TOP 6 Best Miter Saws For Crown Molding [ 2021 Edition ]

The miter saw is the tool of choice for those who have to make perfect cuts on wood or metal. Here are two excellent models that you may be interested in: one is Bosch PCM 7 Universal, which has a different quality/price ratio, is equipped with a laser guide to guarantee maximum precision and has a 1,100-watt motor; the other model of the best miter saws for crown molding is EinhellTH-MS2112, light, handy, compact, cheaper, it is particularly easy to use.

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Top 5 Best iter Saws For Crown moldings - Ranking In 2020

If, for pleasure or work, you are dealing with the processing of materials of various kinds, from iron to wood, it is quite likely that you need a miter saw. This machine allows you to cut and shape the pieces necessary to perform the processes you need.

There are many models on the market, some dedicated to DIY, others decidedly more professional. In order not to be lost in the richness of the offer, we have created for you the ranking of the five best wood sawing machines of 2020. Choosing will be more comfortable, and you will be sure to buy the right product for you.

Rank #1: Bosch PCM 7 1110 Watt Compound Mitre Saw

The Bosch PCM 7 1110 Watt Compound Mitre Saw is appreciated above all by DIY lovers and craftsmen for its use in small-scale works, which is why it is one of the most requested on the market.

Main Features

High Bosch quality

The Bosch Hobby line of power tools is particularly appreciated for the excellent value for money of its products, and the PCM 7 Universal miter saw is no exception to this rule, as confirmed by the numerous satisfied buyers. This line includes not only products intended for carpentry and carpentry, but also tools for household cleaning and gardening, such as window cleaners, vacuum cleaners, hedge trimmers and more.

The PCM 7 Universal miter saw is a model with optimized performance for home and amateur use, although many buyers report having used it for long periods with excellent results and no problem of overheating; in many ways, this miter saw has also been appreciated by professionals who, thanks to its excellent performance, have used it for small jobs that did not require particularly demanding operations.

Ideal for DIY

The main limitation of the PCM 7 Universal miter saw is given by the lack of the traction system, which allows you to move the blade back and forth, and the depth block for cutting.

This type of performance is usually only standard in professional equipment; if your needs are restricted to a purely amateur environment, and you do not foresee an intensive use of the material, you can easily do without spending a high amount and instead buy this miter saw, among other things perfect for cutting wood, plastics and non-ferrous metals.

The buyers, in fact, recommend it above all because its performance is ideal for working with elements such as skirting boards, frames, frames, architraves and profiles, especially those in aluminum, because of small home renovations and in the creation of handcrafted works on small scale, such as aluminum frames, supports for canvases, wooden shelves, fences for the garden and so on.

Excellent performance

In addition to being of excellent workmanship, stable and robust, this miter saw has a power of 1,100 watts and a maximum speed of 4,800 revolutions per minute and is capable of making perpendicular, inclined and angled cuts with extreme precision, thanks to the integrated laser guide; its cutting capacity varies from 50 x 76 millimeters up to 50 x 100 millimeters, depending on the inclination of the blade, and also features an integrated dust extraction system, with a collection bag included, the attachment of which is compatible with the most common vacuums.

Accessory equipment also includes a combined clamp and a standard 190mm diameter blade with a 30mm diameter center hole.


  • The Bosch Hobby PCM 7 Universal miter saw is compact, handy, and also relatively light, suitable for both stationary use and transport, so it can be used directly on-site where it is needed; its main advantage is reliability, typical of the well-known German brand.


  • It is a model without the traction trolley and the depth block, so if you have a specific need for these functions, then it is better to focus on a model from the Bosch Professional line.

Rank #2: Hitachi C10FCG Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Among the models we have compared, this Einhell miter saw is appreciated for its ability to make fast and precise cuts. In particular, thanks to its swivel and tilting head, it allows us to perform even oblique ones, both double and straightforward. It is equipped with a series of fixed angle adjustments, which vary from 0 to 45 degrees, with all intermediate values.

Compared to the model that precedes it in the ranking, the Einhell stands out for a lower price, an aspect that does not negatively affect the quality of this miter saw, also by the use of suitable plastics for the body and the blades that turn up to 5,000 revolutions per minute.

Among the opinions expressed by the buyers, the most recurring one is related to lightness and ease of use, qualities that allow you to always make precise cuts. Among the other products sold online, you will hardly find another model that offers such a convincing relationship between costs and functionality.

Reliable and performing, the new Einhell miter saw model is also the cheapest among the five reviewed in our guide. Let’s re-read what its main characteristics are.



Thanks to its swivel and tilting head, the Einhell allows versatility of use because it can be used for straight, oblique, double, and straightforward cuts. The angle can also be adjusted in all intermediate values from 0 to 45 degrees.

Ease of use:

Einhell is characterized by its compact design and extraordinary lightness, which facilitate maneuverability and ease of use. Furthermore, the adjustments are easy to set up even for non-experts.

Performance and materials:

The powerful motor ensures remarkable performance, while the materials are surprisingly robust for a power tool in this price range.

Low prices:

The low cost is among the features that distinguish the Einhell, the aspect that catches the eye before the others. Difficult to find a product with the same qualities at such a price.



The absence of a laser guide does not favor the precision and ease of cutting.


Some users have found an engine noise higher than expected.

Rank #3: Metabo KGS305 12-Inch Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

 When you are deciding which miter saw to buy, our purchase advice is to take into consideration that of Metabo, a company specialized in DIY products but with typical features of the professional ones. In particular, this model is proposed as an ideal product for cutting frames, profiles, and skirting boards.

Users who have already bought it have found that it is equipped with a comfortable support slide, with an adjustable clamp according to requirements, to make precise cuts with different angles. Excellent safety features that allow use in total tranquility, although great caution and attention is always required.

The sale price is slightly higher than the segment average. Still, it is justified by the quality of the product, equipped with a laser to increase the precision and effectiveness of the cut, even diagonally.

The German Metabo has been producing power tools for professional use for almost a century. Below we summarize the strengths and weaknesses of your miter saw by adding advice on where to buy.



The power tool is used not only by amateurs but also by professionals and with excellent results. In particular, it is well suited for cutting frames, profiles, and baseboards.


The practical support slide and the clamp adjustable according to the needs, allow a comfortable and precise use of the saw.


The presence of the laser beam that indicates where the blade will be directed, proves to be a precious ally for the user looking for the highest possible precision in cutting.


The excellent safety equipment allows a use in total tranquility without prejudice to the caution to always adopt when handling such tools.


  • Collection bag:

It maybe not enough for your needs, forcing you to use the aspirator.

Rank #4: TACKLIFE Miter Saw

The model we have included in fourth place in our ranking is characterized by its structure entirely in die-cast aluminum. This, if on the one hand, it impacts on the sale price, raising it not a little compared to the competition, on the other it ensures the Fermi 732 a unique solidity and robustness. All while maintaining an acceptable weight and high ergonomics, thanks to the practical handle that incorporates the start button.

The 1,550 Watt motor ensures all the power needed to perform any type of cut, from canonical to inclined, with angles adjustable from 0 to 45 degrees. The upper surface is equipped with a rule to guide the cut, and in general, every aspect of the assembly gives the feeling of having to do with a semi-professional product.

This impression is further confirmed by the experience of use and, of course, by the sale price, which is higher than that of the other miter saws.

The Italian Femi, in its 50 years of activity, has made itself appreciated continuously by users for the quality of its products. Here is a summary of his cutting-off saw.



Thanks to its structure wholly made of die-cast aluminum, the machine is not afraid of wear and impacts, making it extremely robust, resistant, and long-lasting.


Thanks to the 1,550-watt motor, the saw ensures all the energy needed to effectively perform all types of cutting.

Upper floor:

The Femi has a top floor with a guide rule; the advantage for the user is an even more precise and effective cut.



The construction materials and the overall quality of the miter saw make themselves felt on the price, not suitable for those with a tight budget.


Heavier than other saws in its category, the Femi may not be very comfortable to handle and transport.

Rank #5: DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw

The last model of which we offer the review differs from all the others that we have compared because it is a radial miter saw with a 305 mm table that allows both are parting and trimming work. Its innovative design, in addition to guaranteeing a more comfortable use even for prolonged periods, ensures risk-free use.

The built-in radial sliding allows us to obtain high cutting capacities with variable angles, length up to 285 millimeters, and height up to 90 millimeters. Also, the ground aluminum base and the power of 1,600 watts are a guarantee of maximum cutting efficiency and high precision.

Professional cutting-off machine, DeWalt is the right choice for those with work needs, and therefore it is probably a too expensive and demanding purchase for DIY lovers. Keep this in mind when choosing the appliance that best suits your needs.

In fifth place, in our guide to choosing the best miter saws for crown molding, we, therefore, find DeWalt, a professional and quality product. Here is a summary of its pros and cons.



The DeWalt, compared to the other models seen so far, is a much more versatile model. It is a radial miter saw that therefore expands the possible uses by the user, from parting to trimming.


Designed for professional use, the DeWalt boasts a powerful 1,600-watt motor and very high-level performance. It is also designed to ensure maximum comfort even after prolonged use.


  • Price:

The high quality of the power tool corresponds to an amount not suitable for all budgets.

  • Target:

DeWalt is so complicated that it is too demanding for the needs of the average hobbyist.

Rank #6: SKIL 3821-01 12-Inch Quick Mount Compound Miter Saw

 If your question is how to choose a good wood cutting machine, our answer can only be to evaluate the products of the most critical and reliable brands. Bosch is undoubtedly one of those, and its devices are always among the best sellers.

This appliance is no exception, offering itself as a quality product, carefully assembled, and using good quality materials. Its blade has a diameter of 190 millimeters and allows to obtain both straight and oblique cuts. Universal is equipped with a laser beam that assists you in cutting, ensuring the necessary precision, and proving to be the element that has driven many people to choose the Bosch model over others.

The maximum rotation speed is 4,800 rpm and, combined with the compact size and weight. It guarantees high versatility of use, capable of satisfying the needs of hobbyists and enthusiasts. Average price and certainly adequate for what, in our opinion, is the best miter saws for crown molding of 2020.

As often happens when talking about power tools for amateurs or professionals, it is the German Bosch that stands out in first place in the rankings. It also happens for its Universal miter saw, thanks to the proven reliability and competitive price. Let’s review what its strengths and weaknesses are.


  • Quality/price: 

Designed for hobbyists, Universal has received most of the favorable opinions even from the most demanding consumers who have underlined the great quality combined with the affordable price.

  • Laser:

The adjustable laser guide, indicating the line where the blade will pass, offers the user the advantage of an always straight and precise cut.

  • Performance:

The powerful 1,100-watt motor and 4,800 rpm guarantee a quick and effective cut even in the most difficult situations.

  • Materials


The construction materials, as always in Bosch products, are of quality, robust, resistant, and destined to last over time.


  • Functions:

It has fewer functions than other more complete but also much more expensive power tools.

How to use a miter saw


Those who work with iron or wood and above all prefer to obtain the pieces they need for their size and cutting angle themselves, cannot do without a miter saw. Attention because such a machine must be bought according to the material you are working with. For this reason, there are saws for wood and iron.

Professional or amateur

Among the parameters to consider, there is the power, but it is also one of those characteristics that affect the cost. Now, a professional will necessarily need a powerful machine that does not require breaks to avoid overheating. The hobbyist, however, can be satisfied with a cheaper device and consequently less powerful. However, materials must always be taken into account. For example, albeit occasionally, we try very hardwood. In this case, it is better to focus on a miter saw that does not go under stress.

Stationary or portable

Another dilemma to be solved is that between a stationary and a portable miter saw. Both have advantages, but it all depends on the needs of those who will have to work on it. It is clear that if you are working outside the workshop, it is better to choose a portable model. A stationary miter saw, however, takes up less space but in our opinion, it is the best solution if you always work in the same place.

The movement of the head

We speak of the movement of the head, obviously not yours, We refer to that of the machine. A stationary miter saw has a head that moves only vertically, going up and down. The adjustable angle miter saws, on the other hand, can tilt up to 45 °, both on the right and on the left. But the complete range of cuts can only be offered by a radial miter saw. Such a machine allows many combinations.

However, you must pay close attention: if the choice falls on a radial model, it is good to spend something more, but be sure that it is reliable. It happens that the wide range of movements penalizes the precision of the cut: this speech, of course, applies to those machines of low value.

The right blade

When you buy a miter saw, of course, you will also find the blade in the package. Generally, it is a tool intended for rough cuts. Given the few teeth, it can boast. For this reason, if the need is to make more accurate cuts, it is necessary to mount a blade with several teeth. The ideal would be to always have three or four blades available to deal with any eventuality.

Buying guide - How to choose the best miter saws for crown molding?


The processing of wood and metal inevitably also passes through a tool that allows you to make perfect cuts, or a miter saw, available in different sizes, sizes and prices depending on the models.

To better understand what the features to consider are, we have created this buying guide that will help you choose for the best, highlighting the aspects that a miter saw must necessarily have.

Depth of cut

The structure of the tool rotates around the disc, whose rotation is indispensable to allow a high precision cut and whose vertical movement is managed by a knob that allows the rotating blade to approach the piece to be cut. The blade is always protected to prevent it from coming into contact with fingers and hands during rotation, avoiding any type of accident.

The depth of the cut is directly proportional to the size of the disc. The best brands of professional saws can accommodate blades with larger diameters and therefore allow deeper cuts. Those designed for hobby use, on the other hand, guarantee lower cutting capacity and precision. However, by comparing the sales prices, you will notice how the non-professional models are much cheaper and can still ensure good results.

In your classification of the equipment of a tool of this type, you cannot ignore its ability to rotate the axis, so you can vary the inclination of the cut because you will not always simply cut off an axis perpendicularly. In this way, you will have an extremely versatile tool, which can be exploited in an ever-increasing number of ways.

Various types of blade

As said, the blades are the heart of this kind of tool. Therefore their choice is one of the other aspects to be kept in the utmost consideration. The discs have an average good durability and are suitable for use with both wood and softer steel and some aluminum alloys. Using them to cut harder materials, on the other hand, could cause overheating and premature wear.

In general, circular blades have hard metal teeth welded on a steel body that must be perfectly linear to ensure cuts free from imperfections and irregularities.

Power and revolutions per minute

The miter saws on sale on the market, and in particular those of which we offer our reviews, have engines capable of releasing different levels of power and number of revolutions per minute: better not to drop below 1,100 watts and 4,800 rpm. Of course, a lot also depends on the type of work you do most often.

To ensure the effectiveness of the miter saw, always try to work in a clean environment and, once the cuts are finished, and the machine is turned off, carefully remove the processing waste and clean the shelf and the teeth of the blade.

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