What Is The Best Pruning Chainsaw [ 2021 Edition ]

Compared to conventional chainsaws, pruning chainsaws are specially designed for this purpose, being more active and convenient to use when peeling off your trees is concerned.

You can quickly achieve with the chosen model of our comparative best pruning chainsaw that we analyze for you below. And if you want to know more about the market, consult the advice that we give you below so that your purchase becomes an excellent investment.

Although we talk about pruning chainsaws, smaller than conventional ones, the power is still of great importance. This power determines the type of branches and elements that you will be able to cut, regardless of the size of the sword or the kind of chain. Bet at least for products of more than 600 watts, in electronic or horsepower format, if you decide to choose the gasoline supply.

As important as power is safety. That is why the chosen model must have the current safety measures such as protection against the rebound of the saw, the magnetic brake for the chain that acts in case of breakage, as well as a secure fastening system that allows you to directly apply the force on the arboreal elements, without rebounds or landslides.

Finally, do not forget the maintenance, both external and internal. On the domestic side, support should be facilitated by easy access to elements such as filters or spark plugs, whose cleaning and control should be frequent. On the outer side, it raises the capacity and ease of cleaning the sword as well as the system to maintain the corresponding chain tension without avoiding the risks related to it.


Rank # 1: GrandMaster TM2500

Its power is 800 watts, and the structure has several safety mechanisms. Besides, the equipment is robust, resistant, and incorporates a set of tools to facilitate the maintenance process.

Main features explained


The Grand Master TM2500 pruning chainsaw has a nominal power of 1.3 horsepower in gasoline engine format, equivalent to about 800 watts in an electric model.

A power that, according to users, allows to cut all kinds of branches, even those of a particular entity, without this involving excessive effort or a problem for the machine, thanks to both its high turning capacity and the 44 links that make up his sword and that thanks to his excellent sharpening help you not only to the tasks of pruning but to other works of a more significant entity like the cutting and preparation of firewood, for example. A high-level power that will do any pruning work you need more accessible.

Security of use

To avoid accidents and reduce the risks of using the product, this model has the most common safety advances in modern pruning chainsaws. A safety that begins with the chain whose resistance, which we have already mentioned, reduces the risk of breakage or fractures of the chain during use.

In any case, if the same occurs, the magnetic chain fastening system prevents it from becoming a projectile that could harm you while you work.

The same applies to its rebound system, which automatically activates the emergency brake of the machine when it detects that it has suffered a rebound or is engaged. Finally, its ergonomic handle with hand protection prevents the remains of wood or brush that can jump while you work.


To keep your pruning chainsaw always in good condition, this model includes straightforward maintenance options. The greasing part is done automatically by mixing gasoline and oil, although it requires an absolute precision in it so that the lubrication is ideal.

All the elements that require maintenance, such as the engine itself, the filters of the machine or the spark plugs are easily accessible so that you will not have problems to reach them and always have them in good condition. And to make your task more comfortable, you also have all the necessary tools, included with the machine, for such maintenance.

Simple maintenance also in the exterior, thanks to the system that allows cleaning the chain and the zone of sliding of a simple form of any vegetal rest that can remain in the same.


  • Its air-powered carburetor has a design that improves the performance of the gasoline engine, offering higher power in a more balanced way.


  • Although the lubrication is automatic, it is done by mixing with the fuel, which requires a higher frequency of refilling and greater precision in the mixing of gasoline and oil.

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