[ 2021 Edition ] 10 Best Jig Saws

Among the tools of the advanced handyman, we find the jigsaw. This tool is used to create holes, cut planks and adjust the pieces of wood or other material to what your design requires. Obviously, this is possible by betting on saws with high power and a level of depth of cut that fits the type of material used.

The more versatile, much better. As the best professional jigsaw of the moment, according to consumers, we find the Bosch PST 900 model, which offers a wide level of the draft and cut enhanced by its 600 watts of power, making it perfect for carpentry and plumbing work of all kinds. If this product is too much for you, you have a simpler option in the Einhell TC-JS 80 E model, which reaches up to 3000 revolutions per minute with an adjustable depth of cut up to 8 centimeters.

What is the best professional jigsaw in the market?

Those who are fond of DIY and carpentry have a special tool in the jigsaw with which many projects begin. If you are looking for a jigsaw but do not know where to start, be sure to consult our guide to buy the best professional jigsaw, where we offer you all the necessary information so you do not get lost.

What is the best professional jigsaw of 2020?

If you are looking for the best professional jigsaw to carry out various household tasks, or as an instrument to perform carpentry, decoration, crafts, plumbing and any activity that involves cutting a certain material with a high degree of precision and aesthetics, here you We show the best professional jigsaw of 2020, so that you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Rank # 1: BOSCH PST 900 PEL

Main advantage

It has 620 W of power that allows a good depth of cut, to give greater precision and a good finish to each of the work you do at home with this great tool.

Main disadvantage

The most prominent disadvantage of this product is that it includes only one cutting blade, so you must purchase the spare or special ones separately for other specific cuts.

Verdict: 9.6 / 10

It is a very complete jigsaw because it has 620 W of power, long-lasting cutting blade, guide to follow the indicated cutting line, silent and easy to handle; All this makes it one of the users favorite.

Main Features Explained


This BOSCH PST 900 PEL jigsaw has 620 W of power that is sufficient to develop your DIY work in an easy and simple way. You can achieve very precise cuts so that your work at home is admired by all who enjoy your creations.

The depth of cut of this saw is 90 mm in the wood so that few jobs or none will be out of reach of the power of this great Bosch tool.

Its great power allows you to develop between 500 and 3100 revolutions per minute to achieve the speed and strength necessary when making the cuts you want in each of the DIY work that will serve to improve the appearance of the house without the need for Hire a specialist technician.


It has the Bosch electronic control and a switching button that allows you to select and control the number of strokes so that the operation of the machine matches the type of material we are cutting and thus achieve the required finish.

It also has the integrated Power Light to keep the cutting line illuminated and thus avoid deviations or unwanted cuts that can damage the workpiece.

It has the Bosch Low Vibration system to avoid high vibration that could damage or hinder the DIY you carry out.

It has an ergonomic soft-grip grip so you can work even for very long periods of time without your hands being affected by machine manipulation.

Design and dimensions

It has a saw blade designed for a long duration. You can use this sheet for a long time without requiring it to be changed very often.

In its design, it has a 4-level orbital pendulum movement to work faster and make the necessary cut in a curved way so that your work looks like those of a professional. It is possible to change the blade in a safe and effortless way when this tool requires it.

This model of the jigsaw has a weight of 2.2 Kg so that you can handle it with great ease and will not be an inconvenience if you must use it for a very long time.

As for the dimensions of this tool, we can point out its 38 x 24 x 11.5 cm which, in addition to its weight, allows you to carry out high-quality work at home or even if you want to take it to the home of a family member or friend who needs your help.

Rank # 2: Einhell TC-JS 80 E

 If you wonder what is the best professional jigsaw, you can find a good choice in JS Einhell TC-80 E, which is designed to cut straight lines or curves, maintaining a good level of accuracy. This saw can reach about 80 mm deep in the wood and 10 mm in other materials such as plastic or steel.

The cut is achieved thanks to its pendular movement, which reduces its duration. It also allows regulating the speed of the movement according to the material that is intended to be cut, from 800 to 3000 revolutions per minute.

The handle made of plastic and configured in a soft grip ensures safe and vibration-free handling. Additionally, a vacuum system, which functions as a simple vacuum cleaner, can be installed to keep the workspace clean.

To facilitate the work of cutting, its metal base can be adjusted in four positions, either left or right, up to 45 degrees, with the aim of being a saw adaptable to each task.

Although the best brand of jigsaws depends on the demands and requirements of each user, it will never hurt to give this model of the Einhell brand a chance, the TC-JS 80 E, whose pros and cons we list below:


Adjustable speed: This saw consists of electronic speed control, easily adjustable to the material on which it is going to work for best results, being able to choose between a minimum of 800 to 3000 revolutions per minute.

Power: With a power of 600 watts, this saw has the capacity to make straight, curved and miter cuts up to 45 degrees to the left or right on wooden boards with 80 mm thickness, and plastic or steel planks with a maximum of 10 millimeters thick

Dimensions: This saw has a weight of only 2.1 kilograms, along with physical measures of 23 x 26 x 7.1 centimeters, which is why it is easy to transport, store and can even be carried in a toolbox. The sheets are easy to remove and change safely without the need for additional tools.


Limited use: The use of this saw may be limited to simple domestic repairs, its power and design are not recommended for forced or very demanding jobs, because it could be easily damaged.

Rank # 3: Bosch PST 1000 PEL

 If you are fond of DIY tasks or you like construction in general, it is almost certain that you might need an excellent jigsaw for those jobs that require precise and clean cuts.

The choice between jigsaws that Bosch offers you with its PST 1000 PEL model offers you a wide range of advantages that you can use to get the most out of it.

In order to offer you excellent accuracy, this model has an electronic control that will help you maintain the shape of the cuts as well as the number of runs by means of a push-button.

It also has a special wheel so you can start cutting smoothly and easily and this will help you use your jigsaw in virtually any type of material.

Also, because these equipment are used to make precise cuts, the PST 1000 PEL from Bosch has a system called Cut Control which, combined with the Power Light, offers you excellent visibility of the blade to maintain the most precise lines and complicated. And thanks to its robust body, you can hold it firmly and safely in your jobs and tasks.


Technology: Among the most outstanding advantages offered by the Bosch PST 1000 PEL jigsaw we have the wide selection of built-in technologies among which you will find the Cut Control to modulate the cuts, the Power Light to improve visibility and the SDS so that You can handle the saw with one hand.

Power: when we talk about this type of equipment, power is a key aspect. This model works with a total of 650 watts of power, which are more than enough for the DIY and construction tasks you need.

Design: This team also stands out for presenting a robust appearance and really excellent finishes characteristic of the renowned Bosch brand.

Movement: it also has a four-level orbital pendulum movement system that will allow you to control the progress of the blade sawing so that you can comfortably work any type of cut.

Dimensions: it has dimensions of 38.5 x 34.5 x 11 centimeters and a weight of 2.3 kilograms, so it is a compact and lightweight equipment that you can use without running out of the process.

Rank # 4: Bosch PST 650

Another saw of the Bosch family, but with a more compact size, is the Bosch PST 650, ideal for executing less deep cuts but with a high degree of precision, either in a straight or curved direction. It reaches a depth of 65 mm in wood and is easy to handle, even in materials with high density.

It includes a special air blowing function, to clear the work area and keep the cutting line free at all times. The saw has been assembled on a wide metal plate, to provide stability and safety when working.

To reduce vibration, a special system with linear mass compensation, backed by an ergonomic handle, was added so that it can also be used with only one hand. As for the change of the saw blade, a very simple mechanism was created, which allows the replacement of the blade in just seconds.

If what you want is to acquire the best professional jigsaw for 50 euros, then you should take a look at the pros and cons of the Bosch PST 650 since it could be what you are looking for:


Power: This saw is ideal for heavy woodwork because it has a power of 500 watts, being able to cut with a depth of up to 65 millimeters in wood, and 4 millimeters in steel.

Vibration: One of the advantages of this model is that it uses the Low Vibration system for safe and consistent work that prevents it from vibrating excessively and your arm feels fatigued during the activity. In addition, thanks to its handle with Softgrip anti-vibration function, discomfort and instability are avoided.

Blower: Similar to the previous model, this version has an air blower (requires additional connection) to keep the work area clean and clear avoiding errors and obstacles when cutting.

Accessories: It includes a saw blade for wood and a briefcase to transport it with greater comfort, especially considering that it weighs only 1.6 kilograms, being able to protect it in the same way against bumps or damages.


A number of blades to cut: Some users comment that this saw only includes a blade for cutting wood, so it is necessary to buy an additional set of blades to cut materials such as metal, among others.


Rank # 5: Black + Decker KS501

It has a power of 400 W with which you can perform different jobs and repairs in your home. In addition, it has an ergonomic handle that will allow you to hold the tool easily and safely.

In addition to this, it is a jigsaw with low vibration, to avoid fatigue when working with it for long hours at home or workshop, even has a dust blower, so that the work area always It will be clean.

On the other hand, it has a 3-meter power cable, so that if the plug is slightly removed, you can use the saw comfortably. However, we advise you to be careful if you should move inside the workshop or work area, as you could get entangled with the cable, especially if the space is small.

If you do not know which jigsaw to acquire, this model may be appropriate, as it has various aspects that can meet the needs of users. In this section, we will show you its main qualities.


Safety: This power tool has an ergonomic handle that provides safety and precision while making cuts.

Versatility: It is a versatile saw because with it you can cut wood, aluminum or steel with depths of 65 mm, 10 mm or 5 mm.

Price: It has an affordable price so many people can buy it to do DIY tasks or work in a workshop.


Storage: The jigsaw does not come with a holster or storage case for storage and transport.

Guide: It does not have a lateral guide, which is used to make straight parallel cuts.

Rank # 6: Bosch PST 900

It is one of the most complete saws for DIY tasks, cataloged by some customers as the best Bosch jigsaw.

This instrument is designed to cut with the necessary degree of precision, depending on the type of material, since it has an adjustment wheel, which gives you the possibility to preselect the frequency of the movement of the blade by means of a switching button, reaching a 90 mm deep in the wood.

It also includes a simple lighting system to preserve visibility during cutting, so you never lose the line of the cut as it deepens. The saw is made for use with only one hand, reducing the number of vibrations with an ergonomic handle.

The cut made with the Bosch PST 900 is accurate, thanks to its four-level pendulum movement, which allows cutting in less time and guarantees longer life of the saw blade.

If you are looking for the best professional jigsaw of the moment, this Bosch model could be the option you require. Here are more details


Precision: This jigsaw is considered one of the best in terms of accuracy. It has an electronic control that allows you to pre-select the number of revolutions, being able to choose between a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 3,100 rpm, through a switching button and an integrated adjustment wheel. Thanks to this, it offers a soft start and greater cutting precision, adjusting to the type of material with which it is working.

Functions: With the CutControl sight glass and the PowerLight lighting system integrated into this saw, you will have a clear and illuminated image of the cutting line, so that you can follow it correctly and thus get clean cuts.

Power: With a power of 620 watts this saw is capable of reaching up to 90 millimeters deep when cutting wood and up to 8 millimeters in steel, working properly in carpentry and plumbing work, as well as in other types of work.

Stability: Another advantage of this saw is that it has the Low Vibration system with linear mass compensation, even being able to control it with one hand, and with the other, you can handle the material you are cutting. In addition, due to its ergonomically designed handle with Softgrip function, the number of vibrations when used decreases, increasing its stability and cutting accuracy.

Useful life: It has a four-level pendular movement designed to better fit the curves and speed up the cutting process, which protects the saw blade and ensures a longer life.

How to use a jigsaw

The Jigsaws are based on a blade with special teeth that moves perpendicularly with a reciprocating motion; There are even some models that can cut at specific angles. They are usually used to make cuts and designs on wood, PVC, leather, aluminum, among other materials. We could say that its use can become much more artistic and free compared to common saws that only make straight cuts.


Basically there are two major types of jigsaws: traditional hand-held and modern electric. In the case of the traditional ones, they are usually hand tools made up of a knob that is attached to a thin blade that allowed to make basic cuts at the time. In the case of modern, they have an engine that works electrically and an interchangeable saw that offers greater types of cuts and versatility.


When you buy your jig, you must be very attentive to the power that it includes. They are usually in a range of 400 watts up to 800 watts. Depending on the power and capacity of your jig, you can have more variation with the speed regulator. Generally, they usually include three levels of work that will vary and you can adjust depending on the type of work, cut and material you are using.

Speed regulator

In general, all jigsaws or jigsaws, as they are also known, come with a speed regulator system, which is nothing more than the variation of intensity with which the blade will rise and fall to make the cuts. If you adjust it at a slower speed you will have more control over the cut for better accuracy. On the contrary, at higher speed, it will be more difficult to control, but you can make cuts in harder or harder materials.

Mounting system

Current jiggers have a modern blade removal system that does not require additional tools to correctly position the blade. What you should be very attentive to is the type of blade or clamping system that your saw works with, either the T-system or the U-system. None is better than the other, but by keeping it in mind you will avoid buying by error sheets that do not adapt to the system your jigsaw works with.

Choose the correct sheet

Be sure to take the teeth per inch (DPP) into account so that they fit the thickness of the material you will cut. Try that between three and five teeth are always in contact with what you want to cut. To make cuts in corners or with complicated angles we recommend using narrower blades and thicker blades for straight cuts. Analyze your project and have on hand the sheets you will need to get better results.

Precautions and safety

Remember to fix very well any surface or material that you are going to cut to prevent it from moving or rolling when you start working on it. You should always work in a well-lit place and keep in mind that the leaves are usually partially exposed, so you should keep your fingers away from the path of the sheet to avoid accidents or cuts.

The Most Popular Brands

Choosing a jigsaw is not a simple matter given the variety that exists in the market. Therefore, we review the characteristics of some models and compare them with the opinions of users on the Internet. Now we want to share with you important information about the main brands, such as BOSCH, MAKITA, and DEWALT.

Robert Bosch was a German precision mechanic who founded his own company in 1886 under the name of ROBERT BOSCH GMBH in Stuttgart, Germany. His first achievement in the mechanical engineering branch was the installation of a magneto ignition device in a vehicle engine.

This company is rapidly expanding in Europe in the United Kingdom and France and, in America in the United States, thanks to innovations made in the automobile sector in regards to the ignition of car engines, automotive services, and injection systems. diesel.

BOSCH is a company with cutting-edge technology. Its production is diversified and includes parts and systems in the automobile sector, construction machinery, agriculture, tools for industrial and household use, among others.

One of the tools produced by this brand is electric jigsaws. Designed with ergonomic grip, they are characterized by being powerful, robust and high precision to perform demanding jobs as professionals. Its long-lasting blades allow clean cuts in different materials such as metal and wood. They also have a system of protection against scuffs and a kit for dust extraction.

Some designs of the saws have a pre-cut locator and a self-adjusting parallel stop, to make precise cuts. These tools come with a sliding carriage that facilitates transport.

The MAKITA ELECTRIC WORKS company was founded in the city of Nagoya (Japan) in March 1915 by Mosaburo Makita. In the mid-twentieth century, this brand was dedicated to the production and sale of electric brushes. After a series of transformations, he goes on to market and repair electric motors and transformers.

With 11 manufacturing plants worldwide, Makita is a renowned producer that excels in the production of high-quality electronic and portable tools, with a wide range of more than 500 models.

One of the electronic tools of this brand is electric jigsaws. Designed with a non-slip handle and closed handle provides better grip and handling. It is equipped with a system of forced airflow over the work area to facilitate more clean cuts.

MAKITA, in the table saws, has incorporated an axis to avoid unexpected movements and thus achieve curved cuts of great precision. They also have a dust protection system and transparent particle protection. They are balanced and produce few vibrations.

DEWALT is an American company founded by Raymond E. DeWalt in 1924. It began in the market for useful tools to perform manual work with the invention of the radial arm saw and other machines for carpentry work.

With the acquisition of the brand of cutting-edge technology tools in the carpentry market, ELU, DEWALT was able to expand and diversify its electrical and wireless equipment, among others. With a trajectory of more than 90 years in the market of the power tools enjoys good recognition worldwide.

Currently, this company specializes in the production and sale of portable power tools, as well as quality and durability accessories. Proof of this is the jigsaw, which has a powerful motor to make precise cuts, beveled and excellent finishes. They are ergonomically designed and with a rubber grip that eliminates vibrations.

They also have a blower and a dust removal adapter to improve the visibility of the work area. Recently it has developed innovations in these articles with the incorporation of a Li-Ion battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to make a guide for the jigsaw

A guide for a jigsaw is a support that allows sawing cuts with the jig to be made more precisely.

 To make your own guide for a jigsaw, you can use two longboards of MDF or triply, one that is 1 cm thick and the other that serves as a stop so that the jigsaw can work without deviating in its path. The guide must be attached to the material to be cut using dams or sergeants to do so, to prevent the guide from moving and the cut out askew.

You can also use 2 aluminum sheets one meter long, with a threaded rod, nuts, and washers.

 The rod is cut into four parts of 10 cm each, two holes are made in the aluminum sheets and the rods are placed at each end, doing as a kind of rail, fixed with nuts and washers.

 The jig is placed in position and with a template, the center of the guide is removed so you know where you have to put the wood that you are going to cut.

 Mark your lines, clamped the wood and the jigsaw should move between the guides straight without deviating.

Q2: How to cut straight with a jigsaw

To cut straight with the jig, you must choose a new blade compatible with the type of material to work.

 Prepare your workstation to be suitable for sawing with your saw and use safety glasses to protect your face. 

As for the saw blade, you should use the one with the wide-tooth in its back, because they are more precise in the longitudinal guide.

Once the work area is prepared, you just have to fix the material to work firmly, using soldiers or dams for it, then you must place the jig in the guide channel, inserting the tool with pressure into the material to work.

 In this way, you can make straight, transverse cuts or angles up to 45 °, without much effort.

Q3: How to make a table for the jigsaw and how to join the jigsaw to a table

To make a table for your jigsaw you need a board, you place the jig on the latter at a distance of 10 cm from the front, centering the tool so that the base is parallel to the sides of the board.

 Then you must glue some 3 mm MDF pieces around the base of the saw, and a piece of plywood to the front of the tool to serve as a support.

The fixing of the saw to the board will be done with four sets of studs, wing nuts and washers of 5 cm in diameter, mark the points where you must drill the four holes for the bolts on the board and then fix these studs in position.

 Remember to reinforce the board with slats that protrude about 5 cm at the sides and fixed with 3 screws.

 Now you fix the jigsaw on the board with the wingnuts and your jigsaw will be attached to the table.

Q4: How to miter with a jigsaw

These teams are ideal for this type of cut, being suitable for work with skirting boards in the corners because they allow the formation of a square between two pieces. 

To make a 45º cut with a jigsaw, it is necessary to loosen some screws that are below the base of the tool.

Then you must choose the angle you want for your work, being available the choice of 45º in almost most of the jiggers.

 Next, you must tighten the studs again and arrange the saw to perform the miter cut and it will work the same as if it were at 90º.

Q5: How to place the blade in the jigsaw

When the blade is already worn it is necessary to replace it with a new one.

 The most modern jiggers have a device that, when pressed, ejects the old sheet automatically and the new one can be inserted easily.

 However, the previous models require some help to change this sheet, which is done manually and with some tools.

In such a case, you should look for a hole that is on the handle, parallel to where the blade is.

 Then you must insert a screwdriver into the hole and slightly loosen the screw.

 On the other hand, you should gently pull the blade and once the screw has been sufficiently loosened, the blade comes out by itself and you can discard it.

 Now you slide the new blade into place, tighten the screw tightly and check that it is properly fixed without moving and in that case, the tool will be ready for use.

Shopping guide


The usual power of a jigsaw ranges from 400 watts to 800 watts. In this type of tool, power is key for two issues. In the first place, because to cut certain materials of greater hardness or planks of greater width, it is necessary that the power be higher, so that the greater it is, the more possibilities of use it offers you.

On the other hand, power is also key to establishing the operating speed of the jigsaw. Normally, this power has three levels of work that vary depending on the materials and also offer more or less accurate results.

For example, the faster speed, although it is used for all types of materials, it is true that it has a somewhat coarser finish, while other finer products require lower speeds to avoid chipping although with much finer and more precise results.

Blade assembly

Modern jigsaws have a very simple system to mount the blade that no longer requires additional tools or other accessories to leave the blade properly mounted.

However, it is important that you know that there are two types of sheet or clamping system: the so-called U-system and the T-system. There are no differences between the two systems beyond that clamping since there is no system that offers more or less efficiency. However, it is something that you should keep in mind, especially when buying sheets since if you choose the wrong sheets, you will not be able to use them.

In any case, both systems have sheets for all types of materials and dimensions, so you will not have problems when it comes to finding a suitable sheet. Of course, the leaves you use should always be in perfect condition, whole and without indented teeth or cracks, mainly for your own safety.


The jigsaws allow different operations to be carried out, although some of them require a certain skill that you can replace with the necessary accessories. An example of these accessories is the cutting guides, which help you keep the straight line when cutting any type of material. Another accessory that helps to keep the work area clean is the dust outlet that, properly connected to a vacuum cleaner, allows you to absorb all the dust generated during the cut in a comfortable and simple way.

Another important accessory is the blade protector, which consists of a plastic piece placed on the front that prevents the fingers from being placed on it. And finally, there are other accessories that make it easier to hold the jigsaw, make certain miter cuts or complexes and many other interesting functions. The more accessories included in the equipment, as always, much better.

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