What Is The Best Mcculloch Chainsaw [ 2021 Edition ]

To keep your garden in perfect condition, prepare firewood or perform any cutting task, the best McCulloch chainsaws are an excellent option, both for their high quality and cutting capacity and for their safe and maintenance-free systems.

As an example of these factors, we present the outstanding model of our McCulloch chainsaw comparison together with the necessary parameters so that your investment and your purchase are excellent.

To start, we must talk about the power of the product, which is also the one that will determine the ability to make cuts and the diameter of the branch that you can cut is.

The higher your cutting needs, you will need to equip yourself with products of a higher power. It is also essential that you evaluate the generation system of this power, which is usually electric or gasoline. Consider where you are going to use the product to see which method is most convenient for you.

As a second element, we talk about the maintenance of the product cutting system. Among the factors to evaluate, we have to talk about the chain lubrication system, essential for the sword to remain lubricated, and the system does not overheat or break down. If the order has automated, this task is much simpler. The same applies to the chain tensioning system, necessary to avoid breakage or deterioration of the chain. If this is also automated, it will be another maintenance task that you save.

Finally, we take a look at security. The key to this section is the chain blocking time, so that the higher the risk, the lower the risk if it breaks or breaks due to tension. You should also consider other issues such as protection against electric surges or gas spills, depending on the power, among other products.

Rank # 1: New McCulloch CS380 Gas Powered Chain Saw

It has a cutting speed of 13.5 m per second. In addition, it is possible to regulate that speed according to your convenience, so it is considered an efficient tool.


Its 2000 watts of power offers an excellent rhythm of operation capable of cutting all types of firewood or branches in a simple and efficient way.


The battery and cable power system means having to have a plug or a good extension cable to connect the product, so that it is not suitable for open fieldwork, for example.

Main features explained


The McCulloch 967148201 chainsaw has an operating power of 2000 watts, which allows you to cut all kinds of tree elements in a simple and pleasant way.

This power generates an operating speed of 13.5 meters per second with which to maintain adequate efficiency within the cutting system. This power is adjustable so that you don’t have to apply the total power when it’s really not necessary.

Being an electric type element this product avoids the usual problems of other gasoline products such as problems with fumes or fuel loading. Something that helps you maintain continuous operation of the product without having to worry about anything else.


So that you do not have problems when it comes to keeping your saw in perfect condition, this product includes an automated lubrication system, so you don’t have to worry about anything other than filling the oil tank.

During operation, the product is responsible for maintaining the chain and the machine lubricated for better performance. Something similar occurs with the chain tensioning system, properly automated, which avoids the risks of having a loose chain and the inconvenience of having to adjust it by hand.

In terms of cleaning, thanks to the chain system and its operation, it is very simple in terms of eliminating all types of machine remains.

Security of use

Among the most important elements that guarantee the safe operation of the product is the immediate stop system of the chain. Since an uncontrolled chain can be a considerable problem, this product limits the reaction time to 0.12 seconds when stopping it in case of problems.

To help with this safety, we also have an ergonomic double handle system that allows you to hold the chainsaw and press without risks or problems. This clamp also applies to the electric cable, which is duly attached to the chainsaw body to prevent it from being caught during use.

And so that you do not have any electrical problems, the product includes a surge protection system and a high-quality fuse system to avoid inconvenience.

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