TOP 8 Best Portable Tables Saw For Fine Woodworking [ 2021 Edition ]

The bench saws currently on the market are numerous and available in all price ranges, that’s why choosing the right model for your needs is not always easy.

In the buying guide, you will find more information on this best portable tables saw for fine woodworking and that is a particular type of power tool.

 If you don’t have enough time to explore the topic, then, you can take a look at the review of the bench saws most appreciated by buyers, both for the type of performance and features and for the convenience of the price.

The models that stand out more than all the others, however, are the Makita LS1018L, a small jewel of solid Japanese technology, reliable and precise in cutting, and the Bosch 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw, appreciated above all for its cheapness.

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Key Features


  • Delivers 4,800 RPM

  • Powerful 15.0 AMP motor

  • Adjustable dual side guards 

  • Bosch 4100 09 10 inch table saw

  •  1 year warranty

  • efficient power with 3,650 no load RPM motor

  • Blade Height Adjustment and Various Material Cutting Capacity

  • Solid steel unibody frame 

  • 795 Motor Driving

  • Heavy Duty 13 Amp Motor 

  • 5,000 rpm motor

  • Perfect for heavy duty jobs

  • Rapid blade

  • Magnetic switch

  • Soft start feature reduces motor noise and vibration 

10 Best portable table saw for fine woodworking- Ranking In 2021

According to the opinions of the numerous satisfied buyers, the Makita LS1018L is one of the best portable table saw for fine woodworking of 2020, and in fact it is one of the best-selling models among all those currently on the market.

The Makita bench saw has been appreciated above all for the high quality of the manufacturing materials and the assembly, in fact the cutting surface is perfectly square and even the blade is already set at the factory at a 90 ° angle, in so you can use it right away.

It is driven by a 1,430 Watt motor with Soft Start system for safe gradual starting, which generates a maximum speed of 4,300 rpm; it is compatible with 260 mm diameter blades and a 30 mm central hole, and is equipped with laser guides which make it extremely precise in cutting. The Makita LS1018L is an excellent quality power tool, completely free from defects.


  • Makita quality : The Japanese company is one of the most popular in the power tool manufacturing sector. The LS1018L, like its other products, stands out for its high quality and excellent performance.
  • Accuracy : In comparison to the other models examined in our guide, the Makita bench saw is the one that offers the highest level of precision, both as regards the cut and as regards the assembly of the machine and the blade itself.
  • Versatile : Its characteristics make it suitable for both hobby and occasional and professional use, especially in carpentry and joinery.


  • None : Not a single buyer has reported problems or defects whatsoever, indeed, everyone praises the excellent features and the good price.

Rank #2: Bosch 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw

The Bosch PTS 10 bench saw belongs to the Hobby line of power tools, recognizable by the classic green color of the body, which is why it is a tool designed for non-intensive use.

It is driven by a 1,400-watt motor, which generates a no-load speed of 5,000 rpm, and has a maximum cutting height of 75 millimeters on a perpendicular angle of 90 °, and 63 millimeters if inclined at 45 °; it is also equipped with parallel guides for cutting and is compatible with circular blades of 254 mm in diameter and central hole of 30 mm.

The price of the Bosch PTS 10 is advantageous but the quality of the tool leaves a little to be desired; in fact it has a decidedly inferior assembly compared to Makita, which is why it is not very precise and suitable only for DIY lovers or for those who have no particular needs.


  • Soft Start : The motor is equipped with the Soft Start system which helps prevent jams and other possible risks with the blade, therefore starting is gradual and safe even for novice operators.
  • Powerful : Its 1,400 watts of power allow it to saw effortlessly up to a maximum thickness of 75mm vertically and 63mm horizontally, so that even large pieces can be processed.
  • Affordable : Compared to the average of other products, including those at low prices, the Bosch saw is available at a decidedly affordable price and well proportioned to the quality of the machine.


  • Inaccurate : The assembly of the PTS 10 is not perfect and many components make a slight play, which is why this Bosch bench saw sins in terms of precision.

  • Powerful : Its 1,400 watts of power allow it to saw effortlessly up to a maximum thickness of 75mm vertically and 63mm horizontally, so that even large pieces can be processed.
  • Affordable : Compared to the average of other products, including those at low prices, the Bosch saw is available at a decidedly affordable price and well proportioned to the quality of the machine.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for where to buy a particularly inexpensive bench saw, then the SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 Table Saw produced by the well-known German brand Einhell, one of the leading brands in the production of low-cost power tools, it could be just what it does at your case.

The main feature of the Einhell bench saw, in fact, is that it is the cheapest of all the models examined in our guide; it has a 1,800 Watt motor, with a 2,000 Watt peak, and is equipped with two elements that widen the worktop width.

Like the other models, it is designed for attachment to a dust extraction system and is also equipped with a comfortable floor stand, if a workbench is not available. But it is a low cost bench saw, so the quality and performance are of a modest level.


  • Economic : You will hardly find a bench saw at a lower price than Einhell, so it is ideal for those who have a very limited spending budget and do not expect superior performance.
  • Support : The folding floor stand is very practical and allows you to position the tool easily, even in the absence of a workbench, and allows you to move it easily if necessary.
  • Extensions : The two additional elements can be positioned on the sides of the work surface, thus increasing its extension and facilitating the cutting of large pieces.


  • Low level : Both the level of precision and the assembly and manufacturing materials do not enchant. It is an economic bench saw recommended only for beginners.

 It seems that the DeWalt company, with the DEWALT DWE7485 , has conceived a new way of interpreting the bench saws, and above all their characteristics of mobility and transportability.

The DeWalt table saw, in fact, stands out above all for its compact dimensions and the particular architecture of the body, which is enclosed by two tubular metal bars with adjustable support feet, which allow you to position it practically anywhere, even on a stand. folding.

It is also solid, made with first choice materials and well assembled, and powerful enough to cut even the hardest and most consistent woods without problems; thanks to the workbench compatible with INCRA guides, moreover, it is also extremely precise. Unfortunately, the only flaw, not even negligible, is the lack of the Soft Start gradual start system; for everything else it is an excellent bench saw, suitable for both hobby and professional use.


  • High mobility : Despite the standard weight of about 22 kilograms, the DWE7485 is specifically designed to offer high mobility and ease of transport, so that it can be used directly on construction sites.
  • Versatile : The excellent characteristics and the level of performance make it suitable for both the most expert and demanding hobbyists and professionals, to use it in small carpentry and carpentry workshops or on construction sites.
  • Compatibility : The worktop has been made compatible with the guides produced by the well-known INCRA company, therefore its level of precision in the cuts can be further increased.


  • Soft Start : The only flaw is the lack of the Soft Start soft start device; for all the rest, however, it is a high quality power tool with professional performance.

Rank #5: Bosch GTS1031 Portable Jobsite Table Saw

The Bosch GTS1031 Portable Jobsite Table Saw is also a professional bench saw, in fact the blue color of the body immediately identifies it as a tool belonging to the specific Bosch Professional line; apart from that, it is also the most powerful of all the models we examined in the guide, with a maximum absorption of ,1700 watts.

It is a bench saw suitable above all for workshops and carpentry and carpentry workshops, in fact in addition to being powerful, it is equipped with numerous systems designed to increase both the performance and cutting precision and the operator’s safety.

Furthermore, the electronic speed regulation system allows to keep the speed constant during the work, regardless of the number of revolutions per minute selected.

Despite the excellent conditions, however, the Bosch GTS1031 Portable Jobsite Table Saw is penalized by the trolley and the guide system, which play and negatively affect accuracy.


  • Powerful : Its 1700 watts make it powerful and extremely versatile, capable of cutting not only solid wood but also wood-based composite materials, multilayer panels and laminates.
  • Constant Speed : The electronic speed regulation system, in addition to precisely selecting the parameters, also allows you to maintain a constant number of revolutions during cutting, without slowing down the stroke of the blade.
  • Safe : The Intelligent Brake System is an additional system that increases the safety level for the operator, since it works even in the absence of power and allows you to quickly lock the blade.


  • Guides and trolley : Both the trolley and the system of guides slide on tracks instead of ball bearings, consequently they play and negatively affect the precision of the appliance.

The Novel Life G7 is a mini bench saw intended mainly for hobbyists, since in any case it is an economic tool. Its price, in fact, is slightly higher than the Einhell examined previously.

It has the body and the work surface made of steel, the thickness of the top is 6 millimeters in order to resist deformations and maintain a planar surface. The engine is driven by a 180 Watt power supply, included in the accessory kit, and develops a maximum speed of 10,000 rpm. Mount a 4-inch diameter circular steel blade and the maximum cutting height is 2.7 cm.

Buyers consider it a good mini bench saw, particularly suitable for those with the hobby of modeling; the only flaw is the difficult availability of spare parts, in particular the transmission belt.


  • Excellent quality and performance : In spite of its Chinese origins, the Novel Life mini table saw surprised the buyers thanks to its excellent quality level and good performance, which are close to those of similar models of the most prestigious brands.
  • Low price : The further advantage is given by the price. If the quality of the materials, the assembly and the performances are only slightly lower than a similar model produced by Proxxon, for example, compared to the latter it costs less than half.
  • Spindle : In addition to the circular blade, the Novel Life G7 is also equipped with a spindle on which both drill bits and abrasive grinding discs can be mounted, thus increasing the versatility of use.


  • Spare parts and assistance : The only unknown factor of this well-made and efficient bench saw is the difficult availability of spare parts and the lack of adequate assistance for European customers.

The Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw , on the other hand, is mounted directly on a floor stand equipped with two wheels and two handles, so as to lift and move it easily to be able to use it both in small workshops and workshops and on construction sites.

It has a power of 3 HP, equivalent to about 1,860 watts, and mounts a 315 mm diameter Widia blade. The blade can be adjusted in height, up to a maximum of 83 millimeters, and can be tilted up to 45 °; the worktop is fixed instead, measuring about 83 x 59 cm and is equipped with an additional extension of 80 x 40 cm.

According to the buyers it is a valid and functional bench saw, but considering the price it is a bit too spartan; in fact there are no safety systems or the gradual start, typical instead of medium-high end bench saws.


  • Reliable : The buyers were able to test its capabilities and were satisfied with the level of performance, they consider it reliable and suitable also for use on construction sites, thanks to the good mobility qualities.
  • Already assembled : The Fox Femi bench saw is supplied already assembled, so there will be no need to waste time assembling and to make sure that the support legs are perfectly square.
  • Widia blade: The supplied blade is of the Widia type, that is entirely made with a metal cobalt matrix containing hard particles of tungsten carbide. So it can cut even steel and the hardest woods.


  • Spartan : Despite the good characteristics, it is a decidedly Spartan model, without particular systems designed to increase performance or safeguard the operator.

The last model examined is the RYOBI RTS08 Table Saw , produced by the Japanese company Ryobi, economic and suitable mainly for hobby and non-intensive use. The Ryobi bench saw belongs to the same price range as the Bosch Hobby and Einhell bench saws examined above, but unlike the latter, it has the advantage of offering a cutting precision that, even if it does not reach excellence, is still higher.

It has a power of 1,800 watts and mounts blades with a diameter of 254 millimeters, with a central hole of 30 millimeters, and is ideal for those who do not have special needs. The cuts are therefore precise and also very clean, and the power is adequate to cut even the hardest woods.

The painful notes, however, according to some buyers, are the extension bench which is a millimeter lower than the primary workbench and the noise emitted.


  • Accuracy : Considering that it is an economic range bench saw, it is decidedly more precise in cutting compared to the other models of the same range examined in our guide.
  • Efficient and powerful : Its 1,800 watts of power allow it to cut even the hardest woods without problems, cleanly and cleanly; the dust extraction system is also efficient.
  • Soft Start : The gradual start system is extremely functional and the motor, once activated, does not slow down the selected speed even by pushing the pieces with great force.


  • Noisy : Compared to other economic models, the Ryobi bench saw seems to be more noisy, also the extension of the workbench is not perfectly flat with the same.

Buying Guide – How to choose the best portable table saw for fine woodworkings?

The most important assumptions

Deciding which bench saw to buy is not as simple as it seems, even if the models available on the market seem to have almost all the same performance, in reality, they tend to differentiate especially as regards the level of precision in cutting, the quality of the materials manufacturing and assembly.

To understand how to choose a good bench saw, therefore, it is important to establish the type of applications for which you intend to use it and the volume of work that the tool will have to face.

As for applications, the bench saw is usually used to make straight cuts in length of wood and derivatives, but some models are also able to cut plastics and metals.

Consequently, it is mainly used for carpentry and carpentry work, but there are smaller versions that are designed specifically for precision work.

In summary, therefore, the main discriminants of choice are represented by the size of the appliance, its quality level, and the type of services offered. Based on these parameters, the prices of the bench saws currently on the market can vary from about 100 euros of the cheapest models, intended for hobbyists, up to 1,000 euros, and beyond of the models designed to meet professional needs.

Bench saws for hobbyists

The most economical market segment, that is the one that goes from 100 to 450 euros, mainly includes bench saws intended for non-intensive hobby use.

In this range, the models made by the most famous companies in the sector are very widespread, such as the German Einhell and Bosch and the Japanese Ryobi, just to give an example, this type of stationary power tools are in fact characterized by a low and relatively affordable price.

The further advantage of the economic bench saws, even if not really common to all models, is a discrete structural quality, while the shortcomings are given by an assembly that is often coarse, especially with regard to certain elements in particular, such as cutting guides and extensions for the work surface.

The classic “defects” presented by this type of the best portable tables saw for fine woodworking, consequently, are above all the poor precision, due to the slight play of the guides, and the vibrations generated by the structure as a consequence of the less cared assembly.

Despite these small limitations, hobby bench saws are ideal for those who do not have big needs and make them occasional and not intensive use, for DIY and for occasional home maintenance works. Also in the same category, mini bench saws also fall, special models intended mainly for modeling and precision work on small pieces.

Despite falling within the economic price range, however, the mini bench saws are distinguished by a far higher level of precision in cutting compared to standard hobby models.

Bench saws with professional performance

In the price range from 450 euros to 1,000 euros and beyond, however, the models that offer the best features are concentrated, both as regards the type of assembly and the level of precision in cutting, and for the versatility of use and for the type of materials on which it is possible to work.

The bench saws that fall into this range, in fact, are assembled with care and the pieces do not play, especially the cutting guides, the motors are more powerful and performing and also the cutting functions are superior. They also differ in the possible presence of additional integrated systems, such as laser guides, gradual start-up, and protection systems, which are often and willingly absent in the cheaper models.

In the face of a higher price, this type of bench saw offers professional performance; consequently, therefore, they are destined for a range of users which is made up of both the most expert and demanding hobbyists as well as the craftsmen and professionals who use it mainly for their work.

Frequent questions

What is a bench saw?

The bench saw is nothing more than the stationary version of the circular saw and is a tool used for cutting various materials, starting with wood and its derivatives.

By changing the type of blade, in fact, or depending on the type of saw and its power, it is also possible to cut plastics, metals, and other composite materials of different origins.

His invention dates back to 1775, by the carpenter Walter Taylor, and was specifically designed to perform exclusively straight cuts, and unlike circular saws that are operated manually, in bench saws it is the piece to be cut to be pushed against the blade which is in a fixed position.

The cutting thickness can vary according to the type of machine, but usually rarely exceeds 8 or 10 centimeters at most, which is why it is mainly suitable for cutting laminates, profiles, panels, and pieces with reduced thickness.

What is a bench saw for?

As already mentioned in the previous answer, the bench saw can only perform straight cuts on wood and other materials. Its applications, therefore, fall mainly within the carpentry, carpentry, and construction sectors. They are ideal for cutting pieces with reduced thickness but with high length; depending on the size of the instrument, however, they can also be used in other sectors.

In precision mechanics and model making, for example, mini table saws are widespread; they are in all respects identical to normal bench saws except for the size and speed generated by their motor, which is far superior.

The mini bench saws can cut wood, plastic, and metal without problems for the creation of small pieces, therefore they are used by watchmakers, dental technicians and other professional figures specialized in the construction or repair of small mechanical and electronic objects. They are also widely used in the hobby field, for the manufacture of small products and for modeling, especially the naval one.

In the industrial sector, on the other hand, suitable bench saws are used for cutting large pieces, while the standard models are widely used both for hobby applications such as DIY and DIY and for craft and professional use.

How to use a bench saw

How to build a circular table saw

If you have a small equipped workshop and you can count on a good reserve of recycled materials, depending on the circumstances, it may be more or less advantageous to try to recycle them for the creation of a bench saw. The simplest procedure, among the various possible options, is to adapt a normal circular saw to a fixed structure.

For the latter, it is possible to use steel profiles for the basic support structure, but in this case you will have to consider the use of a welding machine, while if you have the possibility of recovering an industrial case you can do without using other equipment.

Using the industrial case as a base, therefore, it will be enough to obtain a solid wooden table capable of covering at least three sides of the case. At this point, just take the appropriate measurements and drill a hole on the table using the circular saw itself, then shape it so as to allow the blade to protrude from its surface and to be able to tilt it 45 degrees, in order to perform both perpendicular cuts and angled.

Once the hole has been drilled, just fix the circular saw by bolting the plate to the table, turn it over and place it on the case, taking care to leave one side uncovered for 15-20 centimeters. In this way you will leave enough space for the passage of the power cable, you can also use the dead space in the box as a receptacle for the rapid disposal of cutting residues.

To create the cutting guide, on the other hand, it will be sufficient to superimpose on the table additional pieces of woodcut and shaped in order to match the appropriate measurements, the guide must be about 20 centimeters wide but longer than the table, so you can add the pieces needed to hold it in place and, at the same time, leave it free to slide in order to adapt to the size of the piece to be cut.

An abundant spray of silicone spray on the upper surface of the table and on the lower one of the guide, before fixing it, will help the latter to slide with greater fluidity and efficiency.

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