8 Best Mechanics Tool Set Under 500 [ 2021 Edition ]

In order not to be found unprepared and to have the right support at home if you need to fix and repair some objects, or for those who like to fix a car or motorbike in the garage, unscrewing and changing everything you need, having the best mechanics tool set under 500 available can be an excellent convenience. Beta – Toolset tool case is configured as a highly professional product, perhaps more suitable for those who often traffick with machines and everything that revolves around it.

 It contains a set of objects that ranges from micro-screwdrivers, then passing through pliers, scissors, and a large number of universal tools that make it suitable for different types of users. Black & Decker – Titanium Set for Drilling and Screwinginstead it concentrates the offer on a cheaper set, whose design tries to provide the maximum to those looking for a valid aid in drilling a wall, whether in wood, masonry or metal. At the end of each review, there is also a link on where to buy.

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Key Features


  • Highly durable

  • CUSHIONED interior


  • Ball-bearing slides

  • Weight capacity of 16.5 lb

  • Heavy-duty metal latches

Pegboard Organizer Wall
  • 1/4in pegboard pegs

  • Pegboard features an attractive

  • Heavy duty case

JEGS 3-Drawer Portable Toolbox

  • 1/4in pegboard pegs

  • Durable and compact tool case

  • 1/4in pegboard pegs

  • CUSHIONED interior

  • Durable and compact tool 

8 Best mechanics toolset under 500- Reviews in 2021

The Beta brand has proposed a set that has few rivals, both for completeness and also for the price range. It is certainly not among the cheapest in the category but has its form and care for everything that can serve that will hardly leave anyone unsatisfied. It has 144 instruments for all tastes, with removable supports with which to approach and create a close support zone when needed.

Externally, the suitcase of the Beta toolset is very robust, with a solid handle thanks to which you can take everything into account and carry it around without excessive effort, thanks also to a practical padding that allows you to protect and hold firmly all the elements that constitute the main body of the set.

The metal hooks with key and the reasoned arrangement allow users to have a glance at all the elements that make up a set.


  • Variety: The theme of the available tools is one of the trump cards brought down by this set. Practical and with several elements to rely on that allows you not to be unprepared if necessary.
  • Sturdiness: The cover and the wrapping that wraps all the internal material are fascinating, with a comfortable handle and a functional and straightforward closing system.
  • Line: The design chosen by those who have to deal with giving simplicity and practicality to the set, finds in this suitcase the perfect combination of proportions and weight.


  • Cost: Not everyone can take advantage of the large number of tools made available by this set, the price of which does not allow it to be among the lowest currently on the market.


The proposal of the American brand focuses on the creation of a 109-piece set, designed and conceived for those looking for the ideal solution with which to face punctures and screwing of walls and walls. Thanks to the twelve Titanium points, you can be right not only for masonry walls but also for metal and wood surfaces.

In addition to the Titanium tips, which are a bit the flagship of this Black & Decker toolset, we move on to the usual advice, with a distribution that points from one part to five points for the wall, thirteen with manage wooden walls.

The different adapters are also comfortable and functional, with a good number of bushes with which you can select and choose which bolts to fix and how to remove them quickly. The total weight of the article does not reach two kilos, with a shape that enhances the convenience of transport and ease of use.


  • Tips: Thanks to the support offered by the Titanium tips, it is possible to be right about walls of different nature, from masonry ones, passing through wood and iron.
  • Number: 109 pieces are an attractive solution for those who need the right amount of parts to be exploited for chores and particular situations inside and outside the home.
  • Reliability: The brand has some experience in the field, capable of having its say in terms of content and the theme of the container.


  • Swinging quality: In the presence of some of the tips, such as those of 5 mm, you can see how the final yield does not always correspond to the excellent quality of the rest of the set, an aspect that not everyone liked.

The practicality and robustness of the Bosch case seems to best recall those who are wondering which set of tools to buy. It is designed especially for drilling and screwing, and this Bosch toolset contains several tools that reach 70 specimens, to have the set of tips with which to drill a metal wall, thanks to the eleven HSS-TIN drills, or the six exercises for wood or the three for flat milling machines.

Among the other elements that can be used by those who manage and take care of home maintenance, a special place goes to the gauge for diameters, to the adapter supplied for the compasses and to the countersink in the box.

Thanks to the screwing bit, all the different heads are positioned and fixed, relying on this simple and versatile tool as required.


  • Sturdiness: The suitcase can easily contain the whole set, keeping all the contents well protected.
  • Drills: Different types available and all the material suitable for drilling and screwing parts with the support of a good exercise.
  • Titanium nitride: Thanks to the presence of a series of drills made with this material, it is also possible to quickly deal with the drilling of different metal parts.


  • Wall tips: From the opinion of some users, the presence of some wall tips offers a lower yield than what is found in other sets.

Rank #4: Stanley STMT74860 1/4" Drive Mechanics Tool Set

The 97 pieces fielded by the Stanley brand work properly, especially for those looking for a socket wrench set with an attack of this type. Chrome and shaped finishes allow you to manage and use each of the tools offered in the best possible way, with keys and accessories in chrome vanadium that ensure tightness and robustness during all operations.

By making the best use of the Maxi Drive profile, the best tightening operation is obtained, with a curved profile of the faces, which reduces the risk of slipping off the bolts and possible damage to the part to be closed.

The ratchets were then made with an effective reversibility system, excellent for those who want to take advantage of the lever and have no problems whatsoever. The case of the Stanley toolset is sturdy enough, with a handle that is comfortable to hold and which simplifies transport.


  • Construction quality: Everything, starting from the realization of the metal parts and the bushes, is designed to last, also leaving a reasonable margin of maneuver for those who have to choose and adapt the elements according to the size to work on.
  • Suitcase: From the users’ opinions, the set is easily transported and allows an internal organization of all the functional and well-studied space.
  • Simplicity: Among the most exciting aspects, a key role is also represented by the systems designed to facilitate the opening and closing of the ratchets, thus facilitating all operations.


  • Jams: Some users have found that the smallest ratchet is easy to lock.


The double battery in this kit has made it one of the best mechanics tool set under 500of 2020. The offers on the market do not lack m in this case, the question becomes more serious, with an object that also combines power with the convenience of the drill appropriate. The tightening speed reaches 180 Nm, with a self-locking spindle and three different functions present on the instrument. On the one hand, we have screw-driving, drilling, and percussion drilling.

The reference values are 30 mm for wood, followed by a 13 mm hole for metal and 10 mm for masonry.

The two 2,000 mAh lithium-ion batteries are charged quickly, to have a double set with which to provide further continuity to work. Fifteen 25mm drill bits and five with a 50mm width are placed in the package of this cordless toolset.


  • Support: Compared to what is seen in other battery products, in this case, the equipment is proportionate to the final cost, with a live performance that has convinced several users.
  • Charger: By relying on a 4.0 A model, you get a full charge after 30 minutes, with five minutes necessary for a value of 25%.
  • Power: Thanks to a thrust of 180 Nm, the drill can screw and tighten the best screws in no time.


  • Bag: Some people consider the case that accompanies the product to be inferior in quality and size.

The suitcase with aluminum profiles and strong metal protections appears as an exciting choice for those looking for an object that is comfortable to transport, and that secures all its contents. From the opinions gathered around, it can be seen how the Usag brand has worked well, finding the correct shape and idea for an assortment that deserves both in terms of quantity and quality.

The closure of the suitcase is ensured by a key and a double zipper, while three internal panels organize the entire set of Usag tools in a simple way and with maximum comfort. Each object has its specific shape, an essential aspect thanks to which it is possible to find and place the finished piece in a flash.

With a total of 181 pieces, you are truly spoiled for choice among the objects to aim for, bringing together in one place everything you need for a good quality toolbox.


  • Completeness: The Usag offer aims to satisfy those who want a suitcase full of products and with everything necessary to take into account and close bolts and so on, not forgetting also cuts and fixing of nails and more to the wall.
  • Screwing: With a set of Phillips-head screwdrivers, together with four of the significant pliers, you get a quick result and a solution to the questions without having to buy anything else.
  • Practicality: The fact that all these tools are placed inside a briefcase has satisfied those people who like to concentrate on a single element everything they need to work and face difficulties.


  • Originality: Some people recommend checking carefully that all the elements present are Usag branded.

Compactness and cutting capacity, these are the two base notes on which the set of lathe tools proposed by Peachtree Woodworking Supply is structured. The carbide inserts and the product’s ability to better adapt to the different types of lathe allow for excellent versatility for users.

At the finishing level, users consider it a right solution, especially given the cost and versatility offered.

Each insert has its case, a fact that has aroused the appreciation from many parts, with a seal and ease of use that makes the pair with a satisfactory construction level.


  • Packaging: Inside the box, you will find everything you need to work with the lathe, thus satisfying the tastes and the different processes.
  • Results: From the opinions of many, it is possible to see how the set is suitable for different operations, thus leaving a good result at the end of the work.
  • Value for money: Many liked the support offered and the finish of the different parts.


  • Pieces: According to some users, the choice by those looking for a complete product also clashed with the absence of some components.

Rank #8: Fervi 0315 Case with 132 Utensils

The Fervi proposal is one of the most interesting on the market, especially for those looking for a product that contains 132 tools. The weight of the suitcase reaches almost nine kilos, with nine hex keys of different sizes, six precision screwdrivers, a magnetic level, insulating tape, and an aluminum torch with which to be able to illuminate a precise area of the working point.

Compared to the number and in comparison with other items sold online, it is noted that not all the tools are at the top of the quality, an aspect that does not overshadow the yield and the support they can offer to those who need a box for tools, convincing from a practical point of view and with an attractive cost. Overall, however, the Fervi toolset is appreciated.


  • Elements: Inside the suitcase, there is a good number of objects, designed for those looking for the best in terms of management and support to have at home.
  • Portability: Compared to the total weight, the case is used well, letting itself be transported without creating too much trouble for those who grabbed it.
  • Style: The locking system is excellent, with other elements such as the handle and the internal arrangement, logically structured and with functional practicality.


  • Deterioration: According to some users, some of the tools do not have a duration longer than that established for such an object.

Buying Guide – How to choose the best mechanics tool set under 500 Dollars

When choosing the right support to carry out small chores at home, it is good to consider the importance and convenience of a set of tools. In the following lines, we have inserted a series of suggestions and fixed points that can help in the choice.

Practicality and size

The first point to dwell on is that related to the size of the set. For those who use it daily in the workplace, the choice of a professional product is the most suitable option, and in that case, the final cost may be higher than a model designed for hobbyists.

Therefore great attention must be paid to the materials that make up and form the external coating. On the one hand, we find aluminum with metal sections or hard plastic with which to be able to close and lock certain elements. The same goes for the arrangement of the objects and the inserts present. Lately, there are suitcases with multiple compartments, organized to make the most of the internal space and the type of object that must be placed at that point.

A sturdy handle can improve transport, when even the presence of a pair of wheels and a shape that resembles travel trolleys in some ways, but much more robust. External protections and a correct arrangement of the space can make the difference between a low-end product and one that instead rises compared to the average of the other sets.

Content and management

Let’s move on to the question of content. For those who do not need a specific tool and suitable only for a type of business, focusing on a more complex toolbox that contains particular tools and supports could be the right type of object to have at home.

A hammer and a set of screwdrivers should not be missing, with a variant between the cross and the star tip, among the most common among those that are usually used to screw and unscrew moving elements. A meter and a suitable adhesive tape are added to the other comfortable items that can be useful for those who deal with small house maintenance. A spirit level and pliers can then help to put in line and ensure that an element is built in line with the wall or that a pipe is properly tightened without letting go of the water.

Wrenches and more can offer additional support to those who look at a complete object, and that allows those who manage the issue of housework to proceed quickly and with everything necessary at hand.

Specialized or general

Those aiming for low prices can choose a portable set of tools designed to collect in a small space a whole series of elements capable of making a difference when it comes to choosing between different options, perhaps mediating overall quality and focusing more on quantity.

The matter changes when you choose a more specific product, such as a set of wrenches or tools designed for a mechanic or an electrician. It is essential to be clear about everything you need to offer an easy and effective service that brings results to those looking for the right solution to fix your home or to make the most of the tools in the set.

The difference in price between a particular model, which contains everything needed for a specific type of work, can be quite high compared to a multifunctional object and which fits without difficulty in a more contained range in terms of economic outlay. There are several options, and for this reason, we invite you to select the one that could be right for you, also comparing the opinion of those who have already had the opportunity to touch the product.

Frequent questions

How much does a set of tools weigh?

To answer this question, several elements should be considered, first of all, the number of tools present in the suitcase and the quality with which it is built. You can go from a minimum of four up to nine kilos on an excellent quality product with a large number of pieces inside. The important thing, however, is to understand how you can transport everything, using a handle or a system of wheels placed in the lower part of the suitcase.

How to close a briefcase?

In principle, the various models on the market have a series of accommodations designed to accommodate the different tools, so a little patience in placing them in their seats is sufficient to have no problems closing the case. Many models also have a hinge or a key with which the two areas can be opened and closed without issues.

How to clean the tools?

It depends on the type of object we’re talking about. If these are tools with which you come into contact with grease and other material that can dirty the utensils, it is good to have a soft cloth with which to clean each of the parts and remove elements that, in the long run, can worsen the performance of the object.

Where to store the set?

The convenience of those looking for such a product is all in size linked to the suitcase and the container where to store all the material.

Having a “safe” place is essential because, in this way, the chances of hitting the briefcase and subjecting it to the risk of accidental blows that could ruin it will decrease. Also, opt for an area of the house or garage not subject to excessive humidity, which could create rust on the container or the single tools if they were not of high quality.

How much does a set of tools cost?

Again the price can vary and also a lot. The difference is made by the number of tools on the one hand and the quality of the objects on the other. The more these two items go hand in hand, the more it is possible that the price may exceed several hundred euros. Compare the different proposals by choosing the one that is right for you, and that proves ideal for the needs of both the home and your wallet.

How to best use a set of tools


For those aiming for a multifunction box, the important thing is to keep everything in order. Our advice is, therefore, to use the set, but remember to put everything back in its place, without exception for any piece. It is thus possible to maintain the right support, therefore choosing each part and giving it the place it deserves.


For those who find themselves using the object for work, the advice is to aim for an easily transportable model, perhaps also taking advantage of an adequate set of wheels with which they can move without difficulty. For those who instead seek for occasional use, the choice should fall on a model with a handle and comfortable to manage. Always remember to store it in a covered place and away from heat sources or wet or wet areas, even if the watertight seal could preserve the whole interior better, not taking unnecessary risks.


Among the essential aspects, it is good to choose the right point where to place your set. In this way, you can better organize all the preparation and the work area, having everything you need in the immediate vicinity. You understand well which tools you will need, thus managing the whole set and finding the way to make the most of everything you have available. Order and precision can be useful for those who are more distracted and often tend to put objects and supports where they shouldn’t be, then groping in the dark when they then put everything in its place.


When choosing an object and getting to work, it is also essential to know when and how to store everything once the operations are finished. It is, therefore, possible to clean and remove dust and traces of dirt that have settled on the outside area of the tool. It is possible to rinse the machine with water, being careful to dry every small part, especially if in metal, with a cloth, placing the piece in its original housing.

Taking care of these parts dramatically improves the life of each new instrument so that you can manage and exploit the whole set over time, without having to think about a missing part that could be useful and that you have to worry too much about. Do not leave the suitcase outdoors, nor bring it close to sources of heat or in a place easily accessible by children, even if it is closed, it is still advisable to place it in a safe position.

In this way, everything needed is kept in an area within reach of an adult, avoiding attention from the most curious. The quality and durability of a set of tools are also measured a lot by the use and functional management of those who bought them, thus always being able to count on a unique help and convenience.

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