5 Best Pendulum Saws For The Money [ 2021 Edition ]

Are you a wood craftsman, or a craftsman who wants precision when working with various pieces? Then you probably know what to eat the pendulum saw, an efficient tool for fine operations with wood and more. For this year, the Bosch PST 650  is one of our first recommendations, addressed to a large sector of hobby and semi-professional users. It can cut up to 65 millimeters of wood and 4 millimeters of steel, through the 500 Watt motor. As an alternative to this model, we will direct our readers to Makita 4327 , which ensures a good professional performance, at depths of 65 millimeters in wood, respectively 6 millimeters, in steel.


The Best Pendulum Saws For The Money –Reviews In 2020

Our list of tools described and analyzed starts here. We will include pluses and minuses for all these pendulum saws, at good prices, and if you do not find what you want, we recommend you come back after a few months, because we are constantly updating our lists with the latest offers. However, you will see how large our range of products described is and we are quite confident that we cover everything, for everyone:


Rank # 1: Bosch PST 650

 This Bosch pendulum saw is one of the best semi-professional or hobby tools on the market. As specifications of the electric motor, its power is 500 watts, and the blade moves at 3100 oscillations per minute, its cutting depth being 65 millimeters (for wood cutting), and 4 millimeters (for wood cutting). steel or other metal).

The sole of the product is adjustable up to 45 degrees, thus adapting to the needs of oblique cutting, and the product also includes connection for sawdust and dust vacuums. The blade change system is SDS, so you will not need to use a screwdriver for this procedure.

It is powered by the network and generates 99 decibels, according to the manufacturer’s specifications. As disadvantages, its speed cannot be changed, as with the more expensive, professional models, but overall it is a pendular saw, at a good price, of high quality in the household. 


Rank # 2: Makita 4327

 We can say about this Makita pendulum saw that it is a recommended professional tool option, at a very affordable price. As for the performance of its electric motor, the power generated is 450 watts, and its thin blade moves at 3,100 oscillations per minute, and it cuts to a depth of 65 millimeters (for woodworking), or 6 millimeters for steel. , the tool being also efficient in stone, sandstone or plastic.

Like many other pendulum saws, you can adjust the sole up to 45 degrees, for oblique cutting, and at the back is included the connection for special vacuum cleaners, sawdust, chips and dust. A peculiarity of this model is the thin blade, only 1.7 millimeters, optimal for fine work.

The power supply is made to the network, and overall it is one of the best electric saws, in its price category. As disadvantages, it has only one canvas in the package in which it is ordered.


Rank # 3: Bosch GST 700

 We include another Bosch pendulum saw, this time a model among the most sought after tools for professionals looking for quality and efficiency. Let’s start with the specifications of the electric motor: it generates a power located at 500 watts, and its blade can reach 3200 oscillations per minute, at a maximum depth for wood and timber of 70 millimeters (or 6 millimeters, for cutting steel or other hard metals).

As expected, the sole is adjustable up to 45 degrees, for situations where the need for oblique cutting is required, and the appliance is also equipped with a connection for sawdust and dust vacuums. The blade change system is easy, with SDS, meaning you will change them quickly, without screwdrivers or any other type of hand tool.

The supply of this pendular electric saw is made to the network, and in the package you will also receive a canvas, in addition to a push key. In terms of disadvantages, some users have complained of a tendency to overheat the engine at heavy loads.


Rank # 4: Steinhaus PRO-JS710

 We also include a professional Steinhaus pendulum saw in the list, this company being among the names sought by experts in the field of DIY. Its motor stands out with its power of 710 watts, while the blade can move up to 300 oscillations per minute, at a maximum depth of 65 millimeters.

The device is professional and efficient in cutting wood, metal, gypsum and ceramics. The sole of the product is adjustable in four steps (15, 30, 45 and 90 degrees, respectively), and the product also offers a nozzle for a sawdust and dust vacuum. The blade change system without a screwdriver, similar to the chuck of a rotary hammer.

It is one of the sought-after models of pendulum saws, cheap and good, it also has a LASER led for guidance, and as disadvantages, it can be easily heated due to the high power of the motor.


Rank # 5: Makita JV143DWE

 Of course, we will also include a pendulum saw with battery, designed for those who want extra mobility in the workspace. It is a professional model, with a 350 Watt motor, a speed of 2900 oscillations per minute, and a maximum cutting depth of 65 millimeters, for wood, or 6 millimeters for steel.

It generates 93 decibels, and its battery works at 14.4 volts. It takes about 30 to 60 minutes to consume the entire battery, depending on the weight of the load. In the package, you will receive two BL1413G batteries, the charger for the mains socket, a B-10 type canvas and a suitcase for storage and transport.

Can cut in wood, steel, masonry and PVC. Overall, it is a high-performance, efficient tool, and as a disadvantage, in addition to the need to recharge, we can draw attention to the price of this Makita pendulum saw, several times higher than the price of models with direct wire feed.


Rank # 6: Heinner JSA42

 This Heinner pendulum saw is one of the most affordable hobby tools in the current market. As with the other models described, we start with the description of the electric motor, it being quite healthy, with its 800 watts.

We continue with the blade, which moves with up to 3000 oscillations per minute, the working depth being 80 millimeters (for wood), respectively 10 millimeters (for metal). For waste disposal, this pendulum saw also includes a connection for special workshop vacuum cleaners. It is fed to the network, and in the package you will also receive six blades included, in addition to a guide rail.

Overall, it is a very powerful device, but as expected, the high power of the engine makes it vulnerable to overheating, for this reason being described as a hobby model and not a professional pendulum saw. In addition, it is a bit noisy, reaching 110 decibels.


Rank # 7: Stern JSL100B

 A Stern pendulum saw, like this one, is a good choice if you are looking for hobby-type devices that combine quality with power. The 800 Watts of the motor impresses the blade with a pendular movement of up to 2800 oscillations per minute, the cutting depth being exceptional – 100 millimeters for wood, this being the material for which the tool was designed.

Otherwise, it offers standard elements, to be expected from an electric saw: gears, inclination, nozzle for connection to a sawdust vacuum cleaner, ergonomic handle, laser guidance.

Generates 102 decibels during work and 88 decibels in vacuum. As a price, it is located somewhere between the average between the budget and the expensive products. Regarding the disadvantages, being a model based only on wood, it can be said that many buyers will avoid it in favor of tools for any type of material.


Rank # 8: Metabo STEB 65 Quick

 You may like this Metabo pendulum saw, which is one of the most attractive hobby models. It is created for wood and metal, with a 450 Watt motor and a blade with adjustable movement from zero to 3000 oscillations in one minute.

The cutting depth for steel is 6 millimeters and for wood up to 65 millimeters. The cutting angle is fixed, and this is its only major disadvantage. Otherwise, you can connect it to a special vacuum cleaner for sawdust and other residues, it has a transparent front mask, an ergonomic shape that is easy to grip, and the package also includes a multifunctional pliers, Metabo brand.

But, be careful, it is expensive, and this is the big downside. In terms of its quality, however, we can only praise Metabo for the product they worked for.


Rank # 9: Einhell KWB 49617020

 For professional craftsmen, but also for self-respecting households, it would be appropriate to offer a set of pendular saw blades, and in the package here, you will receive 10 such pieces, of different sizes.

Thus, you can see: eight blades for wood processing up to 50 millimeters thick, chipboard, or chipboard (two for thin cutting, two for medium and two for thick cutting, but also two for curved modeling). In addition, there are two blades for metal processing, for thin sheet (less than 4 millimeters, steel or other metals or alloys).

The set is delivered in a special box, similar in appearance to a Compact Disc, and all the blades are for T-type pendulum saws, as a piece for holding the blade. The product is made in Switzerland and is therefore not intended exclusively for saws from the same company, but for multiple brands.


Frequent questions

What are the most important instructions for mounting the pendulum saw blade?

The steps are simple: first of all, the saw hole of the saw must be clean, without dirt or rust deposits. You will need to loosen the screws and turn the saw blade until it stops in the holder. Its back will have to stick to the channel of the guide roller.




After that, tighten the screws again and you’re done, you’ve mounted the canvas! however, we would also like to mention that the sails will always have to be checked before going to work. As they are subject to massive stress, the screws with which they are fastened can loosen. Therefore, check them constantly, before going to work, and run the appliance a little empty, until you go to work in wood or in any other material you have chosen.

Another aspect is wear and tear: do not use a blunt blade! Keep an eye on their wear level and replace them as soon as your teeth become too blunt. A worn blade will not only lead to compromised work, but can also overload the electric motor of the saw!


Is there a difference between a pendulum and a vertical saw?

No, these two terms refer to exactly the same type of power tool. On some sites, however, you will find only one option: for example “Bosch pst 900 compact saw” or “Bosch pst 900 vertical saw”. So there is no need to think that there are two different tools.




Safety rules to follow when using a pendulum saw


We will divide the safety rules into three groups: the danger of electric shock, the danger of cutting and the dangers of harmful effects over time. If you respect all these, you will be able to work in maximum safety with your circular saw!





This is a danger present in any electrical appliance. It is not recommended, first of all, to use a lot of extension cords, one in the other, because they will increase the chances of problems at the network level.

It is forbidden to work with power tools in humid environments, and this also applies to pendulum saws, of course. In addition, check the cables before use : any wire with red or weathered rubber is a danger of electric shock and short circuit, so you will need to replace it.


Blade accidents

Because pendulum saws are based on a blade that moves at high speed, the risk of cutting is high. Fingers can be easily sectioned if you do not keep them in safe places. Therefore, all the time you work you will have to keep your hands on the special handles.

It is recommended to use special rubber gloves for a firmer grip and a little more protection for the fingers. In addition, when replacing a used blade, it is best to unplug the saw to reduce the chances of it starting accidentally.


Harmful effects on eyes, lungs and ears

Here, we are talking about the danger of infiltration of dust and particles such as sawdust into the eyes and airways of the worker. To avoid these dangers, wear goggles and a mask for your nose and mouth when working.

Don’t neglect the risk of hearing loss over time, as these noisy tools can damage the eardrum. Even if you work for short periods of time, it is recommended to wear earplugs or helmets.


Buying guide

You have reached the guide for choosing a suitable pendulum saw for purchase. These tools will have an important place in the inventory of professionals, because, unlike circular saws, pendulum saws allow a higher degree of accuracy and, therefore, will be more efficient in extremely fine tasks. But at the same time, they are not as powerful for heavy loads, so they are complementary tools with circular blade tools.

You will be best able to work in chipboard, PVC or melamine chipboard, possibly in thin strips of metal, such as sheet metal. If you are looking for a pendulum saw, at a good price, here is how to orient yourself among the products of the market:




Power supply mode :

As in other motorized tools, the electric saws can also be powered by a socket or with their own battery, attached to their housing. There are advantages and disadvantages for each mode, which we will present here:

If you need more mobility in the workshop or if you work outdoors, away from an outlet, it is best to choose a pendulum saw with a rechargeable battery. You can find such devices not only in the hobby category, but even in the professional category. However, in terms of power, on average, these with a battery may be weaker than those powered by the socket.

When you need mobility and portability, many opinions about the best pendulum saws point to a wired model. In this category, professional tools are usually the most efficient and best of all, and in terms of prices, they vary depending on capacity and work regime, being divided into hobby, professional and semi-professional tools. As a rule, a professional wired product will be stronger and more resistant to heat than semi-professional or hobby ones, especially than those with a battery.


Pendulum saw blade:

for these components of maximum importance, we discuss the material, thickness and number of teeth (TPI – teeth per inch, ie teeth per inch). As a material, you have several options: steel, carbon steel and tungsten-carbide are just a few examples.

Wide blades are used for straight cuts, due to their more efficient centering, like those from circular saws. Instead, narrow blades are designed to make curved cuts, allowing special control when making preset contours and complex shapes.

For wood and softer materials, slats with fewer teeth per inch are suitable, and for metal or ceramic materials (ceramic wall and floor tiles) you will need special accessories, such as a pendular saw blade for metal, which has thicker teeth and smaller. Also, if you want to work with these types of raw materials, we recommend tungsten-carbide blades.




There are enough voices that draw attention to the importance, namely the guide roller of the blade and the engine. They determine the force that the tool must exert during cutting, because the cutting area is in many cases less than 10 millimeters, and the blade (blade) will swing in both directions, up and down.

To explain what these elements do, the guide roller keeps the blade in the optimal position, and if it is damaged or if it moves from that position, the cut will not be straight and the work is compromised. For this reason, it is important that the parts are made of solid metal (steel), firmly attached to the saw housing.


The engine :

even on a pendulum saw, cheap and good, the engine must be strong and must be heated as hard as possible. If you work with chipboard and relatively soft materials, you will need between 400 and 600W of power even on a professional pendulum saw. On the other hand, if you work with metal, at least 700W will be needed to make sure that the motor can withstand the heavy load.


Particular functions:

it will be important to check if the best pendulum saw for you has the variable speed option, the pivot option, which allows cutting at an angle.

It is also worth checking if the desired device has a guide light or guide stand, which helps you maintain a certain desired trajectory of the blade. At the same time, a nozzle for a collector or vacuum cleaner for dust and residues is desirable, to work in a clean and healthy environment.


Brand :

 we believe that the brand should be taken into account, but it should not be a main selection criterion. Makita and Bosch, for example, are very popular brands in this sector, at least in our country.

Other brands are also famous, for example many are looking for an Einhell pendulum saw. Companies like Skil are also looking for hobby users. In any case, it is worth giving a chance to lesser known brands, but keep in mind that all manufacturers have beginner models, weak, but also some heavy-duty.




In addition, look for discounted offers, for example type “Bosch PST 650 price chainsaw” and compare the amounts requested from several online stores for sale. Some may sell that model for much less than the rest at certain times of the year.

Thus, we can say that we end our shopping guide to help you find the best pendulum saws. We hope you can easily find and choose the models on the online market, and if you want to find out more information about these tools, we invite you to read the tutorial and FAQ sections , which follow below:


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