10 Best Hybrid Table Saw Under 1000 [ 2021 Edition ]

In this opportunity we present in this article the best table saws that you will find in the Mexican market for this season.

 Cutting activity is essential in any industrial workshop, or when you are an enthusiast of executing projects at home to improve your environments, modify furniture, or pieces of various elements.

In this article we will develop the elements to take into account to make sure that you bring the table saw you really need to your home or business, in addition to presenting you with the best options in the local market. 

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Key Features


  • Delivers 4,800 RPM

  • Powerful 15.0 AMP motor

  • Adjustable dual side guards 

  • Bosch 4100 09 10 inch table saw

  •  1 year warranty

  • efficient power with 3,650 no load RPM motor

  • Blade Height Adjustment and Various Material Cutting Capacity

  • Solid steel unibody frame 

  • 795 Motor Driving

  • Heavy Duty 13 Amp Motor 

  • 5,000 rpm motor

  • Perfect for heavy duty jobs

  • Rapid blade

  • Magnetic switch

  • Soft start feature reduces motor noise and vibration 

The most important

         Unlike other saws, the operator of a table saw moves the material, rather than the saw itself, which remains installed and immobile, posing greater safety risks.

 Make sure that they will be in a safe place out of the reach of children or people outside the activity.

         There is a wide variety of devices that allow the cutting of materials, whether they are wood, plastic, or metal.

 If you have decided on a table saw, it is because you have also reviewed the characteristics of the miter saw and circular saw.

         To extend the life of your product, give it preventive maintenance every time you finish using it by cleaning its parts with a damp cloth.

 Remember to keep the serrated discs to avoid accidents.


The best Table Saws: our recommendations

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Rank # 1: Rockwell Table Saw with Laser

This jewel of woodworking has as much elegance as power.

 Its 15 Amp of power and an elegant design made it a benchmark in the cutting industry.

 The package comes with a 24 tooth carbide disc.

It has a modular protection system that allows the exchange of parts without the use of tools.

 Its disk rotates at 3,850 RPM, it weighs 18.4 kg, and its measurements are 58 x 74 x 43 cm.

Rockwell Table Saw with Laser

Rank # 2: Makita Contractor Table Saw

Slightly smaller than the previous model but just as powerful, the Skilsaw SPT70WT-01 features an attractive design and 22.4 kg of total weight.

 Its dimensions are 51 x 60 x 34.

It also includes a 24 tooth carbide cutting wheel so you can get started right out of the box.

It has a patented system that prolongs the life of the motor by adjusting the cutting speed and allowing the blade to work at variable speeds according to the resistance.

Makita Contractor Table Saw

Rank # 3: RIDGID Cast IronTable Saw

Bosch has brought us a compact cutting solution with the GTS1031 Table Saw.

 It has a robust 1700W motor that has earned it excellent feedback from its users. 

The disc spins at 3,700 RPM.

It includes a 24-tooth cutting disc, and its dimensions are 66 x 63 x 40 cm.

 It weighs 23.6 kg.

 It has a vacuum cleaner adapter and an auxiliary guide for more convenience.

RIDGID Cast IronTable Saw

Rank # 4: DEWALT Table Saw

There is a wide variety of models and designs, to suit every need.

 The current trend is to favor portability and allow its use outdoors.

The table saw is a favorite of many carpenters, artists, and cabinetmakers.

 Its great utility for woodworking make it an essential element for enthusiasts and professionals.


  • Precision in cuts
  • Less effort to cut
  • Higher number of cuts per work day
  • Useful for long materials


  • Injury risks
  • They can be noisy
  • Takes up a lot of warehouse / workshop space
DEWALT Table Saw

What is a table saw? What are its advantages?

A table saw, also called a bench saw, is a useful device for cutting materials, mainly to cut pieces of wood precisely, with the ability to make angular cuts and different depths.

With table saws, the operator manipulates the material around a blade that rotates at high speed on a flat surface, and that makes it easy to slide the same with adjustable guides that help you maintain the straightness of the cut.

“I really liked carpentry. It helped me a lot for twelve years.”


Portable or Fixed Table Saws – What Should You Pay Attention to?

Table Saws can be portable or stationary.

 The ideal condition for its acquisition will depend on your requirements as a contractor or carpentry enthusiast.


Alternating current

Convenience for transportation to the job site

They are permanently installed on a site

Medium power

Medium or high power

Dynamism in its use

Requires a permanent space

They are easy to store to avoid use by unauthorized persons

Can accommodate large work tables for very long parts

Portable saws seem to be most useful when taking them to a site to do work, but they also work in a shop, while stationary saws may be better suited to a shop where only cutting work will be done.

 What is the one that best suits your needs?

How much does a table saw cost?

Despite their size, weight, and performance, table saws are not significantly more expensive than circular or miter saws.

You can find them online at prices ranging from $ 3,000 MXN to $ 9,000 MXN, depending on the brand and characteristics.

 In physical stores the price could increase a little above that.

Some of the models include one or more cutting discs so you can start working when you receive it, but keep in mind that the additional discs can cost between $ 50 MXN and $ 400 MXN and that the price varies depending on the material they will cut.

Where to buy a table saw?

As it is a specialized equipment, it will be difficult to find it in department stores.

 When you find one at hardware stores, they may not have many models.

That’s why we recommend you visit Amazon.com.mx and other online stores such as sears.com.mx for a greater variety and better prices.

 Avoid buying these items when they have been used by third parties, unless you personally know the previous user.

 The guarantee is of vital importance.

Purchase criteria

When buying a table saw, some variables must be taken into account, such as:

  • Engine power
  • Waste collector
  • Size and weight

We explain below how each of these aspects characterizes the table saws available in Mexico to support you in your purchase decision.

Engine power

Engine power is the heart of your circular saw. 

You want to make sure it has enough strength to work continuously without overloading itself.

A good table saw should be rated at least 13 Amp to ensure continuous operation and prolong the life of the equipment.

 Be sure to check the specifications of the equipment before purchasing.

Waste collector

A waste collector does not function solely as a manager of order and cleanliness.

 Your role in removing wood chips from the environment is vital to maintaining a healthy workspace.

Be sure to purchase a table saw that incorporates a waste collection system. 

Some of them come with a built-in bag for sawdust or bits of material, and others with an adapter to connect vacuum cleaners.

Size and weight

Are you going to place the table saw in a small space? Take into account the measurements of the equipment that are in the specifications (not the size of the box in which it is sold).

A solid table saw will weigh no less than 12 kg.

 A certain sturdiness is needed to ensure that it does not move during the cutting process. 

The heavier the better; even when you are thinking of a laptop that will be transported to the final site of use.

Buying Guide: What You Should Know About Table Saws

Table saws are extremely helpful tools in construction and carpentry.

 But to acquire one of these tools you must know some aspects of them, as well as the benefits it offers you.

 We tell you about these and about the budget you need and the stores where you can find a good variety.

Table Saws are faster and more practical than other models of saws (Photo: racorn / 123rf.com)

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