models were packed in such a way that they were not damaged during transport . Since we all ordered the random orbit sander on the Internet, we were able to take a close look at this test criterion.

The performance

The performance per se plays only a minor role with the random orbit sander . Rather, tests were carried out to ensure the quality of the sanding paper , because this basically decides whether the sanding results are good or bad. For conventional use, outputs between 200 and 450 watts are completely sufficient.

Disc brake

Particularly high-quality random orbital sanders also have a so-called disc brake, which enables careful and targeted grinding of surfaces. The disc brake throttles the speed as soon as the random orbit sander touches the surface. This not only increases the safety of the work , but also protects the workpiece , which largely prevents unsightly grooves and furrows.

Control electronics

The eccentric sander should have control electronics so that good results can be achieved with different materials. The speed at which the eccentric grinder is guided over the surfaces can be controlled . In general, these tools work at very high speeds, which can reach around 12,000 revolutions per minute .

The speed must be changed depending on the requirements of the material so that the surfaces can be ground professionally and precisely.

It would also be advantageous if the random orbit sander also had a so-called duo oscillating circuit setting, since this makes the grinding process even easier . However, this setting can only be found on high-quality random orbit sanders and was only evaluated if the models had them.

The sanding plate

The size , nature and performance of the sanding plate were also the focus of interest in the test series. The size should be at least 80 to 150 millimeters in diameter . However, the size of the sanding plate is of course always dependent on which surfaces are processed. For larger surfaces , larger diameters should also be considered. This test criterion was of course taken into account in the tests. Small sanding pads can in turn be used where it is necessary for the random orbital sander to stick to curves or unevenness must adjust.

Functions in the test

Every eccentric sander is listed in external tests with its data and facts , which are gradually examined in the practical test. Here we meticulously observed if the information which the manufacturer will be listed, actually can be implemented in practice . In addition to the functions, handling and commissioning also play an important role in a test.

Which functions are important for the random orbit sander?

The sanding plate

The sanding disc is basically the most important thing for the random orbit sander. Depending on the size, nature and performance , corresponding grinding results can also be achieved.

The performance

The random orbit sander is electronically driven , which is why the power – explicitly the wattage – also plays a significant role. However, it must be noted that even random orbit sanders with a low wattage can still perform well if the sanding plate is correspondingly good. In general, the wattage of these handicraft devices is between 200 and 450 watts.

Speed controller

The corresponding speed must be selected so that surfaces can be processed according to their properties and requirements . This is usually possible using a controller that is located directly on the device.

Collecting bag

The random orbital sander should have a collection bag so that the grinding process can be carried out with as little dust as possible . In most models, this is connected with a hose directly behind the sanding plate , so that particles can be transported directly into the bag. With the collection bag, gentle work is guaranteed because the emerging particles are not inhaled.

Orbital sander innovations 2020

=There are two trends in eccentric grinders. One is that there are new forms of random orbit sanders to respond even better to the multitude of possible user areas. The Finnish manufacturer Mirka has now expanded its product range of Deros random orbit sanders by two more models, which were specially developed for working in hard-to-reach and angled places .

The eccentric of both devices measures 77 millimeters and they are operated with a brushless motor. As external endurance tests on power tools from StiftungWarentest have shown, brushless motors have a much longer lifespan.

The Deros random orbit sanders run with 125-millimeter and 150-millimeter grinding wheels.

There is another innovation in grinding wheels. The manufacturer Berner has now launched grinding wheels with a mesh structure on the market. The web portal Handwerk.com tested the grinding wheels called Netline in a practical test with the random orbit sander and were positively surprised.

Because the Netline discs no longer have any holes, they fit on all grinders. But the biggest advantage, according to the test, is that the extraction of the chips works much better . The testers tried a wide variety of materials and confirmed that the mesh discs can actually work much cleaner than the conventional models with holes.

The grinding dust could only be swirled past the suction if it was applied “by force”, but according to Handwerk.com this would not actually happen if it were operated “professionally” .

However, the price of the Netline grinding wheels is also more expensive. 50 grinding wheels cost 63.50 euros net.

The top 5 eccentric sander brands

There are numerous random orbit sanders from different manufacturers on the market. The most famous and top 5 were examined by us.


Orbital sander from Makita are not only characterized by their typical color. The manufacturer also brings models to the market that are not only of high quality and achieve really good results, but these devices are affordable for their high standard and swim from midfield to the upper price range.


Bosch has always been in the forefront of hand tools for years and it is therefore not surprising that random orbital sanders have also become a specialty of this manufacturer. High quality, good performance and reliability distinguish the random orbital sander from Bosch. However, this manufacturer always has these attributes paid a little, because the eccentric grinders are already swimming in the price in the upper third.


Powerful motors, easy handling and good handling distinguish the eccentric sander from Festool in addition to performance and good results. The manufacturer is happy to pay for this, because for eccentric sanders from Festool you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. With this investment you also buy random orbit grinders that are truly not regretted.


The orbital sander from Metabo are also of good quality . This manufacturer knows what to look for in its handicrafts. No unnecessary bells and whistles are used, since the manufacturer concentrates on the essentials. In terms of price, the orbital sanders from this manufacturer swim in the affordable middle range.


DeWalt has made a very good name for itself in the field of random orbit sanders in recent years. The devices are well made, perform well and are easy to use. The price is relatively open with this manufacturer, because some models are in the middle, others already reach the top third.

Buy an orbital sander – what does an eccentric sander cost?

If you want to buy an eccentric grinder, you will always have an eye on the price in addition to the functions. In the case of random orbit sanders, inexpensive models start at just 70 euros , with hardly any upper limits. However, you should not save in the wrong place when buying the random orbit sander . If you want good results and performance, you should dig a little deeper.

In general, it can be assumed that high-quality random orbit sanders can already be found around 150 euros . The price not only reflects the quality , but also the functions . If you want to set this craft unit who should know in advance, for which purposes the eccentric grinder is used. In this way, the functions that are not required can be excluded in advance, which of course has a significant impact on the price .

A good tip – the random orbital sander should not be bought from the first provider, because a preliminary comparison on the Internet can save many euros. Offers can always be found here. Anyone who does not consider buying on the Internet, because personal advice is the focus, should also pay attention to special promotions that are always granted at the hardware store.

Internet vs. Specialist trade – where is the best place to buy my random orbit sander?

Specialized trade

If you want to get extensive advice before you buy an eccentric sander, the specialist trade is just right for you. Here are competent staff available, which may well be to assist in the purchase decision.

However, it should be borne in mind that most employees work on commission , which means that cheap eccentric grinders, which also do a good job, are unlikely to be mentioned. In addition, when buying from a specialist dealer, there is the great advantage that the device can be taken home straight away .


If you can wait a few days for the random orbit sander, you should n’t neglect buying on the Internet . Personal advice is not possible here, but due to different test and experience reports, a picture of the different models can be obtained. In addition, the Internet offers the possibility that prices can easily be compared with each other . A few mouse clicks are enough and the best offers can be found.

In addition, most providers already offer free shipping on the Internet . The Internet, with its unlimited possibilities, not only offers the most common models, as is generally the case in specialist shops, but also has a wide range of devices . There is a great possibility that even models that may no longer be up-to-date but still deliver fairly solid services at reasonable prices can be found.

Another advantage is transportation. The random orbital sander is not particularly heavy and bulky, but it still has to be transported home by specialist retailers. This transport can be saved when buying on the Internet , because the postman brings the package to the front door within a few days.

The time spent can also be rated as positive . While the arrival and departure time to the specialist trade, the waiting for the employee and the waiting at the cash register have to be taken into account, the purchase on the Internet is made only by comparison and a few mouse clicks. You don’t even have to leave your own four walls for this.

Questions and answers about random orbit sanders

Which sandpaper do I use with an orbital sander?

Of course, there is also the right sanding paper for an eccentric sander . The designs differ in the number of holes, grain size and diameter. Which sandpaper should be used depends on which material you want to process with an orbital sander . The sanding papers are usually divided into various colors, so you will find the right sanding paper very quickly .

Which orbital sander is suitable for wood?

Eccentric sanders are ideal for working with wood. Wood is a very popular raw material and of course has to be shaped first. With an eccentric sander and a suitable sanding paper, this process is relatively easy and requires little effort. The various sanding papers are divided into colors and for wood you should use ruby sandpaper.

Which random orbit sander is suitable for the car?

When polishing a vehicle, you can use an orbital sander with a clear conscience . However, before using it is important that the grinder is cleaned thoroughly and, of course, a suitable attachment is used. Usually a polishing felt and a polishing sponge are included in the scope of delivery , which are ideally suited for vehicles.

What does “hub” mean for an orbital sander?

The term “ stroke ” on an eccentric grinder provides information about the movement. As a rule, random orbit sanders offer a sanding stroke of two to five millimeters. You can also find more detailed information in the operating instructions or on the Internet. The stroke is extremely important for the performance of an eccentric sander and so you should pay attention to this information when buying.

What can an orbital sander do?

With an eccentric grinder, you can process a wide variety of materials relatively easily and without much effort. Whether you want to sand wood or polish the car , you can do this with an orbital sander . The random orbital sander has a variety of application areas and this tool should not be missing in your home.

Who invented the random orbit sander?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to say exactly who or when exactly the random orbit sander was invented. The random orbital sander is a further development of the well-known grinding machine , which has been around for many years. However, today’s models no longer have much in common with those from the early days. Eccentric grinders have a rotating movement and can therefore be used for a variety of tasks.

How do I clean my random orbit sander?

The cleaning and maintenance of work tools is very important for durability. The easiest way to clean an eccentric sander is with a cloth and possibly some water. However, make sure that the electronics in the device do not break. Another option is to clean an eccentric sander with compressors . With air as cleaning, make sure that the random orbit sander and the electronics inside are not damaged.

What to do if you run hot orbital sander?

The new eccentric grinders have various safety precautions and therefore overheating is not possible with some models. If the model used does not have such a function, you should give the implement a break at regular intervals. The device can cool down during the rest phase and thus prevent the random orbital sander from breaking.

How do I save the motor from my random orbit sander?

The random orbit sander works with electricity and a motor. The engine is, of course, exposed to a very high load, especially when it is put into operation for a longer period. The modern grinders can be individually adjusted in terms of performance and if you want to beautiful the engine and do not want to take a short rest period, you should at least choose a lower power level.

How can I polish with an orbital sander?

Polishing with an orbital sander is only possible with the right tools. For this you need a special soft attachment. If this is not included in the delivery, you can certainly purchase it from specialist retailers. The polishing of a vehicle can be quite a simple and easy orbit sanders are erleidigt.


How does an eccentric sander work?

The grinding disc of the eccentric grinder moves eccentrically. In comparison, only the plate swings on the orbital sander. With the help of the sanding disc, sanding work is carried out. The rotating movements ensure that the grinding works automatically.

When to use orbital sanders and orbital sanders?

Both tools are operated by hand and benefit from a powerful electric motor. The grinding wheel starts to move at the push of a button. The grinding wheel of the eccentric sander rotates. At the same time, this disc acts eccentrically on the drive axle, which initiates star-shaped circular movements. The function is used to select whether an orbital sander or an orbital sander is required.

Orbital sander – which grit to choose?

The random orbital sander with a sanding disc from 125 mm to 150 mm can be used for sanding walls in unfinished buildings. When sanding larger areas, you should think about whether a wall grinder would be a better choice. Basically, the grain size also determines the area of application.

Which orbital sander is suitable for wood?

Eccentric sanders are generally used for wood processing and wood finishing. The right sandpaper is extremely important for woodwork. In addition, the natural material should be sanded in several steps. Lacquers are removed with an 80s sandpaper and then a sandpaper with the grain size 120 is used for fine sanding and 180 for the finish.

Which sandpaper to use for the random orbit sander?

The best random orbit sander is worthless without the right sandpaper. Quality should be important for sandpaper. As a rule, the manufacturers of random orbit sanders also offer the right sandpaper.

What does an orbital sander cost?

The random grinders are available in different price ranges. The cheapest models start at just under 20 euros and are even available in discounters. The expensive models can be found in the hardware store and can cost up to 200 euros and more.

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