10 Best Pneumatic Grinder [ 2021 Edition ]

If you need a tool that can be used to do high-precision DIY work at home, such as roughing in hard-to-reach places or simply where you need to grind, sharpen or grind on metal parts, the best pneumatic grinder is a good option to consider.

To help you in the search for this versatile tool we have made a comparison between the best pneumatic grinders on the market, highlighting the Korman 215205 pneumatic grinder, a team that reaches a rotation speed of 22,000 revolutions per minute and includes a set of 10 1/4 “and 1/8” molas to perform various jobs. As a second alternative, we recommend the Silverline 783100 model, a compact angle grinder that has a watt of power, and its rotor speed is 25,000 revolutions per minute.

Comparison chart of the best pneumatic grinder

Korman 215205 – Pneumatic straight grinder (1/4″)

This model incorporates a comfortable case that allows it to be transported without any inconvenience or extra effort, as well as a set of accessories of 10 1/4 and 1/8 inch molas with their own connections, which make it one of the complete pneumatic grinders in the market.

Some users comment that they miss the inclusion of some type of lubricant to improve the fluidity of the tool, so they have to acquire it separately.

This is a lightweight and compact tool, with good speed and power for high-level jobs and for things of a domestic nature, which you can use comfortably without feeling tired.

Silverline 783100 – Angle grinder

This tool has the appropriate dimensions and weight to carry out the work efficiently and simply; in addition, it allows you to reach inaccessible places with other types of tools, and the effects of vibration do not feel while you use it.

This pneumatic grinder fulfills its functions properly, powered by a compressed air compressor, and is compatible with various grinding stones.

This model does not include the plastic case that allows you to store the equipment and its accessories comfortably, so it is recommended to store it in a dry place and out of the reach of children.

Fervi 413-0 Atica Pneumatic Mini Grinder

With this grinder, you can execute your home or professional DIY work quickly, thanks to its speed of 25,000 revolutions per minute. Besides, you can carve, sculpt, sand, and polish any object and surface with a versatile tool.

Some comments indicate air leaks in the handle, so it is recommended to check the user manual so you can verify the correct way to use the connections with the air compressor.

A team with an excellent price-quality ratio, with which you can perform restoration and decoration work easily and quickly.

What are the best pneumatic grinders on the market?

Among the characteristics to acquire an excellent straight pneumatic grinder we can mention that it has to be a versatile tool, with which you can perform multiple jobs at home, with a compact and lightweight size so that it is easy to handle, with the excellent air consumption and adequate speed

Concerning the size of these instruments, we can mention that since it is a high precision tool you should consider a small and manageable size because if it is tremendous and massive, you will not be able to handle it with property, so we recommend that before purchasing it, Evaluate its size and weight so that you determine if you can use it comfortably in your work.

What has been said so far assumes that the user has some expertise in handling this type of tools, since these equipment handle rotor speeds ranging from 6,000 to 35,000 revolutions per minute, so if you are an amateur. You only want to do work DIY; low-speed equipment is recommended?

On the other hand, it should be noted that the air consumption determines the productivity that the tool could give in a given time, this means that the higher the pressure, the more effective the work you are going to do, so when you review the equipment specifications, contrast the number of bars used in operation.

You should also verify that this machine has a power that allows you to perform various jobs effortlessly and with a speed that will enable you to reduce the time in the execution of it.

On this occasion, we have chosen three models of pneumatic grinders that meet the characteristics highlighted above, and that will help you productively perform these high-precision work at home.

What are the best pneumatic grinders of 2020?

Rank #1: Korman 215205 1/4 ″ pneumatic straight grinder

It is a comfortable pneumatic grinder, with a gray steel design and with reliefs throughout the housing, so you can manipulate it with one hand without slipping. Besides, thanks to its ergonomic shape allows you to reach areas of difficult access?

It also has a good air pressure of up to 6.3 bars, which, combined with the speed of 22,000 revolutions per minute guarantees you a quality of work in the activities in which you use it, such as for grinding, carving, sculpting or polishing contours and surfaces of different materials.

This tool does not require batteries for its operation and includes a set of different molas, two keys, two 1/4″ and 1/8″ drill chucks, as well as a comfortable case to store the equipment comfortably when you are not using it

Rank#2: Silverline 783100 Angle Grinder

The Silverline 783100 model is a small grinder practice, with a total length of 160 mm, which makes it manageable with just one hand, and thanks to its weight of only 839 grams, it is light and handy for high precision work.

This tool accepts that you connect scions and grinding stones of the measures of 1/4 ″ and 1/8 ″, measures that will allow you to perform work for both welding, recording, filing and a large number of applications in places of difficult access.

As for its operation, it is necessary to indicate that this equipment uses pneumatic compressed air force, without the need of electrical cables or batteries, with a watt of power and includes different stones to mount, as well as a quick connection of 1/4 bayonet ″, Being an ideal tool to give your small jobs a professional finish.

Rank#3: Fervi 413 Mini Pneumatic Smerigliatrice Attica

This tool is suitable for automotive jobs that require high precision in execution, so it is ideal to meet the most demanding requirements of professionals in the area. Also, its elaboration with a combination of steel and plastic materials, make this tool resistant and durable.

The Fervi 413 pneumatic grinder has small dimensions of 18 x 7.6 x 5 cm and an approximate weight of 1/2 kg, being one of the most compact and lightweight, portable tools on the market. It has a 3 mm and 6 mm head, with its respective connector to screw the compressor hose.

Besides, the compressed air consumption it uses reaches 113 liters per minute, with an operating pressure of 6 bars and a sound range of up to 102 decibels and can reach a speed of 25,000 revolutions per minute, resulting in a Powerful and agile DIY tool.

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