TOP 6 Best Orbital Sanders [ 2021 Edition ]

The best orbital sanders are very useful tools not only for carpenters or professional cabinetmakers but also for DIY enthusiasts who are interested in providing a luxury finish to their wooden surfaces. 

It is very useful when it comes to reviving and repairing a large number of pieces of wood such as boards, slats, fences, baseboards, furniture, and tables.

If you want to buy this useful tool, you must first know that there are different types of orbital sanders, such as hand-held, right-angle, higher-energy and in-line sanders which provide greater stability for working large surfaces.

Based on the quality of your brand and features, we recommend the Bosch orbital sander which allows sanding and polishing of various materials with little effort. 

It allows you to adjust the power level and also has a dust extraction system for greater cleaning. 

We can also recommend the TACKLIFE 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander, a pneumatic orbital type which works with compressed air . It guarantees excellent finishes and ease of handling.

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Key Features


Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw
  • 13, 000 orbits per minute

  • Powerful–  2.8 amp motor 

  • Low vibration

 Bosch Power Tools - GET75-6N - Electric Orbital Sander
  • no load speed: 290 to 640 RPM

  • Provides 2 sanding modes,

  • Turbo mode – has direct-drive rotation 

Bosch orbital sander
  • Powerful 2.5 AMP motor

  • A micro filter system

  • Easy Disc attachmen

BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander
  • Heavy Duty Motor 

  • Hook and loop system 

  • Dust sealed switch

TACKLIFE 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander
  • 12 Pcs Sandpaper

  • Rubberized palm grip design

  • 6 Adjustable speed dial

10 Best Orbital Sanders –Reviews In 2021

In the activities of DIY and carpentry, It can make  smooth, shine and / or polish, wooden surfaces with increasingly smooth finishes. 

It is the ideal goal of any professional or fan of these works. They are gaining a lot of popularity.

 If you are looking for one of these devices, we recommend the following models which are highly requested by users.

Rank #1: Bosch orbital sander

Among the orbital sanders, the Bosch PEX 300 AE is one of the most recommended in our product list. 

It is popular not only for the high quality of its work results but also for its relationship with the price that will allow you to save money and buy a resistant and effective equipment.

Bosch orbital sander


  • The precision of sanding and, in addition, the power with which it performs each of its tasks are the main advantages of this Bosh orbital sander model PEX 300 AE
  • It is perfect for household or DIY work, as well as for jobs professionals.


  • The only disadvantage of use reported by a buyer is that the dust filter may not be as effective since when working in large areas it releases some waste, which could be a bit annoying, but this could be because the container is not well adjusted, so we recommend that before using it, these details are checked. 

Main Features

Power and revolutions

One of the main characteristics of this type of sander is the power it provides to your work. 

You can do it quickly and with the desired results. It has an absorption power of 270 W which is provided by its 125 mm sanding plate.

It has an eccentricity of 2 millimeters and it has a super modern system( the Bosch Electronic Paper Assistant) . 

The change of the sandpaper is a quick step and so that it does not take much time in the assembly.

Also, this sander offers you the possibility to preselect the number of revolutions without scales that you want to apply on the surface to work. 

You can have much more professional results and without the least effort.

 It also lets you combine the regulation of these revolutions through the integrated electronic control.                  


This tool has a modern and attractive design. Its manufacturers made it really light for when it performs from the simplest to the most ambitious jobs because it is very easy to handle . Its weight  is only 1.5 Kilograms.

 In addition, its dimensions in centimeters make the tool one of the most compact in the market because they are 38 x 29.8 x 14.7 cm.

Also, when you buy this sander you buy a briefcase for its transport which will not only allow you to take it where you want to work. 

It will also let you keep it protected when you are not using it that protect it from bumps or any other type of external elements that can deteriorate its quality.   

Working with this tool is also safe for each of the people who have the opportunity to use it since the sander handle has a special material .

 It is comfortable to grip and avoid slipping that could cause accidents. It also has a Softgrip anti-vibration system.


Another  main characteristics of this orbital sander is that it will allow you to work with a total cleaning of the area and without having to worry about the dust that this DIY activity normally leaves .

 It has a tool with a microfilter integrated into the body of the equipment an aspiration system that will leave the space where you work and also the surface without waste.

Rank #2: BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander

Among the best orbital sanders of 2020, the Black & Decker could not be missing.

 The Black & Decker orbital sander has a large sanding base that allows working with sandpaper in sizes of 92 x 230 mm. 

It is ideal for removing paint and varnish in flat and vertical areas such as doors, walls, and boards.

It has an ergonomic front grip and the paper adjustment is through a clamp and lever system for simple and comfortable us. It also allows sanding to the edge for a better finish.

It works with 135 W power to develop a speed of 11,000 rpm and has a lock button for safe operation .

It has a suction adapter to be able to fix a dust extraction system, and the cable has a length of 2 meters for a comfortable Action ratio.

Black & Decker have a great acceptance by the DIY community and since it is considered by many users the best brand of orbital sanders. We want you to know the advantages and disadvantages of this model.

BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander



The best you’ll find with this Black & Decker orbital sander is its base since this is wide enough and its design allows you to sand even the edges.


Its structure has a handle on the front of the equipment so that the user obtains greater control and fixation when using the sander.


The paper can be attached to the sander by means of clamps in order to obtain the desired tension.



As it was known, a client indicated that the hardness of the base of this sander makes it ideal for a flat surface but not very good for getting rid of potholes.


Another person commented on the problem he experienced because the sandpaper he installed was constantly released, although he accepted that it could have been the installation or the only model itself.

Rank #3: TACKLIFE 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander

 If you are looking for the best pneumatic orbital sander, TACKLIFE offers you a good alternative with the BL ACK and DECKER mode .

 It is a practical sander that works with compressed air to perform excellent finishes in carpentry and DIY work.

The compact and ergonomic design of this best orbital sander makes it light and easy to handle. 

It has a knob to regulate the speed at a maximum rotation of 12,000 rpm, and includes a drain valve and silencer to complement the comfort and versatility of operation.

The connection thread measures 7 mm and the sanding plate has an approximate diameter of 15 cm.

 It includes 3 sanding discs, P60, P80, and P120 which are easy to assemble and are fixed with a velcro system. 

In addition, its 89 dB make it a very quiet device in its category. It also Includes a spanner for proper installation.

If you do not intend to spend too much on a sander for DIY tasks, the characteristics of this option considered by some netizens as the best orbital sander for 30 dollars may please you.

TACKLIFE 5-Inch Random Orbit Sander



one of the successes found in this orbital sander is the fact that it has a special knob that will allow you to set the speed of rotation of the disc so that you can use it on delicate surfaces.


it is capable of reaching an RPM speed of up to 12000, which is quite good and will allow you to give the final touch to those DIY, carpentry and polishing work you have done.


You can use your orbital sander just take it out of the package, the purchase includes three sanding discs; P60, P80, and P120. Thanks to this you will not have to make extra expenses when buying records.


It has dimensions of 25 x 16 x 11.6 with a weight of just 1.3 kilograms, so it is quite light and compact and this will allow you to exercise greater control and stability during use.


  • A customer recommended greasing the equipment before each use in order to avoid blocking the air pin.

Rank #4: Bosch Power Tools - GET75-6N - Electric Orbital Sander

If you are looking to buy a professional orbital sander, Bosch offers you this model of strong construction with reinforced staple system and extra hard sander plate (92 mm wide and 182 mm long) for dry sanding wood, plastic, plaster, and surfaces painted with good performance and results without neglecting comfort.

In this sense , it has an ergonomic Softgrip handle and an absorbed power of 190 W that gives you a good grip and comfortable starting to work effectively for long periods and without getting tired. 

It also has an extraction system which includes a microfilter. 

It allows you to keep the work area clean and the cooling grids free of dust and dirt for a pleasant and safe task.

It develops a speed of 12,000 rpm which together with its good power and robustness of design that offers you a long service life.

If you have not yet been able to determine which orbital sander to buy, let us help you a little more. Here you have the positive and negative aspects of this element.

 Bosch Power Tools - GET75-6N - Electric Orbital Sander



One of the most appreciated aspects of the Bosch GSS 23 A Professional orbital sander is that it has a special micro filter that is responsible for cleaning as much as possible the expelled air to avoid excessive dust.


The design presented by this equipment is quite ergonomic when it has soft padding fasteners that allow it to be used with great comfort.


It is capable of reaching an RPM speed of 12,000 in a vacuum, so it is quite powerful and will help you finish sanding and polishing your DIY and carpentry projects.



Only 120 sandpaper is included with the purchase, so if you require something more specific, you must purchase it separately.


It does not include a carrying case so you must allocate a space for it in your workshop.

Rank #5: SKIL Random Orbital Sander

Among the best cheap orbital sanders, you can count on the SKIL 5” Random Orbital Sander model which works with 135 W of power at a maximum speed of 12,000 rpm to achieve satisfactory results.

The sanding plate measures 230 mm long and 93 mm wide and a simple paper clamping system which works with lever and clamp that makes it easy to change the blades.

 The usable paper surface is 187 x 90 mm, in length and width. 

It has an acceptable noise level and  it does not have an anti-vibration system. It can be conducive to people who do not need to use it often.

It includes connection to adapt a dust extraction system and to keep the workplace clean, and also has a control lock on the handle as a safety measure.

If on the other hand, you are interested in knowing more about the cheapest orbital sanders.  

We also have  in mind the aspects that make up this option make her deserve the position.

SKIL 5” Random Orbital Sander


  • This orbital sander equipment has dimensions of 28.2 x 15.6 x 10.4 centimeters and a weight of 980 grams, so it is the lightest and most compact in our list.
  • It has a special dust extraction system that will prevent the proliferation of remnants in the environment that may affect the respiratory system.
  • It is capable of reaching a speed of up to 10,000 RPM, so it is quite powerful and functional to finish surfaces.


  • It was known that some netizens consider that this orbital sander does not enjoy great stability because it trembles when it is in use.
  • Like the previous model, it also seems to have problems to keep sandpaper in place and  it is recommended to secure others.

Rank #6: Valianto 5" Air Random Orbital Sander

Valianto , one of the leading brands in household appliances, has always stood out for the quality of its products .

 The universal Valianto stands out the best quality orbital electric sander of our selection.

This model allows sanding and polishing comfortably and without much effort all kinds of surfaces like wood, metal or plastic.

  It has a soft grip Softgrip and low level of vibration in a light and compact design. 

In addition, to perform the work in a cleaner and more pleasant way and it has a dust extraction system with an integrated microfilter.

To complement the comfort of its operation, this best Valianto orbital sander has an electronic system.

It allows you to preselect the number of revolutions depending on the type of material and includes a Paper Assistant for a fast and precise change. 

In terms of security, it has a cardillo closure for reliable support.

When looking to buy the best orbital sander of the moment it is important that you take into account the type of performance you require from it .

 Because, there are professional and domestic models in the market.

 Valianto 5


  • Orbital sanders are equipment used mostly in DIY tasks for cleaning and perfection of wood and surfaces. This model stands out for having an ergonomic and quite light design that allows the user adequate and stable handling to avoid accidents.
  • Because the use of sanders produces many difficult and annoying wastes to clean, this Bosch PEX 300 AE orbital model has a practical integrated tank that will allow you to store the remnants until you can dispose of them in the place you prefer.
  • In addition to operating as an orbital sander, the design of the Bosch PEX 300 AE equipment allows it to be used as a polisher as well. Thanks to this, you can apply wax to the surfaces and get the shine very quickly and easily.
  • Because not all surfaces on which the orbital sander can be used are composed of the same hardness or materials, we consider an advantage that Bosch PEX 300 AE allows you to adjust the RPM number so that It can be more aggressive or more delicate according to your needs.
  • and taking into account the importance of keeping the workshops and tools in order, the Bosch team with its orbital sander PEX 300 AE decided to integrate a new cable guide with a special knob that allows hanging the equipment from the wall.


How To Use An Orbital Sander

To do DIY work and polish metal surfaces, there is nothing better than an orbital sander. 

As you already bought your tool and maybe you are a little anxious to start using it. 

That is why this article is designed to guide you on how you should use your orbital sander safely and efficiently to get the most out of your tool.

Check the instruction manual of your tool

Before you start using your sander, it is important that you examine the instruction manual of your tool. 

In addition, you should know the type of sander you purchased whether it is rectangular or disc.

 In this way, you will be familiar with its parts and know some of its functions among other features and specifications that are necessary to know.

Place the appropriate sandpaper in the rectangular orbital sander

Select the sandpaper of your preference according to the type of surface to work. 

You can take sandpaper with the specific dimensions depending on the model and size of the sander base. 

Next, place the sandpaper according to the model of your sander.

Some have a velcro closure to fix it very easily while other models use the lever system or clamps which consists of opening the lever and inserting the sandpaper on one side and stepping on it. 

Then, the sandpaper is bent to the other side and with slight pressure. The other lever is opened and fixed and it verify that it is stable.

Proceed to drill the base of the rectangular sander

It may be the case that the sandpaper you are using is not perforated in order to aspirate the natural dust in a product of sanding. 

To do this, locate the perforator of the sandpaper and place it in the sander, pressing lightly until it clicks and indicating that the sandpaper is already perforated and ready to use.

Place the appropriate disc in the disc sander or rotorbital

Select the appropriate disc according to the work you are going to do.

 Place the disc in the base of the sander and proceed to fix it with the wrench and screw supplied in the package. 

Then, place the sandpaper according to the surface to work on the disk. These models of sanders use velcro or cardillo closure system for fixing.

Plug the dust collection accessory into the sander

Usually, this accessory consists of a small container or bag that is attached to the back of the sander.

 Locate the connector or nozzle on the device and proceed to place it, gently twisting until completely fixed. 

In some cases, the container is screwed with a wrench for added security.

Connect the sander and turn it on

Plug the sander into an outlet with the voltage indicated in the instruction manual. Proceed to turn it on and you will see how the disc turns. 

Grab the sander by the handle and start rubbing the surface several times until it is sanded to your liking. 

Throw the debris out of the dust bag

Once finished using the sander, turn it off and unplug it from the outlet.

 Proceed to remove the waste container from the sander and throw away the dust contained in it. Clean it with soap and water. 

If it is a textile bag, wash it with water and detergent and dry it naturally.

Use the sander as a car surface polisher

The process is very simple. To do this, remove the sandpaper from the rotating disk and place the special sponge to polish surfaces in the sander. 

If desired, add a small amount of polish cream on the surface of the car. 

Turn on the sander and run it through the car in the same way as if you were sanding a material until the car is polished.

Shopping Guide

What is the best orbital sander on the market?

This tool is designed for all types of uses, especially within the finishing of different DIY tasks . 

The orbital sander is a complete and versatile product with which to work and finish off any task you do.

 To make this finish the most suitable, we offer you some ideas from our guide to buy the best orbital sander.

 You know exactly what you should look for in these products.

Operating power and control

When we decide to buy an orbital sander, it is convenient that we take a look at the power as the first element of importance. 

This power is what determines the work we are going to be able to perform with the sander we are evaluating.

 That is why it becomes one of the most important aspects of what to make a comparison of orbital sanders.

In general, the power itself is not particularly high ranging from approximately 125 to 300 watts of power. 

A power that is normally around the central sphere. The larger, the more effective the product will be.

 In fact, for tasks on materials of a certain hardness or to remove thick debris with heavy sandpaper. It is better to have products with a higher operating power.

This power must also be easy to control .Depending on the different materials, the rotation regime offered by the product must vary appropriately. 

Generally, the regulation works by means of a wheel or speed system which allows it to be adjusted according to what you need. 

The higher the adjustment level, the more versatile the tool will be when working.

Measures and assembly of the sandpaper

Once we have already considered the purchase of the product, within the elements that establish a good and economical orbital sander .

It is necessary to see the measurements of the area of the sandpaper, as well as the assembly of the same. 

Two fundamental elements that mark the quality and work capacity of the product.

Regarding the measures, these are very diverse, counting on the market with models that use rectangular sandpaper or circular sandpaper. 

In this case, the rectangular models are for uses mainly in wood and similar, while the circular ones are usually intended for surface polishing or general plating of any surface.

 A complete and versatile offer depending on what you need.

Finally, we have to take a look at the assembly of the sandpaper, which is usually one of the most problematic elements when working. 

For the product to have a good quality it is necessary that this mounting system be easy and simple, so that the sandpaper is well fixed and does not take long to process. 

In rectangular models, sanding works by means of tweezers while in circular ones it includes pins or other elements. 

Whatever it is, check it before making your purchase to avoid inconvenience.

Comfort and cleanliness

To finalize our advice, it is time to talk about the comfort of using the product, as well as the cleaning of the product. 

Starting with comfort, this partly depends on the format of the fasteners the product. 

Depending on the model , we can find a clamping system by means of a handle which allows the product to be moved along the surface, or with a circular handle that helps maintain control in eccentric models.

In both cases, these fasteners must be made of quality materials that prevent the product from escaping from our hands. 

This material should also be soft so that your hands do not suffer during the use of the product, nor problems such as chafing or corns. 

In any case, the options are diverse. It is convenient to evaluate the one that suits us.

As for cleaning, it is based primarily on the dust extraction and suction system that includes the sander.

 It today does not influence how much the sander costs and that, in turn, improves your health and comfort significantly.

In general, we should not bet on any sander that does not include .

 By connecting a vacuum cleaner, it allows us to remove dust while working.

 Some products include the vacuum cleaner directly for better quality than the first ones we have mentioned.

The Most Popular Brands

To choose the best orbital sander, we have reviewed the most relevant features of some models and compared them with the comments of users on the Internet.

 But this time , we want to analyze the most important brands of this type of tool among which are Bosch, DeWalt, and Makita.

Robert Bosch GmbH is a German manufacturer that has more than 300 subsidiary companies worldwide. It was founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch. 

When he established his precision mechanics workshop to produce industrial tools in Stuttgart, Germany. 

This company is internationalized in 1925 providing automotive components.

BOSCH has more than 3000 patents worldwide. 

It is a visionary corporation that has diversified  to investment in research and development to create reliable and durable products with high-quality guarantee through its lines like automotive, appliances, construction technology and professional tools.

One of the tools that BOSCH produces is the orbital sander .

 It is designed to achieve stability in restoration work, marquetry, reforms, among others. 

Likewise, they sand and polish surfaces in metal, wood, putty or plastic paint, whether flat or concave, guaranteeing excellent finishes.

These tools are powerful and ergonomic.

They have an Easy-Fit system which improves the grip of sandpaper. 

They distribute the application pressure evenly and reduce the vibrations, being very comfortable and effective reducing fatigue and working time. 

They also have a microfilter for maximum cleaning and dust protection.

In 1924 Raymond E. Dewalt, in order to reduce the effort in carpentry work developed an innovative tool called the radial arm saw. 

This is how DEWALT was born in Pennsylvania, United States. 

From that, it produces power tools for the construction and carpentry industry.

More than 90 years add up to DEWALT’s trajectory in the creation and manufacture of power tools and professional machinery. 

It has a wide range of more than 250 electrical appliances, 200 batteries, and about 800 accessories. 

This brand offers high-quality products made with high levels and standards of durability and protection.

The innovation, performance, and reliability in its products are exceptional, since they cover the expectations of the users, even in extreme conditions. 

Among those is the orbital sander with the high-performance motor, aluminum bearings for use without interruptions.

This device has a speed control system (CFS) that eliminates scratches, offers application flexibility, rapid material extraction, as well as long-lasting fine finishes. 

It has a sawdust collector to clear the work environment and vibration control to minimize wear fatigue.

In the tools industry, MAKITA is an important reference.

 This company founded in 1915 in Nagoya, Japan by Mosaburo Makita starts operations as a workshop dedicated to the commercialization and repair of electric motors and transformers. 

Her career, as well as a series of transformations, have led her to become an important multinational reaching more than 150 countries today.

Always thinking about satisfying market needs, MAKITA in its 11 manufacturing plants worldwide, innovates and develops power tools for professional and industrial use. 

It has a catalog of more than 500 items such as: drills for demolition and drilling of concrete, staplers, chainsaws, hedge mowers, among others.

Similarly, the orbital sander can be mentioned, designed with a powerful motor that offers great sanding capacity. 

They allow a quality finish in different materials. They are usually small and light, manageable with one hand.

They have a damping system to reduce vibrations and a vacuum bag for dust collection. 

Likewise, there are versions of these devices that work with a very useful Lithium-ion battery, if you want to avoid discomfort with the cable.

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