10 Best Portable Table Saw For Home Use [ 2021 Edition ]

The circular table saw is a much-needed tool to complete a carpenter’s or DIYer’s shop. For cutting long, straight pieces into wood boards, chipboard, plywood, DM (Medium Density), etc., the table circular saw is the most suitable tool.
In addition to wood, you can also cut other materials such as non-ferrous metals, plastic, plaster or construction materials, just by changing the circular blade of the saw .
Recommendation of the Best Circular Table Saw?
Recommend the best professional table saw and according to quality and price is the intention of this article.
This tool will become one of the most important you have. In the market there are many models and purchase options. We will recommend the one that best suits what you need.
# 1- Best Bosch Professional Table Saw
The Bosch PTS 10 professional table saw is temporarily out of stock. It has been replaced by the Bosch NanoBlade AdvancedTableCut 52 . From my point of view it is a saw way above the PTS 10.

69 Reviews
Bosch NanoBlade AdvancedTableCut 52 – Table Saw, 550 W, NanoBlade Technology, Boxed
• Powerful Bosch Advanced Tools for the Most Demanding Projects
• Tool-free saw change and maintenance-free work thanks to NanoBlade technology
• Safer cutting: the saw is dragged through the workpiece thanks to the drag function
• Easy to transport and store thanks to its lightweight and compact design
• Includes: AdvancedTableCut 52, guide, additional stop, workpiece holder, push bar with screw clamp, in box
−29.99 € € 300.00
This Bosch PTS 10 professional table saw is the best in this comparison. It is one of the best valued models on the market, both for its high performance and for its price, which is very accessible considering that it is a highly adaptable, high-quality and professional tool.
With its 1400 W power it allows you to saw a wide variety of woods. Considerably reduces vibrations due to the Softstart function, which generates a progressive motor start .
This machine has the ability to achieve a firm cut with great precision and absolute stability.
The guarantee that we will have an exact job is given by the parallel side stop, which is self-adjusting. In the case of wider woods, it has an angle stop for horizontal miters from -60º to 60º , managed by means of a sliding carriage .
This Circular Table Saw includes a side and rear extension of the table in aluminum with its included clamping pieces, which makes you have a larger space of work surface.
Includes connection for a vacuum cleaner to extract sawdust during cutting. The suction hose is also included.
Bosch PTS 10 – Circular table saw (table extension, parallel stops, suction tube, 1400 W, blade diameter: 254 mm, depth of cut at 90 °: 75 mm, in cardboard box)
PTS 10 table circular saw: cutting power and precision; Precise sawing of wide workpieces thanks to the integrated slide carriage with angle stop
€ 315.00
Included with the tool is a protective cover with clamping set, a bottom plate with its pre-mounted cross-slotted screws, push bar, splitting wedge and a guide that is intended to facilitate the use of the machine. .
If you need to work with large, long or heavy pieces , you have these options:
Flexible ball and roller support PTA 1000
Provides the perfect support for sawing large workpieces
€ 57.39
Mobile frame PTA 2000
Simple assembly and disassembly with a single movement of the lever, no need to disassemble the saw
€ 131.00
• It is semi-professional
• Easy to manipulate.
• Large table .
• Very versatile, as it can be used in small spaces.
• Includes a very good quality saw blade .
• Get precise cuts.
• Contains a printed user guide (not other models).
• The lower body is flimsy as it is made of plastic.
• Some people find it difficult to adjust the cutting guide parallel to the blade.
• A lot of dust accumulates on the bottom case.

Bosch NanoBlade AdvancedTableCut 52 – Table Saw, 550 W, NanoBlade Technology, Boxed
I want to recommend the Bosch PTS 10 T model with support . It is the same machine but includes a metallic lower frame.
Thanks to this lower frame you will have a better support of the saw achieving more comfort when working. If you are interested, here is the price on Amazon.
Bosch PST 10T
Table circular saw with frame

# 2- Circular Table Saw for Wood by Quality / Price
This Einhell TC-TS 2025/1 U bench saw is the best table circular saw for quality price and more if it is to be used as a DIY enthusiast, not so much if it is for professional use.
It is equipped with a 24 tooth carbide precision saw blade. With this table saw you can adjust both the inclination and the height of the saw blade individually and very easily thanks to the 2-in-1 saw blade adjustment.
It is a cheap table saw but at the same time it is a very powerful equipment, it has nothing more and nothing less than 2000 W of power . The surface of the saw table has spectacular gliding properties, thus allowing a smooth feed for precise and smooth sawing.
If you are a DIY lover, you can make longitudinal and angle cuts in solid wood and in fibreboard, chipboard and other materials.
• Wide variety of accessories.
• Chip suction connection.
• Table width that allows working with wide pieces .
• Height and angle regulation with a single device .
• Integrated device for winding the power cord.
• It is not suitable for professional work.
• It has no soft start.
• The speed is not adjustable.
• To have precision in the cut you will have to hold the longitudinal guide with a sergeant

Einhell TC-TS 2025 U – Electric cutting table with cable and base, 220-240 V, 1800 W, saw blade 250 x 30 mm
Take advantage of the fact that the old model is still for sale. I spoke to the manufacturer Einhell and asked what differences were there between the two models currently sold on Amazon. His reply was:
..the two are the same TC-TS 2025 U model. The only difference is that the new TC-TS 2025/1 UA model has an extension of the table on the back.
In any large DIY area you can not get it for less than € 160. The previous model TC-TS 2025/1 U is still on Amazon for € 146.15 , while current model TC-TS 2025/1 UA costs Price not available . Enjoy the offer!
# 3- Best Cheap Table Saw
«The cheapest table saw. Excellent for small cutting jobs »
We bring this other Einhel TH-TS 820 Table Circular Saw to this selection because it is a compact and powerful tool for DIYers. It has the ability to lean to the left for precise miter cuts without any hassle.
It is excellent both for small cutting jobs and for laying parquet .
Supplied with a parallel stop with two heights . You have the possibility to store the cable comfortably in the cable holder that is integrated. Its carbide saw blade guarantees firm and clean cuts
• It is designed for mobile use.
• It can be installed as stationary.
• It can be used on any table or workbench, thanks to its reduced weight and size.
• Very economical
• A bit noisy.
• It is not suitable for professional work.
• To make cuts with finer finishes, it is advisable to buy a cutting disc separate from the one supplied with the machine.

Einhell 4340410 Cutting Table TH-TS 820, 800 W, 230 V, 200x16x2.4mm
Guide and Tips of what to buy
It is best to look for the table saw that best suits your needs. Since a circular table saw that allows you to make deep cuts at different angles is not the same as one with which you can work with different materials, where cutting different materials requires a motor with more power or if you are going to work. with larger pieces and sheets. However, you also have to keep in mind that you have to choose an electric saw that can be easily moved .
Cut Melamine
Many people ask me how they can cut melamine or chipboard without chipping or chipping the piece. The solution is simple. Use saw blades with small teeth and the more the better , 80 or 100 teeth is recommended. You will get very fine and perfect cuts.
“ The 80 tooth Silverline saw blade cuts melamine, plywood, chipboard and MDF (called MDF in other countries) very well. It is a 250 x 30 disc, with reducing rings with an internal diameter of 25, 20 and 16 mm «
Cut Laminate Floor
The Einhel TC-TS 2025/1 U cuts laminate floor boards and skirting boards . In general, a 12mm and maximum hardness floor will eat it like butter, leaving a clean cut without splinters.
I can assure you that with any of the models analyzed in this comparison, you will be able to cut laminate flooring with impeccable results. Check out this comment about how the installation of a parquet floor was .
Cutting Aluminum Foil
Question: will I be able to cut aluminum sheet?
Answer: Yes. You can cut aluminum using the right saw. Remember that for a certain thickness of metal during cutting you must cool the cutting saw and that these machines do not have a cooling circuit for the saw. If the aluminum is up to 3 mm and the cut is up to 50 ctms. long , you can use any of these three saws and do what you need.
With an aluminum cutting disc they will work very well, you just have to let the saw cut and not push the piece to be cut too much.
Sierra de Calar vs Sierra de Mesa
For straight cuts without a doubt the recommendation is a table saw. You will cut hardwoods without any problem. It solves things that without a table saw are very difficult to do. To make cuts that are not straight , that is curved, there are no doubts either; you will need a jigsaw .
Do you want to cut 12mm laminate floor planks and skirting is like butter and leaving a clean cut without splinters?
To cut wooden floors I recommend the Bosch PTS 10 model or the Einhell TS 2025 .
The Bosch PTS 10 is the most expensive option but it is the best recommendation if there are many meters of soil that you are going to cut. The Einhell TS 2025 is much cheaper and recommended if it is for a single room or a small apartment . The latter is not for professionals, nor to set up a workshop but I have used both and to cut laminate floors both are luxurious.
Recommendation and What Table Saw to Buy
I remind you that if you need a table saw for more professional or more continuous work, a superior saw like the Bosch PTS 10 that I showed you before is necessary and is the one that I recommend as the best professional table saw.
With the explanations and recommendations set out above and your inquiries about the prices of the machines, I hope I have helped you clarify which circular table saw you need to buy.
With a DIY table saw and with a little care you can do very interesting things. In general, the maximum depth of cut can go up to 90 mm, but you can also adjust the depth to just a few millimeters to make a groove , useful for example to join two pieces of wood or to house the back of a piece of furniture in it. .
The choice of blades depends on the material you are going to cut , the speed at which the task is carried out and the quality of the cut required . All table saws include a disc for cutting wood, I have also bought other discs for ceramics and metals on Amazon, although for this I recommend a ceramic and masonry cutter or a metal cutter respectively.
You should take into account the budget that you have available to be able to invest and also make a list with the needs and uses that you want to give your electric saw. This will help to know all the necessary characteristics for the final decision. Saving money and time in the final purchase will thus define an excellent purchase result.
For the semi-professional field or for advanced DIY, the most recommended machine is the Bosch PST 10 . You will be able to saw any wood longitudinally or transversely since the circular saw blade moves it at high speed. However, if you have a low budget and it is impossible to acquire this tool, the Einhell TC-TS 2025 U has a very low and accessible price . On YouTube you will find many videos on how to tune it up a bit and correct those small inaccuracies in its accessories.
Second Hand Circular Table Saw – Used
If you want to see the second-hand, sale and second-hand table saws available on Amazon, I leave you these links that will take you directly to the corresponding section.

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