The Best Milwaukee Angle Grinder Reviews [ 2021 Edition ]

In this article, you will find more information about the best Milwaukee angle grinder reviews of 2020.

Comparison chart of the best Milwaukee angle grinder

Milwaukee AG10-125 – Angle grinder

This grinder reduces in part the size and operating power to 1,000 watts, being suitable for those users who do not perform intensive tasks and prefer a more compact and practical model.

The maximum cutting capacity of this model is 3.3 centimeters, so it can be somewhat scarce to work with materials and objects of a specific size. However, there are suitable brand grinders for these tasks.

It is designed for those who do not need maximum power or maximum cutting capacity and who do not want to spend too much.

Milwaukee HD28AG-115X – Battery angle grinder

This model does not need cable to work since it obtains the energy of the battery system that it includes. Something that does not prevent him from developing a power of 28 volts with which to perform all kinds of work.

An efficient product that will help you do all kinds of work anywhere, both for its lack of cable and its operating power.

Although the product incorporates an additional handle to work and support the grinder, it does not have a free spin system, but can only be placed on the sides of the equipment.

Milwaukee AGV 15-125 XE – Angle grinder

The grinder has a power of 1550 watts, capable of moving the spinning disk of 12.5 centimeters in diameter, being suitable to work even on the hardest materials efficiently.

Since this grinder works with cable, you will always have to have a plug at hand to use the equipment, not having the versatility that battery models have.

This is a powerful tool with which to perform all kinds of cutting, sanding, and other tasks of the grinder.

What are the best Milwaukee angle grinders of 2020?

A considerable variety of grinders are offered in the market, each of them with different characteristics. This factor makes it a bit complicated to be able to choose a model that is consistent with the type of work you are going to do with this equipment. To make the right decision, you should know a little more about them and their usefulness.

Grinder discs vary in size, and these are the ones that allow you to cut different types of materials. The hardness of the surfaces on which you can work will depend on the dimensions of the disk, those that measure between 180 mm and 230 mm are used to work on the most rigid elements such as metals or stone.

The 115 mm to 125 mm are for tasks that require a lower level of effort on the part of the device, such as cutting wood, ceramics, among others. You must choose its size depending on the type of work you are going to perform.

The power and speed of these devices also vary. It is convenient for the most demanding tasks to choose a team whose levels are high and thus ensure that it has sufficient strength that allows it to carry out the work efficiently.

This equipment must provide security to avoid any kind of inconvenience that could be generated when working. Likewise, it is necessary that its design provides comfort when using it. If possible, it has to be lightweight and has an ergonomic grip so that it can be easily used to do all tasks.

On the other hand, some portable models allow easier access to different places, others work with cable, and although the level of mobility is reduced, they usually have a more absolute power than those that have a battery.

In the following comparison on Milwaukee angle grinders, you will have the possibility to learn more about the different qualities of the three most recommended models.

Recommended Products

Milwaukee HD28AG-115X

This model is portable. Unlike wired products, the Milwaukee HD28AG-115X offers more freedom of movement. Thanks to providing the user with a higher level of mobility, he will be able to move more efficiently while executing each of the DIY and remodeling projects that have been proposed.

To ensure proper operation, the device works with a two-lithium-ion battery that is included. This will allow you to have a sufficient level of load to be able to remain active while carrying out the cutting work of the different surfaces that you want to modify.

Regarding its measurements, this device has a size of 47.2 x 35.8 x 12.6 cm, while its weight is 7 kilograms. Although you will have more mobility because it is a wireless device, you will have to make a considerable effort to be able to charge it. Although it has a side grip that will provide comfort when holding it.

Milwaukee AGV 15-125 XE ProTector

When using a grinder, it must be strong enough to ensure that all work can be done correctly, so that more professional results and a better finish can be obtained.

So that you can work efficiently, this equipment has a power of 1550 w, so it is possible to perform with it those jobs that require a higher level of demand. Added to this, it has a 125mm disc with which you can work on different types of materials.

It has a dust shield, which is responsible for protecting the engine and thus allows the grinder to continue to be used for longer because it extends the life of the equipment.

Its dimensions are 42.4 x 15.8 x 10 cm, and its weight is 3.6 kilograms, and it has a side handle to hold the equipment comfortably while using. It is a bit heavy, and you will have to strain a bit when loading it.

Milwaukee AG10-125

The 1000 watts of power that this equipment has added to its high-speed level guarantee the possibility of executing different types of cutting work on various surfaces.

The speed level of the device reaches a maximum of 11,000 revolutions per minute that will allow the projects to be executed efficiently.

The diameter of the disc is 125 mm, so it is possible to carry out simple home remodeling work is this equipment. It offers a maximum cutting capacity of 33mm, slots, and divisions of this length that can be made on the materials in which you work.

The manufacturer brand indicates that the design of this model is practical and compact. Its dimensions are 37 x 14 x 12.4 cm, and with its side handle, it is possible to load it comfortably. And to have more mobility when working, the cable has a length of 4 meters that will allow you to move around the workspace without many problems.

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